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Trick or Treat

byR. Richard©

My wife and I hang with the same group we have been with since back in high school. We were all a little wild back then but we calmed down after we all got married.

The wildest of all the girls was Ava. After graduation, Ava screwed every guy in the group before she settled down a bit and married Art. I don't know if Art screwed every girl in the group, but if he didn't it was not for lack of trying.

Several of the other guys and girls in the group had screwed each other before we all got married. However, for a long while since that time I don't believe that any of the husbands and wives screwed anyone other than their spouse. However, a few years have passed and I can see sparks whenever certain people glance at each other. It has become obvious that there is going to be some cheating, but how and when has maybe not yet been decided.

As Halloween approaches, Ava decides the matter!

It seems very innocent and simple. There is to be a Halloween party at Art and Ava's house. Of course everyone will be in costume and there will be drinking, dancing and the usual Halloween games. Well, actually we find out that this Halloween there are to be some unusual games.

The invitation is deceptively simple. Ava has a web site and she puts the address of the web site in the invitation. Ava also furnishes a password to the web site with the invitation. When we sign into the web site, there are lists of costumes. There is one list for the ladies and one list for the men. Each couple can choose costumes, on a first come first served basis.

The costumes are sort of paired. There is a cave woman and an ape. There is a farm girl and a horse. There is a schoolgirl and a dog, etc.

The first sign of what is to come is the selection. My wife decides that she wants to be the cave woman. I don't really care, so I agree to be the ape. However, I find that I can't be the ape. Once my wife selects cave woman, the ape choice becomes inactive, [at least for me.] I can be a dog, a horse, a sheep, etc. However, I can't be an ape because I am blocked from the choice by the web site.

I can see what is happening, although I can't quite believe it. I am not quite sure what I should do, but I notice that Megan is to be a lion tamer. So, I decide to be a lion.

OK, with all of the costume choices decided, all of the ladies get together to discuss the evening. My wife leaves confident and full of fun. She comes back shell-shocked. She sits me down and begins a sort of lecture.

It seems that Bea has been caught cheating with some guy from her work. Carol has also been caught cheating with some guy. Bea's husband Ben and also Carl, Carol's husband, are talking divorce. Then Fred accuses his wife Fran of cheating. Fred is madder than hell and is apparently going to beat Fran up. Fran has run to Ava for help. Ava and Art then manage to fend off Fred. Fred finally calms down, but says that Fran is a no good tramp who would fuck a dog. Afterward, Ben, Carl and Fred get together and there is apparently a long discussion of what kind of animal each guy's wife would fuck.

Apparently there is also suspicion that there might have been more cheating in the group.

Then Ava gets an idea. She discusses the idea with at least some of the other wives.

Dani doesn't tell me what the idea is right off, instead she asks me why I decided to become a lion.

Fortunately I have figured out what is happening and I have a story. I ask, "Dani, when you go to Valley High and you play sports, what kind of animal are you?"

Dani laughs and says, "A Valley Lion, of course!"

Taking advantage of the moment, I start a 'Lion Roar' and we finish together, including a spirited, " . . . fight, team, fight!"

Dani then continues, "OK, Mr. King of beasts. Just as long as it doesn't have anything to do with Megan."

Playing dumb, I say, "Well Megan was a Valley Lionette, just as you were back then."

Dani says, "Whatever. Now listen, the ladies costumes are going to be very skimpy this Halloween. I have picked out a cave woman outfit that you are not going to like, but it is the same kind of thing that the other ladies will wear. I don't need any crap about my costume."

I say, "OK, honey. However, I need to rent a lion costume."

Dani says, "I already got you one. It seems that Ava got hold of some old animal costumes and I will have to do a little fitting and sewing on yours."

Over the next few days, we do a little fitting on my costume but, of course, I never get to see Dani's costume. My costume is just a thin fabric, brown, one-piece union suit type thing with a big lion mane. I will also have painted on whiskers.

One thing that maybe troubles me a bit about my costume is that there is a slit in the front and my cock will slip out if I am not very careful. I mention my worry to Dani.

Dani smiles at me and says, "All of the male costumes have the same kind of slit."

Halloween night I get home from work and Dani runs me through dinner and a couple of stiff drinks. Then I am told to get dressed in my costume. I am late and I am to get dressed at the speed of sound. Of course, in the process Dani informs me that I am not to wear any underwear. I ask if Dani is going to wear underwear. Of course, Dani won't tell me and I will just have to 'wait and see.'

We drive over to Art and Ava's house with coats covering our costumes. Most of the rest of the people are there by the time we get there.

When we into the house and get our coats off, it is obvious that I am not wearing underwear. However, no one really notices the fact, because Dani is a topless cave woman wearing only a little [and I mean little] skirt of fake animal hide. Well, actually Dani also wears sandals, although I doubt if real cave women wore high-heeled sandals.

Dani is the only lady who is actually topless, although all of the ladies are wearing costumes that have either sheer cloth or thin, very tight fitting tops.

