Trip To Cleveland


I was 22 and had never been out of my home town. I live or lived in a small town called Collins Ohio. I lived on a farm with my father and mother. I had a few girl friends. Got fucked and the age of 14 by the girl down the road. She did have a body on her, and could she fuck. But like all guys I thought of going off and finding someone new., something different, something strange. How strange I would soon find out.

On the bus to Cleveland I talked with the driver. Told him that I was looking for "The Time Of My Life." I was out for three weeks of fucking and sucking. Of things that I only read about. "So your looking for something different." Yes Sir, I'm out for the time of my life, then back home to the farm and Mom and dad. Can you tell me of any place that I could... "You know." Get lucky. "Sure, I have a few bars that you might like. Are you Wild." The look on his face told me that sex was in it for me, if I said yes. "Yes Sir, wild like a bird."

"Then try a place called "The Cage, just like what a bird is in." I now had the name and all I needed was the address. " So how does one get to " The Cage." Fly?

"No I can drop you off on my way home. I pass it. Might stop in for a beer with you."

"Great, I would like that." The rest of the way we talked about anything that came up. And that was sex. I told him about Sue. How we spent the long nights in the barn and how we taught each other about sex. How we fucked in the barn and how she told me how to eat her. How I taught her to suck me. By the time we got to Cleveland I had a hard on that I thought would kill me.

"Grab your bags and I'll be right back."

"Are you sure that it is okay? I would hate to take you out of your way."

"No, I'm going right by the place. And as I said, I could use a beer or two."

We left the downtown area and drove over a bridge that had blue lights on it. "Never saw anything like that." As we drove I saw a few hookers. "Ha, look at that, they would never be on the streets back home like that."

"Your going to see more that that boy."

It took us about 30 minutes to get to the bar. A strange place I must say. A few guys and girls standing outside. Young and middle age mostly. Tall, short, fat and thin. Sam parked his car and told me to grab my bag. "That way if you leave before me you have your bag."

As we walked in we got a number put on us. 151 was my number. (I still have it). "Why the number?" That way if someone would like to buy you a drink they can send it right over."

"Great, never had a lady buy me a drink. But then I'm up for anything." Sam and I sat at the bar and I put my bag behind it. "I'll grab it later, if that's okay?" "Sure..... you new to this place"

"Yes Sir, and it does look nice......." I was looking around as I talked and saw a tall lady, I would say about 25 or so sitting at the other end of the bar. " now that looks nice.... smooth, tall, and a body that would make Sue mad ."

"Who Sue, your wife?"

"No some........ girl I left at home. Send her down a drink from me." I could not stop looking at her. She must be 5'9" or 5' 10." A set of tits that I could spend a night fucking and sucking. Legs that I would love to feel around my head. Her dress was split up the side so high I could just make out a garter belt and the top of her stockings.

"Send down a drink, fast before she leaves."

The bar tender looked at me...... " You buy her a drink, you'll get more then you can handle Boy."

"What a way to die. Please just see if she'll have a drink on me?"

"She will. And more."

I got up and walked down to her. the bar was dark. But I could see a smile on her face and her eyes....... Damn her eyes never left me as I walked down.

"Thanks..... I'm Cathy and you are...... New in town."

"Joe. And yes I'm new in town...... Care to show it to me." My eyes never left hers. I looked down for the first time. Damn what Tits. All pushed up and no place to go but up and out. And they did. I looked back up. "Town... that is my dear Cathy."

Her lips had a shade of red that made me melt. God to kiss them. Her dress left not to much covered , top or bottom. The top was open to show off her tits. I would say about 38d's. About half open, or half closed. I thought any second now she is going to pop right out of it. As I looked down I could see the garter belt and the top of her stockings.

"MY, my, my you do look like a hand full in that my Dear Cathy."

"You do talk funny."

"And I am FUNNY, if you know what I'm saying."

Her tongue came half way out of her mouth and her eyes open a little more. "Are you now.... ..... funny that is?" The look on her face... Damn I had to kiss her. But not now.... "Yes my Dear sweet Cathy... funny and wild....You?"

"Wild as the wind and as funny as......" With that Sam came up. "Looks like the farm boy is going to get lucky tonight. Did you bring your rubbers?"

