tagSci-Fi & FantasyTrapped on Novas Ch. 03

Trapped on Novas Ch. 03


For the next ten minutes the conversation raged as to why exactly there were three moons in the sky. It was clear to everyone that they had crashed, but why, and where they were was a mystery.

"Maybe we crashed en route?" One man made out. Nicole snorted at the man's ignorance.

"And happened to fall upon a habitable planet that none of the probes picked up?" She said sarcastically. The man flashed her a look of anger.

"All right then, you seem to have the answers, what do you think happened?" The man shot back.

"I don't know, I need to check some things," Nicole said. The man was about to say something when another woman spoke up.

"Maybe they changed our destination last minute - I mean didn't one of the other locations have moons?" She said almost desperately.

"Yeah, thats it!" The man said clinging onto hope. "Maybe we got sent to Eris, or Haumea instead."

"Maybe" Nicole said lying. She knew that it wasn't any of the others as she had studied the planet's descriptions, but if it helped calm people for even a few hours then she'd take it until there was time to get real answers.

Nicole looked over at Tim and grabbed a couple of bags. He had already done the same and was looking around the jungle canopy.

"We should get going right? First step of landing survival training and all that" she said and nodded back at her.

"She's right, we can discuss the situation once we are a bit more settled." Opening the bag he pulled out a small plasma riffle and checked it over before cycling a charge through the chamber.

"Listen up people, everyone grab a bag. We are heading out to find camp. Remember the training, we are looking for fresh water, and an open space so we can have good line of sight. The jungle looks pretty thick, so lets take it slow and not loose anyone." The crew started to reluctantly pick up all the bags

Tim looked up at the sky, and just made out the sun through the canopy. "For now lets assume the sun is north, we will head that way."

They clambered through the jungle for nearly 2 hours before the stumbled across a suitable spot, a small clearing next to a slow moving deep river. There was a ripple of excitement within the group, none of them had ever seen in real life that much running water, and Tim had to control the group from diving straight in.

"I realise this is exciting, but we have no idea how much daylight we have left. We need firewood people, I suggest half you scavenge around the edge of the forest and try to find anything relatively dry. The rest of you clear this area of the debris so we have some where relatively comfortable to make camp. Spanner, test the water for impurities before anyone jumps in."

After half an hour the groups had collected a considerable amount of fire wood, and Spanner tested the water to find it was as pure as anything they could have possibly hoped for.

After Tim finally admitted that he was happy with the make shift camp a number of the crew practically threw themselves in the river to clean off and cool down. Soon the crew in the river were slashing each other, laughing and joking around. It was damn hot in the jungle so Tim couldn't really blame them.

Some of the crew preferred a bit more privacy however, and with a word of warning from Tim not to go to far they disappeared off to separate parts of the river. Nicole was one of them, and finding a secluded spot she stripped out of her stasis suit and moaned in delight as she sunk into the cool, fresh water.

Floating in the water for about 5 minutes she suddenly became aware of someone watching her, and slowly she stood up and walked out of the river pretending not to have noticed. She went over to her stasis suite that she had hung over some of the larger boulders that dotted the edge of the river and picking it up dipped the garment into the water, cleaning the remnants of the stasis fluid off.

"It's not nice to stare you know" she said looking directly over at Tim smiling. He was semi hiding behind a large rock, watching her as she washed off.

"Sorry, I didn't want to interrupt but could help but watch. You can understand though right, I've not seen a woman naked for 30 odd years." He joked as he came out from his viewing point and strolled over. Nicole noticed the bulge in his stasis suite, they left little to the imagination and she liked what she was looking at.

"Well, you've seen me naked so it's only fair I get my turn..." She said smiling up at him, he was taller than she was by a few inches. Tim watched as she slowly unbuckled the front of the suite, before she tugged it down off him. In moments he was stood there naked in front of Nicole, now his cock was free it stood semi erect as Nicole looked down at it.

Without a word she grabbed one of his hands and led Tim into the cool water, he couldn't help but stare at her pert arse as it disappeared beneath the surface of the water. Tim groaned in delight as he sunk into the cool water, Nicole pulling him over to a deep pool on the bend surrounded by large weathered boulders.

