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Trip of a Lifetime


Leesa was a young lady that had very bad luck in love. I had been dumped by my boyfriend of five years, just three months earlier. I was so sexually frustrated and my special toy had not been doing the trick as of late. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of my phone ringing.

I answered the phone and it was my friend Deedra asking if I wanted to join she and her boyfriend Darryl on and out of town (maybe and hour away)shopping trip. I and Deedra had been friends for several years, and during those years, we had made many trips together, both alone and with others so this was nothing unusual.

Since I was so lonely and sad, I decided to go along with them. Thrilled, Deedra advised that they would be there in about two hours. We hung up and I went into my room to find something to wear. It was scorching hot, so I decided on a short sundress and some not so high heeled sandals.

Almost exactly two hours later, I heard a horn blowing, I picked up my keys, phone and purse, and walked out of my apartment. As I rounded the corner, I saw Deedra and Darryl sitting in their oversized SUV smiling, I smiled back and got into the car. Deedra and Darryl both expressed their like for my dress, I didn't think anything of it even though Darryl kept looking at me in the rearview mirror winking and smiling. We rode along, laughing and talking as if we didn't have a care in the world. We rode a little further and normally Deedra would complain about having to ride through the rural part of town where there was nothing but trees and one gas station, but to my surprise she merely smiled. Instead of fussing, she turned around rubbed my legs and said,

"Leesa, I think you are so fine and I just want to know if I can eat your pussy?"

In shock, I laughed and said, "Dee, what are you talking about, stop playing!"

She looked at Darryl, he nodded,and she never said anything, instead she jumped over the seat, slid her hand under my dress, and started rubbing my clit. I tried to protest and she whispered in my ear, "why you keep saying no, you know that your panties are dripping wet? Open up baby girl."

When she finished saying this, she licked my ear and I shivered.

I was so horny and she was right, my pussy was dripping wet and she kept fingering my clit, slow and deeply. I had not had any action in months so I was enjoying this so much. I opened my legs widely and as I was cumming, I felt the car stop and cut off. When I managed to open my eyes, I saw Darryl turned around watching us. This turned me on for some reason, to be watched. As I looked into his eyes and watch him lick his lips, Deedra pulled off her top and pushed her breasts in my face.

Deedra had size 48DD breasts, and she always would say how she loved for them to be sucked, licked and teased. I must admit that I always admired her breasts and had secretly desired them.

She continued to rub them in my face, and Darryl said, "suck them, suck them big ass titties right now!"

This startled me and I quickly grabbed them and started licking and sucking them from one to the other and she moaned in pleasure. My clit was even wetter because I enjoyed her breasts. After several moments of sucking her tits, she pushed up my dress, pulled my soaking wet panties to the side, and went to work on my clit. I was having uncontrollable orgasms and with Darryl cheering her on wasn't helping the situation at all, and I shook violently and filled her mouth with my hot liquid, some was running down her chin. When she raised up, Darryl ordered her to move, she did, and he jacked off onto my pussy. The feeling of his hot cum made me cum even more, then he ate my pussy until I cummed again, then he got up and kissed Deedra signaled for me to suck her tits again, and I sucked them more forcefully this time.

After we cummed once again, we got ourselves together by using some baby wipes and paper towels and headed for the mall.

We shopped for several hours, trying on clothes in every store we went in and getting a few licks in also, we spent far more money than we intended. Then as we headed home, Deedra sat in the back with me and we fingered each other the entire way home. I would occasionally rub my cum soaked fingers on her breasts and suck them. This seemed to drive her crazy, and Darryl continued to cheer us on. We both cummed the whole way home, letting Darryl taste our fingers and he was sucking as if he was enjoying every bit of it. This was the best trip we had even taken and I certainly hoped there will be more to come!

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