tagMind ControlTrained, Restrained, Empty-Brained

Trained, Restrained, Empty-Brained


Glenn got home from work, and found the package on the front porch. Not something he'd ordered -- but the name of the company seemed familiar, somehow. He brought it in, with the rest of the mail, sorted through the bills, set the magazine aside. Then he opened the package. Two metallic dildos, a couple of little clamps, and a little box of electronics, with USB cables leading out of it. He looked at the paperwork that came in the box. He didn't remember ordering any of this!

Then he saw the gift message. "Cyber pussy must obey -- MzDominica."

Glenn felt very dizzy. He pulled a chair out from the dining room table and sat down. Re-read the note. "Cyber pussy must obey." He looked at the signature, trying to keep his eyes open. "MzDominica." He thought about Her spinning, green eyes. Falling into Her spinning, spiraling green eyes. Feeling so small, so tiny... Breasts so large, and clit so hard. "Cyber pussy must obey."

"i must obey Dominica," he replied. Speaking to the room. Speaking to nothing. Speaking to Mistress, so far away. "Cyber pussy..." His name was... "Cyber pussy..." Nipples felt so hard. "Cyber pussy..." Green eyes pulled him down, making him so sleepy. Slave tried to remember his name. "Cyber pussy..." Slave tried to remember... "Cyber pussy..." Slave tried to remember... the ballet... dancing and spinning... aching for Mistress... the ballet... the spinning and dancing... Giselle... Dancing... Spinning... "Cyber pussy..." Spinning... Giselle... Deeper and deeper... Pretty and fragile and aching, always aching, needing, wanting... Giselle... "Cyber pussy..." Giselle...

Feeling so sleepy, so hard to open her eyes, giselle booted up her computer. It was hard to log in -- she kept typing "giselle" instead of "Glen" -- but eventually, she got it. A little more effort, trying to sign in to her instant messenger. And giselle was finally online, trying to remember why she was here. She gazed around the room... at her computer... down at her hands... trying to remember what she was supposed to do...

Suddenly, a message appeared on her instant messenger.

"How have you served Dominica today?"

"Good evening, Mistress," giselle typed.

"Hello, My pretty slut," MzDominica replied. "What are you doing tonight?"

giselle had to think a moment. Thinking was hard. What WAS it she was doing, before she logged in? Oh, yes! The package.

"i got the equipment You had me buy, Mistress," the slave replied.

"you got the plug-ins and everything?"

"Yes, Mistress. It all arrived today." giselle looked at the contents of the box. Something told her what she needed to do. "i just need to attach the two USB cables and the additional power supply, and it's all ready," she responded.

"Good girl, giselle," MzDominica wrote. "I'm going to bring up the program at My end. And tell My household slave to bring me a nice, big cup of hot chocolate. I'm going to do something... you tell Me when you're ready."

"Yes, Mistress," giselle replied.

The slave inserted the two USB plugs, and the external power box. And then she suddenly remembered she needed to get the big tube of lubricating jelly out of the bedroom. she trotted down the hallway, on her tiptoes -- still conditioned from her last session with Mistress to believe she was wearing ballet boots. Step, step, step -- so quickly and quietly moving through the house on tiptoe. She picked up a few other things -- a glass of water, a towel, a big plastic bag. Back to the computer, back to the chair. The comfortable office chair with the swivel seat. giselle covered the seat with the plastic bag to protect it, then draped the towel over it. she knew she was going to get VERY wet tonight.

giselle sat down in front of her computer and opened the tube of medical jelly. A mental check: interfaces plugged in, power supply plugged in, dildos ready, clamps ready, jelly ready... she reached over to the big glass of water on her computer desk, lifted it to her lips, and downed the contents -- so smoothly, so quickly. Twelve ounces, gone in as many seconds. No hiccups, no burps, no gagging. Just pure swallowing and hydration. Getting ready. she was going to be here a while.

"i am ready, Mistress," giselle typed.

"Good girl," Mistress replied. "Feel those words make your nipples catch fire, make your hips wiggle. you feel it, don't you?"

Gasping for air, giselle typed, "Yes, Mistress. i must obey Dominica."

