tagGroup SexTriad Ch. 03

Triad Ch. 03


"Hi! Remember me?"

Aurora had been scrubbing display benches; her hair a mess, dirt on her face, the scruffiest of clothes. Her back ached and the light rain kept her swiping at her face with a damp towel. But when she heard the voice she instantly flashed back to the brunette on the boat, and Phil pounding into her ass.

She had almost forgotten the girl on the other boat - almost. Those brown eyes staring into hers as Phil pounded into her; they were an integral part of that experience. She would have looked for the woman - but had no name, no idea where to look.

"I've been looking for you since that day on the boat. My god that was hot!"

"You never told me your name."

"It's Brie."

"You mean like the cheese?"

She sighed; "yes, like the cheese. I am so tired of that joke."

"I'm sorry, that just popped out. Well, it could have been worse ... you might have been named Gouda!"

"Oh! (...) I never thought of it that way. I've been looking for you - well actually I'd given up - when I saw your name on the sign and I took the chance and stopped. You don't mind, do you?"

"Honestly, if I'd known where to look, I would have come to you."

"Then it's a good thing I found you, huh?"

"Yes it is. Look, I have to finish this up. It's a dirty job, but fortunately I only do it twice a year. Then we came go upstairs and talk. Why don't you look through the nursery for the next fifteen minutes or so?


Stepping into her apartment Aurora kicked off her rubber boots and hung her raincoat next to the door.

"There's wine in that cabinet, the opener in the drawer above it; why don't you open a Pinot while I get a shower."

The hot water felt good on sore muscles and cold fingers and toes. Even as she shampooed her hair she wondered about Brie and her search. "What's with her? She's good looking, mmm; I wonder what she tastes like ... Really? Where did that come from? You haven't been interested in a woman since college. But she is cute, isn't she?"

Aurora felt a slight breeze on her damp back. "Hi! Would you like a back scrub?" She turned to see a naked woman standing in her shower door. Taller, but with small breasts that came to sharp points - nipples already looking dark and hard. She had narrow waist and shapely hips. Between her thighs a small landing strip led to barely visible lips.

Aurora glanced up at Brie's face; the brown eyes held a look of uncertainty, and she chewed on a lower lip while she waited for an answer. Aurora held out her arms; "I'd love having my back scrubbed, but I'd like a hug first."

A large smile spread across Brie's face as she stepped into the welcoming embrace. "I ... I wasn't sure, you know, if I should come in here."

Aurora pulled her face down the few inches needed and kissed her gently on soft lips. "Oh yes, you definitely should have come in."

The women pressed together; hands roaming in exploration while lips tasted lips. They would pull apart just enough to look into the other's eyes, and then return to the pleasure of exploring a new lover.

Eventually they did engage in a bit of scrubbing, but mostly they just caressed each other to a high state of excitement, until Aurora could take no more. "The bed - let's go to my bed."

Quickly drying each other (and just giving their hair a quick rub); Aurora led her new lover by the hand. Throwing back the covers and laying back; she beckoned Brie with open arms.

Stretching over her, hip to hip, breast to breast, lip to lip they learned each other's ways. Soon, however, Aurora rolled them over, and as she kissed her way down Brie's throat to her tits and beyond she asked; "So, what happened after you guys moved away from us?"

"Oh ... that's so nice, umm, don't stop." (Aurora was stretching the tits by sucking firmly as she drew her head back.) "After we left you we went over to Blake Island for the night. There weren't any other boats around so we shed the little we were wearing and got down to business. You know, we were going to fuck anyway, but after watching you take that huge thing we were as hot as I've ever been. I was there with Ron - his dad has a car dealership and that was daddy's boat, the other couple was Michele and Jeremy. "

By now Aurora was nibbling at the entrance of Brie's puss; licking and lightly biting, causing her lover to twist and turn, her hands clenching sheet.

"Oh God! (...) Oh, Michele just pushed Jeremy on his back, grabbed his cock and just dropped on it. I could hear her breath going out with a whoosh. He grabbed her hips and she was just bouncing up and down. Ron grabbed me, spun me around and he had me on my knees and pumped into me. Damn that cock felt good! After watching you ... let's just say cock was all I was thinking about. I took everything Ron had and in minutes I felt him coming. He slumped over me, breathing hard, and then dropped to the seat next to me. But I wanted more! I looked over at Michele and Jeremy; she was just climbing off his lap and he was just laid back, his cock limp. Damn! I wanted more -oh, oh do that more! Michele looked at me - she had the same hungry look I felt. We met in the middle of the boat, kissed once or twice and dropped right into a sixty-nine. The mixture of her spicy juice and Jeremy's salty sperm was great. I ate every bit I could find. I can guarantee she was searching for everything I had too. I probably came twice more with her."

