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Training Kitty


"Here's to me," Ashley raised her glass.

"Yes, here's to you, Ashley." We clinked our glasses together in toast. Ashley had been recruited into a management position, while I was stuck at school finishing up my final two years of my law degree. "And I'll be joining you at the top before you know it."

I finished off the rest of the glass of wine, and winced due to the acrid flavor.

"You've got to be kidding me," Ashley said. "You're only a college girl now. I'm a career woman."

"Tell me that in a few years when you see how much I'll be making," I said. Ashley could be so dense sometimes. I suspected it came from always having everything handed to her. Her parents paid for her education and spoiled her rotten. Me, I had to work for everything. I depended on scholarships and loans for my tuition and board. My spending cash came from picking up after Ashley and doing her papers for her.

"How can you expect to pass the bar when you've never even been to one," Ashley joked, with a jibe to my almost non-existent social life. "Besides, you're going to work for me."

"You're crazy Ashley," I said. "Besides, what would I do?"

"Oh the usual - cooking, cleaning, and typing. Organizing things. You know - the usual."

"I suppose I would take care of your dry cleaning and get your coffee for you. While I'm at it, I could give you backrubs too."

Ashley's eyes lit up as she gave a wicked grin. She spread her legs, causing the T-shirt she was wearing to ride up, exposing a pair of see through panties. "Baby, my back ain't all you'll be rubbing."

'Very funny..." I could feel my cheeks grow warm. It never failed to make me feel uncomfortable whenever she would make her dirty comments. But this time, seeing her there, slightly drunk, her eyes boring into me, and her black panties creeping between her labia, it brought out a different response in me. "It was almost as if she meant it."

"I can't wait to see what you do when you don't have me around to do your work for you," I said, emboldened by the wine.

"Who said I was going to let you go anywhere?"

Her tone and demeanor were suddenly shifted from her usual superior tone to pure meanness. "I think I better be going."

I stood up to leave and then the room started spinning.

When I woke up I was naked. Ashley sat in a chair smirking at me.

"I see you are awake sleepyhead," she said. "About time dimwit."

It was hard to collect my thoughts. "What? Where are my clothes? What the fuck is going on?"

"You don't talk to me like that," Ashley spat. "You hear me, you little bitch?"

"This isn't funny. Where are my clothes?" I was close to panic. I stood up to find them -by force if necessary.

"You are going to be in big trouble if you don't tell me where they are," I warned.

"I'm going to be in big trouble huh, little Miss?" Ashley said "I think you better look at some evidence I have. On the table you will find a folder. Call it exhibit A if you like."

I sat down and placed the manila folder over my crotch to preserve my modesty. The pictures within I used to cover my chest from her gaze. The pictures? Oh God, the pictures. They showed my in every kinky forbidden sex act that could be imagined. Anal sex. Lesbianism. My mouth open, apparently moaning, while my face was covered in milky cum, being spanked. I was so fucked. Literally and figuratively.

"I think you will agree that if these pictures will end whatever hopes you had of a legal career. I mean, who in the right mind would agree to let someone who would do this represent them?"

The tears began to flow. "Please Ashley- please don't do this," I sobbed.

"Dry them up bitch," she said.


"PeterBethParker@mail.com," Ashley continued. "That's your parents email address, isn't it? Now stop sniveling or I send them these pictures right now."

I dried my eyes and nose on my arm. Tears were still running and my chin still trembled.

"Good girl," Ashley said. "Now stroke yourself."


"You heard me," she said. "You better get that finger working on your button or would you rather I use mine?" She moved her finger to the keyboard threateningly.

There was no choice. I moved my hand between my legs and started to stroke myself. I did my best to keep my actions hidden beneath the manila envelope.

"That's a good Kitty," she said. "How do you like it?"

Kitty was her pet name for me and I hated it. My name was Catherine and she knew it.

"I don't," I glowered. But the truth was, naked and forced to masturbate in front of my fully clothed roommate was oddly exciting.

"Move the envelope."


"Move it." She moved her finger to the keyboard again.

I moved the envelope to the side.

"Now spread your legs."

Reluctantly I obeyed.

"You're wet."

I could feel my cheeks warm in response. Ashley was fully clothed, while I was left naked and vulnerable. A thrill of forbidden pleasure shot through my sex. I couldn't control my body's reactions.

"You like it, don't you?"

I shook my head. My eyes said, 'fuck you.'

