tagTransgender & CrossdressersTranssexual Sisters Ch. 02

Transsexual Sisters Ch. 02



Part 2: Living with lesbians

Note; This is part 2 of a continuing story or Michele and Nicole. Please read part l first.

During freshen orientation the girls kindly declined approaches from many men and some women. They needed to find their bearings and were not ready to reveal any hidden secrets yet. They first needed a place to stay and searched the classifieds for a place to live as add that interested them.

MA candidate USC student and roommate has beautiful 2 bedrooms apartment. Needs 1 or 2 serious students. Call: 203 555-6203.

Michelle called. The phone was answered by Dawn Washington. She was captivated by Michelle's perfect English and her French accent and was happy to learn her sister Nicole also needed a room.

"When can you come by?" she asked.

"Is right now too soon?"

"No, not at all, my roommate Cassie is here and we can all get acquainted. But I have to tell you up front that I am a lesbian, and Cassie is bi. If that is not your style and want to change your minds, I understand."

"Does not matter to us in the slightest. I think you will find us a fun couple." Michelle responded.

"Great! See you in a few."

"How did they sound? Cassie asked.

"Oh Michelle sounded very nice, She has a sister Nicole. They are French and have accents that turn me on. She said they are a fun couple but I did not sense they a are lesbians. They would have said so when I told them we are lesbian and bi".

Dawn, 22, 5'7", 37-23-36 came from South Africa. Her coal black skin was unblemished. Her penetrating dark eyes could bore into your soul when she wanted your attention or turn you to jelly if you made her angry. She is an avowed lesbian. It was Dawn's final year at USC. Her undergraduate degree in history took three years without a break. She took this, her first summer break to rest and recharge her batteries looking toward a Masters Degree. Her thesis would be a look at slavery from the African perspective.

Cassie, finishing her last year of nursing residency was a knockout with a big and caring heart that stood her very well in her career. The 5'8" beauty was 36-22-35, 110 lbs, short blond hair and hazel eyes. She was very much in love with Dawn.

"It is nice to have new roommates, "Cassie ventured. "To tell you the truth I was happy to see the last two leave. If they hated our lifestyle why didn't they just say so and find another place in the first place."

"They just wanted to spread the hate," Dawn explained,

"I will never forgive their parting words to us when the finally moved out. Calling you big black dyke and me a cunt loving whore!! My God Dawn what in hell makes people like that?"

Dawn hugged Cassie. "Be still my sweet. It's over and I guarantee Michelle and Nicole will be 100 percent opposites. I just know it." The two were locked in a passionate embrace when the doorbell chimed.

Dawn and Cassie met the two transsexuals and were stunned by the beauties before them. Michelle and Nicole were equally stunned. The two pair were lost for words for a long moment, taking in the loveliness and joy of the moment.

They were invited in and exchanged greeting pecks on the cheek. Michelle was dressed in a loose fitting USC T-shirt and baggy shorts. Nicole wore a halter top tied in the back and mini skirt. The both wore the big toe loop sandals popular at the time. at the time. Neither wore confining panties.

Dawn dressed casually in tight shorts and a fleece long sleeved shirt and bare feet. Cassie was still in her nurses outfit. She had pulled the midnight to 8 AM shift at the teaching hospital and had just returned home.

All four were soon lost in conversation which eventually turned to their love lives.

Nicole stunned Dawn and Cassie with a startling announcement. Dawn, we both admire your honesty revealing that you and Cassie are lesbians."

"I am bi actually, " Cassie interjected.

"That is also fine with us Cassie." Michelle taking over for Nicole. I have had some wonderful times with lesbians and bisexuals. Nicole has had less but equally wonderful times also. We are sisters born two years apart. I waited for her two years so we could come to the US together.

"You were honest with us and we want to be honest with you. We hope you do not mind living with two transsexuals."

Cassie looked at Dawn and saw her penetrating dark eyes boring into Michelle and Nicole's souls.

"Oh God we did not want to upset your Dawn," Michelle's quivering voice apologized.

"My dears ladies, I am far from upset."

"You will get used to her eyes dear ones," Cassie explained.

"It is just difficult to imagine such beautiful ladies with perfect bodies have cocks," Dawn continued. "Please believe me you are more than welcome here."

Michelle with tears in her eyes approached Dawn. They hugged tightly and shared a very passionate kiss. Soon Michelle tongued Dawn's sweet lips. They parted allowing Michelle's tongue all the room she needed. Michelle opened her mouth wide allowing Dawn's tongue. Both mouths moved round and round as their passions grew.

Dawn's pussy was leaking her sweet juices soaking her thong. Michelle's cock grew fully erect tenting her shorts boring into Dawn.

