Train Ride


Ian watched, fascinated, his eyes glued to the perfection that walked in front of him. He had been making his way casually along the street when the long, blonde haired girl had strode purposefully past him. She wore a flared, wide pleated floral mini-skirt that was so short that every third step or so as the hem bounced with her movement, the barest glimpse of her pink panties was visible at the top of her long, thin legs.

Ian had quickened his step to match hers and now followed her along the street, admiring her legs and the tight curve of her butt as she strode along, his heart skipping a happy little beat each time the hem fluttered up far enough to show the edge of her underwear.

Ian hefted his heavy pack as she stopped at the traffic lights in front of him. He was on his way to the train station to travel interstate and was delighted to get such a great view to fill his mind as a prelude to what was likely to be a very boring trip. He stopped a couple of paces behind and to the right of the girl, giving him a glimpse of the profile of her breasts. She wore a white t-shirt that clung beautifully to medium sized breasts. He glanced up towards her face and blushed as he realised that she was looking back over her shoulder straight at him. Busted!

The girl smiled at Ian and he blushed all the more. When the lights changed, she strode off again and Ian allowed her a couple of paces head start before again settling in behind her to enjoy the show. The further he walked, the more he started to wonder where she was headed. He kept waiting for her to turn off and go her own way, but she continued to head in the direction of the train station, his own destination.

Sure enough, at the final set of pedestrian lights, she crossed ahead of him into the station building. As she descended the stairs, her skirt bounced even more delightfully than it had when she'd walked on the flat pavement. He caught a longer, more tantalising glimpse beneath her skirt, seeking a little more of the curve of her delightful butt as she hurried down the steps.

Once within the station, she turned to head for the toilets and Ian realised that he'd finally reached the point where he'd have to go his own way. He sought out the right platform for his train and then made his way aboard to get settled in before the long journey.

The first part of the carriage in which he sat had club style seating so that people could sit and talk to each other, whilst in the latter part everyone sat facing the direction that the train would travel. He sat close to the aisle, his backpack on the seat next to him. There wasn't anyone else in the wagon at that point and he pulled out his book, settling in for a nice long read as he travelled.

Gradually the seats on the train filled with Ian glancing up each time that someone entered, curious as to whether he would need to move his bag or if anyone worth looking at was boarding the train. He glanced at his watch with five minutes to go until departure and then buried his head back in the book. He sensed movement and glanced up.

He was astonished to see the girl that he'd walked behind to get to the train station enter the carriage. Now however, she pulled along a travel bag as she stepped ontot he train. She paused at the door, surveying the seating arrangements. Her eyes met Ian's and lingered. The ends of her mouths turned up delightfully in a smile and she walked down towards where he was sitting.

Ian sat transfixed as she approached. When she reached the part of the train where he was seated, she turned to the club seat arrangement on the other side of the train (currently empty) and sat down over by the window. She sat with her back to the rest of the train, leaning into the corner formed by the window. Ian tore his gaze away and attempted to resume reading his book.

The train departed the station on its long interstate trip and Ian continued to pour his way through his book. He found concentrating very difficult though, because every time that the girl shifted position, his eyes were torn from the pages to see whether she was revealing a glimpse of her panties. He kept the glances brief, trying to ensure that they would come off as accidental, but he had a feeling that he was regularly being busted in his looking. He simply avoided looking up at the girl's face to get confirmation.

An hour into the journey, Ian had managed to settle down somewhat, managing to peer across at the beauty in the next seat only every third or so time that she moved. At least up until the point that he noticed that she had adjusted herself slightly and was now angled directly towards Ian, her skirt resting across the tops of her thighs. He was tantalised by the little triangle of darkness formed between the skirt and her things which were demurely held together.

In this position it would take only the slightest parting of her thighs for her pink panties to be revealed and so once again, he found himself glancing continuously over the top of his book towards where she sat, hoping even for a small peek. And then it happened. It was almost as if it occurred in slow motion. The girl's thighs parted as she adjusted her position a little and Ian's eyes were glued to the triangle that the movement revealed. Not a triangle of darkness this time, but a triangle of pink cotton that sent his cock rock hard.

