tagGay MaleTraveling Ch. 05

Traveling Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Trip with friends

Two of my friends wanted to meet up in Vegas for a long weekend, so I hopped a flight and headed that way on a Thursday afternoon. Steve was an old roommate from college and Lee and I had worked together right out of college, where Steve still worked. All of us are married, but the wives weren't invited on this trip.

Now, Steve and I had messed around a lot in college when we were between girlfriends. We had even shared a girlfriend or two. He gave incredible blow jobs and could keep you on the edge of cumming forever. Steve is not tall, probably five ten or so, has sandy blonde hair, deep green eyes and has a medium build. He had a great butt too, one that most girls would love to have. I had the pleasure of fucking his ass often, and loved how he would work his inner muscles milking my cock. His own cock was thick, but not long, maybe five inches or so. He was cut and like me, kept it shaved smooth.

Lee on the other hand was irish and had flaming red hair, freckles and pale, pale skin. I'd never seen him naked, but he had a good build, about six foot a little chunky, but always in decent shape. We had all agreed to share one room and figured that I might have a chance to feel Steve's mouth or ass on my cock.

We all arrived on a Thursday afternoon, checked into the hotel and then hit the strip. We drank, gambled, watched girls and headed back to the hotel to clean up before heading out for the night. I showered first, then Steve, leaving Lee last with Steve and I alone for the first time in almost eight years. He was still wrapped in a towel, while I had on my boxers.

"It's been a while," I said, smiling.

"No kidding, man," he glanced towards the bathroom door, "I'd love to suck that cock of yours if you think we have time."

I dropped my silk boxers, my cock already hardening.

Steve moved towards me, dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. It hardened quickly as his tongue swirled around it and he began to suck me into his throat. He reached behind me with both hands grasping my ass cheeks and began to massage them as he pulled me closer.

I had hoped this would happen and had refrained from sex with the wife before leaving and had not jerked off in days. I could already feel my balls tighten, mostly from Steve's awesome mouth, but also from the excitement that Lee could catch us.

He sucked me for about five minutes, not resting or teasing, just hard sucking and playing with my ass cheeks. I moaned that I was about to cum, and Steve moaned around my cock and sucked even harder.

I began to cum, shooting load after load into his throat. I pumped at least five heavy spurts into him before he pulled back a little, keeping about two inches of my cock in his mouth as he sucked me dry.

"Steve, you do that better than anyone, man or woman," I said, smiling down at him as he finished licking me dry. He stood up, his on hard cock sticking out from the towel. I reached for his short, thick cock and was stroking it when we heard the shower turn off.

"Maybe tonight we can play some more, I'm not sure Lee would get into this," he said, as he pulled away and quickly pulled his jean up over his hardon.

I agreed, pulled my boxers up over my softening cock and stepped into my jeans.

Lee came out wearing just a towel and I thought I could see a patch of red hair covering his cock as he repositioned the towel trying to keep it wrapped around him.

We all finished dressing, Steve and I in the room, Lee in the bathroom, I guess he was shy or maybe a little homophobic.

We went to dinner at a great steakhouse then went to Studio 54 to check out the chicks. We were having a great time, but the talent wasn't too great, it being a Thursday night. We decided to head to a strip club, which turned out to be an excellent idea.

We had several table dances, drank a lot and loved the number of totally naked girls dancing around the club. I had a raging hard on after one table dance from a short, dark haired, dark tanned college coed. I could see that Steve had a boner too, because of the thick bulge he showed in his tight jeans. Lee also had a hard on and it was easy to see that he wasn't wearing any underwear, and that he had an ample cock. The girls noticed our erections too and would make a point to rub their crotches along our legs, greatly improving their tips.

It was after two when we grabbed a cab back to the room. The entire ride back and the elevator ride to the room was a reaccounting of our girls that night. I still had a strong erection and figured the other two did too. Once in the room, Lee pointed out that we had two queen size beds and wondered if we should flip for who would have to share.

"Nah, Steve and I were roommies in college, we don't mind sharing a bed, do we?" I asked.

"No, not at all," Steve replied, "unless of course Lee is afraid of the dark or something." He added and we all laughed.

Lee went to the bathroom to 'change'. Steve and I stripped and he slipped on sleeping shorts, his cock still semi erect, as was mine, which the silk boxers did nothing to hide. When Lee came out, he was in lounge pants, but it was clear that his cock had not subsided all the way yet.

Lights out, we climbed into bed and Steve and I immediately shed our underwear. Lee brought up the girls again and said he wondered what it would cost for a blowjob from one of those women. We both laughed and said that from them it wouldn't be cheap, but there are plenty of less expensive ways to get sucked off.

"Well, I may have to find one!" Lee said, adding, "My wife doesn't do oral, so I'm always looking for some good head."

I had my hand wrapped around Steve's cock, his was around mine and he squeezed mine hard when he heard what Lee had said. I took that as a hint and sat up slightly in the bed.

"Well, Lee, I know where you can get the most incredible blow job you will ever have and it won't cost you a nickel." I said.