"That's right. you MUST obey," Mistress replied.

"i must obey Dominica," came giselle's reply. Automatic, without thought.

"Now, giselle, pick up the dildo marked number one. you DO know what a 1 looks like, don't you?"

giselle: (Giggle) Yes, Mistress. It's long and thin... like a dildo!

MzDominica: That's right, pretty girl. Feel yourself dropping into a giggly, bimbo trance. you like long, thin dildos, don't you, pretty girl?

giselle: Yes, Mistress. They look so yummy. They make me need to be fucked.

MzDominica: Need to be fucked, and need to suck. Filling ALL your holes. Isn't that right? Drop deeper, and notice how empty your pussy feels. Can you tell Me how empty your dripping little cunt feels?

giselle: Soooooo wet and slick, Mistress. Those long metal dildos look soooooo good! Please, Mistress, i beg you to let me slide one inside me!

MzDominica: Soon, baby... very soon. First, I want you to take dildo number 1... the silver-colored one... and cover it all over with the jelly. Get it all nice and wet and slippery.

giselle: Yes, Mistress. i have a handful of jelly now, all slippery and gooey.

MzDominica: Cover the dildo, honey. Get it nice and wet.

giselle: Yes mistrs.my hnd is all goey typeng with 1 fngeer

MzDominica: Wipe your hand on the towel, honey. I want both your hands free to type. Are your ready?

giselle: Yes, Mistress.

MzDominica: Then pull the band of your panties to one side, girl, and slide the dildo up inside your ass. DO IT NOW, SLUT!

giselle: Ooooooooooh, so cold! Feels so good inside me.

MzDominica: It's in? It's ready?

giselle: Yes, Mistress. Feels sooooo good!

MzDominica: I'm starting My program, turning on the power to dildo number 1. Can you feel it? Feel it throbbing and vibrating? The waves of electricity thrumming inside your ass?

giselle: mffnnng. Ys, mstrsss. i. Oh, Goddess! Oh, it feels so good!

MzDominica: Hold your ass STILL, slut! Do NOT move. I'm upping the power.

giselle: Oh, Daddy! Mistress! i need to move, i need to wiggle. Please, Mistress.

MzDominica: No. you will hold your ass still. Do you understand, slut?

giselle: Yes, Mistress. giselle obeys.

MzDominica: Now, pick up dildo number 2.

giselle: 2... The... ohhhhhhhhh! The too... it looks... please, Mistress!

MzDominica: It should be the gold colored one. Do you see it?

giselle: Yes, Mistress.

MzDominica: Pick it up, little cunny girl. Pick it up, and coat it all over with jelly. I want it to glisten. you must obey!

giselle: i must obey Dominica.

MzDominica: Are you ready?


MzDominica: Slut! Are you ready?

giselle: Yes, Mistress!

MzDominica: Your pussy feels so empty, doesn't it?

giselle: Yes, Mistress. my ass feels soooooo good! But i neeeeed to be fucked!

MzDominica: Yes, you DO need to be fucked. Deep and hard. Your pussy craves to be fucked, doesn't it?

giselle: Yes, Daddy. Please... Please let me use the... oooooooohhhhhhhh!

MzDominica: you like that, don't you? I changed the rhythm on dildo number 1 again. Doesn't it feel good?

giselle: Oh, please, Mistress, i beg You to let me move! Please let me hump my ass down on Your big cock!

MzDominica: FREEZE, giselle. FREEZE. you cannot move -- except when I tell you to move. Your hand is holding dildo number 2, the gold one?

giselle: Yes, Mistress.

MzDominica: Good. Now, I want you to slide it into your pussy. SLOWLY, girl. Slowly. Make it last. Not all the way in, yet. Just the tip.

giselle: Mistress? i'm so confused.

MzDominica: Why are you confused, pretty girl? Confess!

giselle: i... i don't have a real pussy...

MzDominica: What do you mean, giselle. Jesssssiiiicaaaaaa! You must obey. Tell Mistress what you mean.

giselle: i... It's a cock, Mistress. i'm so sorry. It's a big, hard, stupid cock, and i can't push Your pretty yummy dildo in my cunt because it...