"You know you do..." Ashley said.

She got up with a piece of paper and pen, she stood over me and tossed them on top of me.

"Sign it."

I picked up the paper.

"Did I tell you to stop?"

"No," I peeped, slipping my hand back between my legs.

"Your other hand stupid."

I began to awkwardly masturbate myself with my left hand, and moved to pick up the paper again.

"Clean your fingers before you touch it, you stupid slut."

I went to wipe them on my thigh, but she stopped me.

"No," she said. "Use your mouth."

I was aghast at the suggestion. Surely she didn't mean...

"Do it," Ashley ordered.

Part of me was horrified. Yet, part of me was rushing forward to this forbidden pleasure. I tasted my finger tip, tentatively at first. Tasting myself for the first time. The flavor was musky - slightly salty.

"All the way."

I closed my eyes and pushed my finger all the way in my mouth, sucking the unpleasant juices from my finger.

"Now sign it."

I scanned the first paragraph. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. "You can't expect me to do this - I can't - I can't just drop out of school. I've worked too long - too hard....Sacrificed so much. . ."

She reached down and picked up a picture. "Imagine being in school. Imagine sitting next to your fellow classmates. Now imagine that they've all seen these pictures. Imagine the snickers. Imagine the stares."

Oh God I could. And I could feel myself move closer to orgasm. I hated I was responding like this, yet I also wanted to lose myself in it. To sink into oblivion.

"No bitch. Stop that." Ashley slapped my face. My cheek burned hotly in its wake. "No coming. Not unless I say."

I forced myself to stop masturbating. My stomach trembled and my legs flexed with need.

"That's a good Kitty," Ashley smiled. "Now be a good girl and sign the paper."

I did. I signed the papers to withdraw from school. I signed my W2 form to go to work for Ashley. That night my name changed to Kitty. Kitty Friday.

"You're hired Kitty. My little girl Friday. However, this time it's going to be different. You remember how when you helped me before. Remember how you used to lord it over me. Acting like Miss Smartypants. Well, we can't have that happening again. We can't have anyone at work thinking I'm not calling the shots now can we? And that's why I've got a plan."


Oh God, the outfit was horrible. It was nothing like I would ever wear. Not even when I was young enough would I wear such things.

The panties, if they could even be called panties, consisted of nothing more than a string in the back and a small heart shaped piece of cloth in the front. Anyone seeing those panties would know that I shaved. Not just my legs and under my arms. Everything. It was another of Ashley's rules. The shoes were a pair of white strappy high heeled sandals that laced up my calves. Earrings were large hoops that hung almost to my shoulders. The dress was a small thin sundress. I wasn't so much covered. I was displayed.

"Lift your arms up," Ashley commanded.

I did.

"Not much there to look at there," Ashley snickered. "Maybe I should have named you Flatsy. Flatsy Friday."

I could feel my cheeks burn in humiliation, but there was nothing I could do but take her verbal abuse.

She put my hair into pony tails and added blush and a light pink lipstick to my lips. Baby blue eye shadow colored my eyes.

"Perfect. You look like you just got out of high school. No danger in anyone thinking you are nothing more than my assistant now is there?"

"No ma'am."

She toyed with my nipples through my dress.

"Let's go to work."

"But ma'am," I stammered. "I need. I need a bra."

"I told you to watch that mouth. I know just what you need to make you think before you speak."

She found what I needed at a tattoo parlor across town. A stud in my tongue to teach me a lesson. To make me think before I spoke. Looking back, I wonder if it were really a punishment, or if she planned it all along.


I pressed the intercom on the phone. "Mith Morgan, you have a have a vithither."

"A what?" Ashley said impatiently.

"A vithither." I took my time, struggling to work each syllable around the stud in my tongue, yet it still came out garbled.

"My sister is here?"

It was obvious she was toying with me. The woman with the briefcase gave a snicker at my difficulties speaking. Little did he know, I was fluent in three languages, but the stud in my tongue made even the most basic of English nearly impossible.

"No Mith. A viz-i-ther."

"Why didn't you say so," Ashley said. "Show him in at once. Sometimes I wonder why I keep you around."

I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment with my very public mistreatment. The worse part was I knew this visitor. It was one of Ashley's friends from the university.

Ashley gave a high-pitched squeal of delight, jumped up and gave Betsy a hug.

"God, it's so good to see you Betsy. What brings you over here?"

