tagIncest/TabooTracy Wants a Daddy Ch. 05

Tracy Wants a Daddy Ch. 05


Hearing a car door slam wakes Tom realizing he and Tracy are still in bed together.

"Damn, Tracy it's your mother, I need to get the hell out of here." he whispers to Tracy and he races to the master bedroom, jumps into bed and pulls the covers over his naked body, pretending to sleep.

"Hi babe," says Joan "you still up?"

"Guess I dosed off waiting for you." he lies.

"All ready for me?" she asks as she slips into bed next to him and seeing his naked body assumes he's waiting for her.

Not wanting her to get suspicious he knows he needs to make an effort to fuck his wife not sure if he has any energy left after being with Tracy all afternoon. He reaches over and starts kissing her and stroking her large breasts. He closes his eyes and picturing he is sucking Tracy's tits, he starts to feel his erection responding and knows he will satisfy his wife. He lowers his head as he spreads kisses and trails his wet tongue down her belly to the wet pussy, flicking his tongue across her clit, taking it into his mouth sucking and feeling Joan starting to grind her pussy into his face. He inserts two fingers into her waiting cunt as he continues to suck her clit, all the time thinking how Tracy responds when he does this to her. Her youthful enthusiasm is what turns him on while Joan is quieter in her excitement. He slides his fingers to her ass and circles her hole wanting to insert his fingers and his dick into that tight tunnel that she always vetoes.

"Tom, no." is all she has to say, and he continues back to her pussy until he knows she is ready and he slides his now hard dick into her, slamming in and out of her, harder and faster than he usually is with her.

'Oh my god Tom, oh my god," she cries, "I'm going to cum."

"Yes, baby cum with me, I'm going to fuck your pussy so hard until you cum."

Joan was a little surprised at the vulgar talk from Tom but is so overcome with the building orgasm she doesn't respond. Tom continues to pound her, feeling her pussy start to squeeze his cock and he knows she's close.

"Cum now baby cum now. I'm going to cum."

Joan lets go as she feels her orgasm shaking her body in waves and as she feels Tom pumps his hot cum deep into her pussy she can't hold back.

"I'm cumming, oh my God, I'm fucking cumming so hard!"

Laying in her arms afterward, Tom lets out a chuckle, "What's so funny?" she asks,

"I don't think I ever heard you say "fucking" before." Tom replies. Joan chuckles as Tom wraps his arms around her and they fall asleep.

The next day Joan and Tracy are at the breakfast table.

"Tracy are you excited to start classes next week?" asks her mother.

"Yeah I suppose so." she answers but all she can think about is that it will mean less time with Tom.

"I thought you'd be more excited."

"Guess I'm just a little nervous is all." The only thing exciting me these day she thinks is fucking Tom.

"We'll go shopping this weekend, promise" Joan tells her, "But right now I need to get going to work. I changed shifts with Cheryl, so I'll be home around six. Tom's in the garage working on his motorcycle, I'll go tell him goodbye."

"Ok mom I'll see you later."

As Joan heads out the door, Tracy decides to go take a shower. She's hot not knowing if it's because of the weather or from wanting Tom again.

Washing her hair, Tracy doesn't hear the door open and only senses that Tom is nearby, he opens the door, naked and ready to join her.

"I heard the shower and pictured you with the water running over your beautiful tits," he says, reaching out to stroke her nipples. "I need a shower too and can't think of a better way to take one than with you." His penis is already erect as he stands behind her and runs his hands over her wet breasts and round to her ass. He spreads her cheeks and pushes his erection against the crack, slowly rubbing it up and down.

"Why do I want you all the time?" he asks, "I think you've put a spell on me."

Laughing, Tracy turns and grabs his penis and strokes it with her shampoo covered hands. Tom washes her hair as Tracy continues the hand job on his dick. She loves that this huge cock wants her all the time. She is an eager and willing partner with Tom and never tells him no. She wants to explore everything and anything with him, to please him as he pleases her. The only thorn in their relationship is Tom's marriage to Joan, if she ever finds out she will kick him out and he couldn't face not being with Tracy every night.

As Tom's cock grows harder he takes Tracy's hand away and pushes her against the shower stall. Grapping her leg he wraps it around his waist and pushes his penis into her pussy at the same time. The water running over their bodies only adds to the sensation of his pounding inside her pussy making her as wet inside as outside. Tom's lips and hands are all over her body, bringing her to that wonderful release she seeks. He continues to thrust inside her, her ass banging against the tile wall until she feels the orgasm so close.

