tagBDSMTrisha and Tom Ch. 02: The Long Weekend

Trisha and Tom Ch. 02: The Long Weekend


Trisha rang me at home. "My family has a weekender by the beach. Quite remote. My parents are overseas so it will free on the holiday weekend. Are you interested in playing for a couple of days?" After our initial session we had met a few times for discrete dinners in suburbs where we were unlikely to be recognised. The nature of our relationship and our work in the same company, while not illegal, prompted a desire for absolute secrecy for both of us. We relished in the times together for this very reason. The only sex we had managed was after dinner one night, a quick make out session in the car. We kissed and I moved my hand to caress and finger Trisha, bringing her to a quick, sharp conclusion. She was caressing my cock through my jeans. She stopped as soon as she came, promising she would finish me off one day soon. She did whisper that I should go home and think about our first session while I brought myself off.

This weekend was a chance to play a bit longer. We would travel down on Friday evening and return on Monday night. Two full days for exploring each other. We drew up lists, packed supplies and briefly talked about ideas for what might happen. It was a couple of hours by car so we planned to eat when we arrived.

I stopped at Trisha's on the way. She pushed a black bag onto the back seat and we set off.

We pulled up at timber shack at the end of a dirt track. It didn't look much from the outside but Trisha assured me it would be great for what we wanted. It certainly was private. Trisha gave me the tour. Two comfortable bedrooms, one for her parents and one for Trisha. Her parent's door was closed but we went into Trisha's room. Quite big, queen bed, armchair in the corner with a coffee table, and glass doors leading to what I thought must be a deck. The house also had a modern kitchen and bathroom and a lounge with bookcases and an excellent stereo. No television, therefore no additional distractions for me, not that I would allow myself distractions in her presence.

I went to the kitchen and prepared dinner while Trisha unpacked. We enjoyed the quick pasta I whipped up with a glass of red, and then we went to the bedroom. On the coffee table there were some implements of fun and torture, ready for the weekend. Notable amongst the toys was a metal cock cage. This sleek implement was a step beyond the leather cock harness of our premier scene. Trisha told me to strip naked and fitted the chrome cage to me. She had selected one that was quite snug. It curved slightly, and had holes creating a web like appearance. The hole that allowed my to urinate was quite large. This was going to be a challenge for me, but I was fairly sure it would not be for too long. As she turned to go to the bathroom she told me that this was the first part of the weekends play.

While she was gone I lifted my encased cock gently, feeling the weight, getting used the imposition of it, wondering how I would manage. Faith, and desire, would ensure I managed just fine.

As she emerged from the bathroom wearing only a pair of black cotton undies my cock started to swell. "I promise you will come before we leave, but I also guarantee I will come more than you. When did you last come?"

"Tuesday night, thinking about this weekend."

"That's good. Don't worry, this will be fun. I won't be nasty all weekend" she smiled at me.

We turned the lights off and drifted to sleep cuddling while soft jazz played in the background.

Next morning I woke first. After admiring the near naked form of Trisha in the wan light of the early morning I wandered, naked but for chrome, to the kitchen to make coffee. Once the brew was on I explored a bit more. Outside I found a courtyard surrounded by shrubs and trees to ensure privacy, and outside our room, as I now thought of it, was a lap pool. I dare not venture further in case I disturbed any locals that might be about. I really had no idea of the lay of the land.

Back in the kitchen I laid out the granola for breakfast. As I poured the coffee Trisha wandered in, hair dishevelled, sleepy eyed and stunning in a careless sort of way.

"What's the plan?" I asked after we had finished most of breakfast.

"I thought that a quick drive around to show you the sights might be good. Lunch by the pool, then maybe a surf this afternoon. And tonight I think I might enslave you. Sound good?"


"Don't expect to come though. You're mine for the day and the night." This was code for a session starting, though the cock cage last night was a big hint that Trisha had already taken charge in her own gentle fashion.

