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Track Meet


The day had started rather poorly. I was out running, doing some fast interval training at the track; well, I was attempting to. It was only ten in the morning and the temperature was already topping 80 degrees. My heart was racing from the laps and my head was pounding from the tequila fueled foolishness the night before. My workout was rapidly becoming a torture session. I was on a slow recovery lap and so engrossed in trying to shake off my aches and pains that I didn't hear the runner coming up behind me on the track. She was good; it seemed as if she barely touched the ground as she ran by. Her stride had that quick powerful snap to it; she held her hands low and they swung gently with no wasted movement. Technically her running form was excellent; her progress forward was fluid and beautiful to observe. The day was taking a decidedly better turn.

Her body was also very beautiful. She had long raven-black hair in a pony tail, a graceful neck and shoulders which led to arms with just enough definition to show she worked them out as well as she did her legs. Also hard to miss was a long, lean torso that transitioned to a lower body defined by wonderful lines and curves. Her legs and rear showed musculature that hinted at the explosive power they held. She had run by me too quickly for me to see her face and eyes; I was hoping I would get the chance to see them also. Would they be as striking as her athletic beauty and running form were? As she pulled away from me on the track, her obvious running talent (and my masculine vanity) inspired me to get my butt back into gear and push my run harder. And as to her physical attributes? Well that inspired thoughts of a more primal nature. She was very quick and it wasn't long before she came around and lapped me. As she passed in the lane next to me, she waved.

"You're leaning forward too much, straighten up," she called out.

And then she was off again. Her eyes were very attractive and shaded a deep mahogany brown. She had a pretty face, not the drawn look that some runners have but one with high rounded cheek bones tapering down to a somewhat angular jaw. I wanted to catch up and run with her, learn more about her, but her apparently disciplined mind, strong legs, and amazing ass conspired against that. This woman's running was much smoother and faster than mine and I remained impressed with her as she steadily opened distance between us. You see, although I was having a bad day, I do keep myself in shape and put up better than average times in the running and obstacle races that I enter. I'm no slouch, but she was making me look the part.

A short while later, I finished my workout and collapsed on the trackside grass. I drank some water and watched her run. She was sweating freely and this caused her lithe frame to glisten in the sun. But despite the heat and her energetic pace, she was still in control of her form as she circled the track, it stayed tight and efficient. I lay back and began to doze, until a shadow crossed my eyes.

"I hope you didn't mind the advice before. My name is Cathy by the way."

I told her I didn't mind at all, introduced myself and handed her a bottle of water. I asked her to take a seat but she replied, "We should really stretch instead."

"You're right," I stated as I got to my feet.

I had never seen sweat look so good on anyone as it did on her. We chatted about the heat wave, running, and other small talk. Cathy seemed to be very comfortable in her skin and talking to her came easy to me. Then she said the words that made my heart skip a beat.

"Would you like to come to my place for brunch?"

Now I think I'm a decent looking guy, but to have this truly beautiful woman ask me over after having just met was almost too good to be true. It is rare that I meet someone and we start "clicking" together in such short order. It's more often the case that when I'm with someone new, I hold back and leave the armor on; that often leads to them erecting similar barriers. So before I over-analyzed and ruined the moment, I cheerfully accepted her invitation.

It was a short cool-down run to her condo; a studio type with an open cheery feel due to its skylight, light-colored hardwood flooring, and spacious balcony. I tried not to stare too much at the comfy looking futon in one of its corners; I didn't want to get my hopes up too high or look over-eager. We sat on the balcony sharing orange, mango, and melon slices. We spoke of our backgrounds, schooling and our careers. Cathy was a nurse and office manager for a dentist and was attending classes towards her MD. As I've already mentioned, I am usually not very open with people until I get to know them, but Cathy was easy-going and fun to talk to. She even laughed at my joke about mangoes coming from Mangolia (Yeah, sometimes when I'm a little nervous I tell corny jokes).