Steve jerked his head towards me and gave a slight shake of his head. Apparently, I had misread the hint. He was wanting me not to say anything about him being an incredible cocksucker.

"Really!" Lee asked excited, sitting up in his bed, "Where? Can we go tonight?"

I was now stroking Steve's cock harder and said, "Well, it all depends on exactly how open you are."

"What do you mean? I'm open! I'm horny!"

"Well, you seem a little uptight and this would require that we all go and that we all be naked. Honestly you seem bashful around us, not getting naked in front of us, dressing quietly in the bathroom, I just thought maybe you had a problem being naked in front of others and that would be a problem." I said.

"Nah, I'm not bashful, I just didn't know what you guys would think, I mean you've probably seen each other naked when you were rooming, but I, I just didn't want to overstep a line."

"Oh, so you have no problem getting naked in a group setting?" Steve was really pulling hard on my cock, squeezing it harder and harder.

"Shoot no, I'm not bashful at all."

I got out of bed and walked to the table, turning the table light on. As I did, my hard, shaved cock was completely exposed to the guys. I looked at Lee and said, "Okay, show us."

"What does this have to do with getting head?" he asked, puzzled, but it was clear that his own cock was tenting the sheets.

"Thought so, never mind, we'll get you a hooker tomorrow," I said, reaching for the light.

"No! No! Wait, I'm just asking, geez!" he said, tossing the sheets aside. He must have slipped out of his lounge pants after getting into bed and the light going off, as he was naked. As I said, he was a little chubby, maybe fifteen pounds overweight. His crotch was thick with bright red hair, the same as his head. His cock was very long, must have been eight or nine inches and was about as big around as mine, which is slender.

He stood up, his long erection bobbing in front of him and said, "Okay, now what? You going to make a call and get us all blown?"

"No need to make a call," I said, glancing over at Steve who was also out of the covers and sprouting his own hard cock, "Steve gives the most incredible blow job I've ever had from anyone!"

Lee blushed a bright red, glancing slowly at Steve, but not at his face, he was looking as Steve's short, thick cock.

"Oh, I, I don't know about that, I've never, I mean," he stammered.

"What? You never had a guy suck you off? Never messed around with a school friend?" I asked.

He shook his head slightly, still checking out Steve's cock, "No, I've jerked off with buddies in school, but we never did anything else."

"Oh, I see," I said, then went on, "So, do you want to unload that thick load you have in your balls into a hot mouth, and relieve that hard cock, or do you want to jerk off and shoot your load in the toilet?"

"Well, I, I guess, I mean, I'm sure a mouth is a mouth right?" He asked, looking back at me, then back to Steve, "You would do that? I mean, you wanna suck me?"

Steve nodded and then said, "I gotta say, you've got a really hot cock, and I do love the taste of cum. I mean, I eat my own cum all the time and I ate his earlier when you were in the shower," he added grinning at me.

Lee looked dumbfounded, so I said, "Look, lay down on the bed," he did, "Steve, climb between his legs." Steve did, spreading Lee's legs as he had them tight together.

Lee let Steve push his legs wide and Steve knelt between them, leaning forward and blowing his hot breathe onto the head. Lee's cock twitched and jerked and Lee let out a low moan.

"Lee, you don't have to do anything at all, just lay there, close your eyes and enjoy what is about to happen. Don't think about it being Steve, just relax." I said.

"Okay, and do I, do I let you know when I'm going to cum?" he asked.

"No, I'll know, but you can say whatever you like." Steve replied.

Steve then lowered his head onto Lee's long cock, taking most of his length with ease and then began bobbing his head and from experience, I knew that he was running that wonderful tongue all over that beautiful cock.

I watched as Lee moaned and raised his hips trying to meet Steve's mouth. Lee was in ecstasy as was Steve.

I climbed onto the bed behind Steve and began to rim his bubble ass. He butt was clean and he responded by moaning around Lee's cock. Lee knew I was on the bed, but had no idea what I was doing. I reached under Steve, cupping his balls and pulling his cock backwards between his legs. I was then able to lick his smooth asshole and the head of his cock at the same time.

Steve had lowered his head and appeared to have slid Lee's ample length into his throat and was now deepthroating his colleague as I teased his cock and ass.

Steve was always a quick gun and I could tell that I was getting him close. I sucked on the head of his cock, slipping one then two fingers into his ass. I felt his cock twitching and was rewarded with a mouth full of hot, thick, creamy cum. He fired several shots and I swallowed a great deal, but I kept my mouth full as he was finishing up and spat the cum onto the top of the crack of his ass, watching it run towards my fingers which were slowing pumping in and out of his ass.

Lee was still moaning and groaning and bucking his hips upward from time to time. I heard him groan, saying, "Steve, oh my, this is incredible, you're so fucking good!"

I spread the thick cum around Steve's ass and used my fingers to massage his cum into his ass, lubing his tight hole. I then withdrew my fingers and slid up behind him, rubbing my cock up and down the length of his crack, coating it in the remaining cum. I then placed my cum covered cock at his anal entrance and leaned forward. I could tell that he had stopped manipulating Lee's cock and was just holding it in his throat as I entered his ass.

