tagIncest/TabooTriplets: Three Are One

Triplets: Three Are One


We found ourselves, I and my twin sisters, living together under less than ideal circumstances. Our parents had died and left the house to us in their will, an old Victorian home which had been built by Dad's grandfather in the eighteen-hundreds. The details of our parents' demise are not something I feel is relevant to this particular story- suffice it to say that they died together and that they most likely died holding hands. They were wonderful, loving people who taught us, their triplet children, as much about life as they possibly could. Certainly, they will be missed, but the three of us, my sisters and I, hope to carry on their legacy with our own children- God willing.

My sisters and I were born triplets in the summer of '75. The girls, Sam and Danielle, are identical twins while I, the boy, bear some strong resemblence to them, but take after Dad more than anything. Life for us was always good and interesting, largely due to the fact that our parents never got in the way of our learning about the world as a three-person team. And that's exactly what we were: a team. We did nearly everything together, never tiring of our time spent together or having what most people would call sibling rivalry. Of course, we had our moments, like any kids are prone to do, but we generally got along famously. Mom and Dad also helped us foster our own identities, going to great lengths to avoid dressing my sisters up in the same outfits when they were young and helping me to find my own way as a young man. Each of us is as different as the other two, I should add.

Sam (short for Samantha) is the ecclectic one, always into something strange and dark, whether it be music, art or anything else- not exactly "punk", but not exactly a sheep, either. She went to college in the same way she went to high school- with a relaxed mentality. Naturally, she dropped out of college early, but it wasn't because of her grades. She just felt that Life had more to offer her than school- and the rest of the family supported her to the hilt. She works as a fairly successful web designer at a local advertising company and pulls in quite a chunk of change. How she got the job without a degree in graphic design is beyond me, but she doesn't lack for talent and earns every penny she gets. She's got an incredible eye for detail.

Danielle (Dani, as we like to call her) is the smart one of the team. She's always had a head for business and numbers, ever since we were kids, and it's no wonder that she ended up earning her CPA certification and starting her own consultancy firm. Right after she got out of college, she started her own one-woman-show, working like a mad woman for a few years. Now, however, she enjoys more time to relax. Her small business has blossomed into something much greater, with a staff of sixteen accountants, secretaries for each accountant, receptionist, board of directors... the whole ball of wax. What's truly amazing about Dani, though is that she doesn't let her success go to her head. She's still sweet and kind as ever, while still retaining her cool businesswoman's intellect. Like her sister, Dani has an incredible eye for detail, but in a totally different area: money.

Both of my sisters are amazingly gorgeous. They stand at 5' 8" and have faces with rounded, soft features. While Dani keeps her brunette hair cropped at her shoulders (to maintain the business-like appearance), Sam has let hers grow down to a full ponytail that stops just above her tailbone. Both of them have lean, athletic bodies with decent tone, due to their shared early-morning jogs each day. Their best asset, though, are their breasts. I don't know how these two ladies keep guys from hitting on them left and right with their 34 D-cups, but whenever I'm out with them, there is no shortage of slow, interested gazes from other men who happen to be around. Both my sisters are what I would call "show-stoppers and jaw-droppers."


I'm Jacob and I'm the lucky one, I guess. Like Dani, I get to stay home a lot, but it's not because I have put in the long, arduous hours for my vast capitalist empire. Oh, no. I just happened to catch a break with an invention, which got bought up by a certain home-cleaning supplies company. They bought the patent for my invention when I was still in college for a cool three million dollars, which bought me some time to sit back and pursue some of the finer things in life on my own terms. Unlike Sam, though, I stuck with college. The way I saw it was that I had already made the commitment, so why not see it through? I passed all my clases (some, just barely) and eventually got a degree in applied mechanics. Inventing stuff is more fun than you might think, and I never run out of ideas, so applied mechanics suited me just fine. I am 5' 10", slightly muscular with a lean physique and I keep in shape with Tai Chi, which doubles as a form of meditation when I need to chill out. Am I attractive? Enh... I suppose so. I've had a few girlfriends over the years (none that looked as hot as my sisters), and they've never complained, so I guess that's a good endorsement. I've been told that my eyes are my best feature- apparently, I have that "deep, penetrating stare" that women enjoy. If I'm attractive, then it's not something I'm not vain about. I'm just you're every-day, ordinary guy with a lot of time on his hands. Mind you, I'm no slob, but I'm no neat-freak, either. Personality-wise I guess you could say that I'm the middle ground between my two sisters. And in a sense, I guess I'd have to be- I'm the one who usually gets the girls to kiss and make up whenever they have their little spats, which aren't often, but definitely intense.

