tagIncest/TabooTrailer of Family Desires Ch. 04

Trailer of Family Desires Ch. 04


The horn honked at 6:30. Grandma and I looked out the window barely seeing the pick-up truck through the blowing snow.

"It's a bad one," said Mom. "But I'm sure I'll make it home fine. Don't forget your sister is staying the night elsewhere. You two have fun. Whatcha got planned?"

"Maybe we'll reflect more on 'honor thy father and mother.' In this case, 'Grandma and mother.' There's so much to honor with Grandma, it might take all night," I said.

Grandma shot me a look. Mom gushed. "How sweet! Well, that's a great idea. You two have fun! Bye!"

With that, Mom walked out.

I turned to my Grandma. "Let's go to my bedroom," I said. "I have some surprises."

Grandma got up and I followed. We walked in and I closed the door behind us. My room was not much bigger than a large closet. My twin-sized bed, one small dresser, a small closet and a table barely fit inside the cheap, wood-paneled room.

I reached into the closet. "Now it gets real, Grandma," I said. "No more jerking off or sucking cock for you. I'm going to fuck that pussy. And we'll both watch it together when we're done."

"What?" she yelped.

I pulled out my video camera -- one of the big, old VHS Camcorders -- and put it on my dresser. "You're not my first movie, Grandma. But you'll be my best," I said. I clicked it on, threw in a new tape and started it.

"Take off your housecoat, Grandma," I said. "Let me see those big, grandmotherly boobs!"

She stood with her arms folded. I reached over and yanked up the edges of her dress. She yelped. Then, slowly she complied. "Face the camera and say, "Oma is going to fuck her grandson good."

"No!" she said.

"Do it or I'll tell Mom about church!" I said.

With that, I could tell my Grandma was totally defeated. She'd fought up to now, but I think all of this was too much to take.

"Oma wants to fickt her grandson all night long," she said. She was improvising now. Good!

I dropped my sweats and got totally naked. My cock was stiff and hard again, cum crusted from the load I'd pulsed onto Grandma's back. "Now take off your bra and panties."

She did, unsnapping that massive harness and letting her great tits fall onto her stomach. As she slid her panties down, I knew this would be the first look at her muff I would have! As they left her hips, I was amazed to see her pubic hair matched the hair on her head -- platinum blonde!

"Is that dyed?" I asked.

"No, it's natural," she said, almost proudly.

"Very hot, grandma!" I said.

It was almost time for me to take my trip down pleasure highway, but first, I thought with all she's been through, I owed her own. So, I decided to do something I don't do very often.

"Get on my bed and spread your legs. I'm going to eat your pussy," I said.

She raised her eyebrows. "Grandson, I haven't orgasmed in 25 years! What makes you think I will enjoy this?"

"I've made older than you cum in big wet buckets, Grandma. Lean back," I said. She did. I pressed my face against her hair mound and started to work my tongue around her labia. Then, I moved up to her fat clitoris. It was a good size and my tongue danced around it nicely.

She cooed at first, and then moaned. I flicked my tongue and across and around my Grandmother's cunt for almost 15 minutes before she really started getting into it. Her hands gripped my shoulders and head while mine played with her titanic boobs. She started with the 'Oh's' and then moved to saying things in Dutch.

"Lik mijn pussy u vuile jonge jongen!" she said. Then her cries got louder and louder. When she said "pussy," I moved a hand from her breast to my cock and started fondling. I was even more excited then before this adventure in incest had begun.

I was working her into a fantastic lather.

"Dierlijk u! Ik wil nu u aan geslacht me!" It was getting fast and furious. Her body bucked and made the little bed squeak. I was writhing with anticipation and after 20 minutes, I couldn't wait anymore.

"I'm going to fuck you now. I'm going to make you cum with my cock, not my tongue," I said.

I stood up and pointed it toward her soaking wet glory hole. It looked HUGE against her. She felt tight when I sucked her, but looking at my cock against her pussy, I got a little worried. She got even more worried after finally getting her worked up for it.

"No, it's too big!" she said.

"I've heard that before. Take my cock Grandma Gerte!" I said, laying down on her. I pointed the bloated tip of my cock -- dripping with pre-cum -- at her wet entrance and pushed. God! She was so tight! She screamed in my ear as I slid into my grandmother's pussy -- the same one my mother had came out of 51 years ago. This matronly old woman whose morals I spoiled at church just six hours before, now had her arms clinched around my chest screaming for me to pull my huge cock out of her.

No way! It felt so real! The forbidden trail of incest was now taken and everything I thought it would be, it was! I slid myself farther and farther up her well-aged uterus, feeling its spongy walls grip my fat shaft like an Isotoner glove.

"No! No! Please pull it out of me!" she said, beating on my back.

"Easy Grandma," I said softly. "It'll get easier."

I had no mercy. My mother's mother was going to get fucked well by my cock tonight. Several times if I could manage it. And as the next few inches buried themselves in her quim, I bumped into he back of her pussy. That was as far as I could go and I was barely over halfway inside.

My grandmother wept softly as I held my position. "Oh Gott! Oh Gott! Het is zo groot! Ik kan niet het behandelen! Gelieve te maken de God hem einde!"

"I don't know what that means, but I'm not stopping. Just take a second to get used to it before I start pumping," I said. She breathed in quick short breaths now.

"It's like a telephone pole inside of me," she said. And it was, stretching her 64-year-old pussy lips to their maxs! Wow! I'd never seen it like that before. I looked down at her, wiped one of the tears away from her mascara stained cheek and planted my lips over hers. As I did, I started stroking slowly.