Aurora's fingers and tongue echoed what she was hearing, and her efforts drove Brie into a series of quivering spasms.

After a short break, they traded places, with Brie exploring Aurora's mature breasts; enjoying their color and fullness, suckling on her hard nipples. Moving down, she spent some time swirling tongue into navel; eliciting giggles. Soon she was at her target; a moist, pink vagina. She cooed at the small blonde tuft, and then blew gently; sending a shiver through Aurora.

While Brie was happily licking at Aurora's soaking pussy, the bedside phone rang. With a slight groan she answered: "This had better be important!"

"Ah ... Aurora? Are you ok? This is Phil. Frank and I thought we'd come over, maybe play a bit."

"Um ... that's nice, maybe that's a good idea." She pressed Brie's face harder against her pussy. "Yes that's definitely a good idea. Why don't you guys pick up pizza and come over. I may have a surprise for you. No wait, I'll call an order to Min's, we'll have Thai. I think that will be more appropriate. "

Hanging up the phone, she looked down at the tousled head happily delving into her core; "Brie dear, would you like some company? That was Phil; he and Frank are coming over in a little while. I think you'll like them."

"If you mean 'do I want to try Phil's cock?' yes I do. But who's Frank? Are you fucking two guys?"

"Two are fucking me. Let's take a break, I have to call in an order - you do like Thai, don't you?"


"Man, look at the size of this order! Is she planning on an army?

"Phil, if this goes the way it looks, we're going to need all that, and maybe more. She doesn't share details of what you guys do, but if it's anything like what we've done - it's going to be a very long, very fun night."


"Come in!" They heard Aurora call. "I'm in the bedroom."

Oh yes, she was in the bedroom alright, and a slim brunette was on her knees between Aurora's clasping legs; a beautiful ass highlighted by the dripping pussy and winking ass hole in the center. "Guys; I want you to meet Brie. Phil, you remember her; she's the girl from that other boat."

"Nope, don't recognize her. But then I only saw her from the waist up."

Aurora held Brie in place. "Honey, you remember Phil? Well next to him is Frank, and while you keep doin' what you're doin' one of them is going to explore your sweet pussy. Ok?"

Brie vigorously nodded her head; sending additional spasms through the clitoris under her tongue.

Men's clothing flew in all directions and Frank knelt behind the sweet ass. His hands gently massaged the soft skin; thumbs pressing into ass and pussy, drawing juices to the surface and then spreading them over the outer lips. The aroused scents of the two women saturated the room; a heady aroma that hardened already firm cocks.

Phil fed his large, hard cock to Aurora's lips; teasing the head from side to side, then up under her nose where she inhaled the man-scent deeply. Back to her lips it went, but this time slowly pushing in - forcing her welcoming lips open; her tongue swirling over and under the head. Phil groaned at the sensations, moving deeper into the hot, welcoming, chamber.

At the other end of the pile, Frank had his nose right up to the dripping slit; inhaling the sweet/spicy aroma of Brie's hot box. His tongue drove in; digging as deep as he could, sucking juices from a flowing fountain. Then his faced moved up searching for the other hot hole. His pointed tongue probed forward again and the surprising sensation drove Brie harder into the pussy before her.

The room was saturated with the sweet sexual smell of aroused women and the moans and groans of very busy mouths.

In minutes Frank was so aroused that he couldn't wait any longer. Rising behind Brie, his cock hard as steel; he quickly placed his cock at the open, dripping slit and pushed in; not stopping until he was braced against her ass. Holding himself still, he could feel the pussy walls clenching and unclenching around him. Breathing deeply, he inched back until only the head was encased and then pushed back in. His pace picked up; his hips rocking, his hands grasping her hips. Every drive forward pushed her harder against Aurora's pussy, every drive sent shock waves through Aurora's body, and every drive forced her further onto Phil's massive cock.

Looking at each other, the men nodded and drove into the women as hard and fast as they could. Within seconds both were coming and there was cum spewing and juices flowing. Even when they had finished; everyone froze in place, relishing the sensual afterglow.

The first to go was Brie - slowly toppling to her side; her cheek dragging across Aurora's thigh, Frank's softening prick pulling out with a small sucking sound. He sat back on his heels; looking down at Aurora's gaping cunt - wide open and clasping in the last of her orgasmic bliss.

In a daze he tilted forward, his lips kissing her pussy tenderly and his tongue taking one pass over her clit.

She quivered once again and held his head in place for a moment, then gently pushing him away.

Phil sat back; his cock leaving a stream of spunk along her cheek, matching the sperm dripping from the sides of her mouth.