Trisha went off to shower, telling me that I could have a cold outdoor shower, which I did. I then cleaned the kitchen and dressed in the shorts, t- shirt and sandals left out for me. I was acutely aware of the metal harness swinging under my shorts.

With her hair still wet and wearing linen pants and top and sandals, Trisha announced it was time to go. We drove down the dirt drive and onto a road that took us to the town. It was a sleepy hamlet along the coast a bit from a larger town. As we drove though Trisha regaled me with a short and entertaining history of the town and an explanation of its current residents, including the first guy she fucked, who apparently now ran the local supermarket. I couldn't imagine Trisha living in a small town like this. She explained that "we were young, it was a post school, pre university romance. It wasn't really even a romance. Maybe a relationship that suited us both but we knew it wouldn't amount to more than it did. I couldn't wait to lose my virginity and he was happy to oblige. It didn't mean much then, and it doesn't now. He married a local girl who had big breasts and a sunny personality and I believe they are very happy. We see each other occasionally and it's all good."

We motored further along the coast and parked up. After a short walk we reached a lighthouse high on a point. The views along the coast and out to sea were amazing. I took some photographs. Trisha even let me take one of her looking glam and sultry all at once.

On the way back to the house we picked up a barbecue chicken for lunch, which I served with a simple Greek salad. While I cleaned up Trisha set herself up by the pool.

"Naked" was the instruction as I moved to join her. I stripped and set up a towel alongside her deck chair. She reclined gracefully, sunglasses shading the intentions her eyes might signal, and wearing a sleek high cut green bikini that suited her lithe dancers figure. After getting drinks for us I settled in to read. After a few minutes Trisha bade me sit while she said "I've been thinking about us, and I want to make it more permanent than it is now, if you agree. Work is still an issue for me because the company is so conservative, but beyond work I want you to be a solid part of my life. We can still play like this when we want, and I think that it might also be possible for you to initiate some scenes as we go. We can ease into that if you like. I also want to go out together more, within bounds set by the work thing. What do you think?"

"I am so relieved. I thought that maybe you only wanted me around a bit or that I was only useful for sex. I want more too. In fact while I was washing up this morning I was listening to the radio. They mentioned that a local gallery has an exhibition of large landscapes. I think we should go and take a look tomorrow and have lunch out as well."

"That's a plan. Today though, you are still mine and I want more orgasms. And tomorrow we go out as a couple.

"Now I want a massage. Please go in and put on something mellow, and bring out the baby oil and a large towel." I loaded the CD player with some ethereal jazz and found the oil and towel. As I got back outside Trisha rose and undid her top. I put the towel down and Trisha turned away, slid her bottoms down lay face down on the towel. After warming a handful of oil in my palm I began to work it into her back. I moved up and eased some knots in her neck, and then moved onto her buttocks and legs. She eased her legs apart, prompting me to tease her anus and slide my fingers along her labia. I decided to tease a bit so I moved down her legs to her calves.

Trisha rolled over and I started up her shins, looking down to avoid looking at the rest of her body. I moved up and around to her stomach. Her small breasts invited a gentle caress complete with small nipple tweaks, the nubs hardening under my touch.

Trisha's head had rolled to one side and her eyes were closed. As I tweaked her again she moaned softly. I knew I was going well so I moved towards her genitals using big wide arcs. As I closed in I shortened up and started to work across her mound. She had trimmed her pubic hair into a style more suited to her bikini compared to the last time we had sex. I moved down to her labia for several minutes until her clitoris emerged from its hood. I then gently circled her clitoris with one hand as I stated to work lower with the other hand. Soon I had two fingers working in and out. As Trisha started to peak I moved my hand out of her cunt and eased a finger into her anus. There was a visible rise in her levels of excitement and soon she shuddered in orgasm. After I removed my hands I let her relax for a bit before resuming the orgasm quest with my tongue. It wasn't long, with my tongue working Trisha's cunt while my hands gently tugged at her nipples, until she came again, and this time I pushed her gently for a what I thought was another one. She later told me that there were several other small orgasms in this run.

