tagBDSMTransition Ch. 01

Transition Ch. 01


The wind howled outside the small contemporary apartment Annie lived in. The lights occasionally flicked in and out as she sat glued to her desk chair. Her blue eyes occasionally look at the computer's clock, 11:32PM. In less than thirty minutes she would be twenty one and the rest of her life would be decided.

Annie shifted her plumpicious buttocks from side to side her black hair slicked back in a ponytail. She chewed upon her lip pink lips as she finished the end of the guide. In bold lettering it said, "Your Transition into who you are." it was what was waiting for her after so many years of being treated like one.

Anna didn't know her mother, she didn't know much about her life, no lady ever knew. Ever since a shortage in humans happened woman were seen as the ultimate problem solvers. Anna viewed it as empowerment, without them the human population would have continuously shrank until it was just a merely few thousands.

She swiveled around the chair and looked at the apartment that she once knew. She straightened her bright pink shirt so that her D size breasts would visible. A small suitcase was packed in the corner of the studio apartment that Anna had filled in earlier with a few things that were great memory.

She sighed standing up tugging down her black skirt so that it was just above her knee.

"Are you anxious?" Elliot walked out of the bathroom holding a small suitcase himself.

His hazel eyes met hers which quickly looked away. "It's okay." he attempted to reassure her as he walked over, "This is all for the greater good." he smiled. "We'll be just like everyone else." he took her gently and led her to the window, "Homes are for those who are for calves. We aren't that anymore."

"How can you not be anxious?" she asked pushing open the curtains, "What if there's more in life than just become another cow, another breeder." she rubbed her shoulder as she chewed her lower lip.

Elliot shifted behind her wrapping his arms around her, he slipped his hand up her shirt slowly. It sent goosebumps down Anna's body making her jerk a little once he had slipped his hand under her bra. He fiddled with her nipple causing a small moan to escape from her lip.

"If I become a breeder I can keep you around and you won't be in the farm for that long." he muttered into the crook of her neck ever so softly.

"And how long...oh..." she leaned her head back exposing her neck even more for him, "How...how...long..." she stuttered through the question, "would that take..." her face became a bright red as she felt the bulge in his pants against her.

Elliot didn't answer busy at nipping her neck and squeezing her nipple occasionally. Anna would let out a low moan before gyrating her hips against him.

A loud knocking noise came from the door. It was time. Anna's heart skipped beats and her stomach sank. The full sexual motion she was feeling was gone immediately.

Elliott rolled his eyes from frustration, "They would arrive so soon." he licked her neck quickly then spun her around kissing her upon the lips forcefully. The tip of his tongue slowly traced the outside of her lips asking for entrance.

The knock came again this time louder.

Elliot and Anna groaned at the same time pulling away.

Anna shuffled, "It's time. Promise we'll see each other?" she asked nervously as she walked towards the small grey suitcase.

Elliot watched her leaning against the wall, "We will. We're meant to breed together baby girl." he winked, "Or else why would we have been paired up for so long?"

"Compatibility?" she joked as she opened the door.

Two large men in full body black leather suits stood in front of her. One had bags under his eyes and brownish scruffed hair. He looked rather tired compared to the one who stood next to him looking similar escape more energized. Anna's eyes slowly fell down the enormous bulge in their pants

"No, they're not hard." the one with baggy eyes spoke as he stepped forward yanking her out of the room. He lifted her black ponytail up to read the barcode behind it, "Product 325R" he nodded, "Is that correct." it wasn't a question.

Anna nodded slowly, "Yes that's correct." she tugged a little at hand causing the man to tighten his grip.

"Is this all your stuff?" the other one walked over grabbing her suitcase and lifting it. Anna nodded, "Yes that's correct." she repeated afraid to say anything else.

The bag eyed man chuckled looking her up and down, "You'll be beautiful once you're put to your true use." he licked his lips.

"Now now. She's paired already." the other said as he signaled Elliot to come out of the room.

"Well, let's get you going." he said, "Happy 20th birthday from Gov Corp." he pushed Anna forward.

