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Tracy at Adult Theater


I would like to thank my husband again for getting me started in the sex business. I would also like to thank all the people that have sent us emails regarding all of our stories.

This is just another one of our stories written by me since it happened on my own several years back. It was a period early on within the first year of me fucking.

Since first time that I got fucked at our poker game that night, our neighbor has watched me blow hubby and then masturbated in front of us. Then he and his wife joined us and I had my first girl experience. My husband's work friend and his friend, came over and sampled me in the pool including taking me anally.

Whew! Lots of little adventures in the middle of all of that makes for a fun year. This one event was something I did without my husband and also happens to be the fulfilling of a long time fantasy.

I went on a business trip to Dallas and did the usual conference things. We were at the Anatole off of 35 and all of our activities were there. We left in a group to go to dinner at a place called Dave & Busters. Well, right behind it was a topless bar, The Men's Club I believe.

The guys talked us into going over there and since there were four guys and two girls we were outvoted. We said sure and went in and had a few drinks. We even tipped a dancer or two, which was appreciated by the guys we were with.

After an hour or so my friend and I were board. The guys wanted to stay so we had the club call us a cab. On the way back to the airport we noticed a video store/theater and asked the cab to drop us. He gave us his cell number and said to call him when we wanted to go back to the hotel.

We went in and the whole thing was a big tape/DVD rental place. The guy at the counter said that they also had a theater upstairs for viewing. He stated that singles go to the lower level and couples go second level.

I laughed and said, "darn, and me without my husband."

He said, "he didn't think the couples would mind a hot girl alone up there, they just didn't want a few hundred dudes go up."

I asked my friend if she wanted to go up with me and she said no, she wanted to walk around and look at videos and toys.

I paid to get in and went up the stairs. I entered a dark theater and saw about 6 couples in there in the light of the movie. There was a white girl getting hammered by two big muscular black guys on screen. I sat down in a row in the middle about 5 seats from a couple and started to watch.

I could not help but get turned on and started rubbing my titties over my blouse. Soon, I reached down and began to rub my pussy through my jeans. I noticed the couples around me were watching and I started to get very turned on.

I should mention that the fantasy I have had is to be stripped and embarrassed in front of a crowd of people.

The girl in the couple seated in the same row as me came over and asked if I was here alone?

I said, "Yes, hope you don't mind..."

She asked if I would like to sit with her and her husband. She was a skinny red head with pretty skin and lips. He looked handsome enough in the light of the movie so I said sure. I moved down and sat next to him.

She got on the other side of him and they began to kiss. I was back to playing with myself through my jeans and blouse and watching them kiss and touch.

I looked down and saw her pull his jeans open and pull out his cock. I remember thinking it was a nice size, not too big, not too small, nice smooth head. She was jerking him hard while he kissed her and pulled her tank top up to reveal her boobs.

I unhooked my bra in front and released my boobs under my shirt and had my hand under there playing with them.

He noticed and moved his hand under my shirt and began to play with my nipples. I was super turned on now and moved my hand to my pussy. This was sooooo much fun!

I looked around and a few couples were watching us. The guy noticed as well and pulled my blouse up and exposed my boobs for everyone. I felt like they were glowing in the light of the movie. I realized that I was naked in a public place without the security of my husband and people were watching me.

I was almost lost in pleasure. He leaned over and started kissing my neck and moved down to my titties. He pushed my hand away and rubbed my pussy, then unbuttoned them and took the zipper down. He had me lift my hips as he pulled my pants down past my knees so I could spread my legs. He had his fingers in my pussy in no time.

His wife had come over to the other side of me and sat down and started kissing him while he fingered me. She took my blouse all the way off and my bra as well.

YES!!! Now I was topless with my pants down and some stranger's fingers in my twat. I remember thinking I will most likely blow this guy tonight.

People had moved closer to us. When my pussy was gooey from the fingering he took my pants and panties off, making me nude with just my socks and shoes on. I hoped the cops wouldn't bust in and arrest us.

I lay my head in his wife's lap and he spread me open and started to go down on me. Man, this was too much. I leaned up so everyone behind us could see me and started trying to make out with the wife.

As we were kissing I barely noticed the head stop until I felt him push his cock into me. Holy Cow! I was totally naked in this place getting fucked by this guy in front of people, none of which I knew.

I began to cum when he played with my clit while he fucked me.

We now had a couple leaning on the seats looking down at me from a few feet away. I had my arms over my head exposing myself completely. The guys looking at us reached down and played with my boobs. I didn't say anything or looked at them. I closed my eyes and just felt everything going on. I felt numerous hands running all over my body. No one spoke a word! They just watched and played with me.

Soon I felt the guy tense up and pull out of me shooting his cum on my belly and tits. When the first shot of hot sperm hit me, it caused my pussy to have another more intense orgasm. Everyone knew because I let out a loud cry.

As soon as he was finished shooting his wad of cum, his wife got down and licked all the cum from my boobs and belly. Her licking just got the fire in my pussy started all over again.

They both said thank you and as I put my clothes back on, they got up and left.

I was going to leave, but the couple behind me was really going at it.

I looked down at them and he said, "You got us so freaking hot!"

I smiled and climbed over the seats to their row. The girl was jerking him and I looked at her and said, "May I?"

She said yes so I just sat down next to him, bent over and began to suck him off.

He was coming in about three minutes. I took a shot or two in my mouth and then aimed it at his wife so that she could finish up with him.

This time I said thank you and left the theater.

My pussy was burning up and I knew that I had to leave before, or else I would go downstairs and fuck every guy in the place.

I hooked up with my friend who had already called the taxi and we went back to the hotel. The other guy's were not back yet either. I thought to myself, "Their lose because I know that I would have fucked their brains out tonight and for the rest of the conference!"

I called my husband right away and told him everything that had happened, including the part that I would have fucked the other guys all night long if they had been back.

We masturbated on the phone together several times during the night, as we talked about the event.

The last thing that he said before hanging up, and I have never forgotten was, "You should have had some of the other guys help you put out the fire in your pussy!"

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this experience with me.

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