tagMind ControlTrip to Vegas

Trip to Vegas


My wife of 15 years and I went on a mini-vacation to Vegas. We own a timeshare there and we use it to get away. We arrived in the room in the afternoon on Thursday. It was hot, I mean real hot. The temps easily topped 110 degrees. The pool on the premises looked appetizing. We went into the room and my wife started to unpack. I immediately went to drink making.

My wife is what I would consider a prude. She does sexual things but only when I beg her. She will shave her pussy but she doesn't like it. I asked her to do it for this trip but I don't know yet if she had done it or not. My wife is very conservative. She wears one piece bathing suits and she dresses very much like a mom. Nothing daring. Just like her sex.

My buddy told me about this drink enhancer that loosens up the prudish of people. So I decided that I would try that this weekend. I dropped a couple of drops of this liquid into her drink and walked the drink to her room. She readily took and started to sip it. I went back to the kitchen and turned on the TV. After ten minutes or so I realized I no longer heard my wife unpacking. So I got up and went into the room. My wife was just sitting there with her eyes wide open but just looking into the mirror. I asked her if she was OK and she responded yes. At this time I figured the liquid was doing what my friend said it would.

I decided to start slowly. I asked her to get up and get undressed. She looked at me, stood up and striped down to her bra and panties. I then told her to remove everything. She did this without covering up, still looking at me. I then told her to rub her tits and it surprised me when she started to rub her tits just looking at me. I then told her to follow me into the living room. I showed her the couch and told her to sit down with her legs spread open so I can see her pussy. She did this, and then I told her to finger herself. I can clearly tell that she did not shave, but she trimmed her pussy instead.

Now normally my wife has never let me take pictures of her, but I grabbed my camera phone and started taking video and snap shots of the action going on in front of me. I did this while she stared straight at me and the camera. I suggested that she wanted her picture taken and videos of her being sexy. Then I asked her if she wanted to be photographed. She responded with a breathy "YES!" I suggested that she go into the bath room next and get the hair remover gel to remove the remaining hair on her pussy and around her ass hole. She went into the bathroom and applied the gel a few minutes later I heard the shower come on. When she walked out I could tell her pussy was completely bald. I asked her to turn around and show me her ass. When she turned around and bent over and spread her ass checks apart I knew this was going to be an interesting weekend. I wondered how long the cocktails effect would remain potent.

I decided that my cock couldn't handle the pressure anymore and I stripped down while my wife was now sitting on the couch staring at me. She then on her own got in front of me and took my dick in her mouth. She does give blow jobs every so often, but never without me asking. Usually they are just a couple of licks and then she is done. But right now she was trying to take my whole dick in her mouth. She started to get into a rhythm and she was able to push her nose into my pubic hair. She was now deep throating my cock. It didn't take me long before I exploded into her mouth with a groan. She slowed down but my seed just spilled down her throat. She got up and looked at me. She then asked me if I wanted to go to the pool. I was shocked by this! Basically she was back to normal but as the drink wore off she behaved like a slut without me having to ask.

As I watched my still naked wife walk into the bedroom and rummage through her suitcase, my mind reeled with this new information. My next surprise is when she walked out with just a bikini bottom on. She then turned around and asked if I would rub sunscreen on her back. I did and made sure my hand crept over her breasts. She didn't stop me or sigh like she normally would do. She turned around and put her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. She said she loved me and wanted to have fun this weekend. She then put on her bikini top and went back into the bathroom. I put on my swim trunks and we left for the pool hand in hand.

The Pool:

When we got to the pool deck, even though it was hot it wasn't that crowded. In Vegas the slow times are inn the really hot months. So that is why there weren't any crowds. However, the guys that were there certainly noticed my wife in her new bikini. It was a fairly conservative one but still this certainly show her tits in a defined manner and her bottoms covered most of her ass but they showed a lot of leg as the ties on the side kept them up. She looked very nice and this was very much unlike her.

We found a place to put our towels and book and then she walked into the pool. The water was refreshing. We played around in the water for 10 or so minutes and then she swam over to me and I cupped her ass and brought her close to me. I started whispering how I thought she was sexy and how I loved the show she put on for me earlier today. She just giggled and nuzzled her head into my neck. I then put my hand underneath her bottoms and massaged her butt cheeks. I then started to untie her bottoms from one side. She didn't resist. As I undid the the knot they came off in my hand. I turned her around so she was facing the wall and I was covering her naked butt. I placed my hand over her very smooth pussy and started fingering her. There was no resistance at all from her. She just leaned back and enjoyed the moment.