Anna didn't say anymore as she was escorted out of the building and to a black van. They led her straight to the back of the van where they opened it up to reveal four cages. Two on the floor and two stacked upon them. On the top one was a girl same age as her but with brown eyes and dyed blond curly hair. A rope was tied around her neck, her hands clasped and tied together. The rope was hooked onto a small belt hoop on the van door. It had tugged her forward in the cage pushing her face against the bars. There was a small buzzing noise coming from the cage upstair which made the girl occasionally whimper.

The man pulled out a rope from his pocket and tied around her neck, "Don't want you running off." he chuckled hooking the rope to a small belt hoop on the van door just like the other.

"Of course." she forced a smile upon her face not reluctant to the rope tying.

He pulled out a set of keys from his back pocket and opened the bottom cage. "Get in." he demanded in a stern voice. Anna heart skipped a beat as she quickly crawled into the cage head first, within a quick movement she was lunged forward by a small vibrating object forced into her core. She let out a moan by accident as she slowly turned around in the cage.

He swiftly tied her hands together with the rest of the rope which forced her face to be in a similar place as the girl above.

"Feels good doesn't it?" he asked as he closed the cage door then slowly rubbed his bulge. It had grown what was double the size it was before, the trousers zipper looked like at any moment it would pop open and reveal his entire phallus.

Anna's eyes were glued onto it, something had come over her, something told her she needed it in her mouth more than anything in the world. She smacked her lips attempting to control the sudden surge of drool, and attempting to hold back some of the drool.

"I'll see you two soon." he made a kiss face before slamming the van door close. Anna closed her eyes as the vibration took over her with the van beginning to move.

It had sent goosebumps through her body; she tugged at the rope attempting to want to rub her clit or atleast her nipple. At ends she resorted to just humping the cold metal bottom of the cage. The girl above her replicating her and filling the back of the van with a thumping noise.

By the time that Anna had arrived at the new place she would come home, her body was covered in sweat, her lips were dry and she occasionally licked them attempting to moisten them. Her and the girl above her were panting so hard that their tongues were slightly sticking out. The van door opened pulling the two women's faces up against the bars. Anna's eyes squinted at the bright lights that hit the back of the van.

After a few moments adjusting she realized the van had been parked somewhere indoors that was completely white.

The man from earlier was signing a chart as two other men in white suits began to undo the ropes from their hooks. Each man took one of the ropes and wrapped it around their hand, as they opened the cage they yanked the woman down off the cages and onto the cold plastic covered floor. The girl above Anna had landed on top of her.

They didn't say anything more as they dragged the women from the garage they were in through a set of halls. Anna moaned with the other girl as the vibrations in between her thighs doubled in speed. After being dragged like the animals they were the two woman brought into a tile room where they were hooked up so carefully onto small hooks. Their toes just barely touching the floor.

Anna coughed attempting breath properly making of the men to turn around.

"I apologize." it was the first time any of the men had spoken, "I don't want you hanging yourself." he chuckled at his own pun as he adjusted the rope letting Anna's big toe touch the blue tiled floor. "Good girl." He smacked her ass before walking out.

Anna closed her eyes attempting to breath as she heard the girl next to her come for what felt to her the hundred time. Anna's clit pulsed as she heard her moan loudly, "Fuck!" she shouted attempting to stop her body from releasing, but it was too late.

"Ahh!" She let out a loud scream as cold water came from jets on the walls of the room. Her nippled hardened through her now transparent pink shirt. The jets pressure twirled the two women around until they met each other face to face. Anna eye's met the other brown eyed girl's for the first time. She was wearing a brown skirt with a black turtle neck top. Her face was flushed red and her mouth was open desperately attempting to catch some water into her dry mouth. The jets suddenly turned off and the vibrations between her thighs had come to an abrupt stop.

"Hello." Anna attempted to converse feeling a sense of relief that the vibration was done.

"Hello. I'm Leiah." her voice was a soft almost teenage voice, "or Product 88322P" she giggled.

"Good to see you two are chatting." a blonde haired blued eyed woman in a white suit walked in. Her breasts were the size of her head but somehow she was still standing, they leaked a white substance from them with each step, her hips were wide making her body curvaceous, her thighs thick, her lips a bright red, her nippled were full size teats.

"I'm Product 219831, but you can call me 219." she smiled walking over to a red button on the wall which slowly brought down the hooks.

