tagBDSMTraining Larry

Training Larry

byMistress Domme©

Larry and I have been married for almost five years, but our marriage has been in trouble since the honeymoon. Unfortunately, I waited until I was thirty-six to get married, because it was important for me to marry the right man. My long wait proved to be in vain.

I admit that I am a bit spoiled, and I prefer having things my own way. I must also admit that when Larry first came into my life, he was very considerate of me. He was very romantic, and he pampered me endlessly.

His sweet behavior quickly stopped after we got married, however. When he also stopped helping out with the household chores, I began holding back on my sexual favors. Before long, our love life deteriorated to an occasional quickie once, and maybe sometimes, twice a month.

To be honest, I didn't miss having sex with Larry because it was never very good to begin with. He focused on his own pleasure, and usually rolled over to fall asleep soon after he came.

Unknown to him, I had become very close to Betty, my beautiful next door neighbor. It just so happens that she's bi-sexual. She took me under her wings and taught me the wonderful pleasures of feminine sex. Sex with her is so wonderfully blissful! After a few months of lovemaking with Betty, I cut Larry off altogether. Oh sure, he grumbled and complained for a while, but eventually he quieted down. Since there had been a time when we had sex more than once a day due to his annoying persistence, his eventual indifference made me wonder how on earth he managed without any pussy.

I accounted for all of Larry's time. I even called him at different times each day at work. Every time I called, he was there. So if the wimp was having an affair, I couldn't imagine how. He really had me stumped until a few months ago.

On my way to work one morning about six months ago, I realized that I had forgotten a dress that I wanted to return during my lunch hour. So I returned home to fetch it. Larry was in the bathroom with the both the shower and the overhead fan running, so he didn't hear me come in. As usual, he left the door slightly ajar to let some steam out of the room.

Was I ever shocked! There was my celibate hubby sitting on the toilet jerking-off! I had never known him to beat off prior to that. In fact, he even pretended to despise guys who did. I suddenly wondered if he might be jerking off every morning after I had safely left the house.

I almost burst through the door to embarrass him, but I'm glad that something held me back! As I stood there and quietly watched him, I not only felt amused, but I also began to feel gratified that I had reduced him to masturbating for release! Suddenly, a devious idea popped into my head. If I could somehow capture his wanking on videotape, I could really have my way with him! Not only would I have him helping out with the household chores again, I could get him to do all the work! I felt confident that I could even turn him into my little subbie boy.

I knew that Betty would be tickled pink with my idea. Thanks to her, I had already been studying some female dominant material online. For the past couple years, she had been egging me on to dominate Larry like she had been dominating her own hubby.

Although I had never given it serious though before, at that moment, just thinking about dominating Larry started to make my pussy wet. So instead of "catching" him, I allowed him to continue wanking. My mind raced as I wondered how to ensnare him. I arranged to start work late the next morning, but I left the house at the usual time. I drove a few blocks away, and had a cup of coffee at McDonald's. Then I returned to the house again. Sure enough, I found Larry was sitting on the crapper while running both the overhead fan and the hot water in the shower.

The bathroom was steamy, but through the small opening of the door, I could still clearly see him beating his meat. And this time he was holding a pair of my used panties up to his face. They were the panties I'd left in the laundry hamper the night before.

Since I do my laundry on Sunday nights, my panty-sniffing husband had none to play with on Monday morning. He's a clever little panty slut using only my dirty panties! Had he been using my clean ones, I surely would have noticed!

I watched as Larry increased his tempo. When he finally started to cum, I quickly but quietly left the house. I felt elated to catch him again, because I felt more certain that he was jerking off on each work morning. If this were the case, it would be fairly easy to hatch my devious little scheme. As soon as I got to work, I called Betty and revealed my plan to her. She was absolutely delighted, and insisted that I stop by her house before returning home from work.

When I got there, Betty behaved like an excited, teen-aged girl. She had arranged for her sub hubby to borrow some high tech surveillance equipment from the police department he works for. Betty made him bring it home during his lunch hour.

