tagIncest/TabooTracy Ch. 02

Tracy Ch. 02

byJack Gates©

Let's not tell any lies to each other, Daddy!

I was aware of Tracy getting out of bed and opened my eyes to see her bum slipping into the bathroom. I had fallen asleep with my cock in that bum! She had been incredibly tight and I knew I had hurt her, but when I offered to pull it out she had screamed at me to get it up her! That was the first time. We did anal two more times and in the end I passed out, exhausted.

I had woken up several times and hugged her to me, drinking in the luxury of having her beautiful warm body in my bed. In my arms.

I was fucking my own Daughter!

During love bouts I asked her why she had given herself to me?

'Because my Mum should never have done to you what she did. I want to make up for all the hurt she must have caused you. Anyway, I was horny and was needing a good fuck and you just happened to be around.' She went back to sucking her pussy juice off my spent cock.

This was the morning after the night before:

I lay there stretching and caressing my usual morning erection, they can be quite painful until I get a piss. I nipped down stairs and peed in the kitchen sink and put the kettle on for a cuppa. This was done by habit. Not the peeing, the kettle thing. I wasn't used to sharing my house with other people.

I heard water running into the loo and it sounded too strong to be her peeing. I heard say, 'Aaagh!' and knew she must be enjoying the douche as I always do! Especially if you move the pipe in and out of your bum in a fucking-motion. I had shown her how to do that last night.

I lay thinking about the water-sport thing Tracy had introduced me to last night. I got excited thinking about her kneeling up naked with her eyes closed and her mouth open and me standing back and peeing into her mouth. I had never even thought of that kind of thing before, although as Tracy said, I had read and edited stories on Literotica. I suppose it is a fetish, really as there is no subject heading for water-sports.

I remember when I was younger and I was a member of a local gang one of the gang-molls lifting up her dress to reveal she was not wearing knickers and she stood with legs astride and peed on the pavement in front of the whole gang. One of the older members took her into the bushes and fucked her. It was an incredibly horny sight. Both her peeing and being fucked. He finished off by wanking his sperm all over her dress. In those days it was the only sex lessons we got. That and going up the lovers walk watching courting couples doing it. We used to throw stones at them and run. Other times we collected used condoms and gave them to the gang-molls to drink in our Truth and Dare or Postman's Knock games.

Tracy came back into the bedroom, the sun through the windows catching her sun bronzed statuesque beauty. The shadowy stubble had been removed from her mound of Venus. It was plump, mouth watering just like it was when she was a baby. She came over and ripped all the clothes off the bed.

'Come, Daddy! You have holes to fill for me! The front one with a Tampon and the back with anything you like. The choice, Dear, Daddy, is yours.'

She climbed over my nakedness and sat on my hard cock, pressing it against my stomach and flicking my knob with a finger.

'Close your eyes and open your mouth.'

When I did as she asked I felt something round and strange put into my mouth. I opened my eyes and pulled it out. It was a tampon still in its cardboard tube. She lay on her back beside me and opened her legs.

'Put it in for me, Daddy!'

Mischievously she held up a piece of paper with the directions on it. It was a good job. Since she had walked through my front door like a breath of fresh air with the exuberance I had not seen for a long, long time. With her I was doing things that I had never dreamed of doing. Hands up all the men who have been asked by their daughters, sisters, wives, what-have-you to insert a tampon for them?

She started to read out the directions in Tracy's quaint way of doing things.

'Listen, Daddy. First, open the lips of the labia with extended thumb and fore-finger. Good, that feels nicer than when I do it myself. Second! Pay attention! Apply the applicator to the lady's vaginal opening. That's the hole, Daddy! Mine! No, not yours! Mmmmmm! Now, holding the tampon steady with the fingers of your left hand, push the plunger until the tampon is inserted fully into your daughters juicy, but maybe by now, bloody cunt! Ooooh! I am glad I found you!'

'Is that okay?'

'I love you, Daddy! Will you change it for me each time it needs changing?'

'Of course I will, Tracy. It was lovely, I want to be in all these intimate things in your life. We have a lot of catching up to do.'

'Okay then! Now for your reward. Come and lick my asshole before you put your prick into it.'