Ian glanced up as her thighs closed once more on the view. The girl was looking straight at him. Once again he found his face warm as a blush painted him red. The girl smiled at him. Ian was stunned. She had a beautiful smile, her lips, untouched by lipstick parted to reveal white, even teeth and her blue eyes sparkled, seeming to pierce through him as she watched him.

It was a pattern that repeated itself several times over the next 20 minutes. Ian would glance over to try and get a peek, the girl's thighs would briefly part and then they'd close and he'd find the girl looking at him, smiling. It was a game that he would have been happy to play all the way to the next state.

But then things changed. As Ian held the girl's gaze following a peek at the cute little pink triangle of fabric, she glanced down at her lap. Ian's eyes automatically followed the direction of her glance. As he looked, her thighs parted again, but this time, it was no short peek. Her legs spread wide and her hands pulled the hem of her skirt towards her waist.

Ian could see more than a triangle now, he could see the crotch of her panties pulled up tight against her pussy. He didn't even attempt to not stare and all but drooled as he drank in the sight.

After what seemed like an eternity (even though it would have amounted to mere seconds) she calmly pulled her thighs together again and smoothed the short skirt down over them. Ian moved in his own seat, his stiff cock now an impediment to sitting comfortably and returned his gaze to the girl's face. She was grinning broadly at him. Ian didn't know what to do. He'd never before had a girl flash her knickers at him. Did it mean that she wanted more? Should he do something? Or was she just a tease and that was all he was going to get? He didn't know and lacked enough information to make a decision. He opted for continuing to attempt to read his book.

Ian's was just noticing that his cock was getting back to a normal and more manageable state when the performance was repeated. This time when she closed her legs and their eyes locked, she patted the seat opposite her and spoke.

"Why don't you come a bit closer? I'm Jane," she said simply. Ian glanced at his luggage and decided that he could leave it where he was, but moved to sit on the seat opposite where Jane was.

"Hi Jane, I'm Ian," he said, offering his hand for her to shake as he moved to take the seat. She took his hand and he noticed how soft her skin was. She held his grip firmly as she shook his hand and released it as he sat down.

"I noticed you following me to the train station," Jane said as he placed his book beside him.

"No, not following you, walking coincidentally in the same direction," Ian responded, smiling. Jane lifted her right foot from her slip on shoe and put it on the seat next to Ian. Ian couldn't help but peer down to see what he could see. The answer was very little as Jane's hands were resting in her lap and holding the skirt down. But then she lifted her left foot so that it rested on the other side of him against the seat. Once more Ian's eyes travelled down to check what had been revealed. This time her panties and crotch were clearly visible.

"You like looking at my panties, don't you?" Jane asked him. Ian was shocked by the candour of the question initially, but then realised that if the girl was going to sit like that, then perhaps he shouldn't be shocked at all.

"Yes actually, I do." He replied.

"It makes your cock hard looking at them, doesn't it?" It was more statement than question and Ian noticed that Jane was very pointedly staring at his crotch.

"Yes," Ian croaked out hoarsely as he swallowed. It was like there was a walnut stuck in his throat.

"It turns me on too when you look at them," she said, grinning at him. "It makes me wet." As Ian watched, Jane's hand descended to her crotch and her fingers traced lightly over her panty clad pussy. Ian swallowed even harder then.

"What turns you on the most about looking at my panties?" she asked him, her fingers continuing to gently caress herself.

Ian sat watching, thinking about her question. "You know, I think it was when I was walking along behind you and every now and then it would billow up and give me the briefest glance of your panties hugging your sexy little butt. There was something about the fact that the movement was innocent that just turned me on enormously, that brief forbidden glimpse or something."

"Oh, so I should stop being so crude as to just display myself then?" she asked enquiringly, removing her hand to push her skirt down and her legs pressing together.

"Oh I didn't say that that didn't turn me on, I just said that those glimpses were the biggest turn on." Jane grinned at him, her legs parting again, panties revealed. This time he noticed that there appeared to be a slight wet patch on her crotch and his cock twitched in response to seeing it.

