tagExhibitionist & VoyeurToying with Ashley Ch. 03

Toying with Ashley Ch. 03


It had been a few days since Ashley had come over, and I having a hard time believing it had even happened. Our interactions had not changed much; we still did calc together and talked between classes but that was what we always did. Occasionally we held hands but they were brief and she was so sensual already it didn't seem out of place.

The one thing I did notice is she seemed to glow wherever I watched her. I mean her body was already stunning and I never had any reservations about watching her; so smooth and lean and carried with such grace. And her legs were to die for, toned, the legs of an athlete. They were almost always bare, tanned just the right amount, even and not over doing it. When they weren't bare, they mine as well have been, she always wore such tight jeans they hugged her legs like a second skin. I would like to see her put them on in the morning, or take them off for that matter.

Her hair too was always so perfect; it hung in wavy sheets over her shoulders and onto her generous tits. More than just looks her hair had the most wonderful scent, so fresh and sweet, her smell lingered with me long after she had walked away.

But if I had to pick a feature that gave me most pause, it would be her face. Most guys seemed never to comment the face of a girl, always with the tits or the ass. Sure I loved them too, but if there wasn't a face to go with it the best tits in the world couldn't sway me. A beautiful face is much more attractive and Ashley was not lacking at all in this department. Her face was one of those where make-up looked wrong, like a sharpie mustache on a work of art. Smooth and tan like the rest of her it would be hard to make it look bad. But she only improved it, her subtle smile, always so relaxed it was like she knew something we didn't and liked the feeling.

Sitting in Statics I was watching her as usual, I never got much from my classes, and was really only here because it meant I could watch her. She on the other hand was very studious and was taking notes as usual, twirling her hair around her hand and slumped back in chair as much as any girl will. And then I noticed it again, when she looked over at me. She had done nothing but she seemed to be glowing more than before. I couldn't figure it out right away but as I kept starring at her I got it. She knew how much I liked to watch her and she knew I was watching. Even here in the middle of a lecture she was turned on by the fact I was watching her. She liked to be watched.

Well I definitely could not let a girl like this slide, she was way to hot and my kind of kinky; if I didn't step up my game she would be sure to take the next better guy. But how was I supposed to do that, I new she was a partier and was bound to go out and get drunk this Thursday for St. Patrick's Day and I never enjoyed those kinds of parties. Some guy was sure to find her hot and it would be all too easy to lose her. I decided to put the thought out of my mind and enjoy the present where she was turned on by my watching, did my best to feed that pleasure of hers.


St. Patrick's Day had arrived and I had thought of nothing to do with Ashley. Funny, how hot I found her and yet was at a loss for what to do. I had gotten desperate toward the end and decided to ask her to have breakfast with me, in part to give me more time. When I got to the table I found to my surprise she was not wearing any green. And commented as such, "Ashley, what's the deal? No green on St. Patrick's Day where is your festive spirit?"

"Oh that's today, I forgot. But I guess it doesn't really matter I don't have any class today and I don't really have anything green either."

At this point I had the workings of an idea in my mind but didn't know more than Ashley was free and needed green. "Well I've got nothing important today, and we can't have you in that. You're a sexy leprechaun waiting to be found. Lets go get you an outfit right now."

"Umm okay" and she giggled as I took her by the hand and we left the café.

The only place I could think of to get a leprechaun suit let alone a sexy one was the costume shop, I wasn't sure they would be open though. I'd never been except on Halloween but the one I had in mind seemed big enough. Bringing her into the shop I looked around for a leprechaun suit and only found one and it was far from sexy but as a joke I showed it to Ashley, "I bet you could make this look sexy" as I said this I noticed the beard.

Ashley however, as usual, took this in stride and countered, "I bet you I can, but if you can't find something better I choose what you wear."

I was so very tempted to continently not find something, or find something worse just to see what she'd pick but then I saw green suit on another shelf. Thinking I might have found a leprechaun suit after all I walked over to find a very sexy elf outfit instead. It had a bikini style top with white fluffy trim and a comically small jacket both in a light green. A small mini skirt that also has white trim along the bottom, two short green heels with a curved toe and white puff at the end, and a sexy little hat which also had a puff on the end. Well it was no leprechaun it definitely fulfilled both green and sexy.