She turned and got up on all fours. Her anus was red around the anal-ring and her pussy looked quaint with the little tag on white string hanging down like a string of cum. I couldn't resist getting down between her thighs and pulling on the string with my teeth.

'Hey, Dick-head! Thats the wrong hole you are mucking about with! Get your tongue into my ass! I washed it for you, now taste it!'

I laughed into her bum. Extending my tongue fully and I worked from her vulva right up through Anal Canyon, lapping her succulent pungent flesh all the way to the base of her spine. She mooooooed and waggled her bum. Twirling the tip of my tongue around her anal bud really had her going. She loved anal sex just as much as her Mum loved it. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the bedroom of the guy she ran off to, just to see his technique in action. He was obviously better than me and had something to teach me. Maybe it was his cock size? I don't know. I spat on her anus and eased a finger in to find the interior was already lubricated I kneaded the anal flesh and spread her buttocks until she flinched and I pressed my speared tongue into her hole to be blown out again with a wind-storming fart! She started to giggle and turned around and pulled me into her arms kissing my face and neck and finally my lips all the time giggling like a mountain stream.

'Sorry, Daddy. Put your cock in me. I want you to fuck me, Daddy!'

She moved round again and I coated my cock with KY and pressed my glistening knob to her nether hole. She sighed and moved her ass back on to it, impaling herself. I had lost some of my hardness so I had to hand-job it until it became bone-ee-fied again.'

This time it popped in, which jerked her sphincter painfully - she bit into the pillow her head was buried in. I eased out and she met me hard, on the in stroke. My pubic hair tickled her vulva. She worked with me the second I was in her, gyrating her hips and using her anal muscles like she had taken lessons in a anal-night school. All the time she was talking dirty, urging me on to bigger and better fuck strokes. She was mumbling she was cumming and my testicles did their duty and gave the lady a hot wet broadside of cock-fire. I held her, cupping her warm breast as trailing my tongue down the ridges of her spine. I wanted to kiss her all the time, it was compulsive.

She got up and went to the loo to douche out and then went down stairs to make breakfast. I went for a shower and dresssed in boxers and a vest. I went downstairs and she was in the kitchen on the phone. I heard her saying. 'Yes, Mum.....Thats right, Mum........Dad's alright. I mean my real Dad, I am staying at his house. Aunt Diane?.... she died with cancer .......Sorry Mum, I thought you knew...... You have! Oh! I am sorry. Where are you now then? You are?...........................You are not far from here actually........Oh! I don't know about that!......He has not got over the shock of me arriving on his doorstep yesterday, yet. He say's I am like you. ..........No Mom, not in all things. He has told me a lot of what you and he got up to in the bedroom. I bet your ears and things were burning?........It was scribbled on the wall behind the phone........Yes it was still there! I will ring again when I have spoken to Daddy. Bye, Mum. Take care....Yes, okay, I will. Kisses, bye!

I went into the kitchen she was putting her mobile back into her rucksack.

'Was that your Mum, Tracy?'

'Yes, Daddy. She has split up with, Allan. Her mobile number was on the wall behind your phone. I had forgotten it was there until I saw it when I came down stairs. Thought I would try it. You don't mind, do you, Daddy?'

'No! How is she?'

'A bit down I think. She was keen to ask how you were. Said she would like to come through and see us. I said I would ask you about that one. She said you could be quite naughty in the bedroom. I am glad she dumped that man. He fucked me. I admit, I did tease him a bit. But I was just testing him, playing with fire. God! He was quick! He had it in me before I knew what was happening. Mum was up the garden, pegging out the washing and he had me, filled me with his sperm and went to help her peg out the sheets. I had been standing at the sink peeling potatoes. They came back in and I was till standing there, stunned with Allans juices running down my thighs. Mum asked me if I was okay that my face had gone very pale? I told her that my period was coming on. I ran up to the bathroom and listened to his sperm dripping from my pussy into the loo. It seemed to be running for a long time and when I looked, my period had come on. I shouted Mum up to help me.'

'How old were you when he did that to you?'

'Sixteen, Daddy. I have never told anyone about it. He didn't do it again.'

'I can understand how he felt. You are naturally a very sexual person without all the wicked teasing you do. I wasn't able to resist you either and I am, your Daddy.'