As soon as they were in the water up to their necks she turn and placed her arms around him, pushing him back against the smooth rock. She lent forward and kissed him ever so softly at first, pulling back to gauge his reaction. She had barely pulled away though when he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into a much deeper, passionate kiss. She moaned as she wrapped her legs around his muscular waist as they continued to kiss, Tim spun her round and shoved her agains the flat surface, making her grunt a little.

Tim felt one of her hands move down and grab his now erect cock. She stroked it up and down under the water making him moan in pleasure before pulling out of the kiss and smiling mischievously at him.

"You did offer earlier to fuck me earlier..." She smiled as she guided the tip of his cock into her pussy. As he slid his now rigid cock into her they both groaned, the feeling of being fucked whilst in fresh cool water was something Nicole had never even contemplated, let alone dreamt she would get to feel.

Starting slowly at first Tim pulled his cock in and out of Nicole, each time the full length of his cock slid slowly into her she groaned in delight. Each of his hands had a handful of an arse cheek in them, he roughly squeezed and moulded her firm checks as the tempo started to increase.

Before long Nicole was dictating the pace, and Tim could tell from her sounds she was fast approaching orgasm. Nicole pulled her self deep onto Tim's cock and let out a long guttural moan as she climaxed. The feeling of her muscles contracting around his cock was enough to send him over the edge, and he grunted as he deposited his warm load deep inside her sex.

They held each for a few moments, semi floating in the water as the pleasure eased from their bodies. Nicole felt Tim's flaccid cock slip from her sex and stood up, only to feel something brush past her leg.

"Arrgg" She squealed. "there's something moving the water!"

Tim looked down into the clear water and could make out the shape of 5 or 6 fish like animals around their feet. He reached in quickly and grabbed one, they were slow moving and easy to grab hold of despite their slippery slimy skin. Smiling at Nicole he rushed out the water and bashed the head of the animal on a rock, before returning to the water. He managed to grab 4 more of the animals as Nicole got out of the stream and laid on the soft grass of the river bank.

"Don't you normally have to have dinner with a girl first, before the you know what?" He joked laying down next to her on his side. Nicole smiled and narrowed her eyes as she slapped him playfully on the arm.

Her hand then wandered back down to his crotch and grabbing his thick flaccid cock in one hand and smiled up at him as she stroked it gently up and down.

"Thats only good girls, I'm a little bit more naughty than that." She said. Tim watched as Nicole pushed him onto his back and leant over his body, taking his manhood into her mouth. Tim groaned as his body responded immediately, his cock thickening as Nicole worked as much of it as she could into her mouth. With one hand on his considerable shaft, the other slowly cupped and fondled his balls as she sucked greedily on his cock head.

It took next to no item for Tim to be fully erect again, Nicole seemed to expertly pleasure his cock for a while making Tim groan in shear ecstasy. Tim managed to reach down with one hand and had been groping her arse as she pleasured him, but his fingers had soon discovered her pussy and he was now slowly pushing a couple of fingers in and out of her.

Nicole sat up and looked at Tim, her hand still slowly gliding up and down his shaft. "Attention solider!" She mused. "I've got a new mission for you!"

She straddled his body and easily slid onto his cock, Tim's fingering had more than got her ready for the second round. This time Nicole took the pace slow, and for an age the two trusted and moan in unison as they made love on the river bank for nearly an hour.

After a couple of hours the group and naturally come back together at the camp site, the air had defiantly taken a turn for the cooler and the sun was casting longer and longer shadows on the floor.

A fire had been started and the fish Tim had caught were skewered on sticks slowly roasting over the flames. The ration packs from the ship contained some rice which had been cooked up and the crew now sat around on make shift chairs or boulders and stumps of wood. The sun had set incredibly fast, Tim was grateful they had been so prepared and sat contented with his days work.

"You try it first" one of the girls said looking at the flaky white meat that had been served up on the plates in front of them. She held out the plate to the man sat next to her.

"Ummmm." the man hesitated prodding his portion. "I really think you should go first, after all you cooked it" the man said back at the woman

"Oh for god sake" Tim said grabbing the plate taking a bite. Silence fell over the group as they all watched Tim chew on the strange meat.

His face suddenly froze and he held up his hands to his throat, choking as a group of girls screamed in terror. No sooner had he started though he stopped, breaking out into a massive grin. Swallowing his first mouthful he turned to the group.