We carried our dishes inside to the sink. Cathy told me to sit and relax for a few minutes whilst she took a shower, and that I could shower up after she had. With that she walked off towards the bathroom, skimming off her sweat stained top as she did. She coyly spun around once as she reached the doorway; her breasts were small, pert and dome-shaped with dark, compact nipples. She cracked a smile that was both sweet and as hot as the temperature outside. She let her look linger on me for a few seconds, no doubt enjoying the surprised, goofy look on my face. Then she was behind the door. I recovered from the happy shock of her flash and began to enjoy the anticipatory warm tingling rush that began to flow through my mind (and elsewhere).

Cathy came back through the door a few minutes later, wrapped in one towel and drying her hair with another. The fresh flowery scent of her just cleansed body filled the room.

"Your turn, there are towels in there for you," she said with a smile. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips as she lightly palmed my jockstrap restrained bulge. "Don't take too long," and with a wink she stepped away to finish drying her hair. Only my self-consciousness regarding the track grit and stink still on me from the run made me resist the impulse to pull the towel from her body and carry her to the futon at that moment. I gave Cathy a big grin and headed for the shower.

I took a hasty shower (though I made sure to thoroughly clean all the nooks and crannies), but as fast as my shower was, my mind was racing still faster; I was doing it again, over-analyzing the moment and getting anxious for no good reason. But Cathy was so attractive and very comfortable to be with. I was worrying that she wouldn't feel the same of me, or that I would somehow screw it up some other way. True also was that some of the dreaded performance anxiety had wheedled its way into my thoughts (despite the fact that my cock had sprung tall and remained so as soon as I had stripped off my jock). I just didn't want to mess up right out of the gate; I was feeling something very good here. Yes, I'll admit that her excellent body was a significant part of it; but it was more than just that, something further below the surface.

As I was toweling off she pushed the bathroom door open. Through the dissipating steam I could see that her long dark hair was loose and hanging about her neck and shoulders. She was wearing a shorty robe, loosely tied at the waist which left tawny skin exposed from her neck down to nearly her navel. Her ultra-toned legs seemed so very long from where they jutted below the high-riding hem of her robe down to her toes. Her cute toes were painted a sunny orange to compliment her tanned skin. I tossed my towel onto the counter and stood bare before her, taking in her sexy but so sweet image. For a few long seconds we both stood silent, not moving but just drinking each others image in. I moved to her and took her in my arms to begin our journey with passionate kisses; her lips were exquisitely warm and soft against my exploring lips and tongue. Her tongue was just as adventurous as mine and they danced together excitedly. That tingly head rush escalated in intensity, her kisses were phenomenally good.

As we kissed I caressed her face with one hand while my right hand moved from the small of her back to her rear. It was muscular but also smooth, soft and exquisite. I softly caressed and squeezed it. Cathy moaned into my mouth as we were lip-locked together; her moan was echoed by my own. I pulled open her robe and kissed down her neck to her breasts. Her small and now taut nipples were apparently quite sensitive as Cathy's sighs and moans became more emphatic as I began to circle and tease them with my tongue. That verbal cue of her pleasure was followed by a physical cue, her hand dropping to my cock; her slender fingers wrapping around my erection, slicking it with its pre-cum and tugging at it with an arousing rhythm. This initial contact, her skin to mine, brought on a wave of sublime feeling and made me stone hard. I was alternating from kissing, sucking and nipping at her tits, to throwing my head back and howling at an attempt to keep from ejaculating right then. It had been a long while since I had been with a lover; that coupled with her soft, stroking hand had me already feeling that primal pressure to cum hard.

No way was I going to explode that soon, I wanted to keep the energy and anticipation high for the moment. I gave her another deep kiss and looked into her eyes. I think I saw much about her nature there, and by her studied gaze, I believe she may have learned something from mine. Passion, affection, heat and respect all seemed to be swirling about in her look, and between us. I fell to my knees and began to caress the backs of her legs and her butt with my hands. I planted soft kisses along her belly and then started to move them, very slowly, lower. Her hair had been groomed Mohawk style, the skin of her mound was very soft, and her labia were protruding pink and proud. I kissed well to the side of them, to tease her by kissing down her thigh instead. This elicited a low frustrated growl from Cathy followed by a soft: "Please?"

Her legs began to noticeably quiver as I began my ascent up her opposite thigh. I lifted her shapely left leg and slid my right shoulder beneath it, allowing the back of her thigh to rest on it. She held the doorframe for balance and gasped as it opened her pink folds to my meandering mouth. I held her hips with both hands as she was pushing her hips towards me.