'The difference Daddy, is I hated him and I love you. I had planned to give myself to you even before I found you. I made that plan the night Allan took me.'

'Do you want me to let your Mum come here? She will very quickly suss out that there is something going on between you and I. She could get me jailed.'

'No, Daddy. She can't do that. I am almost 23 years old and I gave myself willingly to you. I will continue giving myself to you for as long as you want me or you are able to get it up. You are getting on a bit, Daddy. Poor old thing. If you want her back here then she is going to find that the ground rules have changed and that she will have to share you with me. I will also have sex with her if she wants me that way.'

'So, what do we do? Toss a coin! Heads she does, tails she don't?'

'Why is there no bitterness in you, Daddy? Can you forget so easily what she did to you?'

'I am just so pleased to have you back in my life, Darling. We will see her and decide which way to go, when we have. Which way is ahead for you and I or the three of us together. We will not hide you and I, away from her. Only you can decide that. If you meet someone you want to be with, then that's okay with me. You are a wonderful gift from Heaven. Just the same as you will be a wonderful gift to the man you eventually fall in love with.'

'I have already met that man, Daddy. I have already fallen in love with that man, that man is you!'

'What do we do then?'

'She dug out her cell-phone and pressed a button and gave the phone to me.

'Is that you again, Tracy, Love?'

'No, Gemma, it's Arnie.'

The phone went dead, but she was still there. I could here her breathing heavily.

'Is it really you?.........Arnie?'

'I was just talking to Tracy. It seems to be what she wants, so I have no objection to you coming here, Gemma. We can talk. I have never held any malice towards you. Tracy will give you the address. I will pass you back to her.'

I gave Tracy the phone and went outside to the back yard. I was cut up hearing Gemma's voice again after so long. It was just as I remembered her all those terribly long years back. She was Tracy's age when she left me, so she must be forty-three now. I'm two years older. According to my Daughter I have one foot and a knee-cap in the grave.

There was still that warmth and easy flirtation in Gemma's voice. It was as if all those years had suddenly fallen away and left me breathless. I was still hopelessly in love with the woman. I had looked for other women to replace her but had never found one.

Tracy came out to me and put her arm around me.

'Are you alright Daddy. She is on her way she is less than an hour in her car away from here. I told her to come as she was. She laughed and said she was naked as she had just come out of the shower. She is still very beautiful, Daddy. I will not be jealous if you want her.'

'You not only have a beautiful body you have a beautiful soul as well, Sweetheart. Lets have a drink and you can talk about yourself and your Mother. Lets tell the truth to each other and do not miss out any of the lurid details.'

'I grew up thinking a man named Robert was my Daddy. He left when I was five. He used to beat Mummy quite badly until she called the police. Robert disappeared without trace. It was two years before she met Allan. He was a TV repair man. Mum fell for his gift of the gab and he was in her bed just as easily. Things went fine for a while. I liked him until one day I was sent home from school and I found Allan naked and in bed with a naked man. I was very upset and told Mum as soon as she came home from work.'

'But, that wasn't the end Of Allan, was it?'

'No, I told you about his gift of the gab. Robert left Mum with a need which Allan played on. Mum liked to be tied down and punished for things she did wrong. She was wilful at times to get Allan to punish her. Punish her he did. Next morning she would rise and doctor her bruises and go off to work. He told her that doing it with a guy now and again filled a kink he had, just like the one she had. It ended up that the guy he had it off with became a regular visitor and shared in the fun in Mums bedroom. She told me that they both took her at the same time and she loved it. She said that she did everythiong they wanted because they threatened to do it to me as well. By that time I was twelve. I started my periods just after that and Mum was that worried about me she talked our doctor into putting me onto the pill. Then came the kitchen incident when I was thirteen. Allan took my virginty that day. Things went quiet for a time, even Mums bedroom was quiet at night. She may have stopped his ration all together. Then one night he came home drunk with a young lad and he had sex with the lad in front of Mum and I. I got up and ran out of the house and went to a friends house and stayed with her for three days. I told Mum to get rid of Allan. She didn't, so I ran away to another town and went to school there, the lady I was boarding with said I was her niece whose parents were killed.