Nicole meanwhile was locked into a similar embrace with Cassie. Feeling Nicole's hard cock Cassie pulled up her skirt and grasped it with her hand. The 7 inch cock was hot and nicely veined. The circumcised head was leaking pre-cum. The aroused couple quickly undressed. Nicole's right hand found Cassie's drenched pussy while her left cupped her right ass cheek. She sucked Cassie's tits back in forth lightly softly biting her hard nipples.

Cassie's right hand continued playing with Nicole's cock. Her left hand caressed Nicole's abundant breasts. Her lips sucked Nicole's nipples. Cassie's sweet juices poured from her cunt. Nicole's cock oozed pre-cum.

Seeing such passion, Michelle fell to her knees and pushed her tongue into Dawn's pussy. She spread her outer lips wide and closed her mouth around the largest clit she has ever seen. As she sucked on the monster she inserted two fingers inside spreading her inner walls locating her G-spot. Dawn fell backwards pulling Michelle around into a classic 69. She saved Michelle's cock for Cassie, spread he ass and pressed her lips around Michelle's anal ring.

"Ohhhhhhhh!!!!! Goood!!!!!!! Michelle hollered. "Yes! Eat my ass!! Ohhhhh!!! Glorious!!!!!!

Cassie removed her hand from Nicole's 7 inch cock and licked in up an down until it was slick with her saliva. As she stroked it she lowered her lips to the tender spot between her balls and asshole. She licked her balls taking one at a time into her mouth. She hummed on each ball creating in Nicole a new exciting feeling.

Nicole spread out and the two moved into a side by side 69. As Nicole bored into Cassie's pussy with passion, she began to seriously suck Nicole's meat. Nicole locked her lips around Cassie's pussy and pushed her tongue in as far as it would go. She added two fingers found her G-spot and massaged the spongy area with a gentle firmness guaranteed to produce a huge volume of female ejaculate. She saw her eyes close tightly and her face grimace, Cassie forcefully ejaculated long streams of her tangy clear fluids one after the other, again and again spurting all over Nicole, Dawn and Michelle. All loved this particularly soothing shower.

Feeling her orgasm approaching Nicole began to gasp. Tingling sensations coursed through her body. Cassie felt her cock grow bigger in her mouth and took it deep in her throat. Feeling her lips on her shaved mound gave Nicole the final push she needed and launched rope after rope into Cassie's throat. She gagged and released the cum spurting rod taking Nicole's final three loads in her face. Nicole leaned into Cassie gently lapping up all her cum. She fed some to Cassie and held the rest for her sister.

Michelle's lips and fingers worked their magic on Dawn's pussy. She felt her new lover jerk and shake beneath her body and clamped down hard on Dawn's big clit. The nerves connected to her orgasm muscles and flesh tingled and worked the magic only a woman can feel. Michelle knew what to expect and opened her mouth to cover Dawn's pussy. With a force drawn from a new lover's sensations she came again and again six times in one of the best multiple orgasms of her life.

Nicole moved slowly to Michelle kissing her deep commingling her cum with Dawn's fluids. The loving transsexual sisters kissed with passion.

Nicole spread Michelle's knees and took her cock directly in her mouth. Michelle's 9" cock fit comfortably in Nicole's throat. She enjoyed the feeling of her luscious lips on her shaved mound. Nicole had a knack of creating a chewing gum sensation on Michelle's cock. She would drive her sister up a wall then stop teasing her without mercy but prolonging her pleasure until Michelle could not stand another minute grapping the back of Nicole's head forcing her cock even deeper. She leaned forward at the waist and took Nicole's by the sides of her face looked deeply into her eyes and blasted rope after rope of her delicious cum down her throat, in all over her face. Cassie joined her in cleaning Nicole and they shared a big cream pie.

Dawn showed the exhausted Michelle and Nicole to their room. The next day they picked up their belongings from the hotel they had stayed for the first few days since arriving from France. They had a glorious weekend before registering for classes Monday.

Promises of greater things filled their sexually satisfied minds.


Michelle and Nicole registered on line Monday morning and spent the rest of the day locating the classroom for each subject. They had evening dinner and clubbing dates with Dawn and Cassie. The lesbian and bi couple promised to take them to Loving Angels one of the hottest lesbian bars in LA. It was popular to drag queens, transvestites, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. It was safe, festive and clean with a live band and large dance floor. The space above the club continued 20 bedrooms complete with bathrooms, where couples could enjoy intimate encounters.

Club waitresses were all lesbians dressed in bikini bottoms and spider web halters. By design they oozed sexuality. In addition to delivering drinks they passed notes from one person or group wanting to hook up with another. Touching was encouraged but only by permission.

