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Trick and Treat


This is a fictional work, all the sex acts occurred between people over the age of consent. This is a coming of age story with limited sexual content. I hope the story elicits emotions from my readers. As always I wish to thank my editor sexy Kate. Please vote and comment that is my payment. I retain the rights to this story except for those granted Literotica.

Trick and Treat

Paulette Marie Aston and Ashlyn Christen Martin had been close friends since they were young girls. They told each other almost everything. They spent as much time with each other as they could and played on the same sports teams. They had sleep overs almost every weekend, and their families threated the other girl as their own. Vacations often included the other girl so each could have a friend to play with and not be lonely. Both girls were well-behaved and always polite with whomever they dealt.

As the girls grew older, they were inseparable. They were pals, and when they fought they made up quickly. They protected each other when they were picked on, and each always had the other's back. This continued into middle school. Both were strong students. and they studied together. The biggest competition between them was who would get the better grades.

Paulette was very feminine and started to develop at a young age, whereas Ash was a tomboy who was slower to mature. Pauli kept her hair long and Ash always had shorter locks. Their clothing differed as well; for Pauli, it was dresses and, for Ash, blue jeans or shorts. When the girls were in middle school, the Martins moved seven blocks away, but the girls were still in the same school.

By high school both girls knew each other well and had made up their minds what they wanted to do in life. Ash wanted to be a veterinarian. Pauli wanted to be a lawyer. Ash knew she was different while Pauli didn't. Pauli was infatuated with boys. Ash could not care less -- she was infatuated with Pauli. When they talked, Ash just listened politely as her friend droned on about which boy was her ideal. Ash knew she could never tell her best friend who she coveted -- Pauli would run. They stayed supportive of each other. Ash helped her buddy buy her prom dress. On prom night Ash helped doll her friend up. It was fun for both, even though Ash was hurting. She could not go without outing herself, so she stayed home and watched a movie and cried.

Ashlyn's mother Karen heard her sobs and tried to comfort her, saying she would find a guy someday. Ash shuddered at the thought but kept quiet, not letting on as to her true desires. When Pauli got home, she was very upset the date had not gone as she had hoped. Her escort was a smart student but that night his thoughts were between his legs. Paulette's mother Constance consoled her girl, trying to assure her that not all men were like that. Connie knew better but she had to say so. Her husband had left her for a young, sexy slut.

That night Ash called Pauli to see how her date had gone. When she heard, she was not glad. The date had been very important to her BFF, and Ash had hoped that she would have fun. She was glad that Pauli was strong enough not to give in to the persistent boy for whom she was way too good. The two talked for hours. Pauli told Ash that she was smart not to go after all.

The two went off to university together They had decided where and had the grades and SAT scores. They were going to be roommates. They knew each other so well they expected no problems. They had several classes together since they had to fulfill the core classes. Smart girls that they were, they spent a lot of time studying and breezed through with all As. It was in the second month that things got hard for Ash. Pauli came back from her shower and dried herself nude in front of her best friend. Ash could not help but watch her as she did this. She had to crush her desires so as not to ravish the nude vision. I can't take this every day. I wish I could tell her I love her.

Both girls were popular. Pauli was five feet four inches tall with a curvy figure and light blue eyes. Her skin was very fair. She burned easily and avoided tanning to try to hold down freckles. She was topped off by long curly hair more brownette than brunette. She had big expressive eyes above a little button nose and a smile that lit up the souls of others. She was also quite naïve. She had tried to date but wasn't about to have sex at the speed her dates wanted.

Ash was taller at five feet seven inches. She was slender with small hips and bust. She had dark brunette hair that showed red highlights in sunlight. It was always cut short. Her eyes were deep dark brown, bordering on black. They flashed with whatever emotion she felt. Her nose was aquiline and suited her narrow face. Her lips were full and expressive. Ash's skin was olive. She could get a deep tan if she wanted and loved the sun. The girls admired each other's looks and were proud to be around the other.

Boys hit on Pauli often and mostly crudely, telling her the sexual acts they wanted to do with her. She would often come back from classes and slam her books down, cursing them. She was not a prude and had researched all the popular forms of sex. She came to the conclusion they favored men. It seemed they always were the ones who were allowed to orgasm. Women were left to their own devices afterward. She had read a study that 75% of women never had orgasms from intercourse. Men, on the other hand were up around 98%. It was a farce to think it was fair.

