Trapped in Paradise


Meanwhile, mom had lost her all inhibitions and with every caress of my tongue she was howling unashamedly. I was surprised at the amazing change in her. Within few hours, my mom seemed to have converted into a nymph from a simple straight housewife.

She grabbed my rigid cock with her fingers and was pulling it feverishly, sometimes even causing pain. I was about to remind her not to cause any harm in the heat of the moment. But, as a welcome relief, suddenly she bent her head forward and took my shaft between her eager lips. She was licking my cock head as if she were eating an ice cream cone. She completely turned towards me and lowered her mouth further on my shaft taking more length of my rigid cock inside her hot mouth.

After gulping a larger portion of my pole, she slowly began running her lips up and down along its length, imitating a cunt. She held the base of my cock with one hand and her other hand started fondling my hairy sack. She stiffened her lips to create more friction and began to move them faster and harder. In my excitement, I could feel a thundering climax starting to develop inside my balls. This time I didn't want her to stop.

Unsuccessfully, I tried to prolong it, but the pressure had gone beyond my control. My face buried in my mother's moist cunt, I grabbed her parted thighs tightly as I reached my zenith and my cock began spurting its hot cream into my mother's eagerly sucking mouth. She didn't flinch a bit and continued sucking. Large gobs of cum filled her hungry mouth, and she gulped them effortlessly. Some of my cream came flowing out of the corners of her lips and trickled down towards her chin and neck. But, she was so busy guzzling down my love juice that she didn't seem to notice it and kept on sucking. Finally, my cock stopped shooting but mom continued her endeavor till she had sucked me completely dry. Finishing with my cock she then took care of the cum that oozed out of her lips and licked them clean using her tongue and fingers.

My climax was so powerful that for a while I forgot that I too was sucking my mother's cunt. Mom was still going strong and much work was left for my tongue to accomplish. I pulled my tongue out of her drenched slit and touched her little protruding clitoris. Mom's body gave a sudden jerk. I attacked her clit licking, fondling, caressing, my every movement and effort to hasten her towards a climax. My tongue was fluttering with so much alacrity that mom couldn't control her emotions and was moaning loudly. She still had my flaccid cock inside her mouth and was sucking it fervently. I kept working on her clit, driving her into a frenzy of sexual delight. She began gyrating her ass pressing her burning cunt into my face. With one hand she grabbed my head pulling my face deeper into her crotch and my tongue and lips onto her pussy and clit. I too, grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling them apart, pushing my finger inside her anal cavity, and sucking her swollen clit more fiercely.

Suddenly, mom went totally stiff; her body was shaking and shuddering violently, her cunt muscles vibrating uncontrollably around my tongue, releasing a bounty of her cunt juice into my mouth. Mom was having a terrific orgasm. I thrust my tongue deeply into her, covering her cunt opening with my lips, gulping down every drop of her sweet juice released from her pussy. I drank hungrily the salty fluid flowing down my throat, enjoying every drop of the sweet nectar. Slowly the trembling in her pussy subsided, and her rigid body relaxed. I licked every remaining trace of her honey and then pulled my tongue out of her cunt.

Delicately, I licked the wetness off her blonde fur and the area between her pussy and ass hole, tracing any drop of her love juice that might have escaped my tongue. Completing my task, I rested my head on her thigh and tried to catch my breath.

Mom's lips were still playing with my cock, awakening it again. I could again feel the blood rushing to my cock and slowly bringing it back to its fully erected state. I pulled my cock out of mom's mouth and changed my position, my face facing mom's face and my growing cock hovering over her willing cunt. I kissed mom full on her lips, and we both enjoyed the taste of our own juices glued to our lips. Tenderly, I pulled Mom's tits, pinching her dark nipples between my fingers. Mom responded with a deep moan. I lowered my mouth and started sucking her nipples. I pulled them into my mouth, rubbing my tongue between and around them, gently teasing them with my teeth. Mom was chanting frantically. I continued nibbling her nipples till my cock was completely ready for a new session of furious fucking. My hands again traveled to her pubic region and felt her dripping cunt. Mom reciprocated by widening her thighs, indicating that she was also prepared for her lustful journey with her son.