The four beauties found a secluded table and ordered a round of frozen margaritas from an incredible waitress. She could not have been more than 5-2, with an impressive body. When she returned Dawn started a conversation. Her name tag read "Pixie."

"We all think you a absolutely stunning." Dawn started off.

"Absolutely." Cassie echoed.

"Very nice indeed." the sisters added.

"That's so sweet of you. Most of the other girls say I am too short." Pixie said. "Only my lover knows what a little dynamo I can be in bed."

"I can imagine." Dawn replied. :If you don't think it is too forward what are your vitals anyway?"

"Happy to tell you. I am a proud 39-20-36, 105 lbs. I'm 5-2 when I wear 4" heels."

"If you took your shoes off I'd have to kneel just to suck those gorgeous tits." Michelle told her.

"That I would pay to see." Dawn offered.

"How much?" Pixie countered, "I know you are college kids so it won't take a lot."

"What do you say girls? Can we scrape together 50 bucks?"

"For that much you can all suck my tits," Pixie exclaimed, removing her halter.

Dawn and Cassie each held one of her gorgeous perfectly shaped tits and sucked her erect 1" nipple, until Pixie felt her thong bikini getting damp. Michelle and Nicole took their turn. Never had they seen such perfectly proportioned huge breasts. They sucked until there cocks started straining against their thongs. Pixie replaced her halter stuffed the 50 dollars in he cleavage whispering to Dawn, "I get off at midnight. My lady is back east for two weeks and I need some pussy."

Loud cheers came from surrounding tables. Wows was all that came from her dates as Michelle quickly returned to her seat, sporting a sizable bulge that did not go unnoticed by two transvestites at a nearby table.

Matt and Brad were gay lovers who loved dressing in ladies clothing. Local business men, they wore either thongs or panty hose under their pants everyday. They shaved their legs, arms, pits, crotch and ass. Their hair was kept long in public a generally accepted practice in modern LA. If they were going out they went to a gay owned saloon for false nails and eye lashes, make up and hair styling.

This particular night they were stunning in very tight short lavender skirts and an even tighter halter top, a form fitting bra held their false tits in place. The had ruby red lipstick, lavender eye shadow matching their skirts, and their hair tied in at least 40 very tight braids. It was a come fuck me look that turned on Michelle and Nicole who knew a transvestite when they saw one.

Michelle noticed Matt staring and nudged Nicole. "Looks like we have some fans sweetie. Feel like a some gay cock tonight?"

"Oh my aren't they pretty boys?" Nicole responded.

"We'll leave you two alone for awhile." Dawn said taking Cassie's hand. "If you get lucky we'll see you in the morning."

Matt and Brad quickly moved in and introduced themselves to Michelle and Nicole. Matt introduced himself as Marty and Brad as Brandy.

"Hi ladies, this is Nicole and I am Michelle. Nice to meet you. You are beautiful. Love your braids."

"Thank you." Brandy replied. "To tell you the truth, we are gay lovers and enjoy dressing up when we go out."

"Nicole and I have been around and recognize transvestites when we see them. Up to now we have only made love to women. We have craved cock for a long time. So if you want we can have some fun tonight." Michelle said seductively.

"You must be transsexuals." Brandy asked. "You obviously have real breasts. And I saw your bulge, Michelle, when you sucked Pixie's breast. Isn't she fantastic? Such a small little thing with those huge tits."

"Yes Nicole and I are transsexuals, sisters actually, but we are not transgender, you know boys with girls trapped in their bodies. We were born this way in Paris to lovely parents who let us grow up to become what we were meant to be."

Nicole added: "No hormones, large cocks and the body you see except for implants needed because our breasts did not develop as fully as the rest of our body."

"That's amazing," Brandy said. "You both are gorgeous May we have the next dance?"

"Our pleasure," Michelle and Nicole responded in unison.

Brandy took Nicole by the hand and Marty placed Michelle's hand on his arm.

The band played a slow melody of several love standards. The two couples held each other close. Brandy and Marty had danced with a lot of lesbians and bisexual woman on Loving Angels' dance floor but none with the grace and fluid movements of Michelle and Nicole.

As they were dancing the night away, Dawn and Cassie were under a table licking the pussies of two of their college professors. Professor Madison. Chemistry and Professor Green, history were openly gay, very attractive 40 year olds who had lived together for years. They loved the young lips and tongues ravishing their cunts and came to quick orgasms covering Dawn and Cassie's with very sweet juices.

"You like our douche Honey." It is cherry flavored. "Here take our napkins and clean your faces." Professor Madison offered. "see you girls in class."

