tagErotic CouplingsTransforming Genevieve Ch. 04

Transforming Genevieve Ch. 04


Tuesday dawned overcast and dreary. The Weather Channel was calling for intermittent rain showers later in the day. It would be a good day to spend my free time between classes catching up on paperwork. I had already decided that I would wear my new grey pinstriped suit with a black silk blouse and the black under garments Marsha had so skillfully helped me pick out the evening before.

After making a pot of coffee and pouring myself a cup I headed back to my bedroom to dress. The straps on my new garter were still perfectly adjusted from the night before so all I had to do was very carefully slip a pair of hose over my legs and connect the clasps. As Marsha had explained I next pulled the black lace thong up over the hose and smoothed everything in place. I slid my feet into the 3 inch heels Sara had sold me over the weekend. Surveying myself in the mirror I looked pretty damn sexy. The black lace of both garments complimented each other. I turned to make sure the seams of my hose ran perfectly straight down my legs.

I giggled to myself remembering what Marsha had said the night before. What cock wouldn't become rock hard when its owner got a look at me? I finished dressing sliding my arms into the long sleeves of the black silk blouse slipping the straight skirt up over my hips and reaching behind to zip it closed. I left the top three buttons of the blouse open and slid the matching suit coat over my shoulders. If I buttoned the coat it held my blouse closed enough that all I had to do was lean forward if I wanted to give some fortunate man a look down my blouse at some very seductive creamy white cleavage. I pulled my hair up into a loose bun and held it in place with a giant hair clip.

A little make-up and I was ready to head out onto campus to start another day as the newly transformed Genevieve. Today's version was sure to attract attention and I couldn't wait to see whose attention that would be.

My walk across campus went pretty much as I'd expected. Heads turned and mouths dropped open. I wondered what thoughts ran through their minds when they got a glimpse of the sexy black seams running down my legs. I was quickly becoming accustomed to having men look at me. Knowing their minds were thinking how incredible it would be to seduce me and have my body for their own sexual pleasures. I smiled to myself knowing the physical transformation I'd wanted was nearly complete, but I still had a few things to experience before the mental or should I say sexual transformation was completed.

As I walked along the long corridor toward my classroom, Bill Franklin turned the corner of the hall midway along the building. His eyes nearly popped from their sockets.

"Genevieve, jesus what an incredible look." He said.

I smiled and said, "Why thank you Bill. I'd hoped to run into you today. I'm sorry I missed your call last night."

"Oh that. I called on a whim hoping to catch you at home. I saw you walking across the commons yesterday afternoon with Dick and couldn't believe how classy you looked." He said.

Smiling even wider I said, "So my new look impressed you Bill?"

"Not nearly as much as today's Genevieve!" He responded.

I did a pirouette giving Bill a chance to see the back of my skirt and hose.

"I'm so glad you like my new look Bill. I'm looking forward to the dividends it should pay." I said.

His eyes were glued to my legs, he clearly had a fetish for women in seamed hose.

Bill responded, "Genevieve Walker, are you making a pass at me?"

"Why Bill, what would make you think that?" I replied.

He licked his dry lips and said, "Well you are flaunting one sexy pair of legs at me."

"Oh my gosh Bill, when did you decide I have sexy legs?" I quickly asked.

Bill laughed and said, "About two minutes ago Gen."

I liked his honesty. After all for the three years we'd known each other professionally I'd kept my legs under cover.

"Well I'm glad you decided Bill, because I've always thought you were pretty sexy. Now we're on the same page." I teased him.

"You do know that I'm married Genevieve." He asked.

"Yes I do." I said adding, "But what she doesn't know won't hurt her now will it Bill?"

He got such a surprised expression on his face. His mind must have been racing with ideas of having a torrid affair with me. A lustful trist that he and I could share almost anytime we wanted.

He swallowed hard and said, "You're absolutely right Genevieve, but we'd have to very discreet. An affair like that could land us both in the unemployment line."

"I'm well aware of the consequences Bill, but the transformed Genevieve is more likely to take the risk to quench her new thirsts." I said quite calmly.

He smiled and said, "I'd be willing to take the risk to just to see where those seams end baby."

