tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTraci Cools Off

Traci Cools Off


Traci didn't usually jog this late in the evening at the high school track. But the recent heat wave had made it nearly impossible for her to run any other time during the day. The track and locker rooms remained open during the summer vacation for students, staff and former students. Traci, 18, had graduated in June.

Now she was standing in the girls' locker room shower, letting the water flow over her. She came in when the sun had set after about a four mile run. She ran her hands over her shoulder length blonde hair, tilting her head backwards to feel the lukewarm water on her face.

She moved her hands to her breasts and watched the water collect as she held her open palms under her nipples. She poured the water over the top of her full, firm tits, following it with her hands down her flat stomach and between her legs.

Her fingers passed over her clit, followed the folds of her pussy and found her cunt. She inserted a finger briefly, then moved back up and gently massaged her clit. She closed her eyes and relaxed.

Suddenly, a hand covered her mouth. A second hand grabbed her left wrist and yanked it behind her. The arm was pushed high up her back. Traci's muffled scream could hardly be heard above the sound of the shower. Her attempts to move were thwarted by a lifting of her left arm and the subsequent pain.

A soft voice said, "Be still and you won't get hurt. We don't want to harm you, but we will if we have to. Understand?"

Traci nodded. Her mind was racing. What was happening? Was that a woman's voice?

"I'm going to let go of your arm," the voice said. "Remain facing the wall."

Traci's arm was free and she let it hang by her side, the pain slowly subsiding. She could feel skin against her butt and her back. Water flowed between Traci and the attacker.

"I'm going to let go of your mouth. Don't scream."

The hand went away and Traci breathed in deeply.

"Turn around and face me," the voice said gently.

Traci turned and stood face to face with Susan Knowles, a math teacher at the high school. As water fell between them, Traci stared unbelievably at the naked woman in front of her. Susan was in her early 30s, thin and athletic, with long brown hair that now fell wet over her breasts.

"What is this?" Traci asked. "What do you want?" Over Susan's shoulder Traci saw another familiar face?Ken Swift, a 28?year?old assistant football coach at the school. He, too, was naked with a long, thick cock hanging semi?erect between his legs.

"You," Susan replied.

"You can't...you have to let me go," Traci said urgently, trying to step around the other woman.

Susan grabbed her with surprising strength. "Not yet. Do what we say and you'll get out of here."

There was a moment of silence as Traci took in her surroundings and evaluated her choices.

"Stand still," Susan said. She placed her hands on Traci's shoulders and ran her fingers down to the top of Traci's breasts. She traced the outer edges of Traci's tits before putting her palms over the nipples. She squeezed gently and lifted the breasts higher on Traci's chest. Then Susan let them fall back to their natural, full shape.

Susan leaned forward through the falling water to place her mouth over one of the tits. Her tongue flicked over the nipple and Traci felt it down to her pussy. As if on cue, Susan placed a hand over the younger girl's cunt and inserted a wet finger. Traci rose up onto her toes, then sank again onto the teacher's hand. Susan found Traci's clit and rubbed it gently. Traci shuddered when Susan bit lightly on one of her nipples.

"Get on your knees," Susan said abruptly.

Traci put her knees on the wet floor and faced the woman's pussy. Water flowed gently over the surface of the flaps of skin surrounding Susan's cunt. She inched closer to Traci's face.

"Make me cum," Susan commanded.

Susan placed her hands behind Traci's head and guided it to her body. The teacher spread her legs slightly. Traci could see the pink entrance to Susan's cunt and the enlarged clit above that. With water hitting her face gently, she placed her tongue on the woman's pussy. She moved up between the folds and hit Susan's clit. The woman sighed with delight as Traci licked it several times.

"That's the way, babe," Susan said. "Put it in your mouth."

Susan pressed Traci's head against her skin. Traci's mouth engulfed the area around the clit, sucking and licking with vigor. It surprised her when her own pussy began tingling with erotic delight. Traci lowered her mouth just enough to allow her to place her tongue inside the opening of Susan's cunt. Susan reacted by dropping her body a little onto Traci's face. When Traci returned to the woman's clit, Susan braced herself firmly on her long legs.

The teacher moaned loudly and above the sound of the shower Traci heard her say, "Yes. That's so good. Yes. There."

Susan told Traci to put her hands on Susan's ass. Traci enjoyed the feel of the woman's soft, round ass covered with streaming water. She squeezed it tenderly.

"Ahhh, yes. Right there. Harder," Susan said.