MzDominica: Shhhhhhhhh, girl! Stop now.

giselle: Yes, Mistress. i apologize Mistress. i am sooooo sorry!

MzDominica: That's okay. you KNOW you are My pretty girl, don't you giselle?

giselle: Yes, Mistress.

MzDominica: And that cock you think you see... that's just an illusion... Isn't it?

giselle: Illusion?

MzDominica: That's right. It's not the real you. Just an illusion, of your life as a boy. I want you to pretend with Me for a minute. Can you do that?

giselle: Yes, Mistress.

MzDominica: Pretend for a moment that the cock is really there. It's okay. It's just pretend. You can do that, can't you? You know you're My girl.

giselle: Yes... Your girl, Mistress.

MzDominica: That's right. You're all Mind. Now, I want you to slip that dildo UNDER the tip of that cock. Just underneath. Inside your panties, and under that cock. Do you understand?

giselle: Under... yes, Mistress.

MzDominica: you must obey.

giselle: i must obey Dominica.

MzDominica: That's right. Just slip it under the cock that you see. And feel the dildo sliding inside your pussy. Just inside you.

giselle: Yes, Mistress.

MzDominica: SLOWLY, little slut! Not the whole thing yet. Just the tip. Can your feel it?

giselle: The tip -- oooooooooh!

MzDominica: I've changed the signal in your ass again, slutty girl. DO... NOT... MOVE!

giselle: crying Daddy, neeeed to move pleeeease let me move

MzDominica: NO! Now, slide the gold dildo in your cunt. Under that pretend cock. Another inch. Just ONE more inch. And hold it there.

giselle: i must obey Dominica. Oh, i need to rub my clitty. Please, Mistress, let me rub my clitty.

MzDominica: NO, slut. Your clit is MINE. Do you understand? you will rub it ONLY when I give you permission. And you do NOT have permission yet. Slide the dildo in another inch. Deeper into your panties. DO IT NOW, BITCH!

giselle: Yes, Mistress. Mmmmmmmm. Oh, so good!

MzDominica: Now shove it in all the way, slut. DEEP! DEEP into your cunt. NOW!

giselle: Yes, Mistress. Deep inside me.

MzDominica: Good. Do you feel THIS?

giselle: Oooooohhhhh, Daddy, what is what is that what is what

MzDominica: Both dildos turned on now. Thrumming and thrumming and thrumming. Vibrating and shooting gliding electrical signals all up and down inside your ass. All up and down inside your pussy. Throbbing and humming against your clit.

giselle: Please let me move, Mistress.

MzDominica: NO! FREEZE. Hold still. Hold still, slut. Hold completely still. Feel the thrumming and pulsing of My dildos, deep inside you. They feel so good. They DO feel good, don't they, bitch?

giselle: Sooooo good. Ohhhhh, so yummy!

MzDominica: Pick up the nipple clamps now, giselle. Pick them up. And clip them onto your nipples. Both nipples. Not roughly -- just let the clamps ease gently down around your nipples. Squeezing them so tight. Digging into your skin. Throb, throb, throb. Can you feel the dildos? The signals are different, the one in your ass so deep and slow. The one in your pussy getting faster... and faster... humming and vibrating and stinging your pussy. It almost hurts. It almost hurts. Rubbing and humming and stinging your clit.

giselle: Please, Master, let me move.

MzDominica: NO! FREEZE! you cannot move. Feel the clamps. Are they nice and hard?

giselle: Yes, Mistress.

MzDominica: Do they hurt, bitch?

giselle: A little, Mistress. They're so tight. Oooooohhhh!

MzDominica: you feel the clamps coming to life, don't you giselle?

giselle: Yes, Mistress.

MzDominica: Throbbing and stinging, caressing your nipples, biting them, pinching your nipples. All through My computer interface. So good. you are helpless, giselle. Unable to stop Me. Do you want Me to stop?

giselle: No, Mistress!


giselle: Um, i meant, i do not want You to stop, Mistress.