"No Cathy", I thought to myself "nice and slow for now". I gently tugged at tufts of her pubic hair with my lips and alternated that with gently blowing my warm breath across her wanting pussy. Cathy's first "please?" had been in a soft voice; she began to repeat the plea more loudly now. Slowly, slowly I laid random kisses and teasing tongue flicks across her lower belly, pubic mound and her silky inner thighs, drawing each kiss and lick out, inducing more anxious pleas from Cathy. Seeing that her pussy lips now glistened with her dew brought my hunger for her to a peak. Cathy produced a short high-pitched yelp as my tongue slid between those succulent lips to slowly circle her hot juicy opening.

Her fragrance and flavor were spicy-sweet, I savored the taste as I happily tongued her. After being deprived of this pleasure for so long, I was now overloaded with arousal for this woman, I could barely keep from abandoning my slow, deliberate pace; but I still wanted to hold back a bit, to keep the pressure building to make this an experience we both would remember. I slowly worked my kisses along her puffy lips. When not tracing soft little circles and figure eights about her juicy labia, I would catch them between my nipping lips and gently suck at the sweet silky skin. At first I had avoided her clit, but as Cathy's moaning became more pronounced, I began stroking my tongue gently upwards towards it; her moans grew closer together to become one long aroused purr as I did. With my hands I could detect the muscles of her legs and butt tensing as my tongue moved deeper into her delicious folds, to where her hyper-sensitive bud was peeking out from between them. As my tongue discovered and began to flick about that magic button, Cathy reached down with one hand and used her fingers to further spread herself open to me; that, her taste, and her obvious arousal excited me further, but I noted a slight issue; because of her increased involuntary body movements and the precarious one-legged standing position Cathy was in, she was having a rough time balancing. I scooped her up and carried her to her futon. We shared a deep kiss on the trip across the room.

I laid her down on her back; her lower legs hanging over the edge of the futon. She was not quite satisfied with that and scooted her ass to the edge of it. Then pulling her knees back toward her chest she spread herself open completely for me.

"You are so beautiful," I told her as I kneeled before the treasure she readily offered.

She smiled broadly at me and said "Just get your mouth back on me now... Please?!"

"Your wish is my command," and I lowered my face between her sweet thighs again.

For a time I ran slow flicking strokes of my tongue from her clit down to just above her now exposed anus and then back. As she got juicer, I began to separate her lips and penetrate her with my tongue; her pelvis moving rhythmically and quite enthusiastically as a result. Her sweet breathy sounds climbed several more decibels as I suckled and tongue stroked her clit and slowly slid one and then two fingers into her hot core. As she pushed her pussy against my face and fingers she was using one of her hands to play with her nipples. Her other hand came down and rested on the back of my head, sometimes stroking my hair, at other moments pushing my mouth onto her more fully, urging me on.

And then, as a sudden breeze can fan embers into a flame, our smoldering excitement burst into a full blaze as Cathy began to cum; her legs crashed down on my shoulders as her hips bucked in violent little hops. Her hand on my head pulled my hair and mushed my face to the vortex between her thighs. I could feel the pulsing of the hot wet walls of her pussy around my fingers as at the same time she began to cry out, "oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Lover! Oh Yeah! oooOOOOHHH Mmmmm." I pressed my tongue flat against her inflamed clit and moved with her hips, letting my face move with the frenetic dance of her hips. Her whole body was repeatedly tensing and relaxing in quick cycles; it was all very arousing and my cock was achingly erect as a result. Then I felt Cathy's legs relax against my back as her arms fell to her sides on the futon; her body went limp as her breathing slowed to a less forceful rhythm. I disengaged myself from twixt her lengthy limbs and crawled up alongside her onto the futon. We both were smiling broadly at each other. I gathered her closely to me and we began to smooch again. Breaking off from our kissing, she said, "For that, I am going to be very very good to you."

For some time we lay there being happy and just living in the moment. Cathy ran a hand from my chest down to my belly and then proceeded lower. She palmed my hardness bringing forth a groan of pleasure and frustration from me; she giggled. Her touch was soft, but caused wonderful sensations to my already hyper-charged system. Like water flowing over your body as you swim, it was an engulfing silky sensuousness; I lay back and let the feelings she was rendering flow over and around me.