I was so engrossed that I hadn't thought to consider my restrained and aching cock. This situation wasn't helped when Trisha invited me to lie beside her. She cuddled into me and gently squeezed my balls, alternating with tugging them while french kissing me and tweaking my nipples.

"Hang tough," she told me in a husky whisper. "Be good and the reward will exceed the hurdles to reach it."

We didn't move for about fifteen minutes, and then Trisha requested tea. Made and drunk, and then Trisha it was time for a surf. We had an hour or two before the sun set so we dressed and set off to the beach, a ten minute drive away. On the sand we laid out our towels and after disrobing we sprinted into the surf. Trisha wore a sleek navy one piece designed so nothing would pop out in a vigorous surf while Trisha let me wear my black Speedos. I still wore the cock cage so I was a little more careful than usual in the water while Trisha cut loose, obviously relishing the surging surf and using a technique honed over many summers.

I left the water first and collapsed onto my towel. Looking around I could see a few groups sitting on the beach, catching the end of a beautiful day.

I knew Trisha had returned when she shook water all over me. She sank beside me. We stated playing a bit of a game, initiated by her. We looked at a couple and decided what we thought they might be doing tonight. There was a couple, slim and toned, early twenties. She wore a demure bikini, he was in board shorts. I reckoned it would be a movie and missionary in a dark room. Trisha countered that it would be a blowjob before going doggie. We both agreed it would be vanilla and not really kinky. Trisha did also start to tease me, making my cock push even harder at its steel cage.

"Would you submit to her," Trisha asked me, looking at the girl. She was pretty and cute.

"No, she looks very nice but I don't think I could ever feel about her the way I feel about you. That said, how could I ever know that, unless you're planning a three or foursome for tonight. I reckon you might shock the smile off her face. Would you like to top him?"

Trisha laughed at this and noted, "You're all mine tonight, just you. Don't try looking for an escape."

It was my turn to laugh. "Looking forward to it."

Next we looked at a couple a little nearer our age. She was topless, her large tanned breasts settling as she lay on her back. They both wore small thongs. We agreed that they would fuck in public, perhaps after drinks at the pub. Against a wall in a laneway, over the bonnet of a car. I said I thought there might be secret piercings.

"Where?" Trisha enquired.

"Clit hood. When he goes down on her there's an extra sparkle for her."

"Suggesting that for me?"

"If you want, but from my experience you don't need any assistance having an orgasm."

"It hasn't always been that way. Finding the right partners helped. And I'm certainly happy now. I have sex and culture and love all working together."

"How did you know I love you?" I stammered.

"I can see it in your eyes every time you look at me."

It was out there now, and I was relieved. It didn't have much time to wallow in my happiness. Trisha started toying with my cock again as she turned slightly and looked at the next group. This was when I realised she was edging me, building my already excited libido for the night she had planned

Breaking the pattern of couples was three young women lying together. Two were topless, displaying tan lines around their newly liberated breasts, one with a ring in her left nipple. The third wore a tiny bikini. We both thought they would go to a nightclub where they would try to find some well hung studs to remove their newly bought lingerie and fuck them, perhaps all together in an orgy, or maybe in narrow motel beds in rooms with faded wallpaper and stained bedspreads, ineffable in their sadness and desperation for true affection. Or else it was a girl on girl on girl hot tub adventure. This idea we preferred as we talked quietly to each other while we watched the group prop and twist, shake and primp.

"Too much for me all together," I revealed, "though I would do the one in the polka dot bikini. She looks cute."

"The one in the red bikini bottoms looks like a girl I slept with once. I can see her eating me out tonight while you watch. That girl had such a way with her tongue and fingers. I'm wet from the memory."

"That was quick," I said in mock shock. "Fair enough I suppose, but what about the other one?"

"Restrain her, clamp her nipples, make her watch, and then we do her all at once. You could fuck her tight cunt while me and the others suck nipples, sit on her face and finger each other."