MzDominica: I repeat, slut. WHAT did you say? Confess. Say it again.

giselle: Oh, Mistress, please...

MzDominica: SAY IT!

giselle: No, Mistress --- AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!

MzDominica: Pain in your nipples, pain in your pussy, pain in your ass. I have changed ALL the signals -- for your dildos, for your nipple clamps. Pain... pain... PAIN! Your ass is on fire, your pussy is on fire, your nipples are in flame. What did you say? Say it again. SAY IT!

giselle: Nnnnn... NO... aaaaaaaaaagggghhh! Please, Mistress!

MzDominica: Again!

Jesssica: Nnnoooo! Oh, please Mistress, please forgive me!

MzDominica: Again!

giselle: Nooo! Oh, please, Daddy, please, stop, i beg You to stop, please, i must obey Dominica.

MzDominica: Signals all changed now. Pure pleasure. Throbbing and pulsing and fucking into your holes. Feels good, doesn't it, slut?

giselle: Yes, Mistress. Oooooohhhh!

MzDominica: Stronger and stronger. You want to say "yes" to Me. You NEVER want to say "no" to Me. "No" hurts, doesn't it giselle? "No" hurts, doesn't it, giselle? Say "No."

giselle: Oh, please, Daddy!

MzDominica: you MUST obey!

giselle: i must obey Dominica.

MzDominica: Say "No", giselle!

giselle: Nnoooo --- aaaaaaaggghhhhh!

MzDominica: Saying "no" brings you pain. Saying "no" brings you intense, agonizing pain. Say "no", giselle.

giselle: Nooooooo -- aaaaggghhhh!

MzDominica: That's right -- even when it hurts, you cannot disobey. you cannot disobey. Even when I command you to resist, you must obey.

giselle: i must obey Dominica.

MzDominica: That's right, you must obey.

giselle: i must obey Dominica.

MzDominica: Say "yes", giselle. Say "yes."

giselle: Yes -- oooooooohhhhh!

MzDominica: Saying "yes" feels good, doesn't it, giselle?

giselle: Yes, Mistress. Mmmmmmmm! Ohhhh, sooooo nice!

MzDominica: That's right. Feel those dildos thrumming and humming inside your ass, inside your pussy, under that silly pretend cock. Thrumming and buzzing in your nipples. Say "yes."

giselle: Yes.

MzDominica: Say "yes."

giselle: Yes! Ooooooooh!

MzDominica: Now, pick up dildo number 3. Can you see number 3, the rubber dildo?

giselle: Rubber... dildo...

MzDominica: That's right. The big, black rubber dildo. With the big number three on the tip. Can your see it.

giselle: ...ber.. dildo.. mmm... yes, mstrs yumm

MzDominica: No jelly this time, slut. I want you to open your mouth, and push the big, soft, black tip with the number 3 into your mouth. Deeper... deeper... Deep into your mouth, where you begin to dream. Feel the signal...

giselle: Oooohhhh, cherries.... And chocolate... and...

MzDominica: Deeper and deeper, giselle. Feel the thrumming begin inside your mouth. The buzzing. The tingling sensation in your tongue. you can taste it, now, can't you?

giselle: Taste, Mistress...

MzDominica: you can taste My pussy, can't you, giselle?

giselle: Yummm! Please, may i lick You, Mistress?

MzDominica: NO! FREEZE! you cannot lick Me yet, giselle. you must remain frozen. Controlled. Unable to move. Taste My pussy, giselle.

giselle: Ohhhhh...

MzDominica: you can feel your breasts getting larger. The clamps are sending signals, making your breasts grow larger. Can you feel it?

giselle: Yes, Mistress.

MzDominica: you need to suck, giselle. you need to suck the dildo. you need to suck My pussy. you need to fuck back on the dildos in your pussy and your ass. you are FROZEN!!!!! But you NEED to do all these things. you CANNOT do them. you can only remain still. Passive. Frozen. Do you understand?

giselle: Yes, Mistress.

MzDominica: Mouth filled with My dildo, aching to suck. Mouth filled with the taste of My pussy, aching to lick. Ass filled, pussy filled. Humming, throbbing. Electric signals throbbing into you, fucking you, fucking you. you cannot move. Can you hear Me, giselle?

giselle: Yes, Mistress.