As her strokes picked up speed, my pulse began to do likewise. I began to take my breath in gasps and groans. My pelvis began to move with her, bucking as I tried to stay in constant contact with her hand; I had been enslaved by her touch. All during this, her eyes were locked to mine; she was experiencing the intensity of the moment as much as I. I loved the way she was looking at me, the emotion I saw in her eyes. I realized also that she was paying close attention, and learning something about me at the same time. Yes her delightfully expressive eyes were disclosing a view to her true nature even as she sought out mine. They flashed with the fire of lust, but a kindness was also detected, a deep caring spirit separate from the primal heat we were generating. It seemed genuine and triggered something quite good, a very comfortable feeling within my psyche; even more of the internal armor I usually wear fell away. These "warm fuzzies" along with her smoldering gaze and the intense physical feelings of her talented cock massage brought me to the precipice of sweet orgasm. I was writhing on the futon, her hand quickly twisting and jacking my pre-cum slick rod. I felt my sack tighten and the "pins and needles" sensation of imminent orgasm flow over me.

My head lolled back, eyes closing as I heard my voice, low and guttural vocalize, "Caaathyyy". Then the sudden feeling of... Nothing?! Cathy had let go of me. My head snapped back up to see a view of my curled toes and forsaken erection straining towards the ceiling.

I looked at Cathy, she was smiling mischievously and said, "I'm just going to calm you down a little lover, and then get you back there again; make it something very special." She jumped up and walked over to her discarded robe and removed the tie from it. She came back and knelt alongside the futon, kissing me deeply and taking hold of my wrists. As she bound them together she saw the apprehension in my eyes (I mean even though we had connected so well, the fact remained that we had just met.). "Relax, I promise you will like this," she advised as she pulled my now secured wrists over my head. After tying my hands to the futon's frame, she then produced a scarf and blindfolded me with it. Placing a hand on my chest and holding it there, she waited until she detected my heart rate and respiration slowing from there previously aroused levels. My cock remained as hard as ever in anticipation of the coming pleasures.

Her hand left my chest and I heard her moving about the room. Next I felt a soft tickling moving down my bound wrists, along my arms and to my armpits, each in its turn. A feather! She began to tease my arm pits with a vengeance. I am quite ticklish as she quickly deduced by my thrashing about. As she continued her assault with a friendly weapon, she straddled my thighs to keep me in place. Now on top of the tickling, I was being aroused and tormented by the feel of my cock occasionally brushing against her wonderfully soft pussy as I writhed. She knew how this was driving me crazy and exploited that by occasionally reaching down and pushing my shaft against her, not allowing it to enter her, but to just ride between her hot and slick lips. I begged for more and she answered by moving the feather down my body, to my belly, my hardness and my balls, this to torture me further.

Then in a leap she was off of me and moving to a position by my side. One of her hands began to drag down my chest; nails raking along my skin with some force but not quite hard enough to draw blood. Then she worked my body with the nails of both of her hands, running them from my chest to my belly and then back up again. This was a quite different sensation from the tickling. Tickling is a pleasurable sensation that can become overwhelmingly so. Cathy's nails dragging across my skin was a pleasurably painful sensation that somehow she had sensed I would enjoy; her intuitiveness and the sharp drag of her nails drove me to another level of arousal and caused me to wonder and anticipate about what else she may have planned for me. Her nails traveled along my torso in an unpredictable pattern, sometimes pausing at a nipple to pinch, twist or tug at it. As with the action of her nails, her pleasing punishment of my nipples was painful enough to elicit physical reactions from me, but not so painful as to make me not want more. For ten, maybe fifteen minutes this delicious agony went on with Cathy never touching my rigid erection. Finally, mercifully, she closed in on my cock and balls; she began to pull at the hairs above my cock, gently and slowly, just so I could feel my skin stretch with each tug. At the same time I began to feel her warm breath being blown across my pubic area. She was playing with me as I had with her. In conjunction, the two sensations had an electrical quality to them. With one hand, Cathy began toying with my balls, tickling, scratching and squeezing them. She also concentrated her breath on my shaft and its pre-cum weeping head.

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