Touching Myself, Husband Nearby

Masturbating thinking about you (F4F) while hubby sleeps…
37 words
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Thinking about fucking you while I masturbate. My husband is in the next room, so don’t get us caught (he really was when I made this, but I still came for you like a good girl, baby).

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SecretlushSecretlush3 days agoAuthor

We masturbate together too! No worries, the “fear” of getting caught was almost entirely for the kink of the audio and for myself.

SecretlushSecretlush3 days agoAuthor

We do with each other too, don’t worry! It was just for the fantasy of the audio that I acted a little… scared of getting caught 😉

WEEDME69WEEDME699 days ago

This is my EX in the next room, Yes she fucked up, she left me for ANOTHER MAN that had VD!! So now I do NOT want her VD! So we masterbate! Alone each other!

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