tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTransman and Lover Go Camping

Transman and Lover Go Camping

byBig Swede©

Elijah and I on a camping trip:

We start pitching a tent in a beautiful secluded park in the Upper Pennisula on Lake Superior, it is just after Labor Day so no one is there but us and a few other diehards, it is an unusually warm weekend. We pitch our tent and set up camp and decide to go for a walk, it is a beautiful fall day and the leaves are at their peak. We are laughing and joking sharing stories and occasionally touching each other in random erotic ways, like a squeeze of your ass as you climb the narrow path ahead of me. On the next path, you decide to get me back by pulling my shorts down just a bit to show my ass off to nature. As we are climbing up the narrow path you slip and grab hold of my shorts harder than you planned and pull them all the way down but fortunately they help slow your fall so you're not hurt but sitting there with a fist full of my shorts and underwear. You look up and I have turned to you to make sure you're OK and you get a full shot of my cock and balls, semi-stiff because of excitement of the moment and the erotic tension between us all day long.

As I offer to give you a hand to help you up you say thanks and grab my penis and gently squeeze and stroke it as you get up to your feet. You feel it harden in your hand and start to get aroused yourself. You look up at me and you see a huge grin on my face as I am extremely turned on. Your face is about crotch height and you reach out and kiss the tip of my penis and laugh. We hear noises ahead on the path and I quickly grab for my shorts around my ankles now and try to pull them up. Just as I get them around my waist a couple of hikers pop up over the hill and say hi. Both our faces are beet red and we nod and throw some inane chatter at them about what a beautiful day it is, they smile and walk off. We both start laughing and wondering whether they saw us.

I am rock hard and trying to bend my ass backward to hide the ragin' hard on from our fellow hikers. We decide to continue on the path as it leads to a beautiful lake another three miles ahead. I tell you that you better go ahead of me as I don't trust you not to yank on my shorts again, you laugh and say that isn't the only thing you yanked on :) As you're walking in front of me I am totally engrossed in your sweet ass. My hard on has hardly subsided as I want to take you so bad at that moment. I keep seeing this little side paths that seem to lead off to seclusion and suggest we explore but you keep moving us forward as we want to see the small lake. Meanwhile, my hands are all over you whenever I get the chance, at one point I reached inside your jeans and squeezed your ass and tried to stick my finger in deeper but with no luck.

We arrive at the lake and it is as beautiful as we both thought and we decide to sit down on the side of the lake on this small almost sandy area. The lake has no houses or any signs of human existence other than a few footprints in the sand. You start to tell me about some of your best memories of your lake back home. I lay down and pull you close to me and your head rests on my shoulders/chest as you continue with your stories. I start to stroke your shoulders and neck tracing it with the back of my hand gently dragging my fingers down to your shoulders and then back up again. I kiss the top of your head and whisper how much fun it is to be with you. You sigh and nod your head on my chest. By now you have laid your arm across my stomach and as you glance down to move it you see a huge tent on the lake - the tent in my shorts that is, where my cock is straining to break the chains of the underwear and shorts holding it back from flying full mast in the light breeze.

You flash back to when you were stroking it 30 minutes ago and start to lose concentration and our conversation slows to a few grunts as we start to running our hands firmly on each other's bodies. You slide up to head level and kiss me as my hands are fumbling with your jean button and zipper. I kiss you hard and press my tongue into your mouth meeting yours and feeling you press back gently at first. My hand has found its way into your jeans and under your briefs. I am pressing on your flesh and rubbing up and down as I am not quite to your t-cock yet. We both unlock our mouths to inhale breath and smell the sweet smell of pines all around us. I think about how we are one with nature in this extraordinary moment of passion is building within and around us.

I hit your t-cock just as our lips lock again and we press hard on each other's mouth. I feel your hand grasping for my cock struggling to get into my shorts you just grasp it through them and start to rub it up and down and press hard on it. We both are moaning between kisses now and my hand hits your vagina and it is so wet, I smile and slide my finger lighting in, but the wetness and tightness of your still semi-fastened jeans jets my finger in all the way to my knuckle, you let out a gasp and squeeze my cock harder. I unzip your jeans and push hard on them trying to get better access to my favorite thing in the world, your vagina. As I do you wiggle your hips trying to help me get your jeans down further, meanwhile you have now pulled my shorts down and are stroking my hard cock up and down feeling it pulsate in your hand.

I put my hand on your ass and pull you on top of me without our lips even breaking their seal. With your jeans half down to your knees and my shorts in the same location you land on top of me and the very tip of my penis just touches your thigh just an inch away from your vagina. You feel a jolt of excitement shoot up your leg as my hardness presses on your thigh. I slip my hands under your sweatshirt and start to massage and rub your back strongly. You start to hump up and down my torso trying to get your genitals to touch mine. I slide my hands all the way down your back to your ass and squeeze it gently at first but become more and more firm as my excitement grows.