My face turn a nice shade of red. I looked at Sam then back at Cathy. "Sorry... I ..... "That's okay Joe." Her eyes went up and down me. Stopped at my cock and then back to my eyes. "Now for that drink in front of me."

We talked, drank and danced for most of the night. It must have been about 1:00am. I was dancing and I knew she could feel my cock. It had been hard for the last two songs. We walked back to the bar and sat. I was not drunk, but damn near it. I looked at her and with out a word just kissed her. Soft, smooth, hot, wet and dry all at the same time. My hand went to her right leg. I have looked all the way up her dress and down it too, as the night went on. Now I had to touch it. Rub it and feel the heat from it. "Joe..... You don't know me, and about me."

"My Dear Sweet Cathy, I know all about you." I said to myself. I have been with a few lady's like you. But they asked for money. And if you do...... I'll pay. My cock was hard and I had to see her in her bra and panties.

"Joe please you might be......."

"I might be what.... I told you I know all about you." I thought, think quick Joe or she'll drop you like...... I got it. "Sam and the bar tender told me about you. So now you know I know."

That did it. She took her hand off my hand and laid a kiss on me that I have never had. Her tongue pushed into my mouth. It open me up. She blew air into my mouth. And then sucked it back out. I could feel my head spinning. Damn could this girl kiss. My hand kept going up. Higher and higher. I could feel the tops of her stockings. Then the garter......... Damn....

I felt her hand on my cock. At first just a light touch. Then she grabbed it like it was going to get away. I open my eyes and she squeezed harder and harder. I held my breath..... Then as she let go I let it out. "You are one hot lady."

She smiled and kissed me. "You are funny... Now take me........ Home that is."

"I didn't drive... I was dropped off by Sam... Remember? Could we..... You know? Your place? I hope you understand."

"For you yes. Take the keys and you drive. I think I'll have my hands full......" The smile came back to her face. We got up and left

As soon as I put the car in gear she went into gear. Her mouth on me, her tongue in my ear, and yes her hand back on my dick. But this time her other hand helped it. She had my zipper down and my cock out by the time we pulled from the lot. "Turn left, over the bridge, and to grandma's house we go. Take Detroit into Lakewood. I'll tell you when to turn."

By the time I got across the bridge my cock was out and in her hands. She kissed my ear a few more times and then . "Now my dear I'll show you what this mouth can do."

With that I felt her mouth on my cock. First her lips. Then her tongue. Then her teeth. I was stopped at a light. I looked down just as she took it into her mouth. FUCK, what a mouth. If Sue had a mouth like that I would have never left. Then back up, then down. Up, down, up, down, then up. I thought I was going to cum. She stopped for a minute, looked up at me smiled and then started all over once more. Now I knew I was going to cum. I took a deep breath and held it. This must had told her. She stopped once more. She looked up and that smile came back to her face. "Your cock is just the right size. Just like the in Three Bears, not to big... and not to small, just right. I would say about."....... She then put it back in her mouth and took it all the way in. I could feel it hit the back and then she pulled up. "Yes...... about 6.5" I would say....... Right?"

All I could do is look at her. "Yes my dear. No one has ever done that.... No one."

"I love to suck, don't you?"

"Yes I do love to suck. You'll see.... I'll suck you till your eyes cave in, till I make your tits flat. Then I'll try a few things I saw in a movie."

"I love looking at a cock that just came out of my mouth. See the spit on it. I do like it that you shave. Not many gays do that. Did you know that I shave?"

My hand was on her ass and I was pulling up her dress. I could see the tops of her stockings and soon I would see her panty covered ass. She was still bent over looking at my cock. I pushed her head down and started to fuck her face. I felt her panties and I pushed my hand higher. Her ass was hot and her skin was soft. Should I? What would she say when I pushed my finger into her ass. Still fucking her face I pushed one finger towards her hole. How I would love to have my tongue in it. I pushed harder and harder. Soon I could feel it open.

"You must stop..... I might bite your cock off if I let go... PLEASE...... Later okay? Just let me do you as we drive."


I pulled from the light and drove down Detroit. God I hope we get to her house fast. I put my hand around her and got to feel her tits for he first time. Not bad. I felt her hot skin and could feel how smooth they felt. All the time she just kept on bobbing her head up and down. Now she got her hand into it. Up with her mouth down with her hand. Up and down, up and down. Did this girl know how to suck. . "Turn at the next street, go down four drives and turn right, park in the drive. This is the place." She sat up and licked her lips. Looked down and smiled once more. And what a smile. "put hat thing away, I'll get it out soon."

