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Training The Divas: Trish Stratus


Disclaimer: OK you all know the story, don't read this if you're under 18. If you are practice wrestling moves on each other instead, Vince needs the law suits! Better yet do something stupid and blame video games, no one's sick of that argument!

Author: Pendulum

Author's note: Alright, this one had always been an idea of mine, festering in my head; it's sort of like a horny wrestling school. Imagine...Say Carry On Wrestling. The current plan is to feature the older talent and then move on to some of the newer divas. So, here we go, part 1 features Trish Stratus. Feedback is welcome to the comment box or e-Mailing me.


I slammed down Takeshi Morishima, my latest protégé in my Japanese Wrestling Dojo. Playing to the crowd I looked out and saw a very familiar face, one of the more noticeable in Wrestling. Shane McMahon was in attendance. Not letting it faze me, I spun round and planted a firm boot to Morishima's gut making the audience cry for my blood.


Shortly after the match, (I lost) I was in my own personal locker room, dressing for my flight back to the States. Several short knocks came to the door, looking over my shoulder I answered in Japanese. Half expecting it to be Takeshi. Shane McMahon poked his head past the door and smiled. I smiled and welcomed him in.

"So, Mister McMahon...What can I do for you?" I asked, not really sure what Vince McMahon's son would want with me.

"Well, Adam. Can I call you Adam?" I nodded and made a 'continue' gesture with my hand. "Well, we've started to get serious about our Women's wrestling. And you're work over here has been unprecedented. I've been told to make you any offer to get you to come back and work in an women's wrestling dojo."

Shocked, I sat down trying to swallow it all. "You want me to come back to the States and become a trainer?" I asked, trying to clarify what Shane had just said. Nodding, he confirmed what I though. "I don't get it though, you guys must have hundreds of great agents over there already on your payroll. Why bring me in to do it?"

Shane smiled and ran a hand through his hair. "Well, people have tried but failed. You've worked wonders on the females over here and we want that to come over to our roster. I've brought a file on things you'd need to learn, would you like to look it over?"

Sighing heavily, I nodded and took the file from Shane's hand. Opening the white folder up, I started to gaze over the information.

"Wait a minute...This four digit number here, the one with the dollar sign in front what's that?" I asked, pointing my forefinger to a number near the bottom of the second page.

Shane took the folder from me and looked to where I was pointing. "That is your base pay. You'll also get 10% of Diva's merchandise that you've helped train. Oh, that also includes the yearly calendar and DVD sales."

Quickly going over the maths in my head, I was sold. I'd be making much more than I managed here and my body wouldn't go through hell. Grabbing a pen, I cleared my throat. "Where do I sign?"


"Yes Mister McMahon...Yes...Yes, I understand...Yes, the facility looks more than adequate. Will I have staff with me or will it be me by myself?" I see...Well Mister McMahon I'll have to let you go now. My first client's here, I will Mister McMahon. Thank you again!" Putting down my office's phone, I looked up to see the Canadian Bombshell, Trish Stratus. Taking her expensive looking sunglasses off, Trish locked her sultry eyes with me and smiled. I stood up and got chance to look over her amazing body. Wearing: a tight leather skirt that barely classed as a skirt, a tight black top covering her voluptuous chest and knee high leather boots. Hardly the apparel for a women's wrestler, I extended my arm and shook her hand politely. "Miss Stratus I presume?"

Nodding her head, Trish placed her dainty hand in my hand, shaking it. "Yes, are you the new trainer?" Trish smiled, her face lighting up.

"Yes, I'm sure it'll be a pleasure to work with you. Please, take a seat. So...You basically want the full package? Complete overhaul of skills?" I asked, looking over the paperwork she filled in.

Nodding, Trish licked her lips slightly and looked out of my office, glancing at the wrestling ring. Complete with mirrored surfaces on the top and around the side of it. "Yes please, say. What's with the mirrors?"

Tilting my head slightly, unsure of the question I looked at where she was looking and smiled. Sighing heavily I stood up, slowly walking around the table. "It's a thing the Japanese do. If you can see every move you do you can work on improving it. It worked for me."

"Oh," Trish simply said as she joined me at the doorframe. "So, do you want me to change?" Trish added, taking hold of the large bag near the door frame.