Jane lifted her right foot and started rubbing it along the inside of Ian's left thigh. He swallowed nervously.

"I'm going to rub your cock with my foot now," Jane whispered to him, leaning forwards slightly. Then she sat back in her chair and her foot travelled along his thigh until she reached his crotch. She pointed her toes and gently moved the big toe around in a circle against his balls. Then it slid up and along until she was pressing the sole of her foot against his cock. Ian pressed against her, his cock rock hard against her foot.

It didn't last long, but Ian was left sitting, looking down at his crotch as her foot moved downward and away, leaving his cock stiff as a board.

Ian glanced back past Jane to see if any of the other passengers were taking any notice of what was going on at the end of the carriage. They weren't. He looked back to Jane's crotch, wondering about the treasure that lay hidden behind the thin veil of pink cotton.

"I'm sorry for asking this," he said, "but I've never been approached like this before, but do you do this often?"

"Do what? Start molesting hot guys on trains?" Jane responded.

"Well, yeah," Ian replied.

"To be honest, no, but I've been horny all day and the way you kept looking at me started to turn me on. I wondered if I could be brave enough to do something about it. I surprised myself when I did.

"Ahh, and so where to from here?" Ian asked nervously.

"That's a good question. Do you have an answer to your own question?"

Ian hesitated, unsure as to where to take things. As he considered what response he might make, Jane glanced around the train, looking at the other passengers. When she'd noted that none of them were paying any attention, she moved her feet back to the floor. She placed her hands upon Ian's knees and slid them up his thighs, pushing them apart as her hands moved closer to his crotch.

Ian started and looked about the carriage when she then slid quickly to the floor to be kneeling between his legs.

"Well how about you get this nice piece of meat out and let me see what I might get to play with? That's where I'd like this to go next." Her fingers traced the outline of his cock in his jeans.

"What, here?"

"Yes, here. I want you to get it out right here in public, it turns me on." and as she spoke, her fingers started working at the zipper of his jeans, sliding it down. She thrust her hand in between and he felt her hand grasp his firm shaft through is boxers. Jane then removed her hand so that she could undo the button that held the fly of his boxers closed. Ian just watched in amazement as she did so, then worked his stiff cock until she could slip it out the access that she'd created. Ian had to shift a couple of times to accommodate that movement given the size and state of his erection.

"Mmm, what a lovely looking cock," she said, eyeing the swollen head of his circumcised penis, her hand firmly holding the shaft and beginning to stroke up and down it, the soft , thin skin slipping over the rigidity of the shaft beneath it.

Ian tore his gaze from the sight of this gorgeous girl on her knees stroking his cock to make sure that there was no movement within the carriage, then gasped as he felt Jane's mouth descend over his cock, her tongue sliding along the underside, her lips slipping along his shaft.

It was of course enough to draw his attention back to what was happening between his legs and he watched for a few moments as Jane worked her mouth up and down his erection, occasionally drawing her mouth all the way off and licking along either side of him. She smiled up at him between sucks of his cock

Ian kept scanning the carriage to ensure that they weren't about to be busted in this compromising position and was rewarded for his vigilance moments later.

"Someone's coming," he hissed under his breath as Jane sucked long and hard, drawing most of his thick cock into her mouth. She calmly sucked back up the length of him and then sat in her seat, leaving Ian to deal with his exposed manhood.

Ian scrambled to get his cock back into his pants and then just dropped his book over his crotch when he realised that he wouldn't have time to get his zip done up. The woman that made her way past him towards the back of the train where the toilets were gave him a funny look as he sat somewhat oddly in his seat, but it was nothing untoward. When Ian's gaze returned to Jane, she was grinning broadly at him.

"I bet she'd like to have a suck on that nice big cock," she said to him.

Ian laughed nervously, not sure of how to respond. Jane's feet returned to their prior position either side of his knees and he took another look at her panty clad crotch.

"Maybe I should ask her when she comes back," Jane teased.

"I think perhaps not," Ian replied, grinning.

