tagGroup SexTraining Rebecca Ch. 3

Training Rebecca Ch. 3

byTony King©

Chapter 3: Rebecca's First Orgy

Although Harry had plenty of money he was a tight old git and decided that once a week with Rebecca would be enough. She of course loved taking us both at once and would fuck and suck us dry. "It's no use Fred," Harry said as we sat in the Legion one Saturday night, "lets face it mate, we're too fucking old to keep up with her, she's insatiable."

Harry was right, as much as I enjoy sex it was becoming impossible to keep up with her demands. The original agreement was for Becky to work three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday but she had now started to call round every day, the only rest I got was at weekends when she couldn't get out because Richard was home. There was only one thing for it, reinforcements.

Bill was another ex army buddy and club secretary, once Harry and I explained the situation he was more than keen to join in. "If she's that sex mad, why don't we get a few of the lads together and really give her a good seeing to." "Who do you suggest Bill?" "Well, I can go down the members list and suss out who's single, then we can sound them out, what d'ya reckon?" It sounded good to me.

That Monday when Becky arrived I introduced her to Bill. She just accepted him as casually as meeting an old friend; Bill was flabbergasted. "I know you said she was gorgeous but wow, she's like a young Marilyn Munroe." The poor sod soon found out what we had been talking about, within no time Becky was stripped off laying on the bed playing with her cunt and begging us to fuck her. Two hours later she had taken a load up the arse, two in her cunt and one down her throat. "What's up with you two," she said playing with our limp dicks, "you've only cum twice." "Do you think you could take more then?" I asked her, "hmmmm, I could go on all day, I love it."

That clinched it, "Bill, better make that list." That week Becky earned her £150, £50 each from me, Harry and Bill. The following week she earned over £600.

Richard was off on a course lasting from Wednesday to Friday so me, Bill and Harry together with ten guys we'd recruited from the Legion arranged a little party for Thursday. Included in the ten were Bill's two sons, both single and in there twenties, Harry's son, a married 30 something but always up for a bit of extra, two young serving soldiers and Alex, the Legion Steward. Each paid their £50 in and arrived at my place Thursday afternoon.

I hadn't told Becky about the plans to gang bang her but I had asked if she would perform a striptease for me and some friends. "Afterwards, we can slip off into the bedroom with Bill and Harry if you like." "What, you three studs and little old me," she laughed. I'll say one thing for her, since discovering her new found sexuality she was turning into a very confident young lady. "Well, you up for it?" "What would I have to do?" she asked. "I've bought you a really sexy outfit with some nice leather boots and things, so all you have to do is a slow teasing striptease until all your wearing is your stockings and boots, OK?" "Will I get paid for it?" "Oh yes, the better you make it the more they'll pay you."

I sat her down and showed her a video where a stripper slowly undoes her buttons and then chooses a guy to remove her blouse, then she does the same with the skirt. She sexily struts round the room letting each guy have a quick feel before removing her bra and going round again. "Do I have to let all of them play with my tits?" "Why, don't you like that?" "hmmm, you know I do, it's just that with all those men playing with my nipples I'll probably have an orgasm and make my knickers all wet and sticky."

I couldn't believe my ears, she wasn't in the least concerned about flaunting her body in front of 13 guys, just about coming in her knickers. "Tell you what, if you do cum in your knickers I bet all the blokes will love it, you can take them off and go round the room wiping them on there faces." "Oh Fred, you really are a dirty old man, I love it." She threw her arms round me and kissed me hard, her tongue fencing with my tonsils, "I'll give them the best strip show they've ever seen and afterwards ........." Her hand cupped my balls and gently squeezed, a big sexy smile on her face and lust in her baby blue eyes.

As arranged, Becky arrived straight after her morning job on Thursday and after a shower went into the bedroom to get changed. I'd laid out her outfit on the bed and when she saw the thigh length leather boots her eyes lit up. "Wow, there so sexy." I watched as she dressed. First, she seductively rolled the black seamed stockings up her long legs, smoothing them out and feeling the fabric against her skin before attaching them to a matching suspender belt. I had to fight the urge to throw her on the bed and fuck her brains out when she asked me to straighten the seams. Next, a minute pair of black panties covered her newly shaved cunt while a matching black silky bra fought to contain her perfectly formed tits. Over this she wore a black see through blouse which complemented her red mini skirt. It was when she finally put the boots on that the picture was complete. They had 2" platform soles and a 6" heel, making her look ten feet tall. Each boot reached the top of her thigh showing perhaps an inch or two of stocking top. The suspender straps were extra wide, accentuating her creamy smooth thighs.

"How do I look?" Before I could say anything she looked down, "hmm, I think that answers my question." My cock was forming a tent in my trousers. She came over and undid my jeans, pulling them and my underpants to the floor. My cock ached so much it was almost painful. She knelt before me and staring straight into my eyes she lowered her red lips down the shaft, thrashing about with her tongue as she went. Within seconds I was coming, I just couldn't stop myself, the visual stimulation almost had my mind on overload. Becky drank every last drop before pulling my clothes back up and standing in front of me. Throwing her arms round my neck she kissed me, letting me taste the spunk coating her tongue and mouth. It was so erotic my spent cock started to twitch again.

"That should hold you until later," she laughed turning back to the mirror to adjust her makeup. She never usually wore makeup but today she had on some bright red lip gloss and some light blue eye shadow. The lip gloss matched her mini skirt and the eye shadow her beautiful blue eyes. "Becky," I said taking in the beautiful sight before me, "will you marry me?" "She just giggled, "don't be silly, I'm married to Richard." We laughed, "You wait there until I call you OK." As I left the room she was busy pouting in the mirror and practising walking in the boots.