"Sure, the ladies changing room's just over there. I'll be in the ring once you're ready." I stepped out of the room, motioning to the small room at the back of the gym. I made my way to the ring and parted the ropes, warming up I slowly ran from side to side, stretching out the ropes.


I looked over to the door and saw Trish Stratus there. Wearing a brand new wrestling jumpsuit, it hardly contained her large chest. But it was a step up. Smiling, Trish walked over to the ring and walked up the steps. I met her halfway and opened up the ropes for her, Trish got in the ring and almost on purpose let her face brush against my lap.

The training was pretty much what you'd expect. I taught her how to fall, how to sell punches and kicks how to work a crowd, the usual. It was when she asked to be taught how to do a German suplex when things got unusual. As I wrapped my arms around her waist, I looked at her in the mirror and she had a devilish smile on her face. Looking in the mirror, Trish slowly started to grind her sensual body up against mine. Letting out a silent gasp, I watched as Trish grin wickedly, various thoughts started to run through my head as my hands remained wrapped around her waist they simply lay there watching.

Watching as Trish ground her hips against me, my cock began to harden. Feeling it press against her ass, Trish smiled lightly and let out a false gasp. "My, my. Should it really be that hard?"

Sighing, I tried to find the words but came up short as my cock continued to harden. Unwrapping my hands, Trish placed them to my side and quickly spun round. Pressing her chest up against mine, she took my hands and placed them on her plump ass. Leaning up, Trish placed her hands on my cheeks and brought my face down for a passionate kiss. Placing her soft, small lips on mine, Trish lightly kissed me. Her mouth opening and letting her tongue slid into my mouth, she gently moaned as I started to squeeze her ass. Our tongues lightly slapped against each others as Trish moaned into my mouth.

Breaking the kiss, Trish took my hands off of her ass and let them fall to my side. She sexily dropped to her knees and locked eyes on my rock hard cock. Trish took hold of my fly and released my cock from its prison. Reaching in, Trish grabbed my dick and pulled it out to the light of day. Looking it over, Trish licked her luscious wet lips and kissed the head of my dick playfully.

Trish cutely laughed before she lowered her blonde haired head down to my cock, while she took a firm hold at the base of my cock with her dainty left hand. Trish slapped her sexy tongue against the head of my cock and slowly dragged her tongue around the head of my shaft.

"Ahhhh....' I moaned surprised at the sensation running through my crotch as I felt Trish's tongue press against the top of my dick as she slowly circled it around my cock.

"Mmmm...ohh yeah..." Trish softly moaned as she dragged her wet tongue against the head of my cock. Trish opened her hot mouth and lowered her head to take more of my cock into her slutty mouth.

"Ohhh shit...." I moaned fairly loudly as Trish pressed her lips against my cock before she started to bob her head up and down on my twelve inch shaft.

"Mmmm..." Trish moaned as she pressed her lips tightly around my cock as she smoothly and eagerly bobbed her head to suck the cock of her new wrestling trainer.

"Mmmm yeah...Ahh..." I moaned, while licking my lips, closing my eyes as the gorgeous WWE Diva sucked my cock with a quick pace.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Trish moaned as she lifted her head at an impressively fast rate on my cock while lashing her wet tongue against my shaft.

"Ohhhh ahhhh...Fuck..." I moaned, as I started to breathe deeply as Trish whipped her tongue around my cock as it started to throb.

"Mmmmm!" Trish moaned against my cock as she pressed her lips around my shaft as she twisted her head on it.

"Ahhhh uhhhh awww...." I grunted loudly, putting my hand on her head I held her in position as I started to cum inside Trish's hot seductive mouth.

"Mmmmmm..." Trish softly moaned as she slowly lifted her head off of my cock and sexily swallowed my warm cum.

"Wow...I can't wait to see the rest of your training..." I said eagerly as Trish started to unzip her jumpsuit, her large breasts spilling out free. My eyes went wide as Trish slid her jumpsuit down to her feet. Stepping out of the suit, Trish moved forward and planted another kiss on my lips, the bitter after taste of my cum still residing in her mouth. Our tongues wrestled for a little longer before my hands wandered down to her fine ass. Grabbing it lightly, Trish moaned into my mouth as I picked her up. Her smooth legs quickly wrapped around my waist as we kissed. Trying to find a decent place to put her against, I settled for the turnbuckle and pushed her against it.