"Oh my God, oh my God." is all she can say as her orgasm takes over her body and she hangs on to Tom, so she doesn't fall. Feeling Tracy's pussy tightening around his dick, Tom holds back letting her release subside and pulls out while turning her body and flattening it against the wall, bending her at the waist and spreading her legs with his. He is excited to see her asshole opening to him. Spitting on his fingers, he rubs the spit around her tight hole, then inserts first one then two fingers, opening her more. He adds more spit to his cock, making it even more slippery. He ramps his cock into her waiting asshole, not worrying about hurting, his need is urgent and takes over while he pounds her, holding on to her waist pulling her closer and keeping her from falling. His fingers reaching around and rubbing her clit as he pulls his dick out to just the head and slams it back into her, his balls slapping against her pussy. Like an animal he continues to bang her against the wall, his grunts mingle with her deep moans until he lets go and pumps his semen deep into her waiting ass.

"Yes, fill up my ass with all your cum daddy. It feels so good when you fuck my ass."

Leaning against the wall he holds her until their breathing finally slows so they can continue their shower.

Wrapped in towels, they lay down on Tom's and Joan's bed and gaze into each other's eyes.

"I love you Tracy. I really love you."

"I love you Tom, what are we going to do? I know this started out as just sex, but I can't imagine being without you."

"I don't know baby. I just know I can't live without you. I want to touch you all the time." With that Tom's unwraps the towel around her body.

"I want to look at your body and touch you all the time. I want to touch your face." he says as he reaches and caresses her face. "I want to kiss your sweet lips." He leans over and kisses her deeply. His lips spread kisses down her neck, across her shoulders and the top of her breasts.

"I want to suck these beautiful tits." His hands toy with her nipples pulling and circling watching them harden. He leans down and suckles first one and then the other. He continues along her stomach and runs his tongue along the outside of her pussy, seeking her clit.

He grabs her sex with his hands "And this, this pussy belongs to me. I will kill anyone else who ever touches you."

"Only you Daddy, only you will ever fuck me."

"I| want to see you touch yourself." Tom tells her. "Like you used to do when I would stand outside your door. You always knew I was there didn't you? I love to see you make yourself cum."

Tracy moves her hand down to her sex, spreading her legs wide and slowing circles her clit with her finger. "Go stand by the door like you used to do." she tells him as she continues rubbing her clit. She sucks on her finger for the lubrication she doesn't really need but knows by Tom's hardening cock that it's enjoying this show. She slowly inserts first one and then a second finger into her pussy and back to her clit over and over while watching Tom stroking his cock still standing in the doorway. Her moans growing louder with each movement until Tom is so turned on he runs to the bed and pulls her to his mouth. Licking and sucking her clit and entering her pussy with his tongue Tracy arches her back and pulls on her own nipples. Noises from Tom's mouth fucking only adds to her excitement.

"Give me your cock, I want to suck you too." Tom turns so his cock is over her mouth while still licking her pussy. Tracy's head bobs up and down on his long shaft matching the tongue pushing in and out of her. Tracy sucks his cock deep, running her tongue up and down the shaft, over and around the head then takes it deeper and deeper into her throat. Barely able to move with his body over her, Tracy grabs his hips to release him enough so she can breathe then pulls him deeper into her throat. Tom lets out a large groan as he feels how deep she can take his big cock. Tracy starts to shudder as her orgasm is getting ready to release and she sucks harder and faster on Tom's dick wanting his cum in her mouth at the same time. He feels her pussy is ready to cum and fucks her mouth with his cock and tongue fucks her pussy together, rubbing his finger around her asshole, slowing inserting it in and out so he his fucking all three of her holes at once. He shoots his cum into her waiting mouth, eagerly she sucks and tries to swallow each load he spills into her but it's too much as some runs out her open mouth and down her cheeks and chin. Tom continues fucking her ass with his finger while lapping up her pussy cum with his tongue, in and out of her hole and around her clit.

"Yes daddy, yes daddy, yes daddy!" is all Tracy can say as she feels orgasm after orgasm slam through her body,

So loud is their fucking they did not hear Joan enter the house. She has been standing there watching from the doorway while her husband is eating the pussy of her daughter, his face deep between her legs, his finger grinding in and out of her ass while her daughter is deep throating and sucking on his big cock. She is both shocked and turned on watching her husband's ass pumping up and down into her daughter's mouth, his head buried deep into her pussy, hearing the sucking and licking sounds of their intense fucking. She is so astonished she couldn't utter a sound but watch the intensity of their coupling and the moment they both cum. She feels the wetness growing in her own pussy and her nipples hardening not believing the sight in front of her is turning her on rather than repulsing her.

As the two lay panting and recovering Tom's head on Tracy's stomach and Tracy laying with cum still on her face, Joan finally finds her voice.

"What the fuck is going on here!"

"Oh shit!" Tom and Tracy shout together.

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Good story

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Oh shit

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