When we got the news about our parents, the three of us were, of course, completely overwrought. We met at our parents' house a few days after the funeral, which we had all three long-since moved out of, to keep each other company while we tied up our parents' affairs. What a task THAT was! In the course of thirty years our parents had accumulated quite a bit. They'd left some money, too, but I decided to forfeit my share of the inheritance since I didn't really need it and split it between Sam and Dani. My sisters tried to refuse it, but when I showed them my bank balance to illustrate just how little I needed money, they gracefully accepted and then we set about the task of figuring out what to do about the house.

"We could always sell it," Dani suggested, always the one to come up with the business option.

Sam wrinkled her nose at the idea as we all three sat around the family table to talk it out. "I don't like that idea, sis. This house has been in the family for generations. It'd be a shame to put an end to that."

I nodded in agreement. "Plus, think of all the time and money Mom and Dad invested into this place over the years. Do we really want to waste that? And then there's the sentimental aspect."

Dani sighed in resignation. "I know... I'd hate to give this place up, too, but how can we keep it when all three of us have different schedules and lives? Then there's property taxes and maintenance-"

"I could take care of the maintenance side of things," I piped in. It was, after all, perfectly true. Not only that, it'd be a great way to put my college education to use. I've had my eye on doing some remodeling on the house since before college, wondering if Dad would ever come to the same conclusions I had about its structuring.

"And I'm sure you've got all kinds of lackeys at your company who can take care of the taxes," Sam added. "As far as keeping the place inhabited in concerned, well, you know me. The starving artist. I can always move in and keep it warm."

Dani smiled. "Oh, no you don't! God only knows what you'll end up doing to my old room and I, for one, would like it to stay the way it is."

Sam seemed only slightly hurt by the insinuation. "Are you kidding me? OF COURSE I'll leave your room alone!" She looked at me. "And yours, too, Jake. This place holds a lot of memories for all three of us and I wouldn't think of changing it just to suit me. That said, I wouldn't mind doing a few things to the rec room and kitchen area. Maybe open them up some. And I could always turn Mom and Dad's room into an office, which I don't have enough room for in my own place."

"You still tele-commuting for work?" I asked with interest. She'd been doing that a lot lately. I think she's gunning for a shot at building her own client-base and starting her own design firm, but she hadn't explicitly said so yet.

Sam shrugged slightly. "Some," she said. "They keep wanting to drag me in, but I'm just more comfortable in my own place, you know? And it's not like my field of work really requires an office. Usually it's just to meet with the client and get a feel for what they want, but they're trying to also task me with other designers all the time. I can't seem to get it through their thick skulls that I'm a loner." She sighed dismissively. "Bygones. Point is, I'm thinking about leaving and doing my own thing for a while. Living here, in a bigger place than my current apartment, would really help."

Ha! I knew it! If my suspicions were correct, then Sam was getting jealous of all the time Dani and I had to ourselves and she was trying to garner her own success. Naturally, I was 100% behind her. If anyone can do it, she can- with a little support from the rest of her "team." I grinned at her announcement. "Well, I don't have a problem with that, but I must admit... I was kinda hoping to do some remodeling here myself. The house's structure has always seemed a bit 'off' to me and I wanted to make some improvements here and there. Pretty much, all I want to do is just bolster the foundation a little bit, make it a little more sturdy."

Dani was listening to the conversation quietly until then. "Wait a second... if Sam is living here, would that pose a problem to these 'improvements' you want to make to the house?"

I gave it some thought for a moment. "No, not really," I said. "Actually, it shouldn't be a problem at all." I heaved a deep sigh. "I wish Mom and Dad were here. They'd know what to do in a heartbeat."