She was really starting to enjoy the moment when a young man came to our side swimming around. He must of noticed something as he was spending a lot of time underwater. My wife didn't seem to notice him as she was still enjoying the sensation of my fingers probing her pussy. When he came up for air I looked at him in the eyes and nodded my head as to have him come closer. As he came closer he brought his hand to her pussy that I was rubbing. As he took over I removed my hand and just watched the show as my wife as enjoying the pleasure of another mans fingers. It wasn't long after he took over that she was writhing in ecstasy and she came with a shuddering orgasm. She just leaned into the mans arms and rested there. I then came from the side and kissed her passionately. She knew right then that someone else had brought her to an orgasm. Her tongue and moan gave me all the approval I needed. The man was still touching her twat, when she turned around and gave the young man a very passionate kiss as well. My wife swam towards the edge and climbed out of the pool with her bottoms still off. She walked over to our chairs and wrapped a towel around her lower half and took a seat. All the men in the pool noticed this.

The next drink:

She asked me to get her a drink. I went to the room and "fixed" another cocktail for her. I gave it to her and she gulped it down. I think between the heat and the drink it got to her. She said she wanted to go upstairs to the room. I told her I thought that was good idea. I could tell the drink was taking hold as the blank stare was starting to return. As we got to the room I told her to take a seat on the couch and remove her top.

She did what I asked and immediately started to rub her swollen tits. She spread her legs wide on the couch and I could tell that she was very wet. I asked her to bend over so I can lick your asshole. She stood by the couch and bent over. He ass was sticking straight out in front of me. She then spread her cheeks apart so that her asshole was fully displayed. I swiped my finger from her wet twat and circled her ass. I did that several times and stuck part of my finger up her asshole. I then lowered my head and started to lick her ass, sticking my tongue deep into her. She bounced back and forth allowing my tongue to fuck her. Her hands were furiously rubbing her twat and she came while I licked her asshole. As she recovered she turned around and kissed me.

She sat back down on the couch and the blank stare was still in effect. I told her to put on the shortest dress she had with no bra or panties. As she was getting dressed someone was knocking on the door. Our bedroom door was wide open and my wife was still naked figuring out what dress to wear. I opened the door and the young man at the pool and his girlfriend were there. She immediately comes barging in and starts yelling at me that she shouldn't of allowed my whore wife to take advantage of her boyfriend. I apologized profusely for her behavior and tried to defuse the tension. I asked what her name was, she said it was Tracy. The young man from the pools name was John. I invited them both in and asked if they would like a drink.

I poured one cocktail for Tracy and I gave John a beer. Tracy gulped hers down. My wife was in the bathroom still naked, getting cleaned up. I went into the bathroom and told my wife to come out when she was done. When I got back I noticed that Tracy had a blank stare in her eyes. John was looking at me when I said, John do you want to have a good time with Tracy? He responded that he did. Just then my wife comes out in a form fitting mico-mini white dress. You can clearly see the outline of her tits and nipples through the material. The hem line barely comes down past her ass cheeks.

I asked her to turn around and bend over. When she did this the dress slid up and exposed her hairless cunt and ass. I leaned over and grabbed the dress and hiked it up further to expose all of her ass. I spread her ass cheeks wide and started to tongue her asshole. Meanwhile John was just staring watching the show. I got up from my position and told my wife to greet our guest. She got up and her dress was still above her ass. She walked over to John, wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a very sensual kiss. She then walked over to Tracy, grabbed her by the arms and helped her up. She then wrapped her arms around her neck and passionately made out with her.

I told Tracy that she should get naked. My wife stood back and went back to John and started to make out with him while Tracy was getting naked. Tracy has a very nice figure. She is tone and fit with nice tits. She shaves her pussy with a thin landing strip. I ask both Tracy and my wife to sit on the couch. They both did. My wife leaned over without being told to do anything and started to make out with Tracy. She started kissing her lips and then inserted her tongue into her mouth. She started to rub Tracy's tits and and after a few minutes she started kissing down Tracy's neck and she started to lick Tracy's tits. While she did this her hands moved down Tracy's belly and to her wet snatch. Both John and I were just enjoying the show. I grabbed the camera and tried to get as much of the action as possible.

While my wife was sucking on Tracy's tits and plunging her fingers into her wet hole, Tracy started to orgasm. When she came down from her high, my wife lovingly kissed back up her chest and neck and they just started at each other in post-coital bliss. My wife looked into Tracy's eyes and took her hands on each side of her head and started to guide Tracy to her cunt. She whispered that she needs to be eaten out. She basically rubbed her twat against Tracy's lips and nose until Tracy stuck out her tongue. Tracy ravaged my wifes twat for several minutes until my wife came in a powerful orgasm.