We had done something similar in college, with his girlfriend using a strap on on his ass as he sucked me, so I knew the pleasure that Lee was feeling with his cock buried in Steve's mouth and throat.

I eased further into Steve until my pubic bone was resting against his butt cheeks. I sat there, letting his ass adjust to my cock and then slowly began to fuck him, pulling out to the point where only the head of my cock was inside him, then slowly pushing back inside him.

Lee was again moaning and praising Steve on his cocksucking skills. The slurping sounds from Steve and the groaning from Lee added to the excitement of my cock fucking Steve's ass. His ass had loosened up now and he was slightly pushing backwards, letting me know he wanted it harder. I began to go a little faster with each stroke, going in the full length of my seven inches.

Lee realized something was going on, "What are you doing back there!" He asked , trying to look around Steve to where I was.

"Lee, I'm fucking Steve's tight ass," I replied. "You must have noticed that his ass is a perfect bubble butt, better than most women."

"Wholey shit! I didn't realize you and he were like this!"

"You mean bisexual I said, slamming my cock harder and harder into Steve's tight ass.

"Yea, I guess, I mean, OH SHIT! I'm close!! I'm soooo fuccckkkkinnnggg close!"

"Told you he was incredible, and I'm pretty sure you've got a bi streak in you too!" slamming harder and harder.

I felt Steve begin to manipulate my cock, squeezing hard as I pulled out and relaxing as I slid back in. I picked up the pace of my fucking, knowing that I wasn't going to last much longer.

"I'm cummiinnnggg! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!" I heard Lee screaming and watched as his legs began to quiver.

Watching him cum along with the squeezing of Steve's ass, caused my own orgasm to start. I quickly pulled my cock from Steve's ass just as I started to spurt load after load of my creamy cum. The first shot went up Steve's back, almost hitting his hair, the next several shots landed in various places along his back, with the last few shots aimed directly at his ass, coating both cheeks. His asshole was still gaping open, about the size of a nickel, as a stream of cum ran down his crack and dropped inside him. I then began to spread my cum all over his back and ass, coating him in a thin layer of my cream.

Lee was done, as he was now just breathing hard and pulling his shrinking cock from Steve's mouth. Steve raised up and stepped off the bed, turning his back towards Lee and saying over his shoulder, "damn, you really came a ton!" He then padded of to the shower.

I looked at Lee, who looked as if he was half in shock and half embarrassed, and said, "Hey man, told you he would suck you better than you've ever been sucked."

He sat up in the bed, his nude body still fully exposed, "Yea, that was the most incredible blow job I've ever had, but I just can't believe it was by Steve! And then you were fucking his ass! I mean, what the fuck!"

"Look, Steve and I messed around a lot in college. We did everything, shared girls, sucked each other, fucked each other..."

"WHAT?! YOU suck cock too?" He asked, shocked.

"Relax! You just got an incredible blow job, I'm betting you came more than you ever have in your life, and it was a guy that did it....so what?" I said, matter of factly. "You were horny, drunk and needed relief...got it didn't you? Your cock is soft, your balls are empty."

"Yea, but, shit I mean I'm not that way! I've never been attracted to guys, never!" He said, defiantly.

I grinned, reached down and started to stroke his long, soft cock," Your cock was attracted, your cum went down his throat, your still naked, and your cock is starting to get a little hard." I wrapped my hand around his slightly hardening dick, "Let's face it, you like getting off, who cares how?"

He was breathing hard again as I continued to mess with his soft dick, "Yea, I know I loved it! I like what you are doing now too, but I, I don't think I could, well, you know..."

I grinned, "Dude, no one is asking you to suck a dick or take one in that chubby ass of yours," his cock getting harder and harder, "Just relax and have fun, you don't have to do anything you don't want to."

He smiled and said, "Okay, I guess you're right, it just as shock."

I released his semi erect cock, got up off his bed and headed to the bathroom as I heard the shower cut off. I met Steve, naked, as I walked in. I slapped his cute bubble ass and turned on the shower. I took a long shower, wondering if they were having the same talk. When I finished up, I dried off and went back into room, where the lights were off and a light snoring was coming from Lee. Steve was laying face down on the bed, uncovered, his ass glowing in the sliver of light coming from the window. I looked at the clock, it was after five now. I climbed in bed and planted a dozen or so kisses on Steve's ass, patting it lightly. "Thanks man," Steve said in a whisper, "I was hoping that we would be able to fuck like that this weekend, I haven't had a cock in my ass in years."

"My pleasure," I said, stroking his butt, "Your ass is still the best ever, my wife's ass isn't even as hot as yours and I get to fuck it weekly!"

"Lee going to be alright?" He asked.

"Yea, we'll see how he is in the morning. I think we awakened a side of him he didn't know he had," I turned over and added, "I bet he's more open to play as the weekend goes on." We then drifted off to sleep.

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