I tried to pull mom near, but she stopped me. She gripped my cock and lightly pulled it near her moist opening. She ran my bloated cock head up and down the lips of her steaming cunt. Then she suddenly got up and sat besides me. She forced me to lie down and throwing one leg over me, sat over my abdomen. Again, gripping my rampant cock she ran it across her slit. I realized that my mom wanted to lead this time so I left myself at her mercy and enjoyed my position.

She continued rubbing her clit with my cock head and was constantly groaning with delight. After a while she guided the tip of my cock at the opening in her crotch and lowered her body. I could feel my cock spreading her tight sheath, slowly moving into those worm depths. Mom moved her hips further down, sinking onto my boner till her pussy had swallowed its entire length; her pussy gripped my cock tightly, her blonde muff mating with my thick pubic hair. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her onto me with ferocity forcing my cock to reach the deepest region inside my mom's pussy.

Settling on my cock, mom started moving her ass up and down. I lovingly looked between her thighs, watching her hairy cunt move up and down my cock. So far I was lying silently allowing mom to have all the control, but then I started gyrating my hips thrusting my cock up inside her cunt during her down strokes.

Mom began to fuck faster. She was riding my cock with great velocity, her hot furry pussy moving eagerly over the length of my cock. With every plunge, she was wailing with ecstasy. Then she bent her body putting her hands over my shoulder; she increased her pumping. Mom's pussy was dripping profusely as I could feel her juices flowing down my shaft. I watched intently her tight sheath opening and closing onto my shaft with each stroke. Mom was on seventh heaven, constantly moaning and crying as she moved her cunt along the length of my cock.

"Fuck me, mom! Fuck me." I gasped in a hoarse voice moving my hip upward to meet her thrust, trying to drive my rigid tool deep inside her sopping cunt. I could feel another summit approaching.

"Harder mom, harder," I was panting. "Make me cum inside your hairy pussy."

"Oh yes!" Mom slammed her hairy slit down onto my cock, crying in fury. "Cum inside your mommy's cunt, honey."

I knew I could no longer control my ejaculation. I buried my fingers into her ass fiercely to pull her cunt completely over my organ and started plunging her cunt furiously. Mom gave a wild shriek, her whole body shaking with her orgasm building up.

Suddenly, I pulled her onto my chest, lifted my hip to drive my cock fully into her ravished cunt and ejaculated. The hot, thick cum juice splashed against her soft cunt muscles; her hairy cunt squeezing my cock forcefully, trying to suck every drop of semen out of it. Mom gave a sharp cry as her orgasm shot through her body, her cunt convulsing involuntarily around my spitting organ. I could feel our mutual spending moving down my shaft and slowly accumulating in my pubic hair.

Once the trembling in her pussy stopped mom slumped forward putting her face over my chest. She licked my hairy chest, which was showing little beads of perspiration. Her cunt was still gripping my cock and was mildly twitching around it. She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly.

Once we were in control of our breathing, mom lifted her head and resting her chin over my chest she looked at me. I took her face into my hands and kissed her fully on the lips.

"Mom! You are the best fuck I ever had." I told her, and I was not lying. "I think that I am the luckiest man on earth."

"Thank you, honey," Mom returned the smile. "Thanks for making me happy. Since your dad started fooling around with that horny bitch, he had almost stopped sleeping with me and I virtually forgot how if felt to be fucked with a nice cock."

"I was earlier mad with dad," I replied with a cunning smile. "But now I feel that it was the best thing that could have happened to us, otherwise, I would not have gotten a chance to fuck you."

"Yes," Mom eyes too were sparkling. She touched my limp cock and squeezed it lightly. I caressed her hairy mound, wet with our spending, running my fingers along its cum filled wetness. "My little lover is much better than my hubby, and I am happy about it. Last night you slept, but I couldn't. I was feeling so guilty for doing such a thing with my own son. Deep in my heart, I knew that I had enjoyed our fuck very much and my pussy was begging for more. It was that guilt feeling that forced me to say what I said to you this morning. But, when I went to my bedroom tonight on the pretext of sleeping, I realized almost immediately that I desperately needed this massive tool of yours inside my cunt. And I am very happy that I gave in, I don't feel any guilt now and I really love your big cock that gave me so much pleasure and made me feel so good."