Everyone had arrived and the lounge was crowded with excited men. We had moved all the furniture save the chairs and sofa into the dining room creating a mini stage in the middle of the room. "C'mon then, lets see some action," one of them shouted. "Gentlemen, thank you all for coming," "get on with it you old fart," they all laughed, "gentlemen, please remember that this young lady is not a professional stripper so please give her a chance to get over her nerves OK," they all nodded OK. "Right then, I give you the fabulous, the sexy, the one and only .......... REBECCA!"

I opened the door to the bedroom just as the music began to play. Becky stepped out into the lounge and stood in the middle of the room, hand on hips, looking at each guy in turn. I honestly thought she was going to turn and run but then I saw that familiar faint smile cross her lips. With her hands still on her hips, she started to slowly gyrate them. Apart from the music not a sound was made. Still fully dressed she walked round the room, pausing in front of each man while running her hands seductively up her body and over her tits. When she got to Harry she actually ran her hand over his balls, this caused a few catcalls from the audience. "Oh yeah, go on baby, do your stuff." Encouraged by the response so far, an even bigger smile crossed her face. She now invited several men to undo a button on her blouse and once it was fully undone she held it open and twirled round giving everyone a clear view of her bra covered tits. "Oh yeah, c'mom baby, show us those tits."

Discarding the blouse and still swinging her hips in time to the music she seductively lifted the short skirt up each thigh, giving a clear view of her little black panties and suspender belt. Slowly she lowered the zipper on her skirt, letting it fall to the floor before stepping out of it. Wow, what a sight, she was standing in the middle of a room full of men dressed in towering thigh high black leather boots with matching stockings bra and knickers. I looked round the room to see guys rubbing their cocks, staring at this beauty before them, if only the prick Richard could see his young wife now. There was an audible intake of breath as she reached up to unclip the front fastening bra. Holding it in place with her hands over her tits she stood in front of one of the young soldiers, lent forward slightly and let it drop. "Wow, look at those tits," one guy said, "Her fucking nipples are enormous," another added. Becky went round the room encouraging the men to feel her tits. Some of the less shy sucked her nipples and she stood there, holding their heads to her tits enjoying the sensations coursing through her body.

It took her a good half hour to get round the room, each guy grabbing a handful or sucking an engorged nipple, others allowed there hands to wander over her arse or brush against her cunt mound. By the time she got round to me her panties were dripping. She pressed herself against me and whispered in my ear, "Oh Fred, I'm so wet, I've already cum twice." "Good, then let one of them take your knickers off and show them how wet they've made you." Sure enough, she pulled one guy out and made him kneel on the floor. With her boots on she towered over him. "C'mon then big boy, you know what I want." Crafty bitch, she was copying the dialogue from the video. The guy took hold of her panties with shaking hands and slowly lowered them down over her thighs, over the boots and onto the floor. He looked up to find himself face to face with the smoothest, wettest cunt you have ever seen.

Becky pulled his head forward, grinding his face into her cunt before pushing him away and retrieving her wet knickers. One by one she went round the audience holding her knickers up to their faces. Some of them simply sniffed the offering, the bolder ones grabbed a handful of tit or pussy, Becky was loving it. She stopped by Alex, the Steward from the Legion and offered him her knickers. "I'd rather have the real thing darlin'" he said cupping her smooth mound in his hand. She rubbed her cunt against him. The guy next to him tweaked her left nipple while the guy the other side, seeing what was going on, tweaked her other nipple. Soon, hands were all over her and she was in heaven.

"Oh yes, yes, yesssss," she screamed as Alex shoved two fingers up her soaking wet cunt bringing her off. She threw her arms round his neck and held on for dear life as her body shuddered. Some of the guys were stripping of now and several hands lowered Becky onto the carpet. She held her arms open to the nearest naked guy and pulled him on top of her, his cock going straight up her wet snatch. Another guy lay beside them and offered her his cock to suck. It didn't take long for the first guy to fill her cunt with spunk and he was quickly replaced by another. After three or four guys had had their way we carried her through to the bedroom. Bill got underneath and lowered her dripping cunt onto his prick while Harry climbed behind them. Becky looked round to see what was happening. "Yes, oh yes, that's it, fuck my arse, shove your fat prick up my arse."

Harry pushed forward filling her arse with cock, as she turned back another was offered to her mouth. Others played with her tits or simply wanked themselves over her face. During the course of the next four hours Becky learned the art of deep throating (although I don't think it was intentional), she took two spunking pricks in her mouth at the same time and had all three holes filled at once. She was grunting with contentment as wave after wave of pure lust and excitement went through her body. The three guys were replaced by three others and everyone took a turn as Becky became a receptacle for there spunk. The younger guys had her several times each and most of the others at least twice. If there was a break in the proceedings, Becky would be scanning the room for the next hard cock, she really was insatiable.

By 8 o'clock the last drained sore cock had left to go home. Becky stood at the front door in full view of the main road kissing each one goodnight, ensuring they got a last feel of her tits or cunt and sometimes grabbing there limp cock attempting to encourage just one more fuck from it. We eventually retired to the bedroom where I slipped my hard cock into her wet cunt for the second time that day. I was so turned on by the sights and sounds of the afternoon's session that I seemed to have a permanent hard on.

However, after twenty minutes of fucking her in different positions I realised there was no way I was going to cum again. I fell asleep with Becky's ruby red lips sucking my cock, straining to get the last possible drop of spunk from a tired old dick. It was morning before I finally obliged her, giving her one last mouthful of creamy spunk before a very happy, well paid, well fucked young lady headed home to await the arrival of her husband.

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