tagBDSMTraining A Slave

Training A Slave


My slave had been begging for a good training session to learn more of what her Master wanted so it was just a matter of time before this happened.

"Please Master, make me feel your needs....slave needs to be properly trained"

I knew that type of submissive behavior was just what I needed to get me really going. My slave was always after it's Master for more and more training in abuse, discipline and whatever else I could dream up....seems the more ways I come up with methods to work over my slave, the more excited the both of us get. I approached slave's cage with my cock already getting hard and wet...knowing I was going to play with my cunt slave.

First, however, I needed to piss. Slave saw me approaching it's cage but not open the door. Then it saw my grin.

"Master needs to piss first?" my piss slave asked, with a big smile.

I didn't need to answer, it saw me pulling my cock out to get ready to drench my piss slave. All I needed to say was, "Open up, fuck hole!"

My slave knows the position it's Master prefers. It is kneeling with it's body slightly pushed back so I can start at it's mouth and then just target my piss from it's nasty mouth down to it's neck, all over it's tits and nipples to finally spray my hot yellow piss all over it's huge cunt lips that I know will climax as soon as Master's hot piss touches them. The real beauty of the cage is the floor. My piss slave loves piss so much, I installed a large fiberglass shower floor on top of the cage floor. All the piss that comes from my spraying hot cock, drips all over my piss slave and then goes to the floor to be saved in a bucket under the floor drain. Perfect for my slave to always have piss to drink from it's bowl.

"Oh Master, thank you, thank you, your piss is so hot and tasty. Please spray all over me"

I started, the rush was awesome as my hot piss left my cock. I watched as I arched my spray of piss up in the air. Suddenly it splattered all over my open slave's mouth. It knows to just be my fountain and let all my piss just flow out of it's mouth so it drips all down it's whipped body (another story). I can feel this will be a nice long piss, so I take my time leaving my slave's mouth. When my piss spray leaves its fuck hole's mouth to spray downward, my slave then has permission to swallow whatever piss it managed to save in its mouth.

"Swallow my piss, bitch. You know you love to drink it hot from my cock!"

"Oh, thank you Master. When you're done pissing all over me, may I please have more in my fuck hole to drink?"

"Perhaps, if I feel like wasting some in your nasty mouth and throat!"

It's so powerful a rush to know that your piss slave is going to climax when your hot piss spray goes directly to it's puffy cunt lips. Naturally, I tease my slave with piss all over it's nipples and throat before I decide to spray it's cunt.

"You ready to climax bitch?" I ask my slave.

"Oh please, Master, spray my nasty cunt, please Master, spray my cunt, please"

"Why should your Master do that?" wasting valuable piss, while it must answer me.

"Please Master, piss slave needs it's piss on it's cunt. Piss slave is begging you for it. Please, piss on my cunt, Master, please, Master, please!!"

I grin as I lower my spray of hot piss to watch it go just below it's cunt lips to it's thighs. My piss slave is wriggling all over. Trying to get a direct spray onto it's cunt lips.

"Master, please spray your delicious yellow hot piss all over my cunt, please Master, I'm begging you, please Master, spray your piss on my cunt, it's thirsty for your piss"

Finally, before my hard piss spray stops, I aim right for the center of my piss slaves cunt.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH, OH MASTER, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! That feels so good"

As I sprayed it's cunt, my slave was bent backwards on it's knees, grabbing it's ankles so it didn't fall over from climaxing so much.

"Oh, Thank You Master, Thank you.....I love it when you spray your piss all over me"

What an awesome slave, it wasn't even out of it's cage yet and I was raging hard.

Wait till I tell you how much it loves the rest of it's treatment. It's the perfect slave. Constantly striving to please it's Master no matter what I subject it to: Spit, fisting it's cunt or asshole, spanking, choking, paddling, whipping, face-fucking, or just deep throating.

Right now it's in training to drink all of my piss at my bedside. It needs to learn to swallow every drip of my piss as I lay in bed during the night. When I'm sure it is well disciplined to swallow every drop without spilling anything, I will allow it to be my toilet slave while I stay in bed, especially in the winter months. So much better to have a toilet slave to service your piss needs while you just lie in bed, don't you think?

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