Walking back to the fitting rooms I saw the bottoms of Ashley's legs under on of the stalls and called out, "so how sexy do you feel with a beard?"

Stepping out of the fitting room with a triumphant smile on her face she said, "you were right I do make this look sexy." She wasn't kidding, apparently she had the small version, probably meant for a kid. Being rather small herself she fit in the little outfit but pushed out in all the right places. Her tits were straining at the buttons on her shirt, and they hugged her suspenders nicely as well. As an added bonus with so much tension on the suspenders her shorts were pulled right up into her pussy giving it very good definition along with squeezing her tight ass. The socks were nothing short of erotic either; pulled up almost to here knee they accented her legs perfectly. Even the beard on a face as good as hers was still sexy, it was just fake enough, it made a funny joke while not being too overt about the fact it was fake. If she could make a leprechaun look this good I couldn't wait to see her as an elf.

"Turn around I want to see more of you" staring intently at her. She did as she was told again having that indescribable glow about her. As she spun she closed her eyes and I stood up and walked over to her. Grabbing her waist as she faced the mirror I pulled her in so she could feel my raging hard-on and told watching in the mirror, "You definitely are sexy in this outfit, but I don't want to have face hidden by this little beard. How about we switch holidays and see how much better you look in this?" as I said this I pulled the elf suit out from behind my back and held it up to her so she could she herself in the reflection.

Her eyes widen slightly as she saw my choice but she said still watching the mirror, "Oh an elf! I love elves, but this suit is very tight, I might need some help taking it off."

I could feel my cock twitch as she said this but kept my cool for the time being and merely extended my hand to the fitting room as I followed her inside. Closing her eyes again she moved to the center of the little room and stopped. Walking over I again stood behind her. I started by taking off her little black hat and smoothing her soft hair as I inhaled that beautiful smell. Next reaching around her face I slid my hand along her cheekbone up to her ears and pulled the beard off, tossing it aside with the hat. Then, pulling off her little green jacket I brushed her tits a little too much. This caused her to smile that little smile but she kept her eyes closed and didn't move away from my touches.

Growing bolder I put my thumbs under the suspenders and slid them down over her tit and even circled slightly as I went over the nipple. Sliding down further I pulled the suspenders out from her body pulling her shorts even tighter against her pussy and cause her to moan slightly as I did so, letting go suddenly I caused them to snap back into place on her hardening nipples and made her gasp. Sliding my hands down across her stomach I unbuckled the suspenders and tossed them too into the little pile on the ground. My hands wandered over her body for a time and she rolled her head back on my shoulder. As she did this, my hands found the cuff at the bottom of her shirt and I pulled it up over her head. She was still wearing a bra but it pushed her tits up and held them in position her nipples were already pushing to be free. Pulling down on her bra I relived them letting her tits spill out after.

Knelling down brushing my face against her side I kissed her thigh as I started to unroll the sock. About half way down on the first leg however, I decided the socks were too sexy to get rid of and instead pulled it back up. Moving my hands back up the outside of her legs I paused and cupped her ass. Moving my hand along the outside toward the front I felt her shiver. Slapping her ass I scolded, "what are you thinking, this is a public place and you are having such dirty thoughts."

Ashley only bit her lip and whimpered slightly as I slapped her other cheek enjoying the satisfying ripple from the impact. Reaching further up I grabbed the edge of her shorts and ripped them down with no grace this time, causing her to gasp again. Underneath she had on a simple pair of white bikini panties, which I was delighted to see, were damp near her pussy. Holding my enjoyment for later I stood back up and this time just grabbed her tits full in my hands. Massaging them slowly I felt more then heard her purr her from enjoyment. I reached and unclasped her bra in the front and also threw it aside in the pile, I rolled her nipples to make sure they were hard then I begrudgingly reached for the elfin bra and pulled it into place. A cup size too small Ashley tits pressed hard against this bra and spilled out around the sides and her nipples were very visible through the thin fabric. Next placing the hat on her head I found it also came with small points for her ears. These were exactly the same color as her skin and were a surprisingly sexy edition to her already stunning outfit.