Ash was not approached by men very often, which suited her fine. She did turn down the few who asked. She had had a few lovers and found no problem climaxing with them. There were crappy lesbian lovers, but one did not have to see them again. She knew the studies that women were much more likely to orgasm with other women. They were also more likely to have multiples -- what's not to like?

Ash did her best to reassure her roommate that there was someone for her out in the world. She would hold the crying girl and sooth her until she got herself back under control. They spent much of their time studying. Both had plans for their futures. They were not party girls at all, although they did have a pub they went to on occasion. They would dance with each other and have a good time. Ash did have to shoo boys off of Pauli. The girls watched out for each other all the time, Ash more so than her roomie.

They were best buddies and told each other their plans. Paulette wanted to be a lawyer. Ash hoped to get into vet school. She knew it would be hard so she had to have top grades. The two were boring to their dorm mates, who loved to party, but they were willing to put that off. By Halloween they were ready for a break and drove back home. They would help with the candy. It was just for a day and then they returned to school.

Ash had noticed Connie did not look well. On the drive back she asked, "Pauli, is your mom alright? She looks a little off."

"I noticed and asked. She said she has been working a lot lately and is tired. Ash, do you think your mom could check up on her once in a while?"

"I'll call her when we get back to school. Maybe she has noticed already."

It was back to the routine when they got to school. Ash called her mother and asked her about Mrs. Aston. She said she knew nothing but would ask around as they were not close. Karen loved Paulette as though she was her own and wanted to protect her. The girls were working their butts off and had little time for distractions.

Ash took time to join a LGBT group. She kept it away from her roommate so that she was not distracted. Ash was very active in the group and met a girl she liked. She spent time with Lisa.

Pauli wondered where Ash got off to at times but guessed she had found a guy. Good for her! As Thanksgiving approached and the girls made plans to go home, Paulette found a flyer for the LGBT group. On the bottom was listed a freshman contact: Ashlyn Martin. Pauli was knocked for a loop!

When Ash came home she found the flyer on her roommate's desk and had to prepare for rejection. When Pauli's voice came, however, it was calm. "Ash, why didn't you tell me? I don't care whom you want -- we are still as close as ever. If I can help you, please just ask." Ash was moved to cry. She could not have wished for more. She grabbed her friend in a tight hug. Strange as it might seem, the revelation brought them closer together. Ash could be open with Pauli about everything once again. Pauli asked genuine questions. On the day of the meeting Ash got a surprise from her old friend.

"Ash can I attend with you? I'm curious and want to help. I don't think anyone should be discriminated against, least of all you and your friends."

"Pauli, everyone is welcome! I would love to bring you if you want. If you're worried about being approached, you can wear this sticker." Ash handed her a round sticker with STR8 on it. Pauli laughed and said she would think about it. She had turned down enough guys that she was not intimidated by gay girls. As they were about to leave, there was a knock at the door. Pauli answered.

"Hello? Can I help you?" Standing there was a very feminine girl. She was so pretty!

"Hi! Is Ash here?" She peeked in and saw the answer to her question. "Ready to go, Ash?"

"Sure! Do you mind if my roommate comes with us?"

"No. My name is Lisa. Are you Ash's lifelong friend?"

"Guilty as charged. I'm Paulette." She extended her hand and they shook. "Ash, is this your girlfriend?"

"Yes. We met after Halloween and are still getting to know one another." Ash came over and hugged Lisa, giving her a deep kiss. To Pauli, it seemed so gentle compared those from the guys she had kissed. This gave her pause. Were women easier to be with? Pauli was smart enough to guess that was dependent on whom you were with. She had known her fair share of bitches and cruel girls in high school. The three walked to the meeting, Lisa in a skirt and sweater. Ash had on jeans and a hoodie, while Pauli had slacks and a jacket. They made an attractive trio, with boys ogling the whole way. "I hate being treated like meat. Like they're doing to us." Ash's voice affirmed her displeasure.

Lisa looked over at the boys and added, "I've been in lesbian bars that are just as bad."

"Yeah, that's why I don't go to them very often. I didn't intend to imply it was a male trait only."

