tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTrapped and Trained Ch. 11

Trapped and Trained Ch. 11


It took me hours to fall asleep that night. It was hard to narrow it down to just one reason why...

Maybe it was the tingling feeling of my fishnet stockings sliding around on my pink silk sheets each time I moved. Or perhaps it was trying to get used to the feeling of these D-cup breasts flailing around as I tossed and turned, the glue holding them on pulling at my actual skin and causing the metal teeth around my nipples to grind. It was impossible to get comfortable with these things.

If it wasn't my attire or my breasts, then maybe it was the fact that, every time I even closed my eyes, I had vivid images of the night's events flooded into my mind. Images of being tied on the glass table, looking at the monitors and seeing a cock in my pussy (my ass, dammit) and another one thrusting into my painted mouth. More images of what I had just been made to do in "my" new fetish room on a webcam show for my fans. They were devious, and I had no choice but to obey their requests. From the woman who made me bend myself over in front of the camera and paddle my ass until it was as pink as the teddy I was wearing to the prick who made me climb up on the bed and fuck my spend and sore pussy with an 8 inch vibrator, making me moan as if I enjoyed humiliating myself in this way. The show went on for 3 hours... 3 hours of torturous activities thought up in perverted minds, all paying to watch me perform for them. What was wrong with these people?

Finally I drifted off to sleep, my dreams invaded by more images of cocks and strapons. The past month was obviously taking its toll on me both physically and mentally. After what must have been 10 or 11 hours of rest, I was startled back to consciousness by the slamming of a door inside my apartment. The front door! It was open! Now was my chance to get out of here!

I swung my legs off of the bed and placed my feet on the ground, forgetting momentarily that I had been made to keep on my pink high heels as I went to bed. I decided there was no time to slip them off, any time I lost might be the cause for me being stuck in this life for another day, so I ran as well as I could out of my bedroom and around the corner of the hallway. The front door was in sight as I stumbled my way past my fetish room, past the room containing the new tanning bed and through the living room, slamming into the door and relentlessly twisting the knob... only to find that it was still locked. Whoever had slammed the door had slammed it on their way out of the apartment, not in. I slumped against the door and slid to the ground, quietly sobbing, knowing that I had missed my chance to free myself, knowing that I was stuck in this horrid apartment for another day. I shivered as I thought about what my immediate future would hold.

It slowly dawned on me that someone had been inside of my apartment while I was sleeping. What had they been doing? Did they come in and watch me sleeping? I was in such a deep sleep... had they touched me? Surely I would have awoken, I convinced myself. I stood and scanned my living room when I looked to the coffee table and saw a brown box with a note atop of it. I timidly walked over and opened the box as I sat down on my couch.

Inside the box, the first thing I came upon were dozens and dozens of pictures from the previous night. Pictures of me "dancing" with the men out on the floor when Brittany separated from me, of me sucking the man off in my stall as the others ate, of me bent over the bed and pleading with a man to come and fuck me, and plenty of my main event... cocks of all different shapes and sizes at different stages of penetrating my holes, some in the midst of shooting their semen either inside of me or on my face or back. I collected all of the pictures and threw them under the couch, not wanting them anywhere in my field of vision.

Underneath the pictures were about twenty DVD's... upon closer inspection they were porn of all different kinds. Some starred shemales, others were girl on girl, guy on guy, gangbangs, etc. Some were fetish related, others almost seemed instructional while the rest just seemed centered around fucking. I also shoved these under the couch. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Silly to say as I could see the tops of my white fishnets under the box and, each time I bent down to put something under the couch, all I could see were my hot pink high heels. Why was I still wearing those? I quickly kicked them off and threw them at the wall.