Next reaching for her skirt I wrapped it around her waist and buckled it. It was indeed a very short skirt, only an inch or so below her ass when she was standing. I moved around to the front of her still admiring her nipples pressed so hard against the bra but felt cold as I went from behind her. Sitting down I lifted her leg to put he shoe on and got rewarded with another excellent view of her pussy, even more damp than before as I slid first one then the other shoe on her feet.

Standing up again I went behind her and pulled her to me again feeling the soft skin of her waist and told her to open her eyes. From the look on her face she liked what she saw and then she said, "Its so perfect, and I feel so naughty."

Reaching around and grabbing her pussy under her skirt and feeling how wet its was I said, "oh well this won't do, you know how much colder you'll get with this wet cotton, elves would never wear these" and I quickly bent down and pulled her panties right off.

Blushing but still smiling Ashley said, "hey give those back, I got to change back into my clothes so we can go."

"But then you won't be wearing any green, I'm sure the man will let you leave in the costume. I mean he knows what trouble you had to go through to get it on." I pointed to the small camera in the corner of the room. The desk guy must have jumped because we heard a noise outside and Ashley blanched. The guy didn't have a bad system with all the erotic costumes in here he was sure to get lots of hot chicks naked but he could have done better to hide the camera.

"Besides as I half pushed her out of the little room, you know you like to have him watch you. Your so very sexy after all, who wouldn't want too?" Ashley seemed to resist less after this but still kept her distance from the guy behind the desk. For his part he seemed torn between embarrassment and sheer awe at Ashley standing there. I would bet a fair amount he was staring at her the entire time we walked out hoping to see under the skirt.

Driving back to campus I couldn't help but look over at Ashley and realize how early it still was. I needed to find something else to do, and I though what else her costume might need. When I was in my room I always had tea when I was stuck on something like this, the mint was so soothing and refreshing. That's it, mint, any good elf needed a candy cane, but this was no good elf, she a bad little elf and she needed a big candy cane. Now I had a destination I turned and headed back downtown in search of a candy store.

Looking at me quizzically Ashley asked, "Where are we going now?"

"You'll see, I have something else for your costume."

After a few minutes I saw a candy store that was sure to have what I wanted, but before I turned in I had an idea, "Quick Ashley close your eyes, I want it to be a surprise."

"Your always about the surprises aren't you" but she smiled again and put her hand over her eyes as I pulled in. Getting out I went around the car and took her by the hand into the store. It smelled delicious, and Ashley might have guessed where we were after all but she must not have figured out why or was just playing along cause she kept her eyes covered and let me lead her around the store in search of the candy cane.

Nearing the back of the store and worrying I would just have to settle for a normal cane I saw it, a full fourteen inches long and just over an inch thick and a big hook on the end I knew it would do its job. Reaching up and grabbing one I decided to complete my nasty little fantasy and reach down under Ashley's skirt with the hook end of the cane I pull it up onto her clit. Ashley quickly stifled a shriek as few people in the store looked over, but we were in the end aisle and they could only see the tops of our heads and went back to what they were doing.

"What the hell are you ddd...." Ashley trailed off as I started to rub the cane around on her exposed wet slit and her eyes rolled.

"Well ever little elf needs a candy cane, I mean they spend all year making toys they should have some of their own shouldn't they."

Ashley seemed temporarily unavailable as I pulled the cane upward and slightly into her but tried to snap out of it, "aaah, okay, get the cane, get the cane, but can we wait til we leave?"

I pondered this and decided yes we will get the cane. I reached up and grabbed a cane then pulled on Ashley with the other. With a moan and a pleading look she tried to resist but with a second pull and another squeak she consented. Putting her back to me in an effort to hide the cane as much as possible we worked our way up to the register. We got several strange looks, but they could have been because of her outfit as much as anything.

I could feel the heat off Ashley as we got to the register. Her nipples again were fully erect and I could guess how red her face was. Smiling I handed the cashier the candy cane, "We'll take two." The cashier looked a little confused and gave a look at me then Ashley, who could only muster a weak smile. I decided to taunt her a little more and pulled a little on the cane, she masked her gasp with a sneeze but she looked back at me with burning eyes. I paid the man and we went out to the car.