"That my friends, is gooood!" he chuckled. One of the girls threw a small stick at him as there was a roar of laughter from some of the team. "You fucking rat!" She screamed but even she could see the funny side.

It didn't take much after that for everyone else to tuck in. Everyone except Nicole that was, who having scavenged the bags was sat on a log further back from the group holding the electronic pad up to the stars. Tim looked over and grabbing her portion of the fish walked over.

"You want to try this Spanner, its damn good and its thanks to you we have it!" he said putting it on the log next to her and sitting down.

She looked over at him and smiled. "Thanks Sarg, and i'd really prefer Nicole!"

"I'm not sure which one that is, and I'm not going to start eating my crew spanner. If it's a little girl on girl action your after though, I certainly hope you'll let the rest of us watch" he said looking over at the team, before turning back and smiling at Nicole. She slapped him on the arm and shaking her head picked up a piece of meat, popping into her mouth without any hesitation.

"Wow!" she said still chewing on the fish "Thats like nothing i've ever had before! I'd never thought I'd get to eat fresh meat!" she said smiling as she went back for another chunk.

"So, whats up. You've been over here on your own for a while now playing on that thing..." he said.

"I'm trying to figure out where we are and what happened to the other pods. I mean don't you think its strange that we haven't heard or seen anything from the other 250 pods!"

Tim nodded and looked up at the moons, darkness was falling fast now. "It's a little unnerving I agree. So what have you found out?"

"I don't know, I need to run more tests." She said glumly.

"No you don't, your just afraid of what you found out. Tell me spanner, I need to know." Tim said. "This isn't one of the other planets, you and I both know that."

Nicole looked over at him and the pad flopped to her lap. "These stars" she said waving her hand up at the sky "don't correlate to anything we have on record around Lantea. I'm having to scan the deep space records for any correlations but that could take days, I simply don't have the power for this" she said turning to Tim.

"I need to go back to the ship, to see if anything survived. I might be able to hook up the nav com or something if it's not to damaged" she said.

Tim nodded "Ok, well go check it out in the morning." Tim said but Nicole shook her head.

"That PC has at max a 12 hour memory, I need to go now if we are to gleam anything useful from it."

Tim sighed and looked up at the dark forest on the other side of the clearing. Two of the celestial bodies were no longer on view but the other seemed to provide a decent moonlight. "Ok, but I'm going to get a few volunteers. We might as well bring some stuff back with us."

10 minutes later Tim was showing the function of his side arm to one of the guys from the team remaining behind.

"Remember, nothing heroic. Fire three shots into the air and run for the ship, got it?" he said. The team of 4 people set off into the darkness, only the beam of light from their torches showed up until they to disappeared into the dense forest.

The team eventually found the ship, the fire has subsided thankfully but it was still hot as Nicole climbed inside and looked around. "Right then, check the remaining storage compartments, and there is an isolated compartment outside if thats accessible by the main wing. It's supposed to be crash proof" she ordered the three volunteers as she crawled in towards the nav com.

"What about me spanner?" Tim said.

"Hold this torch, and point it where I tell you!" she said. It took half an hour before Nicole made any headway, her pad finally interfaced with the ships plc and started downloading the data that was left in the buffers.

"Come on, that will take 30 minutes or so, lets help the guys" she said as the crawled back out. They didn't have much luck with the rest of the cargo, the compartment was part buried in the slope so they decided that it was best left until the morning. Nicole managed to pull the ships transmitter from the wreck along with a small solar generator that she hoped she would be able to hook up to her pad and be used to locate the mother ship that had to be in orbit.

They returned to the clearing and most of the team settled down to rest, the strange jungle noises making them all nervous as to what was out there. Nicole was the only person left up, frantically working through the ships buffered data in an effort to isolate their location.

As she looked it became more and more apparent something had gone terribly wrong, the star date in the ships's PC was nearly 1200 years over their estimated due date but there was no fault she could find to have caused this shift.

The next morning Nicole was woken by a soft shake from Tim, she had apparently fallen asleep half sat up whilst working. "Come on spanner, lay down properly. You need you strength" he said but she sat up shaking her head as she blinked at the early morning sun.

"Nah, I'm fine sarg. Besides, we need to talk..."

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