"Mmmf!" Trish moaned in surprise as we hit the hard surfaces, placing her on the second turnbuckle. Trish unwrapped her legs from my waist and placed them over the middle ropes. Her pussy exposed to me, I grabbed my now hard cock and positioned it at her pussy's lips. In a sharp thrust, my cock slid into her pussy roughly three quarters of my length sliding in. Trish's head flew back and she let out a loud moan, wrapping her arms around my neck, Trish dragged me in to another fierce kiss.

Pulling back so my head was left in her pussy, I took another sharp lunge and got more of my length in. Trish's pussy started to contract around me, squeezing my member tightly. Breaking the kiss, Trish leaned back so her back was pressing against the top turnbuckle, using my right hand I put my hand on the top rope. Using it for leverage, I started to thrust forward making Trish moan with each thrust.

Wrapping her arms around my neck, Trish dragged me in so I was head-to-head with her. Moaning in my ear, Trish's panting started to get me hotter making me want to thrust in and out of her faster and faster. With my free hand, I moved it down to her large breasts and gently squeezed the left one making Trish moan at the touch. Bringing my head down, I latched my mouth onto her right nipple and gently sucked at the hard nub.

Looking up at the sky, lost in the sensations, Trish watched eagerly as she saw me go to work while she writhed around. Deciding to mix it up, Trish took hold of my head and brought it up to her face. "Let's change positions. I want you on the top turnbuckle." Looking at her, I smiled and pulled out of her pussy, my dick wet with her juices. Trish unhooked herself and let me climb up to the top, sitting back on the actual strip of the turnbuckle I extended my hand. Trish gladly accepted and I helped pull her up to the top with me.

Half balancing, half being held up by me, Trish instantly started to get second thoughts. Deciding to silence her, I moved her small hand to my dick and let her take a good grip of my dick. She looked down at it and grinned, stepping over my legs, Trish then slowly started to move down. Her pussy's lips hovering over my dick, I took the advantage again and thrust upwards. Trish's legs gave way and her legs collapsed, falling down onto my pole. Trish's head shot backwards as she started to ride my dick at the higher altitude.

Her loud moans started to bounce around the empty gym, as I started to bounce her up and down. Moaning, Trish wrapped her legs around my waist and looked over my shoulder watching me as I bounced her up and down. Her arms wrapped tightly around my neck, Trish started to bounce faster and faster, her orgasm approaching fast.

Throwing her head back, Trish let out an almighty scream and started to orgasm on my stiff member. Her girl cum started to flood over my pole as I kept bouncing her through the orgasm. Shuddering with the action, Trish writhed as she tried to get away from me. Scooping Trish up in my arms, I took her down to the ring and watched as she fell backwards. Her legs giddy from the orgasm. My eyes slowly drifted over to her tight ass as she bent over the middle rope catching her breath.

Looking over her shoulder, Trish caught me eyeing up her ass and wiggled it teasingly. "You want to fuck it cowboy?" Licking my lips, I locked my eyes on her tight cheeks, marking it with an imaginary target.

"Want me to lube up?" I asked, stepping towards the bent over Canadian Bombshell.

"No, I can handle a little rough action." Trish said, leaning over further letting her hands touch the canvas of the ring. Smiling to myself, I walked forward and split apart her ass cheeks. Taking my dick in hand, I steadily jerked it and moved forward. Pressing my dick against her anus, I teased her playfully as she moaned at the touch. Rubbing it up and down her rosebud, I stopped playing and took hold of her firm ass cheeks.

Sliding my barely lubed-up dick into her tight ass Trish threw her head back and let out a loud moan as my dick made its intrusion. Throwing my head back at the pressure of her ass cheeks I looked to the ceiling and moaned at the sensation of her tight ass. Putting my hands on her hips, I took hold of them and pulled her hips back to my waist. I slowly started to slam my way back into her tight ass, achieving another moan from Trish. Trish threw her head back and moaned again as her hands moved from the canvas and onto her large tits. Moving her whole body back so she was resting against the top rope Trish leant her head back and again started to moan in my ear.

Taking a hand from her hips, I let it run over her petite body before going down to her soaking wet pussy. My hands slowly started to work over her pussy, my thumb and forefinger assaulting her clit. Trish gasped at the sudden sensation, her mouth going wide at the assault. Using my thumb to diddle her clit I let my forefinger move into her cunt and start to slowly finger her.