My tongue met hers. She didn't meet me with the same enthusiasm, so I just let my tongue do all the work inside of her mouth.

My fuck thursts were slow and easy at first. She whimpered softly, still babbling in Dutch. My hands wrapped around her back. Hers were around mine, but more like she was holding on for dear life. It was a great feeling. I kissed my Grandmother full on the mouth again and then started more deliberate thrusts into her.

Each thrust was like the tick of a clock. Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! And each time I thrust, she wailed. Loud. I'm sure the neighbors will have stories. I'd be happy to show them the tape.

"Oh god! It hurts! It hurts so bad!" she said. I didn't believe her. Her pussy was sopping wet now and her inside were flushed with her love juices. "You goddamn animal! How could you do this to me?"

"You parade around here like trailer trash, Grandma!" I said, my thrusts increasing in speed. She yelped after each pop. "You had me lusting after you almost after the minute you got here. So, this is how we make us both feel better about it!"

"Oh Jesus, please make him stop fucking his grandmother!" she said. "I ... I ... I ..."

Just then, her cries of passion depend and became more focused. Her hips bucked into mine. I sped up, my foot on the cock accelerator.

The small room smelled like sex. The clapping sound, I'm sure, could have been heard throughout the trailer. It was really loud in my room. I licked at the salty sweat residue she'd built up on her arms and chest. Her efforts became more forceful. I was now plunging my whole length into her. In turn, she bellowed with pleasure -- or maybe pain. I didn't care. I knew I'd be making my grandmother cum soon. Sure enough...

"Grandson, you are going to make me cum! I cannot believe you ... you ... you ... oh GOD!" With that, her arms clinched around me like a vice and her hips met mine and stopped, forcing the whole length of me into her. My distinguished, honorable grandmother Gerte was cumming! Hard! It felt her shake and then she wailed three times in succession. I pumped at her harder and harder as the flood of pleasure washed over her.

"Oh my God!" she said in my ear. She said it over and over again as the orgasm she had -- the first in 25 years -- slipped away. I kept fucking.

"You got yours, Grandma. Now I have to get mine," I said. Confident and pleased with my ability to make the senior cum, I pressed on fucking her. I must have pumped that old whore for nearly 35 minutes. She came seven more times, each time with more enthusiasm. I never knew she had it in her, but then again, I never thought I'd be fucking my grandmother either.

My cockthrusts suddenly grew harder. The sweat was really starting to accumulate between us. I could feel it rolling down my back and onto my ass, down my thighs. As I pumped my grandmother's still tight pussy, I wondered how long she'd stay wet. It didn't matter.

My incest lust for my Grandmother was about to be fulfilled. I could feel a huge wave of electricity building in my balls. This load would be the biggest so far. I just knew it. I grabbed on to her tits.

"Your a filthy old Dutch whore, aren't you Grandma? You like taking a big cock from your grandson, don't you? Say it!" I commanded.

"You cock is so big! Too big for your Oma. You're hurting your Oma! I'm drying up!" she cried. She was probably delirious but she was getting dry.

A year's worth of anticipation was about to culminate. The shameful wishes of an incest-ridden grandson; a horny boy with a big cock after his grandmother; the forbidden pleasure of eating family fruit and everything that was so wrong about this tryst was about to be made so right.

"Please don't cum inside me! God will judge us!" she said suddenly. She knew I was close. But I was not in the throes of white-host lust and sexual hunger for my Grandmother. If I heard her, I didn't care.

"I'm gonna cum ... grandma! I'm gonna cum deep inside my grandma's pussy hole!" I said, my eyes clinched shut, my hands now brutally squeezing her generous mammaries.

"No! No! Please! Not inside of me! Oh God no! We will be sinners!"

I didn't hear her because my balls erupted. This was a massive load that had bubbled for almost a year.

"UNGH! Fuck you Grandma Gerte! Take all my hot cum in your old pussy! Yeah!" I cried. I felt an overwhelming gush of cream splash into her cunt. Then another. Then another. Then another. I pulled it out and creamed another huge wad of jizz on top of her furry mound. I kept squirting her and I wasn't sure if I'd stop.

"Oh you fucking old whore! Yes! Take all my cum, Oma!" I cried out loud.

"We both watched my impressive fuck wand squirt massive amounts sperm onto her pussy. It was like frosting a cake. One after another gushing forward. Interestingly enough, one of Grandma's hands made its way to massaging my ball sack as the semen splattered her well-fucked glory whole.

"Rub my balls Grandma. Get it all out," I said. Just before I finished, I jammed my cock back into her and spunked two more lines inside my grandmother's womb. I was exhausted from the effort, but wanted her to clean it off. I stood up and hauled my dripping tool over to her mouth.

"Suck me, Grandma Gerte. Get a good taste of my cock. You'll taste it for a long time to cum," I said.

"I hate you! This is incest and it is wrong," she yelled at me. "Families do not do this and God ..."

I shut her up by stuffing my dick in her sperm catcher. I rammed it in and out once or twice before she finally got the message -- shut up and suck it off. When I felt she was finished, I got up and put the camera on pause. She laid on my bed, her pussy absolutely soaked in cum, leaking cum and her face now frosted with cum. Her old body, like mine, had taken on a heavy sheen of sweat.

I peeked at what I'd recorded. I could see me filling her full of cum! Her eyes were wide and she watched my fat fucktool fill her up and my head rocked back. Perfect!

I pushed the 64-year-old over and lay beside her. "Mom won't be home for another two hours. That gives us one more good fuck session, Grandma. So, I'll let you choose the location."

"Go to hell, Grandson!" she said, turning her face away.

"Ok, then I'll choose," I said.

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