Of course, I agreed to let her watch whatever I was able to film. She also suggested that if I got what I wanted on film, we should force Larry to give us both a live performance of his masturbation skills. She certainly didn't have to twist my arm!

I left hurriedly, since I wanted to get the camera into the house before Larry got home. I didn't arrive a moment too soon, for I heard the garage door opening just as I was hiding the camera!

I pretended to leave for work the next morning, but I had arranged to take the day off. I went to a nice restaurant and treated myself to a big breakfast, then returned home an hour later. By then, Larry had left for the day.

I first checked my dirty panties in the laundry hamper. I had folded them in such a way that I would notice if they had been tampered with. I was glad to discover that my jerk off hubby had played with them once again. Now I was absolutely certain to catch him!

Setting up the camera took some doing, because I needed to place the camera lens as low as possible. Otherwise the steam may have clouded up the lens. Thank God the high tech stuff is so tiny! I placed the lens in the heater vent and ran the wire all the way downstairs into the furnace room. I connected it to the camera, and hid it where Larry would never find it. What a job! It took me almost four hours to get it done!

The next morning I turned the camera on just before I left the house. Work couldn't go by fast enough, since I was dying to get back home. I even left work a half hour early.

When I arrived home, my phone was already ringing. It was Betty, of course. Two minutes later, she was letting herself into my house as I was rewinding the videotape.

Sure enough, just as Larry had done all week long, he wanked off again. We watched him play with his six inch cock just like a pre-teen boy. This time, he had two of my soiled panties. He held one held to his face, and wore the other around his ankles!

What a thrilling feeling it was to watch Larry's stellar performance in my blackmail video! My pussy got soaking wet thinking about all the things he would be doing for me in the near future! And Betty squealed in delight!

We watched Larry cum so hard that his first jet of jism hit the bottom of his chin! He used his fingers to wipe his cum off of his chin, then licked his fingers clean! Betty and I both giggled like teenagers, knowing that we had captured far more than we had hoped for! Betty reluctantly left just minutes before Larry arrived. But she invited me over later that night to further discuss ensnaring my unsuspecting husband. When Larry arrived home the next evening, I told him that I had a surprise for him. Looking cautiously intrigued, he sat down with me to watch the videotape. My pussy tingled with excitement as I watched the horror on his face! He was speechless as he watched himself jerk off on our projection screen TV. Larry's shock soon turned into anger. He yanked the remote out of my hand and shut the TV off. I couldn't help but to giggle. This incensed him even more. He jumped off the couch, ran to the VCR, and ejected the tape. I watched as he angrily destroyed the tape.

I calmly told him that ruining the tape wasn't going to help him at all. Like it or not, I now knew that he was a big time jag off artist. He looked at me with fire in his eyes, threw the tattered tape across the room, and approached me menacingly.

Although scared, I held my ground and shouted that if he even touched me, I would distribute the tape to everyone he knows. It took a moment for Larry to realize just how serious I was, but he finally got a grip on his anger and asked me why I was doing this to him.

I explained that I was sick of doing the domestic chores, and from this day forth, he would be taking over for me. It thrilled me to no end to spell out in detail, each and every chore that he would now be doing.

I asked Larry if he understood. I expected resistance, and was surprise when he just drooped his head and acknowledged that he did! I immediately realized that I had him over a barrel, and decided to push him even further.

I told him that in addition to all of his new chores, he would now have to obey any and all future instructions that I gave him. He would also have to address me as Goddess in all private settings. My drenched pussy tingled maddeningly when he drooped his head even more and said, "Yes, Goddess!" Now on a roll, I explained that since Betty had helped, I had promised to include her in his humiliation and training. I can't even remotely describe how thrilling it was to see Larry's face flush so deeply! I handed him the phone and instructed him to invite Betty over. I watched as he grudgingly made the call.

Two minutes later, Betty joined us. I quickly brought Betty up to date, and explained that Larry was about to jerk off for our entertainment. Larry pleaded with me in vain. I instructed him to strip naked and kneel before me. When he hesitated, I threatened to distribute the tapes. Larry still balked, so I said, "Fine, jag off."

I looked at Betty and said, "Come on, let's go."