I listened to mom coolly. She was telling the truth. I didn't know whether I would be able to love any other women as I loved my mom now. She meant everything to me. I removed my cum filled fingers from her pussy and rubbed it over my lips and looked at mom. Without hesitation mom bent her body and started sucking my lips, licking the traces of cum out off my lips. I was surprised that my cock was again getting hard which was not a very common thing. Mom had really driven me wild with lust for her; otherwise, it would not be possible for me to regain hardness thrice in quick succession.

Suddenly, mom shivered. I realized we were still in the lounge near the fireplace, which was slowly losing its glow and warmth. The snowstorm outside our house was still reverberating with maddening rage. The lounge was getting little colder now.

"Honey," Mom shivered again. "It won't be wise to get sick just lying here. We've got to make for every second you are here. Lets go to my room. It'll be much better there."

"Sure, mom!" I lifted my naked mom in my hands and walked towards the staircase. Mom put her arms around my neck, running her lips along my cheeks and lips. We didn't bother to collect our clothes. I climbed the staircase, opened my mother's bedroom door and entered it. The bedroom was much warmer than the lounge. I took mom to her bed and hopped beside her. We pulled the quilt and properly tucked ourselves. I pulled mom's little body into me. She cuddled into my arms, her back touching my chest and her tight tiny ass rubbing against my cock, which had regained most of its lost hardness and my hands fondling mom's erect nipples from behind.

I ran my tongue over mom's neck, slowly nibbling at her ears. Mom responded by moving her hand down to my thighs and touching my cock, which was teasing at her ass crack. My hand again moved to her pubic region cupping her cum filled pussy and lightly playing with her clit. Mom took hold of my cock and ran it across her crack. I enjoyed the feeling for a while. Slowly mom put my cock head against her anal opening and rubbed it roughly with its swollen head.

Taking the hint, I moved my hand from her pussy to her ass. Leaving her grip from my cock, she took my hand in her hand and guided it to her puckered hole. I probed her ass with my fingers, feeling its wrinkled mouth and strands of sparse soft hair around it. Slowly, I poked my index finger inside her puckered hole and mom responded with a muffled cry. Her ass muscles were very tight, but I kept on pushing my finger inside it till it was buried up to the knuckle. I slowly started moving my finger in and out of her ass. It was clear from mom's reaction that she was enjoying my finger inside her tight ass.

I didn't know whether mom had any anal intercourse beforehand or not, but anal sex was an unknown thing to me. Carla was strictly against it, and she never allowed me to lick her ass or ever insert my finger inside it. I didn't have any clue about the taste of a woman's ass and with time it had become a sort of repulsive idea to me also. But, when my mom guided my hand towards her ass, I realized it was not revolting and I found myself very eager to taste her ass. I really wanted to stick my tongue up her shithole and taste its flavor.

I pulled out my finger, brought it near my lips, inhaled the pungent aroma emanating from it and slowly touched it with my tongue. I didn't feel anything repulsive about it, so I put the entire finger inside my mouth and sucked it earnestly. I looked at mom who had turned around and been looking at me intently. After sucking for a moment, I pulled the finger out of my mouth. With my lips and widened eyes I articulated to mom that it was very yummy and then I offered it to mom bringing it near her face. Mom sniffed the smell of her own ass on my finger and without any hesitation she took it completely inside her mouth and started sucking it vigorously.

There was nothing to say, nothing to explain. Mom knew what I wanted, and it was her wish also. Within a second, the quilt was thrown revealing our naked bodies. Mom lied down on her stomach. I took a pillow and put it below her stomach elevating her rump towards me. I looked at those fine globes of tight muscles and the beautiful crack between them. With my hands, I spread her tight cheeks and had the first vision of my mother's puckered hole. I looked at the soft wrinkled hole surrounded by tiny strands of blonde hairs and tried to think about the delicious depth lying below it. Her dark brown opening was looking at me invitingly, welcoming me to explore it, to taste it and to ravish it.

I bent my head and ran my tongue across the length of her crack. I chewed lightly her spongy ass cheeks sending waves of pleasure through my mother's body. I licked the valley between her cunt and ass. I could hear mom moaning lightly. Finally, my tongue traveled to her puckered hole. I wetted my tongue and slowly touched her ass hole. Her pungent intoxicating smell filled my nostrils. Skillfully, I licked her hole getting my first taste of a real woman's ass. I was happy that it belonged to my mother. The mild acrid taste was mind boggling, and I knew that in future I would never let go an opportunity to enjoy the taste of a beautiful ass.