I was right, he did have a fetish for seamed hose. I was about to offer him an opportunity to find out where they end when the morning class bell rang.

"Well Bill, I've got to run, but we'll have to let you explore where they end sometime soon. Give me a call later." I asked.

I started toward my classroom as he said, "You can count on it baby!"

I gave my hips a seductive swing as I disappeared into my classroom knowing he was watching my ever step with eyes glued to the long dark seams running up the back of my legs.

My first class that day was rather uneventful with the exception of when I turned my back to the assembled students to make a note on the board. I heard a masculine voice from somewhere behind me say, "Sweet!" As I gave them a look at my shapely legs.

I was feeling extremely sexy all day, the gray pin stripped skirt did little to hide my shapely ass. I'm sure a lot of my male students, and perhaps a few of the females, had fantasies about giving the teacher more than a ripe red apple.

My last class of the day ended about 2:30. I turned out the lights in the classroom and looked out the window. A light drizzle was falling and the gray sky spread flat light through the windows. I collected my papers and walked through the door to my office, leaving it cracked a couple inches.

I slipped my jacket off and sat down at my desk to begin marking the assignments I'd collected that day. Glancing at my day planner I noticed the entry for 3:15 PM "Mr. Kosmerl, extra help with assignment." I'd forgotten that he was coming by for some help. I considered putting my suit coat back on but decided instead to unbutton another button of my black silk blouse. I pulled the material open further exposing the tops of my breasts. I'd have some fun with this young stud perhaps. It was 3:05 PM, I had ten minutes to get some papers reviewed. As I read through the third one I heard a light knock on my office door.

"Come in." I said without looking up from my desk.

The door creaked as it opened.

"Close the door please." I asked without looking up.

The latch clicked shut.

"Have a seat." I said still not acknowledging who had entered my private office.

Once I heard him sit down I slowly placed my marking pen to the side and raised my head.

"Now Mr. Kosmerl, exactly what is it I can do for you?" I asked.

Steve's eyes were as big as saucers. His face flush, and his mouth hung partly open.

He stuttered, I ah ah had an appointment to ah ah get some help with your ah ah assignment Ms. Walker?"

I leaned back in my chair and pushed it away from my desk. I arched my back slightly causing the material of my blouse to stretch across my breasts.

"Yes, Mr. Kosmerl you wanted some assistance with the writing assignment." I said. "What are you having difficulty with?"

He continued to fumble for the right words, "Well do you remember during class you said that truly great authors let the words flow from their body and soul onto the paper?"

"Yes I recall that." I offered.

I seem to loose the words that best describe what I'm trying to write somewhere between my soul and the paper Ms. Walker." He said apparently becoming more comfortable being in my private office.

"So you're having trouble with descriptive sentences?" I asked.

"Yes that's it Ms. Walker." He answered.

"I think a little practice describing what you see may help Steve." I suggested.

I stood up and stepped around my desk. Moving between him and my desk I sat down and slowly crossed my legs. He instantly blushed as my long silk covered legs came under his close inspection.

"Now Mr. Kosmerl, I want you to describe me." I said.

"I ah ah don't understand." He said reverting back to stuttering.

"Just describe what you see in front of you Mr. Kosmerl. Forget that I'm your professor, just describe the woman seated in front of you.

He swallowed hard again and offered, "I see a very pretty woman."

"Oh come on now Mr. Kosmerl, you can use more descriptive adjectives than very pretty. Let the words flow from your soul." I said.

He tried again, I see a sexy woman." His words sounded more like a question that a description.

"That's better, but what about her makes you think she's sexy." I said

He relaxed a little and thought for a moment before he said, "Her long shapely legs make her look very sexy."

"That's much better Steve." I replied. "See how you've described my legs and what effect they give me."

Now let's try having you describe a movement. He got a confused expression on his face, but he began to understand as I uncrossed my legs and lifted one to show him the top of my hose along the underside of my thigh.

"She lifted her sexy leg exposing the naked skin above her stocking?" He said almost as a question.

"Very good Mr. Kosmerl, but you could add what effect the movement had on you." I suggested.

"Do you mean I could say, she lifted her sexy leg exposing the naked skin above her stocking causing my mouth to water!"? He answered.

"Exactly." I said.