At the bottom of the box two small pink envelopes were taped. I removed the envelope labeled "Open First" and opened it to find a piece of paper with instructions on it. The instructions read:

"1. Go take a shower. Be sure to apply the depilatory cream and then allow ten minutes to pass prior to washing it off. Shave any areas that show even the slightest trace of hair. 2. Find the brunette wig as shown in the attached picture and secure it in place. 3. Find the pink dress with matching thong and black boots also pictured and put them on. 4. Apply your makeup to match the pictured face. 5. Put on the pictured jewelry items. 6. Open the 2nd envelope."

I looked at the attached pictures... it was impossible to be surprised any longer. The wig was a straight brunette wig that looked like it would go just down past my shoulders. The dress... goodness, the dress... It was a light pink and, on a woman in a club, would be extremely sexy. It had a halter top neck and the front was cut so low that you'd most likely be able to see my belly button. There was a small, thin string tying the two halves of the cutout together right between where my breasts would be. It all came down into a tight, ruched skirt at the bottom that seemed very form fitting and would barely even make it to the bottom of my ass cheeks. That was the purpose, I suppose. A tiny pink satin thong completed the outfit, of course. The boots were black and made of a lycra material that would hug my leg tightly and stretch all the way up to my thighs with a steep 6" stiletto heel to top it all off. The makeup was going to be put on thick based on the picture, a deep foundation, heavy pink lipstick with gloss, dark eyeshadow, heavy blush to bring out my cheekbones. The earrings I was to wear were small black hoops that joined together to dangle down nearly to my shoulder. There were similar circles in silver that would be placed in my belly button piercing. A small pink ball was pictured, obviously for my tongue piercing.

It took me some time to get everything just right. The boots were a struggle to get up my leg and get into place - they felt so tight that I wondered how I would ever get any circulation through to my feet. The top of the dress felt like it was just hanging off of me, with half of each breast on display underneath the tiny piece of material attempting to cover it. Sadly the breast forms I was wearing were so convincing that, unless someone carefully examined them from an inch or two away, no one would know that they were fake... they just looked like implants. I was correct in my assumption that the dress was so low cut that my belly button would show as the silver circles dangled just above the bottom of the cut out. The string holding the material together at my chest was straining against its stitches, obviously not made for such a large bosom. I was again right that the tight skirt bottom of the dress barely covered my ass - every time I moved I could see a small flash of the satin thong I was wearing underneath. The brunette wig completed the look with the hair flowing naturally down just past my shoulders - as I moved I felt it tickle the area just between my shoulder blades, letting me know that it was there. The makeup was caked on thick and, once I was finished, I looked fit to star in a porn film, basically. My lips thick and luscious from the pink lipstick and gloss, my eyes deep from the heavy mascara and eye shadow. Everything about me screamed that I was just made to make sexual dreams of others come true. And I hated it.

With my outfit complete I walked back out into the living room and opened the second envelope. I sat down on the couch and noticed that my thong was on full display, so I crossed my legs... I was self conscious of the cameras everywhere and didn't want to give anyone more of a peep show than I was forced to. There was another letter inside that read:

"Candi - I'm sure you're dressed to impress. Now it's time to show you off and start your training for your new life.

You will leave the apartment and drive to the nearest subway station. You will board the subway and take it to the 5th street exit downtown. There is a ticket waiting for you at the station under your name. Once you are off the train you will walk the three blocks to the address noted below.

Your sensors will be turned off as you exit the apartment, so enjoy your moments of freedom. However, if you take longer than the two hour allotment to reach your destination, the ring on your pathetic little clit will activate and will have a force so strong that you will be debilitated wherever you are... leaving you quite vulnerable, I'd imagine. You have five minutes from the time you opened this letter to leave the apartment and your two hours starts the moment you exit your apartment - have a fun trip!"

I was supposed to go outside dressed like this? In THIS?! No. I wasn't leaving. I would stay here and play his little game from inside my apartment, but he couldn't send me out into public dressed as his little bimbo. I sat defiantly on the couch and waited. After what must have been five minutes I felt the electricity in my clit ring kick on to a low buzz. That wasn't too bad, I could stand that for as long as I needed to. After another minute it intensified. This continued over the next few minutes until it was becoming unbearable before it finally just turned off altogether. Finally the intercom clicked on.