"You think you're understanding me, but I'm not speaking human." she walked over to the women pulling out a small scanner. She lifted Anna's pony tale scanning it then pressing a button.

Anna blinked her eyes glowing a bright yellow then going back to her normal eye color, "This will help your mental process whilst your here." she pulled down Anna's black skirt. "But if I were to deactivate your understanding device." she smiled clicking a button on the scanner. "Moo. Moo. Moooo." was all that came from her mouth.

Anna shuffled as her shoes were taken off and her shirt was ripped by a box cutter, "I'm just anxious that's all." she muttered under her breath. 219 giggled as she pressed the button on the scanner.

"Really?" 219 lifted Anna's breast, "These are tiny. Did you follow protocol when growing up?" she asked rolling her thumb over Anna's nipple then gently squeezing her breast and repeated on the other.

Anna bit down on her tongue attempting not to moan.

"Rather small really." she shook her head, "That's a lot of work." she sighed disappointed as she jotted it down in the small hand held computer. "Did you read the manual?" she asked walking over to Leigh.

Anna nodded, "Yes." she said watching 219 cut Leigh's shirt off like if she was just another set of livestock.

"What is our purpose then?" she asked curiously as she sucked a little on Leigh's nipple making Leigh moan. 219 smirked as her hand slipped up Leigh's thigh.

"Our purpose is to provide the world with food and humans."

"Who is the food?" she asked letting go of Leigh's nipple and slipping a finger into Leigh's pleasure. Leigh's head fell back as she let out a tired moan.

"We are."

"What happens when we are no longer used?"

"We are-

"Shh.." she slipped her fingers out from Leigh's pleasure, she smiled walking over to

Anna and shoving the finger into her mouth, "Suck it." she whispered. Anna nodded as her tongue twirled around 219's index finger. She sucked it on here and there attempting to please 219 in any way she could. After all she was just following her manual.

"Leigh, tell me what happens."

"We are processed and disposed of." Leigh attempted to catch a droplet of water that was falling from her hair but failed miserably.

"Good. Good. And if we are short on food like we once were." 219 pulled her finger out of Anna's mouth then wiped it on Anna's exposed breast. 219's red plump lips kissed Anna's pink lips softly, her tongue licking the outside of Anna's lips. Anna's tongue replied, playing around for a few moments with 219s.

219 pulled away from her, "Tell me baby girl, what happens?"

"We are food so we will be cut into so. Any part or all of ourselves can be used to feed the people." Anna shuddered at the thought as she spoke, "All pieces of me are available for food." she shuddered in disgust at the thought. Though that shouldn't come to it as the famine of 2022 shouldn't happen again, right? Right. She reassured herself.

"Well let's get you settled in and probably fed." 219 smiled playing a little with her own teat. Anna's eyes would wander over occasionally shocked at how massive they were. She had assured herself they were about the size of her thumb in length, but in thickness she could not compare.

219 gave a small tug on her own teat subconscioiusly and a bit of milk squirted out. She turned on her red heels and strutted out of the room. "See you soon!" she called out.

Anna closed her eyes feeling individual water droplets fall from her hair. Her lips were still dry from thirst and her stomach had begun to growl.

"Maybe we'll get shared rooms." Leigh spoke, "some good food." she said.

"Yeah..." Anna replied, "Food." her stomach gave another growl.

The two men from earlier entered the room and removed the women from their hooks. Once again they dragged them across the floor and into a corridor. Anna's eyes wandered as she saw clear glass rooms. In them were many women on the floor some with their stomachs that hung low to the ground, other with suction machines, many of them with a device in their mouths. Their eyes all looked dazed and out of reality. It had started to torment Anna at what her fate was going to be.

Soon enough they were too brought into a clear glass room. Both the women were tossed in the ropes removed from their hands and neck. One of the guys had walked off leaving the other one. Anna sat up as she rubbed her floor rashed breasts and stomach. She watched as the man walked over to a hook where two collars with chains hooked onto it. He brought them back to them and tied them around their necks. He then walked over to a set of ten bars. He picked them going back to Anna.

"On all fours." he ordered.