They sat on a blanket in the living room, forming a rough circle, but in such a way as they could enjoy the view between the others' legs. Still warm Thai was passed around - samples being offered by the women with chop sticks - the men relying on forks. Everyone was laughing at reactions to new flavors, and at the same time ogling tits, pussys and cocks. While the men weren't turned on by each other, they did acknowledge each other's physique. But when it came to the women, well ... they had three other bodies to be turned on to.

As the eating slowed the conversation turned sexier, comments more suggestive. Brie reached into Phil's lap; grasping his flaccid cock. "I can't believe you took all of this ... in the ass, yet. I don't know if my poor little pussy can take that much."

"Well, my little sweet pussy, the only way you'll know is trying. But don't worry; he's a very considerate lover. You've got to go for it. Frank honey," She said turning; "you don't mind what I said, do you?"

"No. You guys enjoy Paul Bunyan over there, and when you want smooth lovin' I'll be here."

"Mmm, you're so understanding. There's some lube on the table; I want you in my ass while she gets her first taste of Mr. Bunyan."

The women settled to their tasks: Aurora stretched out on her stomach while Frank lovingly applied lubrication to her back door; his fingers pushing and twisting, starting at one then moving up to two, then three. Soon she was writhing under his efforts and finally drew her knees in, lifting her butt. He crouched behind her - his cock straining for its target.

As he pressed to her star, it opened in invitation, begging to be filled. Once he'd pushed all the way in, they looked over at the other couple. Brie had been busy also. She'd pushed Phil onto his back, and then knelt next to him, her hand still grasping his growing member. In fascination she watched it grow; filling her hand until the fingers and thumb were separated a good inch. Mesmerized, she bent; her lips just touching the head in the smallest of kisses. A little firmer, a little deeper, she kissed again and then with a small groan she opened her mouth and slowly engulfed him. When the head bumped her throat she stopped and taking a deep breath began pumping the cock into her mouth. Soon saliva was flowing around the massive meat.

Phil tugged her hips around and dug fingers into her juicy quim. In only minutes she was ready, and rose off the cock inhaling deeply. She swung over his hips, and with one hand on his chest and the other leading the massive organ to her core. When she felt the head spreading her pussy lips she paused, and then lowered herself, pausing every inch or so; her eyes getting larger with every movement. When she'd taken all she could, she was surprised to realize her butt was resting on his thighs. She looked over at Aurora. "My God! It's all in me! I want to move, but do I dare? Aurora! What do I do now?"

"Darlin' there's an old saying - 'Use it or lose it.' You know what to do. And when you're done - come to me and we'll clean each other up."

Bending her head almost to Phil's chest, her hands digging into his skin; her hips began rising and falling. Just an inch or so at first, a short break between rises. Soon the pace quickened, the movements became longer, her juices flowing around the man meat and dripping off his balls.

Aurora had been holding her breath, her eyes locked-willing Brie into motion. She began to match the younger woman, keeping pace; almost as if experiencing Phil's log through Brie. Soon both women were pounding onto their enclosed members; pussy and ass clasping and sliding, juices pooling under them. At one point Brie froze; her head thrown back, a guttural howl rising from her cunt and through her throat. Aurora froze with her, not breathing, waiting for the animalistic orgasm rising from the younger woman.

With a shudder Brie came back, looking down at Phil she hoarsely whispered; "No more. I can't go any farther. Let me sleep." And she slid off his steel rod.

"Frank, come with me. I'm going to help Phil and I want you in my ass again." She crawled to her other lover; climbed onto his lap and drove onto the rigid meat at her gate. Leaning forward she kissed Phil deeply, and then looked over her shoulder as Frank greased his rod.

Aurora kissed Phil again, then said; "Grab my ass, pull me open. Frank's going in. I want both of you, and I want you now." The other cock lined up and using her own over flow as lube, Frank pressed pass her sphincter with a pop.

Phil felt the other cock through the thin wall as it pushed all the way in. Aurora took a breath, readjusted her position a little and then ordered: "Fuck me boys. I'm yours. Fuck me 'til I can't talk. Fuck me, c'mon ... more, more ... oh god, oh god ... yes...

One pushing up, the other down, the men took her at her word; pounding cocks into her willing holes. Pussy and ass clenching the ravishing rods, Aurora's eyes rolled back and drool loosely dripped from her lips. Only after the men had cum, hot spray jetting into her; only then did she stop. All strength gone from her limbs, Aurora collapsed onto Phil's chest.

Breathing heavily, Phil held her to him as Frank pulled out and stretched out beside them.

Aurora felt a tongue lapping at her butt hole and then moving down to her pussy. A nose brushed against her as the mouth licked at Phil's softening cock. Looking over her shoulder, all she could see was long brunette hair. Until Brie looked up; "That was so fucking hot."


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