Traci closed her mouth tightly over Susan's erect clit and sucked. She felt a shudder run through Susan's body. The woman groaned, tensed to the point of shaking, and began her orgasm.

Susan shrieked and started rocking her body back and forth into Traci's face.

"Oh, yes. You're so good," Susan moaned.

The young girl held tightly onto Susan's ass and licked furiously. The teacher grunted each time she forced her hips forward, at the same time pulling Traci's head towards her.

It was at least two minutes before the last of Susan's orgasms ended. Traci was unsure what to do until the older woman told her to stand.

Susan wrapped her arms around Traci's wet, naked body and kissed her. When her tongue pressed against Traci's lips, the young girl was surprised when she freely opened her mouth and exchanged deep, wet kisses with the teacher. Traci's pussy ached when Susan put her hands on Traci's breasts and squeezed the nipples.

Traci looked behind Susan and saw Ken watching them with a raging hard?on. He started to walk forward, but stopped short of the shower. Susan slowly pulled away from Traci and said, "I believe Ken has a request for you."

Susan turned, walked past Ken and grabbed a towel from a hook on the wall. Traci was torn between making a run for it now or hoping for a chance to satisfy the urges being felt between her legs.

"I'll watch the door," she heard Susan say.

"Come here, hon," Ken told Traci.

The girl walked from under the shower until she was a couple feet in front of the man. Ken watched the last of the water fall from her shoulders, over her breasts, down her stomach and hips and, finally, over her pussy before dripping to the floor. The girl's breasts glimmered in the lights of the locker room.

"You know how to use that mouth," Ken said. "Let me see you put it around this cock." Traci looked past the man and saw Susan watching them with a towel wrapped around her. Traci stepped forward and squatted in front of Ken. She slipped slightly on the damp floor and moved to her knees. His cock was inches from her face and she looked up at it. It extended upward for a good eight inches, thick and throbbing.

She stretched up as far as her body allowed her and she placed her tongue on the bottom of the shaft. The cock jerked at her touch. She slid her tongue higher until she reached the tip.

"Put it in your mouth," he said to her.

Traci couldn't argue with him when she realized the wetness between her legs had grown even worse. She desperately wanted to put her hand on her clit. She concentrated, instead, on placing her little mouth over the large, erect cock in front of her.

She felt Ken move backward slightly so he could place his cock at a better angle for her. She put her hand around its base and placed the tip between her lips. She could feel the heat of the penis in her hand. The tip was hard and already salty with precum.

Traci opened her mouth wider and put three fourths of the cock inside. After withdrawing it, she repeated the process until, this time, her mouth hit her hand at the base. Her tongue followed the underside of the shaft each time she bobbed her head up and down. When she stopped at the top and circled the tip with her tongue, Ken sighed loudly.

"Oh, yes. Keep it up you gorgeous babe," Ken said.

Traci closed her eyes and began a quick, rhythmic pumping action. Ken soon started fucking her mouth in earnest. With one hand stroking the cock and her mouth tightly wrapped around it, Traci didn't know how he could go much longer.

At that moment, Traci jumped at the feel of a hand between her legs. Somewhere behind her, someone was reaching up and running fingers up and down her pussy. She spread her legs and prayed they wouldn't stop. As her mouth continued it's assault on Ken's throbbing cock a finger found her clit. She heard herself moan.

"Keep going, sweet thing," Ken said. "Susan will take care of you if you just keep it up."

Traci increased her efforts even as Susan inserted one, then two, fingers inside Traci's sopping cunt. Ken was now slamming his cock into Traci's mouth until he could feel it hit her throat. Half a dozen more thrusts and he felt cum pumping up from his balls.

"Yeah, now, now," he groaned.

Traci prepared for the first shot of cum, but it was longer and harder than she could imagine. Stream after stream of warm fluid hit the inside of her mouth. She had to swallow before she choked, but much of the white liquid streamed over her lips and onto her tits. The sound of Ken's animalistic grunts filled the shower area.

Cum flowed down Traci's chin and covered the length of Ken's softening cock. But the sensations she had just felt and heard only intensified Traci's own oncoming orgasm. In order not to scream, she put her lips firmly around Ken's cock and let out a guttural shriek. Her body spasmed repeatedly and she felt her own orgasm drip over Susan's hand.

"Aaahhhhhhh, ugh, ugh, ugh," she stammered as wave after wave hit her. Ken had backed away and Traci put both hands on the floor. On all fours now, her tits swung freely below her as she climaxed.

Finally, it was over. Traci collapsed to the floor. She lay there listening to her two attackers open lockers, quickly dress and close the locker room door behind them.

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