"Candi - you have two options. You can leave and do as you're told, or, if you choose, I will lock the front door and put up your name and address on your new web site as well as dozens of others. People will come to your apartment from all around wanting to cash in on the advertisement they saw where they would get to do whatever they wanted to you. I'd imagine the line would run all the way down the street. Your landlord would certainly not approve and would most likely take legal action against you. No one would listen to your far fetched story of being forced into all of this - look around - all of these items are purchased in your name and are in your apartment. All you have is circumstantial evidence against me and you don't even know who I am! Now, the clock is ticking - you have thirty seconds to get out of this apartment before your that option is off of the table."

He had me. I knew he had me. He knew he had me. Going out in public dressed like this was awful, but I was actually quite passable and nobody would really know the difference. The other option was unthinkable. I stood and pulled my dress down as far as it would go, which still barely concealed the bottom of my ass, and strode towards the door. I turned the handle and, as opposed to earlier when I wanted to leave, the door popped open. I walked quickly out to my car and found the keys inside and the car running. He was close by, he had to be. I hopped in and drove off to the subway station a few miles away.

I sat in the parking lot of the subway station for what felt like days, but was really only about five minutes. I was now down to about an hour and forty five minutes to get to my destination. The subway trip would likely take up anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes of that, depending on the wait and how busy it was. And, from the look of the station, it was going to be busy. Of course.

I stepped out of my car and walked to the ticket station. The teller at the window was a middle aged man and I watched as his eyes widened as I walked to the window. I told him my name and that I thought a ticket would be waiting for me, but he said he had no tickets for that name. I cursed under my breath and asked for him to look for a ticket under the name "Candi", which resulted in him finding the ticket I needed. He smiled as he handed it to me and I felt his eyes firmly planted on my ass as I walked down the stairs to wait for my train.

Luckily, the train came after only a few minutes of waiting. It felt like everyone waiting was staring at me, watching my every move, resulting in me just standing like a statue and staring straight ahead. Finally the train pulled in and the doors opened - again, the departing passengers eyed me up and down as they exited the train, a few of them whistling and calling out lewd comments in my direction. It took all I had in me to ignore them and board the train.

There were no seats available so I was forced to stand, holding on to one of the handles next to a bench in front of a few men. In my peripheral vision I saw them nudging one another, obviously referring to me. One of them took out his cell phone and used the camera to take a few pictures of me. He attempted to angle it to take a picture up the bottom of my dress but I was able to move out of the way and throw a disgusted scowl in his direction, causing his friends to bust out in laughter. The train came to its first of many stops on the way to 5th street and a mass of people entered the train, causing everyone standing to be front to back up against one another.

That's when the trouble started. I was basically stuck standing in my position and there was a man pushed right up against me - he was so close that I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. The train started moving again and, as it slowed for the next stop, I felt him push forward as if he was losing his balance. He reached out and placed his hands on my hips to steady himself, but then he didn't move them. My hands were trapped up above me holding on to the handle - people were too packed in for me to move my hands down or turn around to stop him. He gently pulled me back into him as I heard him moan, my skirt covered ass now pressed up against his crotch as he moved his hands down to grope my ass and then my squeeze my thighs. He lifted up my skirt and I felt him playing with the string of my thong, pulling it out from between my ass cheeks and then letting it slap back into place, causing me to jump. I tried telling him to leave me alone, but the train was loud as it screamed through the tunnels along with the commotion of others. His fingers wandered to my fake pussy and underneath my thong, I felt him enter between the fake lips and slide a finger inside. He didn't notice a difference between a real pussy as I felt his fingers glide along my imprisoned cock underneath. Finally we came to another stop and enough people exited to where I had a bit more freedom - I quickly pushed forward and turned, but he must have gotten off with the crowd as there was an area of emptiness where I had expected him to be.

