tagFetishTrained by My Aunt Ch. 01

Trained by My Aunt Ch. 01


It was my Aunt's suggestion that, when I left home and got a job, I moved in with her. Although my job was a few miles from her house, I had my bike and the renting a flat in the city was not an option.

Secretly I was delighted. Aunt Suzy was my mum's younger sister, jokingly described as an 'afterthought' or an 'accident'. Fifteen years younger than my mum, at 27 she was closer to my age and, although I shouldn't have thought it, she was stunning. Slim, but curvy in the right places, with short blonde hair, dazzling blue eyes and a smile that lit up the room; she had always been the subject of many of my masturbatory fantasies.

Honestly, I did try to be good, but the temptation was far too great.

It would be an understatement to say that my Aunt was comfortable with her body. From day one she had no hang-ups about walking round in just her bra and panties or, after a shower, wearing only a tiny towel held on by nothing more than will-power.

It was impossible not to picture her in my fantasies, whether it was wrong to fantasise about my aunt or not.

My next temptation was that my room was right next to a bathroom and the walls were thin. Sometimes, rather than use the en-suite bathroom in her room, Aunt Suzy would use the other one, next to my room. I soon discovered that if I were very quiet I could hear well enough to picture clearly what was happening when she used the loo; the sound of the seat-lid being raised; the zip on her jeans being lowered; the swish of her lowering her panties over her firm, smooth thighs. Then, after a brief pause, I would hear the delightful, almost melodic, tinkling sound of her pee hitting the water. The sound and thought of her peeing, knickers down was very arousing.

Another problem was helping out with the chores. I helped with the laundry.

Every week I loaded the machine with an assortment of her bras and panties. Handling those garments was too much for my willpower. I became addicted to the feel and smell of her panties, carefully holding them, before smelling her musky womanly smell on them. Before long I would be aroused. Selecting one pair I would carefully wrap it round my cock and wank, savouring the feel of the panties on my cock.

One day I took it a stage further. When she was out I took a pair out of the laundry basket first, slipped into my room and swapped Suzy's panties for my boxers. I chose a red pair, made from a stretchy lace. My heart beat faster as I stepped into them and pulled them up. I tried different 'looks'. For a while I tucked my cock between my legs. Taking a picture with my phone, it seemed to me that, from the right angle, I did look a bit like a slim hipped girl. Then I released my hardening cock from between my legs and stroked it through the material. I stayed like this as long as I dared, before wanking as usual and putting the panties in the wash.

I did this a couple of times, before my luck ran out.

One evening, Suzy came in from work. Secretly, I watched as she placed her lacy black panties and other clothes into the laundry basket on the upstairs landing before she headed into the bathroom to shower. I waited until the shower was running then sneaked into the hall and swiped the panties. They were black, silky with a lacy trim and, as I had hoped, still warm!

Back in the seclusion of my room I sniffed them eagerly savouring the aroma before I slipped them on, enjoying the latent warmth and moistness from Suzy's body. The sound of the shower running in the bathroom next door helped me picture her naked in the shower, suds running down her body. I stroked my erect cock through the silky material, sending shivers of pleasure through my body; I was ready to burst.

"Having fun Mark?"

I'm not sure about the exact order of the following events. Probably simultaneously, I opened my eyes to see my Aunt, framed in the doorway, wearing her peach towelling dressing gown. I blushed very red. I ejaculated messily in the panties. I noticed her filming me with the video on her phone.

I looked at her and blinked stupidly.

"Now listen very carefully Mark, how you reply will determine what happens to you. If you do exactly as I say then I won't tell everyone you're a panty-wearing sissy pervert; but you will have to obey a new set of rules; but I think you might enjoy them. Understand?"

I nodded again.

"Take off my panties and lick them clean."

I hesitated, trying to make sure she had said what I had heard.

"Take off my panties and lick them clean," she repeated. "Unless you want me to phone your Mummy and tell her what her naughty little boy has been up to..."

I slid the soggy panties down my legs, leaving tiny smears all down my leg. I lifted the panties to my face and, sticking out my tongue, touched the sticky cum with the tip of it. I shot Suzy a glance. She smiled and nodded encouragingly. It hadn't really tasted too bad, so I licked more purposefully the next time, earning a 'well done' from Suzy. A few minutes later I had cum all round my lips and a clean, well cleaner, pair of panties.

"Well done, you lapped that up like a pro! Now follow me into the bathroom."

Unthinkingly I obeyed, very conscious of my own nakedness.

"You're going to get into that shower and clean off all that sticky mess. See this foam and this razor? I want a nice clean shaven chest and hair free arm-pits. When you think I'll approve, get out, dry and put on whatever I've laid on your bed. Then come downstairs. Understand?"

I nodded again.

I had no idea what was going on. I'd expected to be thrown out, not to be made to lick up my own cum. Wild theories ran through my mind as I showered and shaved. I made sure I had a clean shaven chest and arm-pits; I didn't dare upset her. I dried and went to my room.

On the bed were a pink cotton bra and a matching pair of panties. I didn't recognise them as my Aunt's. I put them on and went downstairs, trembling slightly, possibly from the cold, but more likely through nerves.

Suzy was sitting on the sofa wearing her dressing gown and a smile. She handed me a glass of chilled white wine. Patting the sofa next to her, she indicated where I was to sit.

"They suit you, Sweetie" she said, putting her arm round me. "I bought them especially for you, you do like them don't you?"

I digested the news that she had bought them for me.

"They're very nice."

It seemed like the right answer and in truth I meant it. Why had she bought them for me, I wondered? Why had I meekly put them on?

Suzy began to explain, her voice soft and sultry. "I've known for some time about you little 'hobby' and today I set out to trap you. I knew a sissy little panty boy like you wouldn't be able to resist my used, warm, smelly knickers."

I blushed at being described like that.

"So I started the shower running and waited for you to take the bait! Now it's time for a treat."

She led me into the kitchen where I recognised her waxing machine was working, heating the wax.

"A sissy like you should have lovely smooth legs so I'm going to give you a lesson in how to wax your legs. Smear on the hot wax like this; press on the strip and smooth it down firmly, like so. Then rip it off quickly!"


I squealed the first few times but got used to it. Suzy made me wax right up to my new pink panties, front and back.

She inspected me, running her slim fingers with red painted nails along my now smooth legs.

"Since you moved in I've wanted to do this to you and bless you Sweetie, you've given me the chance. Cheers!" She sipped her drink triumphantly. "To your sissy future!"

To be continued...

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