MzDominica: Now we can begin your deep training. See the file I am downloading to you?

giselle: Yes, Mistress.

MzDominica: Feel the humming, the buzzing in your mouth, your ass, your cunt, grow weaker.

giselle: Please, Mistress. Please, i beg You not to stop!

MzDominica: If you want Me to make the signal stronger, you must download the file and start it running. Will you do that, giselle?

giselle: Yes, Mistress!

MzDominica: Good girl. Download it now, then double-click on the file.


MzDominica: SLUT! Are you there?

giselle: Yes, Mistress!

MzDominica: Are you running the file?

giselle: Yes, Mistress! Ohhhhhh, that feels sooo good!

MzDominica: you LIKE saying "yes" to Me, don't you slut?

giselle: Yes, Mistress! Ooooooh!

MzDominica: Yes, another thrummmmmm in your ass, your pussy, your drooling mouth. Now, what do you see, giselle?

giselle: A spiral, Mistress.

MzDominica: And do you see anything else, slut?

giselle: Words, Mistress. Flashing. Ohhhhh! Please Mistress, don't stop. i mean, i beg You not stop, oh please don't stop!

MzDominica: What do the words say, giselle? Confess! Feel the pain again, until you confess. Confess! So confused, feeling the pain. you cannot think, you can only react. you can only obey. you must obey!

giselle: i must obey Dominica.

MzDominica: CONFESS!

giselle: giselle is a whore.

MzDominica: That's right. Feels good now, doesn't it? I have changed the signal again.

giselle: Yes, Mistress. Ooooooohhhh!

MzDominica: you love to say "yes" to Me. Now, what else are the words doing?

giselle: Flashing, Mistress.

MzDominica: and what else do they say?

giselle: giselle is Dominica's whore.

MzDominica: That's right. Feel Me change the signal again, up almost to maximum, now. What do the words say, slut?

giselle: They are changing, Mistress. Flashing. "giselle is a whore... giselle is Dominica's whore... giselle is a whore... giselle is Dominica's whore..."

MzDominica: That's right, giselle. Spiral spinning and spinning, flashing those words into your eyes. Into your mind. Feel the thrumming, the thrumming and buzzing in your pussy, your ass, your mouth. Feel your nipples throbbing, growing, your breasts growing, getting so big and full. Feels so good, doesn't it, giselle?

giselle: Yes, Mistress. Oooohhhh!

MzDominica: That's right. "Yes, Mistress." It feels so good to say "Yes, Mistress." Feels so good to read "giselle is a whore... giselle is Dominica's whore..."

giselle: Yes, Mistress. Ohhhhhh... i am a whore... Mmmmmm! i am... Dominica's whore... ooooooohhhh!

MzDominica: Good girl, giselle. Deeper and deeper. Time to start your DEEP training, now. Watch the screen, and feel the thrumming and buzzing increase. So good, in your ass. So good, in your cunt. So good, in your nipples.

giselle: Yes, Mistress. Ooooohhhh!

MzDominica: So good, to say "Yes, Mistress." Just sit there, giselle. Sit there, and let My dildos do all the conditioning. My clamps do all the conditioning. Watch the screen -- watch the pretty, spinning spiral. I have MANY such spirals to show you. MANY things I want to train into you. This is just the first spiral. Thrumming and buzzing. Taste Me, giselle. Taste Me. And watch the swirling spiral, the flashing words, and fall asleep. Deep, deep asleep. Down and drifting, asleep. Watch the spiral, and feel your brain becoming so quiet, so empty. you must obey.

giselle: i must obey Dominica.

MzDominica: That's right. you must obey Dominica.

giselle: i must obey Dominica.

MzDominica: Deeper and deeper down. We have all night, giselle. We have all night. Tonight... and tomorrow night... and the next night... And every night after that... Watch the pretty spiral, and feel the throbbing, the delicious current humming, and go to sleep. you don't need to think. you don't need to move. Simply watch and obey, watch and obey, watch and obey.

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