tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTrapped and Trained Ch. 07

Trapped and Trained Ch. 07


After a good fifteen minutes of trying to get my makeup just right (talk about sentences I never thought I would ever utter), I started getting a few random zaps on my "SLUT" collar. Getting the message that he was growing impatient with how long I was taking, I hurried up and finished the final few touches of eyeliner and lip gloss. I could still taste Amanda and Britney's juices and could smell their cum with every inhale as a great deal had made it up my nose, but the zaps were becoming more and more frequent through my collar so I just accepted the fact that I would have to deal with those reminders of my abuse just a short time ago in the middle of the roughly forty people attending the party... all of which I had personally greeted at the door in my ridiculous maid's outfit.

I opened the door to the bathroom and went back out to the living room. There was yet another crowd over around my auction sheets as I silently cursed each one of them for wasting their money. There was no way I was performing any of the acts on those papers, so they could write down whatever the hell they wanted for a bid. It was my body and I ultimately could decide what I did with it. I was feeling a bit more confident in myself and feeling like I had some semblance of control until I saw my Master stand in the front of the room quieting everyone down and encouraging them to take a seat.

"Everyone, give me your attention up here. Where's Candi? Candi! I'm sure she's off 'entertaining' one of our guests. Candi, get the fuck up here already!"

His comment about how I was 'entertaining a guest' angered me and caused my face to burn underneath my freshly applied makeup. I told myself I wasn't going up there in front of everyone but then I felt hands all around me pushing me and pulling me forward along with some motivational zaps through my collar. Before I knew it I was standing next to the man I hated the most in this world, my quote/unquote Master, the one responsible for all of this humiliation and abuse.

"Ah, there you are my shy little slut. Okay everyone, the bidding is going to be closing here shortly and then the real fun will begin. But for those of you who are reluctant to put down your well earned money on my newest project, allow me to give you a few demonstrations on what you could be missing out on to try and create a bit of a bidding war before I close the auction down and we move downstairs."

What was he talking about? I hated it downstairs as that's where I knew all of his gadgets and toys were. If I went down there who knows what would happen. I had to make sure I at least stayed upstairs. And what did he mean by a few demonstrations? He went on talking.

"If I could have just a few volunteers from the crowd to help me out up here. You see, Candi is new to all of this and a bit shy. Trust me, she loves cock, but she gets a bit timid in front of crowds I've noticed... but not to worry, it really gets her going when she is forced!"

People couldn't get out of their seat fast enough to help my Master out with his demonstration. To my horror, the first one up beside me was the massive Jerome, the one who had manhandled me earlier. Two other men joined him with smiles across their faces as they undressed me with their eyes. I could tell they were all beginning to develop erections in their pants, then scolded myself for letting my eyes wander to their crotches. Flashes of cameras continuously went off from the crowd.

"Perfect, thanks guys. Now, since we're auctioning off a lot of firsts for Candi tonight, I'm sorry to say that she won't be touching your cocks. But you three will be getting a close up view of her abilities which I'm sure will convince you of her talents."

Master disappeared for a moment, then came back with a small duffel bag. He opened it up and started pulling out different kinds of restraints, then a few different butt plugs and dildos. He tossed a spreader bar at Jerome.

"Jerome, if you'd be so kind, spread Candi's legs and attach this spreader bar between her ankles."

Jerome couldn't have been happier. He moved behind me and put his leg between mine, then kicked from side to side. I was unbalanced on my heels and wobbled a bit, but he caught me and lifted me up effortlessly, then again spread my legs with his and set me back down. He quickly attached each cuff from the spreader bar around my ankles and tightened them.

"Great, thanks Jerome. Now stay behind her and enjoy the view. Bill and Jason, if one of you will bend her over while the other cuffs her arms to the spreader bar we'll be ready to start our demonstration."

Jerome was so close behind me that I could periodically feel him rub his crotch against me. Bill and Jason moved in front of me while one grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me forward as Jerome grabbed my waist to keep me positioned. I had no choice but to bend over from the pressure and felt my ass push back into Jerome, causing him to moan a bit and grind his semi-hard cock against me. Once I was bent over my arms were forcefully pulled down and each cuffed to the spreader bar between my legs, keeping me bent over and spread apart, vulnerable to anything.