We started to leave, but Larry suddenly broke down and pleaded for me to stay. I told him that if he ever tested me like that again, I wouldn't give him another chance. I'd distribute the tapes for sure.

Larry quickly stripped down and knelt before me. I told him that since he had given me a hard time, he would now also have to eat his cum as well. I instructed him to catch all of his cum in the palm of his hand, but not to ejaculate until I gave him permission to! If he spilled any cum, he would have to do it all over again.

To my surprise, Larry's cock rose to the occasion before he even touched it! Betty noticed it before I did, and gleefully mentioned that he is a born sub. We both giggled, and Larry's face then turned an even deeper shade of red.

I told Larry to begin, and reminded him not to cum without my permission. He must have been quite worked up. In less than two minutes, his face was all contorted as he attempted to hold back his orgasm! Unable to hold back, he stopped stroking himself.

I screamed that I had not given him permission to stop, so Larry resumed beating his meat. Less than a minute later, he lost control. His whole body shook violently as he came hard into the palm of his hand. I could see his intent concentration on catching every drop of cum. After several more thrusts, he finally slumped onto the floor, completely spent.

Although I chastised Larry for cumming without my permission, I was secretly glad that he did. It gave me still another reason to punish him. I told him that as punishment, he would have to cook dinner for Betty and me. Furthermore, he would do this while wearing nothing but an apron. I also explained that eating his cum would be his only dinner tonight. When he looked up at me and gave me a stupid look, I told Larry to go ahead and eat it. He obediently lapped up every drop without hesitation.

Betty commented that he clearly enjoyed his subjugation and that her suspicions about him had been right all along. Little did he know that we had videotaped the entire event!

We enjoyed watching Larry serve us dinner in his apron so much that we decided to have him buy a full French Maid's outfit the very next day. Since it was Friday, Betty stayed overnight. For the first time, Larry realized the true nature of my relationship with Betty. We put Larry in the guest bedroom adjacent to ours, and left both doors open so he could hear our lovemaking long into the night.

The following morning, I had Larry prepare breakfast for us. I allowed him to eat with us. After he cleaned up everything, I reminded that he had to go out and buy the costume today. I also told him to be home by 5pm with a perfect fitting costume, or he would be severely punished.

After Larry left, Betty and I giggled like schoolgirls as we talked about how humiliating Larry's shopping experience would be. The only way he would be able to insure a perfect fit would be to try it on! We originally intended to go along with him, but decided it would be more fun to stay home and make love all day instead, especially now since I didn't have to hide it from Larry anymore.

The only interruption to our lovemaking was when Betty took 5 minutes to take home the videotape that we had made of Larry the night before. We would make a few copies later.

Larry arrived home at 4:45. I immediately told him to put the costume on. Afterwards, Betty and I spent the next hour applying make-up on him. She finally had to go home, so I spent the rest of the evening walking Larry through all of the weekly domestic chores. He was now putty in my hands.

The next day I laid down even more rules. Since Larry had looked ridiculous wearing the maid outfit while having such hairy legs, I made him remove all of his pubic and body hair. It took him almost two hours. When he finally emerged from the bathroom, I closely inspected his body. I gave him my approval and instructed him to keep his body smooth and hairless from now on. Afterwards, I told him to go out and find a CB2000 chastity device, and not to come home without it.

I called Betty and invited her over. We quickly made a video copy of Larry's latest subjugation, and then spent more time in the bedroom together. I can't exactly explain why, and I didn't think it was possible; but since we had gotten Larry under our control, the lovemaking between Betty and I seemed even more delicious!

We were still in the bedroom when Larry returned home. He walked in on us, and just stood there with a strange faraway look on his face. I told him to get out, take a shower, and report back to us naked with his new chastity device in hand.