"Or you could turn the description around and write something in a third party voice. I said. "Like, she lifted her sexy leg exposing the naked skin above her stocking and noticed a sizable bulge in his slacks."

Steve blushed instantly realizing I'd noticed his growing erection. He shifted in the chair trying his best to hide the fact that he had become completely aroused.

I smiled at him and said, "Let me continue and we'll see if you get a clearer picture of how this descriptive thing works."

"If you think that will help, Ms. Walker." He agreed.

I continued, "As his growing erection pressed harder against his zipper she slid from the desk and turned to bend at the waist over the edge of her desk." As I said the words I preformed the action.

"As she raised her skirt revealing her creamy thighs his cock began to throb." I said.

"His eyes gazed down the thin black seams of her stockings and he moved his hand to his groin to touch himself." I continued.

I heard him moan and knew like me he was performing the same action I described.

"She turned to face him again, and with her skirt pulled up around her waist she bent at the knees between his legs." I said as I did exactly that.

His eyes nearly popped from their sockets, his mouth dropped open and his hand began moving along the length of his hard cock.

"As he unzipped his pants, she slowly placed her hands on the top of his thighs, causing him to groan under her touch." I described.

Mr. Kosmerl groaned as my hands came to rest on his thighs.

"He slid one hand inside and pulled his mammoth cock from its hiding place." I said.

Steve paused for a moment, his eyes told me he wanted to perform the action I'd described, but his mind told him he shouldn't expose himself to his English Lit professor.

I encouraged him with two words, "Do it!"

I had not only aroused him completely but I too was very aroused. The thought of having a student expose his rock hard cock to me excited me. I knew I shouldn't be kneeling before him. I knew I shouldn't be staring at his throbbing cock. I knew I shouldn't be thinking of taking that throbbing cock meat between my lips.

I abandoned all pretense of showing him how to describe something and just began giving him orders on what I wanted him to do.

"Stroke it slowly Mr. Kosmerl." I said.

He hesitated a second, "Ms. Walker I shouldn't be doing this. It's wrong."

"I want to see you stroke it Steve." I demanded.

"But..." He started to say.

"Jerk it off for me Steve." I said almost pleading.

His hand began moving up and down on his throbbing cock. The head swelled and turned a deep purple color as it became engorged with blood. The veins along its shaft stood out hard, pressed against the skin they lay just beneath. As he stroked downward the skin just under the head was drawn taut and his head pulsated. His eyes stared past his throbbing member into mine.

My hands slowly massaged the tense muscles in his thighs as he stroked his cock a little faster.

"That's it Mr. Kosmerl, jerk it faster. I want to watch the cum shoot out of it." I said.

His fingers tightened their grip on his cock and he began moving his fist up and down the shaft faster with each passing moment.

He moaned deeply as I leaned forward and blew hot breath at his throbbing cock. His fist became a blur as he jerked off for me.

I wanted to see him cum, I wanted to watch it shoot from his balls toward the ceiling.

"Oh god Ms. Walker." He said as he felt his cum boiling up along the shaft.

"Cum for me Steve!" I begged.

His eyes widened and his breathing stopped as he came. A thick sticky stream of searing hot cum shot out of his cock. It must have shot two feet above the tip of his cock splattering down on his shirt. Another stream, shot out and landed directly back on the head. His hand smeared it along the length of his cock shaft and it glistened with the moisture. Still another shot flew from his pulsating cock head landing on his thigh only an inch from my fingertips.

He moaned deeply as his orgasm subsided and his hand slowed as he oozed cum from the slit at the tip of his cock. My fingers inched toward the puddle of cum on his thigh. I wanted to taste it, I wanted to gather it on my fingers and lick it from them. The tip of one finger slid into that puddle of man juice. He watched intently as I collected it along the length of my finger and then raised my hand toward my lips.

I extended my tongue and touched the tip against my finger. His cum tasted very salty, it was thick and sticky on my finger. Steve's hand still massaging his cock was coated with that thick salty cum. I moaned as I licked the last of his man juice from my delicate finger. He removed his hand from his softening cock and extended it toward me.

I gave into my lust for the taste of cum and took his hand in mine and pulled it to my mouth. My mouth circled his fingers spreading his cream on my lips. I licked and sucked every drop of cum from his hand. Taking each finger inside my mouth to transfer the salty taste of him to my tongue.