Yanking the cane away from me Ashley took it and got in the passenger seat with a huff. "Oh you're going to pay for that."

Looking over at her in her outfit I asked, "Oh No! Is the sexy little elf gonna punish me with her cane."

"As a matter a fact I am. But first you must bring me home, Andie will be gone getting wasted so I will have all night to punish you."

Now I was is suspense, with the threat of a punishment like that I had no choice but to turn myself in and I promptly drove back to the dorm and followed Ashley up the stairs.

"No looking at my ass," she said as she started to climb the stairs "or I will have to punish you more." This was quite a taunt, as she seemed to intentionally shake her ass as she walked up the stairs keeping it at about eye level. Getting to her room she pushed me done into the chair and surprised me by pulling out a length of rope.

"What, I climb, can't girl have rope?" and she raised an eyebrow.

"They sure ca..."

"Shut up, you are being punished. I didn't say you could talk."

This was a new light on Ashley, I was not altogether fond of it, it didn't seem to suit her but I was in no position to complain as a hot chick in a sexy elf outfit tied me to a chair while holding a giant candy cane. Still I preferred to surprise her and made sure to get a few good licks and even a nibble on her as she bent over and tied me up. I was either stealthier than I thought or she decided to ignore me and she finished tying me up, rather poorly but sufficient to hold me for the time being, and stepped back to enjoy her handiwork.

"Well since you like to watch me so much, I'm gonna make you watch me. You don't get to fuck me today. You just have to sit tied to that chair and watch me fuck this candy cane you wanted so bad. Oh who knows I might even want the second one too? Tomorrow you will be so blue balled you won't even think to do that to me again."

If Ashley was planning on punishing me, I think she missed a few points. But I decided to play her little game; in fairness she played all of mine.

She started out with a little dance, nothing really erotic but any movement in that suit was more the enough. I soon had a hard on and was very glad I decided to keep my gym shorts on today, a zipper would be hell right now. Her hands were sliding over her body pausing right before the got to where I wanted them to go. Damn she was good at this. She had me going and had hardly even started. It didn't help she had a smirk on her face watching me sit, cock twitching, unable to do anything.

Finally she brought her hand up and started to swirl it around the nipple causing it to harden and enlarge even more if that was possible. Next she grabbed the candy cane and put it up to her mouth. Licking the tip suggestively she polished the top of the cane. Then starting at me she started to suck the candy cane into her mouth. I was straining at my bonds at this point, apparently they were better than I though as I was unable to free myself. I was forced to watch, as she took more and more of the cane into her mouth. She pushed it back until I could see and hear her gagging on the cane. Tears started to flow from her eyes as started to pound the cane into her mouth. What I would give to be that cane right now.

Mercifully she finally pulled the cane out of her mouth, with a pop. At least I thought it was mercy until I saw what she did next. Unable to dry her eyes with her sticky hands she decided to remove her bra and use it to wipe her face. With her tits now exposed I felt any touch would set me off. Tossing her bra to the side she returned to her nipple, pressing it ,rolling it and worst of all bringing it right outside my reach, so close I could smell the peppermint on her breath. After a time she sat down on the bed, careful to cross her legs. But at my height it was only partially effective as I could still see part of her pussy between her legs.

Returning to her tits this time with both hands she started to massage them. Squeezing them up and down and from side to side, she even started moaning to increase the effect. Never in my life have I been held this close to cumming for this long, and I was not even sure how I made it this far let alone was expected to continue.

Looking over at me she just smiled, "Don't you wish you could have waited, til we left the store? These could have been your hands on my tits, your cock down my throat, your fingers playing with my pussy?" At this she opened her legs and slid a hand down over her pussy. Leaning her head back and moaning as she played with her pussy. At this point I went into another realm, trapped watching her my cock was so hard I could cut diamond and yet I could do nothing about it. No this had to stop, I was an Eagle Scout, and I had never encountered a knot I couldn't untie. True I was stuck in this chair but I had so very, very high stakes.

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