Betty and I were still sweaty and naked when Larry returned. This time, he meekly knocked on the door. I told him to come in. We sat up on the edge of the bed as he sheepishly walked towards us. Due to Larry's arousal, it took a few minutes for us to get the chastity device in place. Betty had to finally squeeze his balls to get his cock to subside enough. Larry has worn the device ever since. I only free his cock for very special occasions. I can't even describe how thrilling it is to have his cock under such iron-clad control! In addition to all of his domestic chores, he has become my masseuse and groom servant, and also an unadulterated sex toy for both Betty and me. He does all this without being able to cum! Also, every time we introduce something new to Larry, we videotape the session. About three times a month, Larry deep throats my big strap-on dildo for about a half hour before I ream his ass good with it. After his asshole is stretched gaping wide, I remove the dildo, work my finger up his ass, and milk him by massaging his prostate. I just love forcing him to cum with his semi-hard cock locked up in his CB2000. He gets so little pleasure out of it that way! This is one of the best tricks that Betty has ever taught me!

About once a month, I remove the device and allow Larry to masturbate for our amusement. Naturally, we make him eat his cum regardless of the ejaculation method we allow. About two months ago, Betty suggested that since Larry had become such a good cum slut, that maybe we should expand upon the idea. When I asked her how, she explained that Larry's cum isn't the only cum that he could be eating. Her idea appealed to me so much, that I wondered why I hadn't thought of it myself!

My pussy literally got drenched when I visualized Larry sucking cock! Best of all, with all of the videotapes we had made of Larry in action, we had him over a barrel. He had little choice but to comply! When I asked Betty who would help, she told me that she knew this bi-sexual guy, Ron. She explained that he loves to be sucked off by straight guys, especially "virgins" like Larry. Betty got right on the phone and called him. To our delight, Ron agreed to come over the very next night! Larry was wearing his French Maid's outfit, make up, and wig when the doorbell rang. As usual, we had the camera rolling. He was very embarrassed when we made him answer the door dressed that way. When he saw Ron, I thought he would die from humiliation! I could feel the wet spot on my panties quickly grow larger!

We had Larry remove his panties. Then I removed his CB2000. It was the first time his cock had been freed in almost three weeks. I then ordered him kneel on the floor. Ron promptly walked towards Larry, and stopped about two feet away from him. Then Ron very slowly removed his trousers and jockey shorts, displaying a beautiful piece of meat! His cock was almost three inches longer than Larry's, and noticeably thicker too!

It took longer for Larry to protest than I anticipated. He had to know what we had in store for him the moment Ron started removing his pants. Larry finally did protest, but his feeble effort was in vain. All we had to do is remind him of the videotapes, and he quickly shut his mouth.

You should have seen Larry blush when Ron's cock stiffened rock hard. I promised Larry that if he even hesitated for a moment, we would be distributing copies of videotape. Ron told Larry to begin by kissing his cock, explaining that Larry would have to continue kissing it until it pleased Ron enough to allow Larry to lick his cock and balls.

Larry looked over at Betty, but she only scowled at him to do it. The he looked my way, but got no support from me whatsoever. He was doomed to his fate, and he knew it. I felt blissfully delighted to watch Larry gingerly hold Ron's huge man meat his hands and begin softly planting kisses on the head of his prick.

About a minute later, Ron instructed Larry to kiss the entire length of his prick, both on top and along the underside. Before long, Ron instructed Larry to start licking. Ron made Larry lick for a long time before taking it to the next level. Finally, Ron instructed Larry to take his cock into his mouth, and start sucking him off. He also explained exactly how he wanted it done.

Larry realized that the sooner he made Ron cum, the quicker his humiliating ordeal would be over, so he carefully followed Ron's instructions. We all knew that Ron was close to cumming, because the tone of his voice had changed when he instructed Larry to swallow every drop of cum. Betty and I were both quick to add that if he didn't swallow every drop, he would have to do it all over again!

Sure enough, Ron exploded into Larry's mouth less than a minute later. His hot, opaque jism shot out so heavy and quick, that Larry couldn't handle it all. Some of it ran down both sides of his lips and nearly dripped off the bottom of his chin.

Betty and I both giggled with glee when Larry obediently wiped Ron's cum off his face with his fingers, and then lick them clean. The three of us had a good laugh after Betty lifted up Larry's frilly skirt and exposed a raging hard on that had been hiding underneath all along! We then knew for sure that Larry had enjoyed his utterly humiliating subjugation.

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