tagLesbian SexTouching You, Touching Me

Touching You, Touching Me


Sometimes I forget how lucky I am that you love me back. Do you know how long I wanted you before I got to have you?

I was nineteen. There was a night we went bowling. You were wearing black dickies and a gray top that was cut in a deep V. And you were just so beautiful. I remember thinking that you had just the most perfect proportions. I wanted to touch you where your waist flared out just barely to your hips. And I wanted to watch you move all night.

And then I think I fell in love with the way you smelled. I remember one day when we were living at Courtney's, but before we started dating. You were sitting in my room for a while. When you left, the side of my bed where you had been smelled like you. You got up and left to go watch TV or take a shower or something. I masturbated, burying my face in the pillow that smelled like you. And I left the door open, half hoping you would come back in and join me, but too scared to ask because it wasn't allowed yet. So sometimes, even now, I forget that you're mine and that it's ok to do those things.

My favorite part of having sex with you are the moaning sounds you make right before you come. You never make them any other time, so it's how I know you're about to lose control. I love watching you just come undone for me.

I also like when I'm not licking fast enough for you, and you move your hips against my face. You have the most perfect hips. They're narrow and kind of boyish, but at the same time your hipbones stick out in the most feminine way. It's that kind of really sexy androgyny that just does it for me. It makes me want to tease you until you run your fingers through my hair and push on the back of my head until I can't breathe in anything but the scent of your pussy.

hmmmm, are you masturbating yet?

I'll lick up the side of your neck. Run my tongue around the shell of your ear and suck your earlobe into my mouth. Then I'll sink my teeth into the back of your neck, right over the nerves at your hairline. You'll scream a little, not a lot, and your whole body will go tense, vibrating under my weight until I release the pressure. I'll lick over the spot, feel the marks my teeth made and how the flesh under the marks is swelling to bruise. I'll feel you shiver a little, and I'll run my hands over your waist, below your breasts, down to your hips.

I'll close my palm over your pussy, pushing down on your clit, then letting go. Not enough to make you come, but enough to let you know I'm thinking about it. You'll moan and move closer to me, turning over on your back to give me better access. But your clothes are still in the way. I pull off your pants but leave your underwear on. They're red cotton, and they cover everything, but your ass looks so amazing in them.

I kiss down your abdomen. Wet, open-mouthed kisses. Then I lick a stripe just above the top of your panties, below your navel, between your hipbones. And I lick over your clit, through the cotton. I press my mouth to your pussy and breath hot, wet air onto your clit. You moan and shiver. And I bite down, just a little. I soak your panties with my tongue, then I take them off.

Then I lick over your lips, warm and wet and gentle. I suck them into my mouth, moving your clit around with my teeth. Finally, I lick between your lips and push back on your clit hood. I hear--and kind of feel--you sigh as I establish a rhythm directly on the head of your clit.

I played too long. You're already close. I slow down a little, but you whine and buck your hips against me. Your eyes are dark and shining. You bite your lip and close your lids, squirming underneath me.

I push my fingers inside you, feel your g spot at the back. It's wet, I can feel your heartbeat in it, a counterpoint to the rhythmic squeezing of your muscles around the base of my fingers. Come is dripping down my hand, over my wrist. I pull out and drip your juices over your clit, lick them off my fingers. You taste so good, and I can tell from your face that you're desperate to come.

I squeeze my legs together. Watching you like this turns me on so much. You're prone, on your back, so vulnerable and so wanton. But I don't want to lose focus on you. I push in deeper, bury my nose in the hair above your slit, lick quickly across your clit, and breathe your scent in. God, you smell so good. I take my fingers out, lick from your asshole to your clit, over and over. I don't want to stop.

But your clit is just begging for attention. And you start to make those moaning sounds when I go back to it. Those sounds that tell me you're about to lose control. I feel it swell up in my mouth, the head becomes easy to move and swollen with blood. Your muscles clamp down on my fingers and your thighs hold my head in place as you shake with release.

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