The presentations answered many of the questions all three had. Pauli did get approached on her way to the restroom. She pulled out her sticker. The girl said she was sorry. "But thanks for your support. We need all we can get." Most of the women there were not trying to turn straight girls bi or gay -- it usually ended up hurting everyone.

When the girls got back to their room, Pauli said she had to go to the library and grabbed her books. It was a ploy to give Ash and Lisa some alone time. She did not want to be in the way. She did text Ash asking her to text her when they were done. She had an early class. She had time to get a lot of work done so she was well ahead in all her classes. At about 10 she got a text saying the coast was clear. Pauli gathered her books and headed back. She was pestered by a drunk guy the whole way. Luckily, two other guys ran him off and made sure she got home safely. They recognized her from the LGBT meeting. When they got to her door, Ash opened it and recognized the guys.

"Hey, Mike and Al! I see you made sure my roomie made it home safe. Thanks, guys."

One of the guys said, "Our pleasure, Ash. It's a little late for her to be out walking, and she was hassled by a drunk."

Paulette, who had been frightened by the whole incident, added, "I was studying at the library and lost track of time. You guys are life guards!" Ash saw that she was shivering in fear and pulled her in, waving good-bye to her gay friends.

"God, I'm so sorry, Pauli. We just got caught up. It was our first time alone and we over did it."

"It's what I wanted for you, Ash. I guess I should have asked for an escort to bring me home." Ash felt her friend's arms tighten around her. She had been very afraid. When Pauli finally calmed down, they got ready for bed.

"Ash, did you guys have a good time?"

"Oh, hell, yes! It was astounding! I owe you big, Pauli."

"Why don't we set up a time that is a little better. Say, Sunday afternoon or something like that?"

"I'm not looking to put you out of your own room."

"I can study at the library or watch TV in the common room. It's worth it to see you happy."

The arrangement worked out well until they went home for Thanksgiving. As Ash was dropping off her friend, Pauli ask her to come in and say hello. Ash cared deeply for Connie so she was glad to. But she wished she had not. Connie looked 10 years older than at Halloween. She was very thin and pasty looking. She sounded frail but appeared happy to see Ashlyn.

"Hello, Ashlyn. Don't you look nice? Are you enjoying school as much as Paulette? Please look out for my girl, if you can."

"Mrs. Aston, we look out for each other. I love university and so does Pauli. We're both doing well."

"Tell your mother my tests came back yesterday. Ask her to call me when she can please." Paulette turned a very pale version of herself. She knew her mother was ill but this was crushing.

"I will be sure to deliver the message, ma'am."

"Paulette, why don't you go and visit Karen. She has missed you as much as I missed Ash."

"Yes, Momma. Should I do it now?"

"Yes, baby. You don't have to stay long. I'm sure Ash will bring you home after." The two coeds went to visit Ash's mom. Ash told her what Connie had requested. Karen excused herself and called. The girls heard her say, "Oh, shit, Connie." But the rest of the conversation was muffled.

"Paulette, your mother asked me to tell you she has advanced liver cancer. I'm so sorry."

"Why didn't she tell me when we stopped there earlier?" Pauli got out between sobs.

"She is so weak, baby girl. She was afraid she could not hold you. Come here." The mother held out her arms to the devastated girl. Karen hugged her tightly and let Pauli cry until she ran out of tears.

When she was able to get herself together, Karen added, "I'm so sorry. Try to be strong for her -- she will need all the support you can give her."

"Ash, will you take me home please? I've got to talk with my mom and see how I can help her." No one had noticed how upset Ash was -- she was weeping with her head bowed.

"Just a minute, Pauli. I can't see to drive right now." Then she started bawling in earnest. She tried to control herself but couldn't. Pauli rushed to her and gave her the succor that Karen had provided her. Slowly Ash controlled herself. She loved Connie as she did her own mother. Ash dried her eyes and grabbed her keys. "OK. Let's go." She took the offered hand and headed out the door.