Dani reached across the table and gently laid her hand on top of mine. "I miss them, too, Jake. It's okay. All we have to do is just try to imagine what they would tell us to do."

There was a quiet, thoughtful silence that fell on the table for a moment and then Sam said, "Hey... how about this? Jake, you can stay here and do all the home improvements you want to and when they're done, we can worry about that then. I can move in when my lease is up, which will be about three months." She looked at our sister. "How does that sound?"

Dani thought it over, bit her lip and then said, "Sounds good. Just one thing, though."

"What's that?" Sam and I said simultaneously. We both glanced up at each other for a quick grin. We hadn't spoken at the same time since we were kids. I hadn't seen much of my sisters since college, even though we all three lived in the same town as our parents, but it felt good to be around them again, especially then, with our parents gone.

"Okay, here's the thing... my boyfriend and I have been living together for a while now, but things are going south for us. Fact is, we're breaking up. Apparently, he can't handle the fact that I make more money than he does and it's affected our relationship. Neither one of us wants to stay in the place we're in, so we're both moving out. I COULD just go ahead and buy a condo or something, but the truth is that I would really like to come home for a while. That's what I was planning on doing anyway, before Mom and Dad..." Her lips quivered a little in soft mourning, but she kept herself together. "Before they passed. I really wanted to spend some time with Mom while I recovered from the break-up. Being here for a while would be the closest thing I have to being close to Mom."

Sam and I looked at each other again, in silent conversation, while Dani looked on and awaited our decision. You've heard the old yarn about how twins can communicate with each other in ways unheard or seen, right? Well, triplets are no different. We all three know each others' mannerisms and subtle gestures. With nothing more than a casual glance, we can know what the others are thinking or feeling without saying a word. Sam's and my conversation went like this:

Sam: Well? Me: I'm not opposed to it. How about you? Sam: Not really. And I can tell you, she has as much right to be here as we do. Me: No argument there. So? Sam: I say yes. Me: Me, too. Sam: What about the two of us? Me: What ABOUT us? Sam: Okay. Just so that we're all on the same page here. Me: We are. Sam: Good.

We looked at Dani.

Dani: Oh, thank God this is over with.

"Thanks, guys," she said sweetly. "You have no idea how much that helps. Sam, I guess we'll help you move in when your lease is up. Jake, do you mind helping me move some of my heavier stuff in? I could really use that monster truck of yours."

I laughed and rolled my eyes. "It's only a Blazer, Dani, but, yes, I'll help you move in. You've got my nunber. In the meantime, I'll be packing my own things. Should we set a date for the big Move-In?"

"How does this weekend sound?" Dani asked.

"Sounds good," I said. "I'll rent my house out to a friend of mine and look for your call Friday afternoon." I stood up. "Is this meeting adjourned? I want to get some coffee before we start deciding what we're going to do with Mom and Dad's stuff."

"Oh, geez," Dani said with exasperation. "I hadn't even THOUGHT about that yet!"

The rest of the night, I can safely say, was full of a lot of hair-pulling, nail-biting and dithering. In the end, though, we decided to not rent my house out after all and instead use it to store Mom and Dad's personal belongings until we could muster the courage to sift through it all and sell off what isn't necessary. It's been two years, sitting there and collecting dust, and we still haven't touched it. In a sense, my old home has become a sort of shrine to our parents' lives, while their house is now inhabited by the three of us.

The months ticked by faster than any of us had expected. By the time Sam moved in, I had already completed the house's repairs and Dani had completely broken it off with her boyfriend and was enjoying the life of a single woman once again. Sam, when she moved in, put the finishing touches on the house with her own peculiar sense of style and by the end of the month we could no longer recognize our late parents' old house as anything resembling what it once was. So much had changed in such a short period of time! I got to see my sisters almost daily, which was a real treat, and we all eventually warmed up to living together. Things started to change, though, when we became more relaxed in our living habits. Seeing my sisters more often was, like I said, a treat, but seeing them run around the house in panties and T-shirts sometimes was like candy for the eye, the REAL treat. I had always known that my sisters were attractive and sexy, but I had never truly appreciated that fact until I live with them as adults. In keeping with their own living habits, I often trapsed around the house in boxers and a T-shirt, hoping to God that I would never develop an erection in their near-naked presence one morning. I knew, intellectually, that it would have to occur one day, but I had never really thought about it or given it much concern. Until the day it happened, of course.