"I had a meeting with a headhunter."

"Any luck?"

"I got the job!"


"You look great. Is this your office? It's big!"

"Oh it's nothing. Did you see my secretary? Do you recognize her?"

I felt Betsy's eyes bore into me. I looked down to avoid her stare. Wanting to crawl away and hide. I felt her cruel smile before I saw it.

"Catherine? Is that you?"

I blushed in response. "Hi Betsy."

"Wow. You certainly look - different." Betsy put an emphasis on the word different.

Yes. I certainly did look different. Gone were the days of khaki skirts, button down white oxford shirts, and penny loafers. Now I wore short mini skirts, tight sweaters, and heels. And it wasn't just a matter of how small and how tight my clothes were compared to what I used to wear. It was the little extras that I found particularly humiliating. The jangly bracelets. The long dangly earrings. The toe ring. The anklet. The belly button piercing. They all served to draw attention to me, the person who least wanted that attention.

"Yes, she certainly does look different, doesn't she?" Ashley answered for me. "Go on. Tell her Kitty. Tell her who picks out your clothes."

I felt my knees tremble. It was all I could do to remain standing. "You do Mith Morgan," I replied.

"Lock the door Kitty," Ashley ordered.

With trembling fingers I locked the door. I knew what happened behind locked doors as far as Ashley was concerned. My sex began to grow hot of its own volition.

"You want to see how else she's changed?" Ashley asked.

From Betsy's greedy smile, I knew her response before she could utter the word "You bet."

"Strip it slut, but keep your heels on."

There wasn't a lot to strip. I removed the tight sweater, exposing my small bare breasts, and causing my hard nipples to crinkle in the cold office air. This was followed by my tiny pleated skirt.

"Panties too."

Reluctantly, I began to shimmy out of my tight red thong - a heart and the words, Bad Girl, emblazoned on the front. Underneath, my pubes, shaved neatly into the shape of a heart; my mons were shaved smooth.

Betsy broke out in laughter. "A heart! Oh this is too much!"

And then just I was stepping out of my panties, there was the almost ever present jingling of a bell. I felt my cheeks burn even brighter.

"Is that what I think it is?" Betsy asked, her face a mixture of laughter and amazement.

"Ring your little bell dimwit," Ashley said. "But I better not see you cum."

With pleading eyes, "Please don't," I mouthed silently.

"Suit your self," Ashley shrugged her shoulders. "However, I think I'll have to delay your *appraisal* for a few more weeks."

Ashley's mouth turned up in a knowing smile. At one time, I would have had the strength to resist. Besides, my appraisal was merely another excuse for Ashley to humiliate me further. An appraisal where if I was graded as 'not quite totally useless', I would be allowed to masturbate to orgasm while she looked on. But my will had since been eroded to the point of non-existence. These long days of having my body exposed, of being teased mercilessly while being denied orgasm, even as I was forced to use my mouth and various sex toys to bring Ashley and endless supply of climaxes; had taken their toll.

I hung my head in shame. I wasn't doing this due to the blackmail of the pictures or the threat of physical punishment. My hand moved to my sex, up along my wet folds, until it made contact with the tiny gold bell attached to my clit, for the mere hope at being allowed to have an orgasm. My fingers grew faster, strumming my clit. The little bell jingled embarrassingly with every movement. Faster and faster it rang. My audience and my humiliating position were forgotten as my body responded. My hot sex growing closer and closer to orgasm.

"That's enough..." Ashley ordered.

I was so close - my fingers continued to work, driving me closer to release.

"I said enough!"

I summoned all my will and pulled my fingers from my yearning sex. Unconsciously, I brought them to my mouth and cleaned them one by one. Then I caught sight of Betsy's smirk. God, she must think that I was some kind of sex freak. Little did she know I had been commanded to clean behind myself in such a fashion by her friend Ashley.

With trembling fingers and thighs flexing with need, I reluctantly removed my fingers from my aching sex.

"You want to see what else she can do?"

Betsy was biting her lower lip. Her cheeks had taken on a rosy glow. She nodded her head in response. Her eyes were hard - and hungry.

"Well. . ." Ashley said as she stood. "Get over here stupid. What are you waiting for?"

With quick mincing steps, I hurried over to Ashley, careful to keep the jingling of the bell to a minimum.

"Idiot." Ashley glared at me. "I don't have all day. I had thought of letting you have an evaluation, but I can see you aren't interested. Go on. Get dressed and get out of my sight."