Mom was earnestly enjoying the music, which my adept tongue was playing with her shithole, and she was dancing to its tune. She was thrusting her ass high up in the air giving a better access to my exploring tongue. Leaving away her all inhibitions, mom was again howling unashamedly, uttering all those nasty words which I had never expected to hear from her. I brought my hand to her cunt; my fingers entering her pussy filled with my cum. I collected a scoop with my fingers, and bringing them back I glued that thick fluid over mom's shithole. My tongue was now enjoying a delicious recipe made of our fuck fluids and the natural ingredients of mom's shithole. Mom rear hole was wet with my saliva.

After eating mom's ass for a long period I finally withdrew my tongue. My cock was fully erect now, ready to delve into the darker depths of my mother's asshole. I took my hard cock into my hand and put its bulging head at her puckered hole. Suddenly mom turned to me.

"Honey, please make it easy. This is my first time."

Bingo! I jumped with joy. My mom was a virgin. I would be the man to take her anal maidenhood. My cock sprang with delight, and suddenly it seemed to be puffier.

"Don't worry mom, I'll be careful." Though I had no intentions but I tried to calm her. "If you feel any discomfort, please tell me. I'll stop immediately."

Mom looked relaxed. I was sure she would not ask me to stop; still, for her satisfaction I got off the bed and went to her dressing table. I tried to search for some lubricant. Mom told me that a box of petroleum jelly was in the drawers. I took the box and returned to my original position. I scooped a large amount of jelly and smeared it across her shithole, even adding some quantity inside her hole by inserting my fingers. I added some jelly to my cock also.

Mom lifted herself up off the bed as I kneeled behind her. Again, pointing my cock head against her puckered hole I drove forward, trying to open her tight little virgin hole. Because of the lubrication her tightly closed hole gave up slowly allowing passage to my impaling organ. But, sudden stretching of taut anal muscles must have caused her pain as she gasped, but she didn't try to move away or complain.

I pulled my cock slightly out to ease some of her pain and again pushed inside lightly. This time the response was better. I inserted my complete cock head inside her ass and let it be there for a moment so that mom could accommodate to the feeling of the first cock inside her ass. I worked my cock in and out slowly driving it deeper into her rectum. I could feel her tight ass muscles gripping my cock, and it was quite different from the way her cunt had clutched my cock in our earlier session. I continued my slow, steady penetration of her shithole till the complete length of my cock was buried inside.

When my cock was fully buried inside mother's asshole, I felt her muscles relaxing a bit indicating that she was now enjoying her virgin ass being fucked by her own son's cock. I slowly started moving in and out. I cherished the tight feel of her anus around my organ as it moved back and forth within her. I loved the sight of my hard prick disappearing into her stretched hole. If my penetration was still hurting her, she didn't show any sign other than a meek grunt when I pushed my cock deeper into her hole and those grunts also were slowly converting to moans of deep and fervent passion.

I increased my fucking and mom responded with lifting her ass more in air to accommodate my thrusts, her ass muscles squeezing around my tool as it moved in and out. My thighs were continuously bumping mom's delicate back in a ferocious manner, and my balls hitting her pussy lips with every down stroke.

Mom's body was no more supported on the pillow; it was rather high in air. The extreme friction offered by her anal cavity was finally starting to take its toll as I was feeling another summit approaching. I increased my tempo and at last it reached to a crescendo as I ejaculated with a sharp cry spraying my seed into her anal passage. Without a whimper her ass drank it all, sucking my cock deep inside her.

I grabbed mom in my arms, driving my cock far into her, forcing her down on her stomach, squashing her tits into the bed beneath her. Mom cried out in pain as if my fat cock tore into her guts. Slowly the jerking in my cock subsided. Mom's ass continued milking my cock till it was devoid of the last drop of cum.

After completely drenching her shithole, my cock started softening. I pulled it out of her ass, still wet with my oozing cum and the lubrication. I looked down at mom, lying spread-eagled on her belly. Her ass was wide open, slowly contracting back to its original puckered state and a white gluey fluid dribbling down her crack and slowly moving towards the narrow valley between her crack and her pubic region.

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