Anna obliged getting herself on all fours, her breasts hung freely beneath her, the lips of her pleasure were freely exposed to the cold air around her. He placed each bar underneath the inside of her arms and legs, the last bar was curved with a small ball on the end.

"This may hurt." the man chuckled as he walked over to a white container and pumping some lube onto his hand. "Just a tiny bit but I need to get it in there." he walked back over smacking the lube onto and into her behind. He slipped his finger into her bottom slowly tracing it. Anna yelped startled.

"Shhh Shh baby girl." he whispered as the bulge in his pants began to grow. "It's for your own good." he slipped another and but he couldn't contain his throbbing manhood.The outline of Anna's curvy body was driving him nuts, he had to have it. He had to. Plus, it was free game.

"Ah fuck it." He groaned feeling his bulge throb. "I'm gonna give you a good one." He clipped the top of the curved bar onto the collar then undid his zipper.

"Say you want it." He gripped her hair from behind as his manhood emerged from his trouser. He aligned it to her and shoved it full in. Anna yelped attempting to move away, she had seen how large these men were without at their prime, but now that it was in her she felt it was just too big for anatomy.

"Shh baby girl!" he said gripping her hair tight as he began to pound into her

Leigh watched from the corner of the room. Her own hand betraying her and slowly sliding down to her pleasure, she began to rub her clit rapidly as she watched. Soon enough Anna's eyes glazed over and she began to moan loudly beginning to rock with him so she would be in sync.

"Say you're a good girl!" he said gripped her hair

"I'm a good girl!" she shouted as she rocked.

"Say fuck me like the cow I am!" he picked up his speed, his free hand moving down to her breast. He cupped it then began to make a milking motion with his hand

"Fuck me like the cow I am!" she shouted as the vibration in her pleasure started up again. Her love juices slowly began to drip down her thighs and onto the floor as the man picked up his own speed. He was thrusting in and out, in and out, so fast that she could not keep her hips moving with him. At one point she remained still not knowing what else to do.

Smack! the man's big hands smacked her round ass causing Anna's body jerk hard from orgasm.

"That's how you should behave!" he groaned as he pulled out from her, "Now I can't seed you can I?" his rod throbbed as he pushed it into his pants and attempted to zip it. The zipper couldn't contain it and popped open. He chuckled, "Well, damn me for attempting to wear clothes." he patted Anna's head who was out of breath inserted the ball joint into her behind . He then walked over to Leigh who was laying on the ground panting from her own orgasm. He smiled doing the same to her and mounting her as well.

219 walked in a few moments after the man had finished with Leigh, "I see you've mounted these two." she smiled, "That's a way to introduce them to the real world John." she winked. John chuckled then shrugged, "Reality sucks?" he walked over to 219 cupped her breast and gave a squeeze, milk coming out of it. "Go at them." she kissed her on the lips then walked out of the room.

219 turned her attention over to the two women whose eyes were so glazed over she thought herself they had gone into the twilight zone. 219 smiled bending down in between the two woman.

"Come here." she chirped patting the spots in front of her, "I'm sure you're thirsty." she said in a motherly tone. Anna and Leigh crawled over the best they could, the metal bars only allowing for some joint movement. 219 lifted her breasts up in the direction of the two women mouth.

"Drink up. You're just babies, just a few weeks more and you'll be big girls. You need all the food you can get. " she smiled. Leigh instantly latched on, lest it be because of thirst or for the sake of hunger she began to suck like her life depended on it. Anna hesitated staring at the scene in front of her

"Come on baby." 219 cooed, "Come on Just latch onto the teat.." she wiggled her finger over. "It's good for you." she said. "Are you the runt of the litter?" She put her index finger on her red lips. Anna shook her head as she her head down the best she could and sucked on the giagantic teats, at first she gave a few sucks but once the liquid goodness hit her tongue, something in her change. She felt dependent on the taste, she felt safe sucking on the teat, her mind had switched off completely. She was just happy to be fed. 219 smiled as Anna latched on harder sucking her hardest on her teats. 219's hands went down to each of the woman's clit and began to rub rapidly causing the women to attempt to pull away. She quickly kept their heads pressed against her teats.

"No, no suck harder." she coed, and she went back to rubbing their clits. Anna sucked harder on the teat as if her life depended on it, occasionally a few moans escaping her.

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