I felt Jerome's hands behind me starting to move closer to my pussy. I tried moving away, but given my situation, moving really wasn't an option. I strained to look to my Master and begged him to let me go, knowing that it was absolutely pointless, but my instincts made me at least try. He just smiled and looked on as Jerome's huge fingers were now at the entrance to my pussy.

I clenched with all my might, but I was stuck in this position with nowhere to go, so his entrance would be inevitable. Slowly he overpowered me and I felt one of his digits slip inside, lubed by the events from earlier. He tightened his grip on my hip with his left hand as he worked a second finger inside, the began to work them in and out as I pleaded for him to stop.

Apparently thinking that my talking would ruin his efforts in creating a bidding war, my Master quickly tossed one of the ejaculating dildos to one of the other men, Jason. He wasted no time and quickly put it to my lips, which caused me to close them tightly. He pinched me nose, causing me to separate my lips but I made sure to keep my teeth together, groaning through them as Jerome continued his assault behind me. Jason grew impatient and pushed the head of the cock between my lips, then pushed the trigger to cause the dildo to start ejaculating. To my surprise it wasn't the cum formula that I'd been made to swallow in the past, but this tasted different.

"Yes, Candi" my Master whispered in my ear. "We've had a collection going on in the back for a while tonight. You've got a mixture of every man here in those lips right now."

My mouth opened at this news involuntarily, just a mental slip that was quickly capitalized on by Jason as he slid the cock between my teeth and began to work it in and out. He moved to the side so that everyone could see, then rammed the entire 6 inches all the way in my mouth. The crowd applauded at my progress as Jason again thrust the dildo in and out of me. He and Jerome eventually had a rhythm going with Jerome's fingers thrusting inside of me just as Jason pulled the dildo out. Finally my Master gave a hand signal and Jerome's fingers left me entirely while Jason thrust the dildo all the way in my mouth and again pushed the ejaculate trigger. My mouth filled and the crowd laughed as cum leaked out of the corners of my mouth. My Master whispered in my ear to swallow or that I would regret it... and I believed him. People clapped as they watched my cheeks empty, then the dildo was removed, completely clean.

"Now ladies, as shown earlier by an eager group, Candi isn't exclusively a cock sucker. If I could have two women come up here to help out."

The women were a bit more hesitant than the men, but that's really not saying much as they were still very eager to join in. A woman with a bit of a heavier build was up first. She had shorter brown hair and just some massive breasts that were straining under a dress that had to be a size or two too small. Behind her came a shorter, much more fit woman with perky breasts and a tight form fitting blue dress.

"Now ladies, if you could both get on all fours right here in front of Candi. Jerome and Jason, you know Beth and Erica. Take your pick and each of you shoot a load inside one of them."

Jerome and Jason happily took their cocks out and went to the women who were waiting for them. Jerome went to Beth, the larger girl while Jason lifted Erica's dress up over her hips to show that she wasn't wearing any panties and that her hairless pussy was already dripping wet.

While those two men began fucking the women, my Master gave me a zap of my collar to get my attention, then was at my ear.

"I'm going to uncuff you now. You will voluntarily lay on your back on the ground. If you disobey in the slightest, I will disown you right now and let every man in this room have a turn at you, then throw you out. Nod if you understand."

What else could I do? I nodded, then felt the cuffs being released from my arms and legs. I laid down behind the two couples who were now fucking at a rapid pace, the groaning of both men signaling that they would soon be releasing some massive loads inside the two women.

Jason finished first and pulled out, his cock still twitching a bit. Erica knew what to do apparently as she quickly put her hand over her pussy and straddled my face, he legs pinning my arms down similar to how Britney had me earlier, only this was much worse as the realization of what was about to happen sunk in. She removed her hand as I saw a speck of whiteness starting to appear at the opening of her pussy, then she sat down directly over my closed mouth. She reached back with her hands and squeezed hard on my nipples, forcing my mouth open, then I felt her pushing to extract the cum. I felt a slimey ball of cum drop into my mouth and had to swallow it before she would get back up. I was then made to lick her pussy clean. She was obviously enjoying my new tongue piercing as I felt her tighten her grip on my breasts and start to ride my face extremely hard. Finally she sank down on me and I felt a rush of her cum greet my lips, followed by her quickly jumping off of me and walking back to her seat with a flushed expression on her face. I felt it wouldn't be the last time I'd have her riding my face.