As she closed her door she turned . "Do you like games?"


"Good, do as you are told and I will please you all the way. NOW STRIP"

I was going to say something but... what the fuck. I took off my shoes, pants, shirt, and then my shorts. My cock was about half hard.

She took hold of it and started to walk. "Come with me."

We walked into her bedroom. If you could call it that. Just a bed, in the center of the room. A large old four posted bed. With a head board of brass. I looked around. I was thinking I might see something. Maybe a few whips or chains. No. Just the bed.

"This is my game room. Lie on the bed, on your back. looking at me. Let the games begin."

I was on my back looking down my body at her. I could see my cock standing straight up. pointing like a light house. She still had her dress on. She put her hands on the side of her dress. Pull them out and to her side and...... BINGO.... She stood in her bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. Damn..... I wish I could have done that. That damn smile came back.

"So what do you think........ Farm Boy? Think you can please me? Think that you can do as your told? And now for the rules and the game."

Cathy stood with her hands on her hips. Great looking hips. Not bad tits either. Her breathing was making her breast rise and fall. She knew that I was looking at her breast. She would take a deep, deep breath and hold it for a second. Then let it out. My eyes moved down. Down to her panties. I could see that she did shave. No hair under her panties. Not that I could see. I looked hard at her panties. Try I a could I could not see her cunt. My tongue came out some and I licked my lips.

"You look good enough to eat my dear. Come sit on my face. Let me lick you. Suck you dry."

"Just hold on. The rules first. One, if I make you cum say in 3 minutes. Two. Then you are my slave. Three You will do as I say when I say. Four You must obey me for the next 3 hours. Deal?"

Now it was me that was smiling. No way could she do that. She must have forgotten that she suck me almost all the way as I was driving. I knew her mouth. I knew what she could do.

"What happens if I don't cum? Are you my slave, say for the next 3 hours. DEAL?"

Her smile came back.. "I'll get to use my hands, mouth and tongue okay?"

"You'll never do it. Tell you what. I'll give you 5 minutes. Since I love that mouth, I would love to feel you suck me for that long before you become my SEX SLAVE! DEAL?"

"Deal. But you are going to be my slave. Just remember that you do as your told. No crying. No asking to stop, Farm Boy. Okay?"

"Let the games start."

Cathy picked up a timer and set it for 5 minutes. Turn it on and knelt between my legs. My cock was getting hard and I could only think of fucking her mouth for the next 4 and 1/2 minutes. Damn this was going to be easy. My cock was sucked into her mouth and her head went down..... All the way down. Gone. My cock was out of sight. All the way in her mouth. Damn was she good. But I knew she did not stand a chance. I knew all her tricks and a few more.

Her mouth moved up and down and her hands moved with it. Soon she was going at a nice pace. All I had to do is hold off for four minutes. Easy.

I felt her mouth come off my cock and move down. Her tongue licking my balls. The old ball licking trick. That would never get me off. No one has ever done it that way. Then I felt her tongue going lower. Lower and lower till I felt it on my asshole. I pulled back. Damn.... Now that was something I would never have thought of.

"Never thought of that, Ha farm boy? But then I did say mouth, tongue and hands, right?"

I was holding my breath. "That is the deal." Less the three minutes to go. Hold on. Her hands went back to my cock and as she tongue fucked my ass, she jacked me off with her hands. I felt her tongue come out of my ass and thought. Now I have it made. My cock was going back in her mouth, but she pull off it.

"You have one of the first three minutes left. This is to prove that I could have gotten you off in three. Ever think of this?"

With my cock going all the way back in her mouth I felt her hands on my nuts. HA. Never happen. Never did like that that much. As she grabbed my balls her finger poked my asshole. I pulled back fast.

"That is part of my hand. Now don't move." I felt her finger start to go in.

"FUCK. My god what are you doing. NO. Stop Please. No one has....."

To late her finger was all the way in and I just let go. Cum started to move up my cock. Her mouth came off me and the first shot hit my face. Her mouth went back, but I got off one more before she could get it back in. Her face had cum all over it. Now she fuck my ass with her finger and I fucked her mouth with my cock. SHIT Now I was to be her slave. Not that bad? Wrong.