"Thanks for caring. I know Mom is afraid, and so am I. I don't even know my dad but he wouldn't help us anyway. Mom has a sister, but she lives in Washington state. I'm sure she will try to help, but I don't know how much she can do. Your mom has been great, taking her to the doctors and for tests." They pulled up in front of the Aston house. Pauli gave Ash a kiss on the lips and ran inside. Ash sat stunned. Pauli had avoided kissing her since she came out to her. She knew Pauli was not intolerant or homophobic -- she had said so many times.

When Ash got back home, she found her mother sitting at the kitchen table with her face in her hands. "Mom, are you OK?"

"I am. But I somehow want to help both of them and you, too. I sometimes forget how close we all are, sweetheart. This is a time that needs us all behind Connie." Ash sat down and hugged her mom, not knowing what else to do.

At the Aston home, Connie looked into her daughter's red eyes and saw fear and hurt. "I'm sorry, baby girl. I should have told you, but I'm not very physically strong." She hung her head in shame.

"I understand. Mrs. Martin is almost a mother to me, as you are to Ash. What can I do right now for you, Mom?"

"I don't think I can cook Thanksgiving dinner. So maybe we can find somewhere to buy one."

"Sure, Mom. I'll ask around." She thought of whom she knew who might know, but first she checked the newspaper. There were ads from supermarkets, but it was too late. She found a few restaurants so she called them. She found one that was willing if she could pick it up, so she ordered dinner for two. On Thanksgiving Paulette borrowed her mother's car and picked up their dinner. There were heating instructions -- Pauli took care of everything. She had realized that this could be her last holiday with her mother and both were going to cherish it. The dinner consisted of turkey, both white and dark meat, dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, gravy, and pumpkin pie. Mother and child enjoyed their time together, even to the point of laughing at memories. They spent the next two days with each other. They went to a movie Connie wanted to see and ate out every night. Pauli looked up what options she had for prepared foods, and filled her mother's freezer with healthy ready-to-eat foods.

Connie presented her daughter with two documents. One was power of attorney. The other was medical power of attorney. She told Paulette that she was also the executor of her will. Paulette had reality driven into her that day: She was all her mother had. She already knew her mother, Ash, and Karen were all she had left. Her mother asked her to call her father and tell him, saying he should know. By Sunday the girls had to return to school. But Pauli still had not made the requested phone call. She did not know her father very well at all and had never met his new wife.

Pauli had to get her mom a present that would last through time for both of them. She had to be inventive. She had very little money to spare so she asked Ash if her mother had any ideas. Karen told them that an inscribed portrait with a message of love would be a superb thing. Her mother was a romantic softy, so this idea was perfect.

The girls had Karen take the photo. She was a photographer before she got married. She had the picture developed for the girls and had several printed. Pauli used a Sharpie to sign the photo For my Mother. With all my love. From your Daughter. Ash also signed the photo, using the same inscription, except she put quotes around Mother and Daughter. The girls did another for Ash's father, Scott, who was the father figure for both of them. The girls signed another of the photos in the same fashion for Karen. Ash took them to a shop that sold artsy things and they both got frames. They paid to have them matted and wrapped.

After they got back to the dorm and unpacked, Pauli sat down to do the task she had been given. She dialed the only number she had. "Hello? Aston residence." It was a man's voice.

"Hi, Daddy. This is your daughter, Paulette. I need to talk to you for a minute. If you have time."

"What do you want to talk about, girl?"

"Mom was just diagnosed with stage four liver cancer. She wanted you to know."

"Oh, my God! Is there anything we can do for her?"

"I don't think so, Dad. She is trying to get her life organized. Which means I have a lot of responsibilities now."

In the background she could hear a woman's voice say, "What's going on, Clint."

"It's my daughter. Connie has advanced liver cancer."

"I don't expect anything from you two, but you needed to know. Tell your wife 'hello' from me. Bye." Pauli did not wait for a reply before she disconnected. The weight of everything crushed down on her. She just sat and wept. Ash came back to find a lump of sobbing girl. She couldn't imagine what Pauli was feeling.

Pauli was frantic at her classes. She had to do her best, and her worries went away for a while when she was studying. As Christmas break approached, she blistered her finals. Both of the friends made the dean's list. They had to wait to leave for break, as Ash had a final the day after Pauli's last. Pauli spent the time packing and planning. She would have Ash come over Christmas morning to present the photo. She would then go to the Martin's home to do the same. These gifts were all she could afford.

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