I made good grades and went to college. I worked in a cafe as a waitress and was never short of guys chatting me up. I bedded a few. I refused them nothing.

The watersports thing started when a guy I had dated a few times, who was into bondage tied me up and made me kneel in his bath. Then he took out his cock and started to pee all over me and he told me to open my mouth and drink his pee. I did and I liked it, it was fun. One of my girlfriends was nuts about the guy and when I told her about the pee thing she became turned on and wanted me to invite her to take part in a threesome. I did and he drank from our pussies when we sat on his face. He got serious with her and I bowed out gracefully. By that time I was searching for Auntie Diane. I found her and went to live with her. She wasn't well and I nursed her until she died.'

I was in the lounge topping up our glasses when the front door bell rang. I was still in my vest and boxers. It was Tracy all over again I opened the door and Gemma was standing there. They were like sisters instead of Mother and Daughter. She was wearing a summery frock with the skirts blowing lazily in th breeze and she took my breath away. Her auburn hair was still long and straight and as usual, bare legs and bare feet, she hates to wear shoes. Her fantastic model like figure was the same as when she left me, from this house, twenty years ago.

'Hello, Arnie! Do you remember me?'

I was mesmerised and stupified at the same time. My legs were like jelly and tears were in my eyes. Then Tracy was with us and I turned away and walked back through to the lounge and drank the two whiskies I had set out for Tracy and I. I was aware of them talking in the background, but my mind was fogged. I sat down with my head bowed to my knees, nestling in my hands. I was in mourning for all those years lost! The two warm bodies sat either side of me on the settee, cuddling me, consoling me, talking to me, but the trauma was too great.

I became aware of them helping me up the stairs and then my clothing removed and helped to lay down on the bed then I felt two naked bodies on either side, stroking, caressing, lips kissing and I gradually came to, out of what ever shock I had been in. My eyes focussed on Gemma, beautiful naked, Gemma. She was smiling at me and gently stroking my erect cock. It appears that even when I am not with it, I am up for it. Tracy was kissing my nipples and caressing my testicles. She, was naked too!

My mind was also beginning to focus and I was wondering how Mum and Daughter could be naked in bed with me without any expected trauma? How come they readily agreed to share me between them without one single cross word? They were also tongue kissing and intimately fondling each other! How come there were no forbidden boundaries? I relaxed, happy that at last we were a family again and that as I was in the mood to forgive everything and had a desperate need to bury the past transgressions. We made love! We made real love, not lust. We were tender and caring, the fact that Tracy's vagina was temporarily out of bounds it meant that Gemma's got a lot of loving from Tracy and I. It also got a very healthy length of my cock! It was the old Gemma back, my Gemma.

Gemma cooked the mid-day meal and in the afternoon the girls shaved each others pussies and then they shaved me. That was real fun. When they turned me over and shaved my bum, Tracy got into her strap-on and gave My bum what for! Of course Gemma used my tongue to slurp up her surplus to requirement pussy juices.

We settled into a routine for most things, eating, living, use of the bathrooom and use of the bed and the spare room. We found we slept better if after we had fucked out at night one of us slept in the spare bed in the other bedroom. Both Gemma and Tracy got jobs so it was the case of who ever was home first organised the evening meal. Weeks went into months until Tracy started to get morning sickness. We panicked a bit. In fact we panicked a lot, because they were both on the pill! Or so Gemma and I thought until Tracy confessed she had stopped taking it for three weeks.

Of course a family crisis conference was called. Both women were immediately maternal over it and were all talk, about whether it would be a boy or a girl? They were even joking, whether it might be twins! At least I was hoping that they were joking. To my chagrin they decided to keep it, what ever it was as long as it was a baby. That night was Tracy's turn to sleep in the other room and Neither I or Gemma felt like sex.

'Penny for them?'

'Is it too late for me to have another baby? What do you think? At least if you marry me again, ours would be legal. As it is we have to invent a bogus Father for Tracy's baby.'

'You women are counting your chickens before they are hatched. She is hardly pregnant. It could be just a late period, Gemma.'

'I hope not. Tracy wants to have your baby. I can understand the way she feels. I want to have your baby too. I am due my period tomorrow and there has been no sign of it yet. I usually know when I'm coming on..

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