The games begin. As you have probably guessed, each lady is to screw an animal.

Ava is a circus clown and will screw a bear [aka Fred.] To my real shock, the action takes place on a large gym mat in the middle of the living room floor. Ava gets down on all fours, flips up her clown skirt, revealing no panties, and the condom clad bear mounts her.

We all watch as Ava and the bear get down! Ava wiggles and urges the bear to, "Stick it in, all the way!" The bear holds Ava by her hips and thrusts strongly into her. At the end of each stroke there is a little jerk that can be seen in the quick motion of Ava's tits under very thin fabric. The action continues for a while and then begins to pick up speed. Ava is no longer saying words but just moaning with each stroke. Suddenly, Ava visibly stiffens and shakes. You can hear the bear grunt as he shoots his cum, pulled into orgasm by Ava's climax.

When it is over a moment of silence descends upon the crowd.

I have never actually watched two people fuck and I strongly suspect that no one else in the room has either.

It might have stopped right at that point, but Bea steps forward, helps Ava up and then drops her skirt and takes her place. Bea is Little Bo Peep and her faithful sheep follows right along.

The action is wild and wooly! Sheep has a bigger cock than bear did and he uses it in Bea. Bea does not show the wiggle that Ava did, but takes the big sheep cock deep in her pussy. Bea moans right from the start and, although there are no words, means to say 'fuck me hard!' Sheep does as he is asked and the moans get deeper and more demanding. Sheep adds his own grunts to Bea's moans and they reach an apparent shattering climax together!

Megan steps forward and I realize that it is also my turn. I worried that I might not get hard in front of other people. Hell, I am as hard as a tree branch! Megan stands and faces me, holding her 'lion tamer' leather skirt closed. I rip it away and toss in into the crowd. Hot looking Megan, the ex-homecoming queen, then gets down on all fours and awaits me. I slide my condom clad lion cock into the hottest, wettest pussy I have ever felt. I get my full length in on the first stroke and began to slowly and powerfully fuck the girl I have dreamed about since my freshman year in high school. I am so intent upon getting every bit of pleasure out of each stroke that I am startled when I feel Megan tighten and climax. I am still not ready and continued to stroke. Quickly Megan gets into one climax per stroke and finally collapses onto the mat. I am not going to let my dream fuck end without cumming in Megan. I turn her over and remount her. I drive my cock deep and work myself up to a full climax, shooting my cum in Megan and finally achieving release!

Since I am on top of her, I dismount and help Megan up and we walk down the hall to the bathrooms. By the time I get back from the bathroom, I see my 'cave woman' wife being fucked by an ape!

Dani has the biggest tits in the group and each ape stroke causes her big globes to sort of ripple. Dani does not even like to make love with the light on and I can not believe that she is fucking in front of the others. Unlike the noisy Ava and Bea, Dani is quiet until the very last, when she lets out a long, low moan. I can see the ape shudder and shoot his cum, apparently drawn along by Dani's climax.

Our group is probably not so awfully different from any group of young marrieds. Thus, I am a little shocked to stand with my cock sticking out through the fly of my lion costume, talking to a 'dance hall girl' whose skirt is so short I can see her labia below the hem. She asks me, "Are you looking at this?" and then raises the front of her skirt to give me a better view.

We are the first couple for the second round!

Later I see Dani standing with several 'animals' and letting them feel her big tits with the obvious intention of fucking the first guy who gets hard. Dani has lost her little cave woman skirt and is wearing only her high heel sandals.

The other women are in various stages of undress. Most of them have on either a top or a bottom, but not both.

The men are pretty much all dressed in their animal costumes, but with a cock sticking out.

The bear is fingering Carol's bare cunt and she is objecting. She says, "I don't wanna cum with your damn fingers. If you want to work on my pussy, use your cock!"

The bear is hard and he does as he is told.

I end the evening with Ava sitting on my lap with my cock inside her. We gently rock back and forth as I lick her tits. Across from us is Dani, sitting on a sheep cock while he licks her huge tits. It is definitely better than bobbing for apples!

The party finally breaks up when drunken, nude Dani and bottomless Eve want to go out trick or treating. Those of us who are marginally less drunk decide that an arrest for indecent exposure will not work well in our suburban community. I won't say that we convince either lady, although Ed does finally take his wife back to the mat and fucks her into submission.

I finally get Dani to put back on her coat, if not her little cave woman skirt.

The cold night air gets to Dani a little on the way out to the car and she sits beside me saying, "Omigod, what did I do? How will I face the others tomorrow?"

I ask, "What was it you did that the other ladies did not do?"

Dani takes a deep breath and says, "Well, nothing. Although, Bea did want to eat my pussy out on the mat. That would have been something different!"

I say, "Well, I think we need to spend more time working with those big tits of yours. Then you won't get so many crazy ideas."

Dani arches her back to display her big beauties. She says, "It was not my idea, it was Bea's idea."

I say, "Well then, you need to talk to Bea and Ava and whoever else has ideas, to find out what is going to happen in the future. Then, we need to talk."

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