I experienced a few more groping sessions over the next few stops. One man took advantage of the close quarters and squeezed my breasts, a few others again caressed or squeezed my ass. I felt one man's erect cock up against my bare ass when he lifted up my dress, but I was able to squeeze through an opening of people and get away from him. Finally, after an eternity, the 5th street exit came up and I was able to make my way off of the train. I saw a clock on the wall and saw that I still had an hour left to go before I had to be at the address. With just a few blocks to walk, I should make it in plenty of time as I made my way up the stairs and out of the subway station.

As I walked along the sidewalk, I saw my reflection in the windows of many of the shops. At first glance all I saw was a scorching hot brunette walking in an extremely revealing outfit. If I saw her on the street I would surely have to slow down and take in the sight. A few cars honked their horns and one car even flagged me down to ask me how much, but I kept staring straight ahead, my goal to just make it to my destination before being humiliated any further. I finally got on the street of my destination and saw that I had roughly 40 minutes left. I walked up to the address and, to my horror, saw that it was an adult sex shop named Victoria's Treasure Chest. There were mannequins in the window dressed in risque lingerie with an 'Open' light flashing in pink neon lighting. I opened the door to the shop and was immediately hit by the pungent scent of a mixture of cheap perfume and sweat as the store was blasting heat from all vents. Given that it was early in the day there were hardly any customers, but the few that were there turned their heads as they heard the door jingle and then kept their gazes trained on me as I moved through the store to the cashier's desk in the back.

As I walked through the store I saw that it was sectioned out into departments. As I walked in I was in the apparel section, surrounded by lingerie and skimpy outfits. To my left was the video section, where a few customers were browsing - or at least they had been. Coincidentally they wandered into the apparel section as I walked in the door, like sharks in the water it felt. To my right was the toy section where I saw a wide array of dildos, fake pussies, bondage gear - anything you could imagine. I walked to the front of the store and made it to the cashier's desk. I could see a hallway leading to what I assumed was the storage room in the back behind the cashier's desk along with some security monitors that must have been providing a feed to the cameras throughout the store. Two women were behind the desk - one was older but appeared to keep herself in immaculate shape. She had bright red hair and a slim, tight body encased in a long form fitting black dress with a slit up each side to the top of her thigh. Underneath I could see a black garter belt hooking to black stockings. The other woman was younger, maybe a year or two older than myself, and was a bit larger but carried it very well. She had blond hair and some massive breasts that were straining to be held in by her tube top white dress. She was young in the face but was wearing a bit of an emo-style of makeup, very dark with piercings in her lip, nose and eyebrow. She gave an evil looking smile as I approached and reached her hand out to shake mine.

"You must be Candi, yea?"

I wondered how she knew who I was, but reached out to shake her hand and said that I was, in fact, this Candi girl. I saw on her nametag that her name was Alice and tried my best to throw a smile back at her, but here eyes were no longer at my face, she was instead examining my entire body as she came out from behind the desk. She began to walk a small circle around me.

"Wow - he really did a great job with you, didn't he hun?"

I felt her reach around and grip my breasts roughly, pressing her massive set up against my back and giggle as she felt me squirm and squeal to break free. She easily outweighed me and was most likely stronger than me, especially with my lack of leverage in these heels. She moved her hands down to my ass and lifted up my skirt, then repeatedly smacked me on the ass and watched as my cheeks jiggled. I placed my hands out on the desk to steady myself, looking at the older woman who had not even glanced up to see me yet as she studied away at a binder of papers. Alice finally stopped spanking me and walked back behind the desk.

"Miss Vicki, I think she'll do just fine. He really did a number with this one, I'm guessing he grew tired of you rejecting his prospects and finally put in the time and effort you require. Nicely blended breasts, tight ass with a nice bounce to it, and her pussy is extremely convincing. Her figure could use some work and there's certainly plenty of room for improvement, but it's a nice start, in my opinion."

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