"Yeah, she might not let me have another go if I did that," Jane said, drawing a laugh from Ian.

"So have you ever had any sort of sexual experience on a train before?' Jane asked him after a couple of moments of silence.

"No, I can't say that I had. In my fantasies, it was the sort of thing that might have happened with a stewardess, but I'd not thought about a train."

"Ahh, the mile high club hey? I can't say that I'm a member," Jane laughed. "Maybe we can start the metre high club … as she finished making the statement, her feet slipped back to the floor and her gaze shifted to be looking over his shoulder. Ian followed her gaze to see that the woman that had recently walked past them was returning.

"Excuse me," Jane said, stopping the woman and Ian's heart leapt in his chest, his pulse racing.

"Yes dear?" the lady asked, smiling back at Jane.

"Do you know the time difference to the next city?"

"They're half an hour ahead of us dear."

"Thank you," Jane replied and the woman moved on. Ian released a breath that he hadn't realised that he was holding onto, and Jane burst into laughter, all but curling up into a ball on her seat.

"You should have seen your face!" she managed to laugh out.

"Man I should spank you for that!" Ian said.

"Is that a threat or a promise?" Jane said cheekily as she managed to calm down and retake her position on her seat. Once again she placed her feet either side of Ian.

"You can take it any way you please," he said. They continued the ride in silence for a while, Ian casually admiring Jane's panties and wondering whether she really meant that they could start a metre high club, or if he'd even get a peek beneath her panties. Jane was watching out the window, occasionally turning to meet Ian's gaze, smiling when she caught him admiring her.

She wiggled in her seat a bit and then said to Ian, "I hate it when my panties get all uncomfortable. Standing in front of him so that her waist was level with his eyes, she reached under her skirt and behind her and adjusted her knickers. Ian could just imagine the way she'd be hooking her fingers under the seams around her butt and settling the panties back in place. Then she surprised him further by lifting the front of the skirt so that her panties were very exposed only inches from where he sat. She rubbed down along them, pushing the fabric against her pussy, then settled them into what must obviously have been a more comfortable position.

Once she'd sat down again, Ian too needed to move, his cock now well and truly stiff again. He was emboldened by what had happened at this stage and decided that if ever there was a time to take action and be proactive, now was probably it. He eased his left foot out of the runner that he was wearing and then did the same with his right. Reaching down, he pulled his socks off and tucked them into the shoes. As he did so, he took a good long look at Jane's crotch, suddenly very close to his face. She made no move to stop him looking.

Now barefoot, Ian placed his right foot on the seat between Jane's legs and slowly moved it sideways until it touched the inside of her left thigh. Jane looked at him and raised an eyebrow. Ian just winked. Then his foot began gently caressing her thigh, rubbing back and forth, each small movement taking him further along her leg, closer and closer to her pussy.

The whole time, Jane held his gaze. Ian didn't look away from her eyes, just feeling the soft skin of her thigh with his foot, wondering if it would get to a point that she'd stop him, or whether he'd get to feel that soft cotton with his toe.

It seemed to take an eternity, but finally it did happen, his toe made contact with the edge of her panties. Daringly he shifted his foot to the left so that his toe was centred and pressed gently against her pussy. He ran it up and down, pressing against the fabric and the wonders that lay beneath. Jane moaned. She shifted her butt forwards, pushing harder against his foot and lay her head back, eyes closed.

Ian looked past her, belatedly starting the process of checking for interruptions as he moved his foot against Jane's pussy. Jane lay back and enjoyed the attention. Ian could feel the crotch of her panties dampening and emboldened by this realisation, moved his foot so that his toe nudged at the edge of the panties. He wiggled and probed until his toe slipped beneath the fabric. Jane opened her eyes and met Ian's. She raised an eyebrow as Ian's toe made contact with her pussy.

Ian used his toe to push aside the crotch of her panties, revealing her pussy to the air conditioned air of the carriage. Her lips were slick, devoid of hair and swollen with her arousal. He started to move his toe between her lips, but Jane's hand reached out and stopped his foot.

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