Feeling my orgasm start to approach I started to thrust faster and faster into Trish's ass, my hands working as fast as they could. "Yeah...Fuck that ass...Fuck that ass!" Trish started to scream as I slammed in and out of her ass at a lightning speed.

"Fuck...Too fucking much...Fucking bastard..." Trish said, breaking the brutal rhythm of our sex session. Her hands moved from her large chest and she let them rest on the top rope, exposing her chest to my hungry eyes. My hands quickly moved from her pussy and onto her large tits, pushing them together and moving them up and down in unison.

"Oh?" Trish asked rhetorically, looking at me in the mirror opposite us. Trish gave a sexy smirk, as she watched me rubbing her tits together. "You want to fuck my tits do you?"

I simply responded by nodding and pulling my cock out of her tight ass. Letting her climb back into the ring with me, I stepped back. Sweat dripping from our bodies Trish locked her beautiful eyes on my member.

"That guy looks pretty dirty. I don't want him making the merchandise sellers all dirty do I?" Trish said, licking her lips as she did. Dropping to her knees, Trish took my dick in her hand, stroking it a little. She looked up at me, naughtily raising an eyebrow. "Maybe I should clean it up?"

I simply nodded my head, which all the future Women's Champ needed. Lowering her head down and expertly brushing her hair back, she opened her mouth and took my dick inside it, instantly pressing her luscious lips around the tool and lashing her tongue around it, tasting her own ass off of my cock.

I moaned, looking down at the future WWE Women's Champion who was bobbing her head along my shaft with ease, her mouth feeling just as good as her pussy and ass did. Her tongue was lashing her saliva all over my cock now, greedily trying to lap up all the precum that was trickling out of it. At the same time she sucked away with her lips, never missing a beat as she pleasured my cock.

"Mmmm..." Trish moaned, pulling her head off of my dick. She used a hand to jerk me off at a quick pace, moving her head down lower to flick her tongue out at my balls, trailing it around my nuts before she took one into her mouth to suck on, making me moan again. She gave the other ball the same treatment, before returning to my cock head, swirling her tongue around it without a care in the world.

She resumed to sucking my dick, moving her head down further, and then further, occasionally flicking her tongue up at its underside. Impressively Trish Stratus was able to deep throat my entire thick cock, holding it all in her mouth with little signs of any gagging. She started moving her head again, dragging her lovely lips slowly all the way up and down my shaft, before starting to bob swiftly along it's length without using her hands, except to brush her hair out of the way for a moment.

After about a minute or so of this, I decided to hit the main event and withdrew my now spit-covered, soaking wet cock from her mouth.

Trish grinned up at me sexily and leant back on the ring canvas looking up at the sky. Standing over the Blonde bombshell, I slowly lowered myself and parted her massive tits. Letting my cock slide into the valley, Trish grinned as she looked at my cock swallowed by her chest.

"Yeah! Fuck those titties!" The future Women's Champion said. "Fuck 'em nice and hard!"

No encouragement needed, I watched my cock vanish between her large mounds as I pushed in and out of them. Being so close to cumming, I didn't start off slowly. I was moving quicker and quicker, showing I wasn't too far away from cumming. Trish decided to push her breasts tightly against my thrusting member, sandwiching it between her soft flesh, only adding to the pleasure.

Trish couldn't help herself, watching the long, thick cock fuck her tits. She leant her head down and lashed her tongue around the cock head as it appeared from in between her tits. This added pleasure became too much for me, I groaned lowly as I fired a load right into her waiting mouth, several shots just missing her lips landing on her jaw.

"Mmmm!" Trish moaned in surprise, trying to lick up more of my load, however most of it shot onto and around her neck, giving her a pearl necklace. "Mmmm..." Trish moaned again as she swallowed down the cum she had been able to catch.

I grunted as I finished cumming, getting off of the sweat and cum-covered body of the stunning Canadian blonde bombshell. I slowly climbed off of my dick and rolled off of Trish. Moaning lowly, Trish scooped up the cum on her hands, licking it off her fingers, moaning at the taste as she cleaned herself off from all the thick spunk.

"So...Do I get a good word?" Trish asked as the sweat started to drip onto the mat.

Laughing to myself, I looked at her and answered.

"Trish after that you'll be the Women's champ..."


Author's Note: Again, feedback welcome via the contact screen on my profile. If there are any particular divas you want me to feature just give me a shout in the comments part or through the above mail listing.

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