My wife took Tracy's hand and lead her to the bathroom. My wife helped Tracy apply the hair remover gel and then they took a shower together kissing and washing each other. When they came out my wife got back into transparent white dress. Tracy picked up her clothing but did not put it on. Both her and my wife opened the front door and walked to Tracy's room. After John and I cleaned up and locked my room we walked over to John's and Tracy's. When we walked in my wife was naked leaning against the wall while Tracy was licking her pussy. My wife had her hands on her head and was guiding her tongue. Moments later my wife shuddered and practically collapsed on the floor. You could tell that her eyes were back to normal, but she just sat down on the couch still with her pussy exposed for anyone to see. She laid down and fell asleep.

Tracy went into the bedroom looking for clothes while John and I had another brew. When she came out, she had this fishnet stocking material over a G-String bottom and a string bikini top. She looked so naughty but amazing. She saw my wife laying there and she shimmied out of her G-String and straddled my wifes face. She lowered her twat and rubbed it over her lips. My wife awoke but immediately knowing what was going on, she put her hand over Tracy hips and guided her pussy even closer to her mouth. Tracy was really moaning now, and soon she gushed all over my wifes face. You could see the slick juice that Tracy left running down her chin. Seeing this Tracy licked and kissed my wifes face and cleaned her with her tongue.

The book store:

I suggested to John that we go across the street to the Adult store and buy some toys for these two. He agreed, so we all got up and left the room. Tracy never put her G-String back on and my wife and her left hand in hand. In the elevator, they made out, in the lobby of the time share the made out and in the taxi they made out. Neither one of them cared. They were focused entirely on them. When we got to the Adult store my wife and Tracy were still holding hands. We were greeted by aisles and aisles of dildos. Tracy and my wifes eyes glazed over, The walked over to the double headed dildos. The giggled with each other and then embraced each other while holding an enormous one. As we headed to the front to purchase the dildo, we noticed they were having amature shows tonight. My wife asked what that was all about, and the clerk said that anyone willing to perform could win $500. She also said teams of people both male and female could enter. My wife looked at Tracy who's eyes had returned to a normal state and they both agreed that it would be fun.

It seemed that even though the drinks had worn off, that the effects of the suggestions and the acts performed stayed with them both. There was no inhibition from either one. They were both sluts and seemed to be OK with it. The show was about to start and they had to register. The clerk ushered us to the back of the store and to my surprise there was a whole theater there. The place was very busy. John and I took our seats and didn't have to wait long, as the show began with some innocent dancing, and then another one stripped down to her panties, and then there was more dancing and a little more stripping. Everything was pretty tame, until that is Tracy and my wife were introduced. The stared out into the crowd, holding hands at first. The Tracy turned to my wife and kissed her passionately. My wife kissed back and started to massage Tracy's butt and back. Tracy pulled away and started to unroll my wifes dress from the top and exposed her tits. The crowd cheered at this and they just were getting started as then Tracy took each breast into her mouth and started to lick and suck each of my wifes tits.

My wife was enjoying the sensation, however, she then pushed what remained of her dress down the rest of her body and now she was fully nude in front of the crowd. She started to bounce to the beat of the music and circled Tracy who was now also naked. The came together in another embrace and this time my wife lead Tracy to the floor and they got into the 69 position. They lowered each others cunts down to their faces and each of them lapped at their partners cunts eagerly. The crowd roared in approval. The MC of the show then came on and declared them the winners. This didn't phase them though, they kept at it until the both shuddered in an orgasm.

As the contest ended both my wife and Tracy remained naked and walked through the crowd to get to us. As they did this many people stopped them to congratulate them. Others also too full advantage of grouping both of them. The girls though seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. One man was full on rubbing my wifes tits when she turned to him and just kissed him. She rubbed his dick through his pants. He was about to unbutton his pants and start a sex show right there, but she then found me and left him high and dry. They came over to us and just hugged and kissed us both. The management then found us all and ushered us to the back of the theater. They gave us the $500 winnings and we went into a taxi to take us back to the time share. When we got back, the girls exchanged embraces with each other and both John and I, and we went back to our own rooms. As we got back to our room, my wife laid down on the bed and immediately passed out. I was hoping for some more sex but I figured she had a long day. Tomorrow could be very interesting.

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