It was sometime in December, on an unseasonably warm day, when I woke up. Like clockwork, I rolled out of bed, donned some boxers (all three of us sleep in the nude) and made my way into the kitchen, where Sam was eating some cereal in her usual attire and coffee was brewing. She was sitting back in one of the chairs at the dinner table, reclined in it with the bowl of cereal held over her firm stomach. I sat down at the opposite end of the table, bleary-eyed, with a fresh cup of coffee in my hands, when I happened to glance down at her crotch. I don't know why I did it, but I did. Habit, I guess. When a guy sees a beautiful woman who is nearly naked sitting in front of him, it's a natural place for the eyes to venture, right?

This time, however, when I looked down, I found myself staring not at the expected pair of cotton panties, but pure, naked flesh. Not hair, flesh. It was obvious to me, even in my morning stupor, that Sam shaves down there and pays special attention to keeping it maintained. I could see the lips of her bare pussy, pouty and soft, and the tiniest glimpse of her pretty little clit. Before I could say "batter up" all the blood in my head went directly to my quickly growing cock. I knew, in the back of my mind, that this was my sister I was looking at, but at the forefront of my mind I was also painfully aware of the fact that I was staring at one of the most exquisite pussies I've ever set eyes upon. All I could do was sit there, like a deer caught in headlights, with my coffee cup frozen just inches from my lips, my eyes fixed in place.

Something distracted my glazed attention. "Huh?" I said stupidly.

"I said: are you enjoying the view?" Sam repeated. I blinked and realized that she'd caught me staring, but not only that, she was also smiling coyly. I began to stutter out an apology, but she waved it off. "Don't worry, Jake. It's not the first one you've seen and it's not like I have anything to hide." She didn't bother to shift her legs any. If anything, she seemed dead set on staying right where she was so that I could continue to ogle her hairless mound.

"Well, aren't you going to yell at me or something?" I asked.

Her eyes flicked downward, at my own crotch, and her smile widened. "What? Laugh in the face of such high praise? That's practically a standning ovation you've got there."

I looked down at my own groin and saw, to my shock, that I'd developed a king-sized erection without even noticing it. Now that I HAD noticed it, though, I realized that I was so turned on that it actually hurt. Already my balls were beginning to swell with wanting. The worst part, though, was that my cock didn't even have the decency to just make a tent-pole in my boxers. Oh, no. It had to go and get some fresh air.

"oh shit" I muttered. I started to stand up and readjust myself, when Sam stopped me. I froze and looked at her. "Excuse me?"

"Don't put it back yet," she said plainly. "I was actually kinda enjoying the view myself. Let's see what you've got there, bro."

I stared at her blankly for a moment, skeptical and confused. After catching up with my brain, and realizing that I couldn't recall a single time in the months that we'd been living together when either Sam or Dani had brought a "friend", I decided to throw caution to the wind. After all, fair was fair. I saw Sam's, so why not let her see mine? I mean, it WAS just looking, right? Not like we were banging each other's brains out at the kitchen table. I exposed a little more of myself, allowing her a full few of my cock and balls.

"Hmm..." she said, her hand going slowly, instinctively to her pussy for a light touch. "Nice, Jake. Very nice. You should be proud of that thing."

I honestly think I blushed at that. I held the girth of it in my hands and admired myself in front of my sister, reluctantly taking my own eyes off her crotch for just a moment. When soft, I'm not much to look at- maybe four inches or so. But when I'm erect, I'm one of those lucky guys who grows to almost twice my length and width. Just then, I was holding eight inches of very hard flesh. "Thanks," I managed to say. "No complaints yet."

I glanced back at Sam to watch her deftly insert a finger into her pussy as another finger played with her little button. "I can definitely see why not," she said.

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