Cathy looked up at me. I could see cum on her face. I dripped down off her chin onto her tits. Damn did that look good, The cum that had hit my face was now on my lips. My tongue came out and I tasted it.

"First time for a lot tonight. I never tasted cum, never had anything up my ass and never got off that fast. Damn you are great."

Cathy came up to my face. Looked me right in the eyes and came down and kissed me. I pulled back but to late. Her cum covered lips got me before I could move. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and I got a real taste of myself.

"You like that, don't you farm boy? Would you like to try something new?"

As I looked at Cathy I went to say no but the words never got out.

"Remember you are my slave. Now I'm going to show you the real me."

She stood and pulled her bra off. Her tits came into view for the first time. God did they look great. I was starting to get up when her foot pushed me back down. I laid back and just looked on. She put her fingers onto the sides of her panties. Now I thought I was going to see. Does she shave all her hair. Is he pussy as smooth as her breast. Her panties came down slow. I could see more and more shaved skin. My breathing started to change. Slowly I saw more skin.

Just as I thought I would see some pussy she stopped.

"You did say that you would lick me?"


"You did say that you would suck me till my eyes caved in?"

"Yes" Her hands pulled her panties down. Just as I thought no hair. Also what I thought was going to be a cock, that was not in sight either. I looked at her. "I thought you .........."

"What did you think?" "Did you think I had a cock?"

"Yes I did. I thought you were a TS. But then I thought you were a woman to. But now I'm nut sure."

"Well farm boy think again." With that her legs open and I got to see one of the prettiest, softest, smoothest and longest boy clits that I have ever seen. Her cock was about 4" long and still soft. She was cut and it made my mouth water.

She had played the game till the end. The very end. I would had swore that when she pull her panties down she was a girl. But then that is why I love them so much. Tits on top and a cock on the bottom. She had me sit up and then I got to feel her clit

"Suck it farm boy. Suck my clit and make me hard. Suck my clit till my eyes roll back and cave in. Let me fuck you mouth.."

All I could say was "YES" Then I went down on her. Her cock started to get hard. And as I sucked and bobbed my head it go hard all the way. It grow to about 5 and 1/2 ." Just the right size for me. Any bigger and I wouldn't like it. I hate when they hit the back and I think I'm going to puke. I have known a few guys and girls that are into that, puking that is. But I never liked it.

I was now kneeling or half sitting in front of her. That is what I love to do best. Have her face fuck me like that. The power that it gives one. To stand in front of a cock sucker, face fucking them.

I look up at her. I can see her tits and past that her face. How a guy can look that much like a woman and still have a cock. I guess that is why I love to do she-males. Her hips are going faster and faster. I place my hands on her ass and pull it back towards me. She then pulls back and I then pull forward. Face fucking is so much fun. To give it, or get it. 69 is okay, but to just suck with anyone doing anything back is great. She is now getting into it. Talking to me.

"That's it farm boy, let me face fuck you. Let me into your mouth. Let me plow your face with my boy clit. Soon I'm going to let you fuck me like a girl I am. Soon.... very soon."

I knew that she was going to cum. And that is the part I like best. When I get to taste someone's cum for the first time. The heat from it. The salty taste. The way it warms your tongue. At times I love to pull the cock I'm sucking out and watch it cum. That way I can look up and see them looking down. And then to feel it hit my face. Run down and onto and into my mouth.

"In my mouth or on my face?"

Cathy looks down and then pulls her cock out. With that I just look up and I feel the first shot. It is warm. I get a taste of it just before she shoots another. This one hits my cheek. She is now jacking-off as she shoots. Another one gets me on the upper lip. Cathy now holds my face and tells me to open. Her cock is now on my bottom lip. The head of it is just inside my mouth. She shoots again and it lands inside my mouth.

"Now farm boy, I'm going to full your mouth with cum. Do not swallow it let it full your cock sucking mouth. Feel the heat, taste me."

With that she shoots about 5 times more. In all the years that I have done this she has given me the most. Never have I had this mush in my mouth. I try to breath but my mouth is full. I try my noise. And I get to breath that way. She is now slowly pulling her cock and it is dripping out slowly. She is looking down at me. My mouth is almost full. My eyes lock on hers. Mouth still open. I must have a shot glass full in my mouth.

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