An evaluation? Today? "Wait." I quickly knelt at the feet of my Mistress. My hands went behind her and caressed her firm bottom. I kissed the bare skin at the hem of her skirt. "Pleath Mith Morgan..." I begged.

Ashley giggled to Betsy: "Pleath pleath - oh pul-leaze. Sometimes I can barely understand the little twit. Then to me: "What is it dimwit. Tell me what you want."

Raising the hem of her skirt, I kissed the gusset of her panties, smelling her musky scent. It was obvious she was very turned on. "Let me lick you Mith Morgan. Pleath."

Taking hold of the band of her panties, I pulled down while she wriggled her hips, until they lay at her feet. I had done this many times before, but never in front of someone. My pulse raced as I leaned in close and parted the curly hair of her pubes and kissed.

"Stupid," Ashley said, pushing my head back. She shifted slightly, leaning forward against her desk, and hiked her skirt up. "You know how I like it."

I knew how she liked it. She liked it so many different ways. She liked my under her desk, licking her for hours until my tongue and jaws could barely go on, she me on my back while she rode my face, she liked her vibrators, but most of all she liked...

No surely she wouldn't. Not like this. Not in front of Betsy.

I glanced over at Betsy. She was sitting on the arm of the visitor's chair. Her cheeks flushed. Her hands sensually tracing the outline of her body. I realized that from where she was sitting, it would actually provide me with more privacy if I fulfilled Ashley's wishes.

Hobbling on my knees, I shuffled behind Ashley. Her firm fleshy bottom awaited me. I kissed one soft orb and then the next, making my way to the center. Her tight crater puckered in anticipation.

I kissed her lightly. She moaned and pushed back to meet me.

I licked her then, and pressed my tongue deep, stabbing it into her tight pucker.

"No." Ashley's voice was stern. "Lick it slow. Savor it." She pulled her cheeks apart, exposing her saliva slicked ass to me.

Savor? There was nothing... of all the dirty - degrading things that Ashley did to me. Nothing compared to being on my knees, forced to lick her ass. Worse, doing such dirty duty, all while having my own needs denied.

But, I could pretend. I licked slow and deep, pretending to like it. Faking a moan of lust. It wasn't very hard. I was so very desperate for orgasm.

"That's it moron. Lick it." Ashley gave a low guttural groan. "Nothing makes my cunt flow like honey like the feel of your useless tongue buried up my dirty hole."

I redoubled my efforts. It wouldn't be long now.

"Ring that bell slut. Oh you want it, don't you?"

It was then that I became conscious of the bell jingling. My hips were involuntarily pumping. In search of stimulation, they had taken it on themselves to settle for the changing pull of the metal bell.

Fuck! Then a sharp pain hit, as my nipple was cruelly pinched and pulled forward, forcing me further into Ashley's buttocks.

"Faster. Ring that bell you hot cunted slut."

I pumped my hips faster. The carpet burned, digging into my knees.

"My God," a husky voice breathed.

It startled me due to its closeness, causing me to pull back. There was Betsy, only feet away, a witness to my humiliation.

"She's doing it....she's licking your ass. . ."

There was another painful tweak and pull on my already sore nipple.

"Did I tell you to stop? Did I moron?"

"No," I muttered. Blushing furiously, I looked to Betsy for sympathy, only to be met by two cruel blue lustful eyes.

I resumed licking Ashley's darkened crater. Her hips humped in response.

"Finger me."

Reaching between her long legs, my fingers found easy purchase on her wet sex. She was even wetter than usual. I rimmed my tongue around the edges of her pucker and moved to her sex, before finally moving to her clit, in hopes of bringing her off.

"No. I want you right there."

There. Her ass. With Betsy looking on. For once, since the start of this horrible ordeal, I wanted her. Wanted to lick her clit. Her nipples. To worship her as one woman to another. It was as if I wasn't good enough. Not even good enough to give her pleasure... only useful to provide entertainment. A facilitator to her power trip.

Betsy took hold of one of my pigtails and pulled sideways. "I want to watch you do it," she said. "I want to watch you lick it."

I kept at it. Licking. Fingers fucking.

"I used to think you were so smart," Betsy kept on. She pulled me away then pushed me hard into Ashley's bottom. "But just look at you. You really are a stupid little pig, aren't you?"

Licking. Sucking. Shlurping. Fingers fucking.

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