While this was going on, Jerome had already cum once deep inside of Beth but was still going strong, his cock a massive 9 or 10 inches. Beth was in heaven and was pounding her chubby body back into him to meet each of his powerful strokes. Finally he let out yet another scream and impaled his entire cock inside of her once again. Beth followed Erica's lead and put her hand over her pussy, then also straddled my face. She ordered me to open my mouth and intimidatingly put her hands on my nipples. Not wanting to experience that pain again I opened my mouth, then watched as a long and steady steam of cum poured from her pussy and down into my mouth. She intentionally hovered over my mouth so that the crowd could watch as the cum left her fat pussy lips and dripped into my awaiting mouth. Once the stream stopped she quickly sat down, smothering me in her chubby thighs. I panicked and tried to lift her up, but it was no use so I tried to lick up her pussy as quickly as possible. Once it was clean she still sat there for an extra moment, causing more panic, but she finally lifted up to the crowd's applause. I was left gasping for air on the ground as my Master again spoke to everyone.

"Okay everyone, I hope you enjoyed that very brief demonstration of Candi's talents. The bidding will close in thirty. In the meantime, Candi will be recuffed with this vibrating plug in her pussy and this penis gag in her mouth, so you are all invited to come on up here and check out the merchandise as it is stretched to ready her for the main event downstairs."

Exhausted, I didn't even object as I felt Jerome and Jason pick me back up to a standing position, then recuff me with the spreader bar between my legs and my arms to that bar. I then watched as that bitch Britney came to the front and took the biggest plug from the bag, easily two and a half inches across at the widest point and probably five inches long and position herself behind me. She gave me a playful spank on the ass, causing me to jump, before easing the plug inside of me. Just before it was fully seated, she pulled it all the way back out making me groan. Once it was out she again pushed it inside of me only to pull it out at the last moment again. The third time she took it and shoved it all the way inside of me, then gave it a few tugs to make sure that it was in fact enclosed inside of me securely.

Kelly was in front of me holding a gag that had a penis extention on the inside, which would obviously go inside my mouth. She put it to my lips, but then took it away. She pulled up her short black dress, moved her thong to the side and then slide the gag up and down on her wet pussy. I then watched as the gag disappeared inside of her pussy as she ground on it for a good thirty seconds. She removed the small black penis from her pussy and I saw that it was glistening with her juices. She put it to my lips and I opened my mouth to accept it, tasting her pussy as it slid into place. I then felt her lock the gag behind my head and walk away to join the rest of the frenzy that was now taking place over at the desk where my auction papers were. I heard one group talking about all pitching in together to share me for certain activities and my heart sank. So much for all of that control I fictitiously convinced myself I had earlier.

Periodically a few people would leave the group over by the desk and come to check on me. They would pull the plug out and feel around inside my pussy, apparently trying it out for later. They would plug my nose and make me squeal into my gag as I couldn't breathe, then pull my breasts out of my corset and pinch, tug and twist my nipples as I screamed and pleaded muffled cries for them to stop. They would just laugh and walk away, back to the desk to improve their current bid.

My Master smiled... he had his bidding war and he was making a fortune off of me just off of my first night. I looked to the clock and saw that it was midnight. I closed my eyes tight, hoping that I would open them and this would all be over, that I would be in my bed in my apartment, awaking from this nightmare. I opened my eyes and didn't see the ceiling of my apartment, but instead a black, veiny cock right in front of my face, smelling a familiar scent. It didn't take long to realize that it was Jerome's cock and that the smell was the mixture of his cum and Beth's pussy that I became all too familiar with earlier. Jerome slid his still slimy cock around my face, the remnants of his sex with Beth earlier being left on my face, then stopped at my mouth, just outside of the gag. I then heard his deep voice, a voice that I'm sure I'll be hearing in my nightmares for years to come.

"Mmmmm, you'll have to open wide for me, baby. My cock is gonna look damn good in there."

I closed my eyes again, wanting everything to go away. To my left I heard my Master ringing a bell, then speaking.

"Okay everyone, auction is closed! Please make your way downstairs as Candi and I will be down shortly after a quick wardrobe change."

The long night was about to get longer. Much longer. I watched Jerome walk away with a bit smile on his face and watched everyone take one last glance at me as they disappeared downstairs, to the dungeon. I wondered who had paid for me to do what as they all filed through the door, down to what soon would be my personal hell.

Then my own personal devil appeared in front of me with a short zap to my collar.

"Okay Candi, maid time is over. Time to get changed for the main event!"

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