Steve moaned as I cleansed his hand with my mouth.

"Damn Ms. Walker you sure have turned into one hot lady." He offered.

I smiled taking his finger from my mouth and said, "I've been transformed Mr. Kosmerl."

I stood up and smoothed my skirt back down over my legs and then returned to my desk chair. Sitting down I reached for my day planner. Thumbing ahead a few days I said, "Mr. Kosmerl, would you like me to pencil you in for another lesson in a few days?"

"Let's see, I have next Monday at five o'clock open." I offered.

"That would be great Ms. Walker. I'll practice my descriptive writing till then. Maybe we could work on describing physical contact then?" He said clearly meaning he wanted to fuck my brains out next Monday.

"Ok Mr. Kosmerl, let me make a note of that. Monday 5 pm, fuck Kosmerl silly." I said. Letting him know I understood his mention of physical contact.

"Now Steve I have to get my papers graded so if you please would you close the door behind you when you leave." I asked.

He slid his cock back into his pants and zippered up, standing he said, "Thanks so much for the help Ms. Walker."

I smiled from my desk chair and said, "My pleasure Steve."

He closed the door behind him as he left.

I sat there thinking what the fuck had you just done Genevieve? You need to get your lust under control. If you continue you're going to be consumed totally with your desire to experience every cock you come in contact with. I knew in my heart that I had to control my lust. But my brain, my fantasizing mind wouldn't yet let me stop lusting for every cock. I wanted to make up for all those years of self-induced orgasms. I wanted to experience the feel of as many cocks as I could. I wanted to make each and every one my own personal sex toy. My heart lost out, and I began planning the next experience of my transformed life.

A steady rain fell as I left the English Lit department. It was only a 10 minute walk from there to my flat, but I knew by the time I got home my new suit would be soaked and I'd look like a drown rat. I cursed myself for not bringing an umbrella with me this morning.

I was rescued from drowning by Bill Franklin, he was leaving at the same time I was and asked if he could give me a ride. I gladly accepted mostly because I didn't want to ruin my new suit, but I'd also have a chance to flirt with Bill a little. It wouldn't be much of a flirt since the ride would take less than five minutes.

Bill's car was parked half way across the parking lot.

"I'll run for the car Gen and pick you up here." He offered like a gentleman throwing his coat over a puddle for me to walk across.

I watched as he ran through the rain, his feet splashing in puddles soaking his trouser legs. It was quite cold and damp and I shivered as I waited just outside the building for Bill to pull up.

His car glided to a halt at the bottom of the stairs from the building. I made a quick dash for his car. As I approached he leaned over and pushed the door open. I almost jumped into the passenger seat not caring how high my skirt slid up my legs.

I started to say, "Thanks," but held my tongue when I noticed he had his cell phone to his ear.

"Ok Tess, I understand." He said.

He was talking to his wife Theresa. I'd met her once at the department Christmas party. As I recall she was a rather short woman, somewhat overweight and wore clothing to hide that fact. She was personable enough, but that was with the old Genevieve. I imagined she wouldn't be so friendly if she met the transformed Genevieve.

"I guess I'll just stay here and do some paperwork then." Bill said as he glanced toward me and winked a seductive wink at me.

"I'll see you around 10 then Tess, Goodbye." He spoke.

He flipped his phone closed and looked at me. "She's going to work late tonight."

The shit eating grin on his face left little for me to imagine what paperwork he was planning of doing until 10PM.

As we drove the short distance to my flat I didn't bother to pull my skirt down toward my knees. The darker top of my silk stocking was peaking out from the hemline of my skirt.

"What a perfect opportunity for me to find out where those seams end Gen." He said winking at me once again.

"I couldn't agree more Bill." I replied. "Would you like to come up for a drink?" I added knowing his answer already.

"That would be very nice Gen." He said as we turned the corner and approached my building.

As luck would have it there were no parking spaces near my flat. Bill double parked in front and said, "Why don't you jump out here Gen, I think I see a space near the end of the block."

"Thank you Bill. It's best that we aren't seen going in together anyway." I said remembering that our impending trist would have to be very discreet.

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