I feel the warm of your heat inches from my fingers. I pull you up closer and slide my right hand down in between your legs and pull my left hand out from between us. I run my hands over your ass down to your vagina and back down again. I hit my cock with my knuckles as it is straining trying to touch you, penetrate you. You put your hands on the ground and you grind your body onto mine as you my hand slips out of your vagina and back on your ass. My cock hits your upper thigh and strikes your vagina with a pressure that causes both of us to moan at once. Our genitals are now pressing hard on each other and I feel your warmth and wetness. You start to buck back and forth shoving your groin onto my cock, it is starting to get slippery and barely pierces your hole with each thrust. I strain my hips upward to try to slide my throbbing cock into you. Our clothes are obviously preventing full penetration and the frustration is growing.

I firmly grab your ass and pull you forward toward my face. I see your sweet cock for the first time today and a shiver runs up my spine. I keep pulling you further up as I am grasping your jeans and briefs in my hand trying to yank them off. You lift your left leg and I somehow get the jeans off that leg, I reach for the other leg and you shove your body back down on mine and slide back to my waiting cock, you slightly open your legs and when you smash into my cock you rub your hips in a circular motion while my cock strains to penetrate you. Your moisture has my cock head slippery and it slides with ease all over your groin, when it hits your t-cock I feel it is rock hard. You press it hard onto my cock and slightly rub it up and down, you're groaning now and I know your as fucking turned on as me.

I lower my head and start to nibble on your shoulder and up your neck kissing and licking it until I get to your ear. I gentle bite it and rub my tongue on it. You croon your neck in the joy of the moment. I return to your shoulders and run my tongue back up to your ear again, and again. I press my tongue and teeth on your lower neck and gentle nibble on it for just a few seconds as to avoid a hickey. Your whole body convulses as your vagina has now found my cock and presses hard on to it. Your wetness has allowed even more penetration of my big mushroom. I am in you about an inch and you shove harder on your groin lowering your ass down so that you thrust my cock in deeper. Suddenly, it slides in all the way as your vagina swallows the invading sword deep into you. My legs stiffen and in fact, my whole body stiffens and I throw my arms around you and squeeze tightly. You pull your hips back up a bit and my cock moves just a little bit and you shove them back down again.

My mind has turned to putty and all I can think of is the tremendous pleasure I feel and love for you. My arms are wrapped around your body squeezing you tight and you reach up to kiss me but can't quite reach my lips so you kiss my neck and soon are biting it with a fever. I shove my hips deep into you and you jam your ass down on me and we freeze with me deep inside you, your lips locked on my neck and I suddenly become one with you and you with me. The intensity of our desire for each other is overwhelming, our pleasure and tactile sensors are on overload and the entire world freezes as we remained lock with each other as one for what seems like an eternity, but only last a few minutes.

The pleasure overwhelms my groin and my cock starts to throb and your start to clench your vagina tighter and tighter on my cock, you feel the giant head throbbing inside you and start to cum. You thrust your hips harder down into my groin as I am shoving my cock as hard as I can deeper into you. Our orgasms over come us and my cum is hurling into you splashing hard against the back of your vagina as your stomach starts to shake and convulse along with your whole body. I yell out in ecstasy as my cum is beginning to leak out of you as your vagina is contracting all around my cock squeezing it - milking every drop of cum out of me.

You collapse onto me and rest your head on my pounding chest. I am rubbing your ass cheeks before I start to gently rub up and down your back. I am the first to speak and I utter, more grunt, "OH MY GOD! you're so fucking hot!" You grin and crown your neck and force your lips down on mine. Our tongues gently rub together as we begin to come back to reality. We look around the lake and both seem to realize where we are at all at once. You jump up and say what do we do now as you feel cum oozing out of your vagina onto your thigh, you want to clean up. I gentle crawl out from under you and see no one around and yell last one in the water is a rotten egg as I am stripping my clothes off racing for the lake. Not to be outdone you follow my lead and we both land in the lake naked.

It is cold but surprisingly not too cold for September. I swim over to you and hug you, you hug me back and climb onto me like a monkey on a tree. You love the coolness on your burning vagina and before long you feel my hand rubbing your cock and vagina, soon my cock is stiffening as it rubs up against you replacing my fingers. We kiss and squeeze each other hard. I whisper in your ear "remember when you told me you wanted to have sex in the lake?" You smile and ....

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/31/17

wow, this was really fucking good and seemed very affectionate but also lustful, and I loved it, thank you! as a transguy, its hard to find stuff like this and I really appreciate it

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by Anonymous06/21/17

As a trans man reading this, I just wanted to say thank you. You are very respectful by using tdick and such, and it seems intimate, not just fucking. Thank you! Awesome job, very hot!

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