The service to their professors left Dawn and Cassie very horny. They saw Pixie near by and approached her. "Glad to see you two," Pixie said, "Do you know the people your friends are dancing with are actually guys who I have heard have really large cocks.?

"That's OK Michelle and Nicole have big cocks too." Nicole laughed.

"Oh wow. Now I want to come to your place more than ever. I have never had sex with a transsexual. Just thinking about sucking their cocks is getting me turned on."

"We know the feeling." Cassie sympathized. :"We just finished lapping the cunts of two of our professors and are horny as hell.

"We do want to see you soon but do you know if any ladies here are ready to eat pussy?"

"In fact two waitresses are getting off work now. This job gets us all horny and I bet Marilyn and Maria would gladly do you both. They should be in the dressing room. Follow me."

Pixie guided the two past the band and down a short hall to a large lounge thru a doorway where Marilyn and Maria were still in their work attire..

They were both beautiful young girls who were living large from the salary and generous tips. Marilyn, a 5'6", 110 lbs red head with a 38-23-37 body with a tiny red hair strip just above her otherwise bald pussy. She was one sexy lady.

Maria, a Mexican immigrant was a brown beauty, 5'6", 110 lbs, shiny black hair, a 39-24-36 body with a completely bare pussy. She was simply adorable.

All four moved to the more spacious lounging area with a selection chairs, sofas and a flat screen TV and video player with shelf full of XXX lesbian movies.

It did not bother them that employees occasionally passed thru the lounge area. They has seen lovers so many times they hardly noticed anymore.

Marilyn, felt drawn to the lovely Cassie, She slowly undressed the beauty, removing her top and bra , drawing her closer, hugging and kissing her in to a tongue duel. Marilyn reached the side zipper of Cassie's dress and slowly pulled it down caressing her lovely calves and thighs along the way. Cassie removed Marilyn's meshed bra and rubbed her palms over both breasts rolling her hardening nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

Maria stared at Dawn for a long time. She had grown up and Mexico and had never seen a African until she migrated to LA. In the five years she had lived in LA she had never seen anything like the beautiful woman standing before her. "Like what you see darling? Dawn asked.

"Si, a mean yes. Oh my lord yes in deed You are so beautiful and sexy."

"So are you Maria. Come to me and undress me while I remove your sexy top and bikini." Dawn requested. Soon they were naked. Maria hugged Dawn and began kissing her sweet lips. Dawn's open mouth soon covered Maria's lips and she plunged her tongue deep, Maria gasped and wrapped her talented tongue round Dawn's prolonging there tongue duel in a passion that had them both dripping juices down their legs.

Maria dropped to her knees and dove her face into Dawn's mound. Dawn spread her legs allowing Maria greater access to her very hot juicy pussy. Maria opened wide jabbing her tongue in and out drawing out more of Dawn's creamy cunt juice.

"Oh Maria you nasty girl. Ohhhhhh!!!! Yesssssss!!! Soooooo! Gooood!! Eat my cunt. Taste and swallow my juicy nectar. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

Her words drove Maria in to a frenzy. She pushed Dawn to a chair pushed her legs high, spread her as cheeks and continued to eat her pussy. Juices were pouring out covering her ass and Maria's face. The hot Mexican lubricated her left hand with Dawn's juices and drove first one then two fingers from her right hand into her puckering asshole. She followed by sliding two fingers from her left hand into Dawn's pussy and moved her lips around Dawn's clit.

"You are driving me crazy you dirty slut. Yesssss!! Fuck my ass!! Fuck my cunt!!! Lick my clit!!!

Maria became even more aroused and wanted to give Dawn all she craved and more. She added her other fingers and thumb to her left hand and drove it wrist deep into Dawn's ass.

"Good! Gooooooooddddd!" Dawn squealed. "Oh yes Dear Maria. "Stuff my ass. Maul my bowels!!! Yesssssss!!!!! Mercy me you are sooooo smutty good."

Maria had more in store for Dawn. She fisted her right hand and forced it deep it her pussy. She twisted it around her juicy inner sanctum. Dawn was howling. Maria opened her fist and gently stroked her G-spot. An odd but familiar feeling took over Dawn's body. It was like floating on some magic cloud. Her mind became fussy. She was a mass of ecstatic energy waiting to charge her orgasm. The magic cloud gave way to a raging storm and Dawn spurted a several waves of her ejaculate. As her spurts gave way to a soft dribble, Maria opened her fist in Dawn's ass and sawed in forcefully in and out. She worked equally hard on Dawn's clit. Dawn was beyond hot. She was on fire. A tingling sensation drove her into a massive orgasm spraying Maria's face with hot creamy liquid. She came again and again in a multiple wave of spectacular pleasures.

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