"Maybe another weekend when you haven't been teasing me for a day and a half. I would come too soon. You know I will probably have a trigger cock when you let me out of this thing."

"If I let you out" was the stern repost. Trisha's face relaxed from the fake severity into a warm smile, and she continued "Don't worry, it will all be fine." She continued to stroke my cock surreptitiously, teasing more. Fantasies had been planted, though I believed that they would remain just that.

Trisha turned to me and said "one more." She indicated a couple, about our age. He gently applies sunscreen to her, echoing our massage. He was naked, she wears boy shorts and a t-shirt. He turned and Trisha quickly noted that his cock was erect, pulsing and ropey. Trisha turned to me and asked "how is your penis going to be if she fucks him here and now? Here's what I think they want to do but aren't able to." According to Trisha the woman, oblivious to the rest of us, wanted to roll him onto his back, pull her shorts aside, and lower herself onto his cock. She dropped slowly, deliberately, feeling him stretch her. As the woman started to pump him she pulled her top off. Her breasts, round and high, big nippled and proud, bounced in time with her movement. He thrusted as well. The spectacle finished when, with a final grunt, she plunged down and held as he writhed in the final fling of orgasm. They cuddled and rolled together, closing the rest of the world out after displaying their public lust. All this was breathlessly whispered as the massage was completed and the boy lay face down next to the girl and they enjoyed the tail end of the day.

The sun was almost down, prompting some movement. The girls were the first to move, perhaps looking for their own charged adventures sooner rather than later.

We rose ourselves, dusted off the sand, and made our way back to the car. Back at the house I made dinner, salmon and salad, and a nice glass of white. While I did this Trisha made some preparations for the after dinner events.

She arrived at the table in casual clothes, hair wet from the shower. We ate to our usual soundtrack, this time Dave Brubeck gently filling the corners of the room. The day had been fun, and I suspected that after dinner more would be had.

Trisha told me to have a bath while she made final arrangements. At her beck and call I left the tub, dried off and moved, naked but for cock cage, into the bedroom. I was surprised by what I walk into. Scarves cover the lamps giving a soft glow to the room, more seduction than domination in tone.

Trisha unexpectedly sports supple and tight black knee high boots which I didn't know she owned. Along with the boots she wore only an amber necklace, and her hair was up in a bun. I knew she didn't do traditional/cliche domme, but this was outside my set of expectations and experience so far.

Before anything else Trisha removed the cock cage, replacing it with a harness designed to keep me erect. I had grown used to the cage over the day or so it had been on, so it felt a bit strange when she removed it. The harness was leather, a band around the base of my cock and a thicker band around the top of my balls. Trisha worked my balls down gently to fit this, explaining as she did that she didn't want me to come too soon. She added a corona ring, fitting just under the head of my cock. This ring had a small ball attached that would add extra stimulation.

The fiddly stuff done Trisha asked me to kneel. She moved over and silently invited me to eat her cunt. I gently worked her labia and clitoris, sucking, slurping and licking. A hand on my head gently pushed me away, only to beckon me to the armchair where she proceeded to lie back, just like the end of our last session. Using a crop she had placed for the purpose she tapped and struck my back to encourage my efforts. Well on the way, she dropped the crop and clutched my head with both hands, subtly adjusting the angle and increasing the pressure. As she came her hands held my head in as her thighs closed about me as well. After the waves of passion passed she relaxed and I was able to slide not so gracefully to the floor.

I had noted that Trisha was wearing her favourite chrome butt plug. She moved me to the bed and had me lie on my back. She removed the strap around my cock, an invitation to come. She then eased herself onto my angry cock, starting slowly and building up pressure and speed. While she could still speak she told me that she enjoyed the feeling that fucking with a butt plug gave her, a form of double penetration. She encouraged me to come, and soon my ropes of semen filled her pulsing cunt. Trisha simply moved up my body and invited me to clean her, bringing her to completion for the second time.

Trisha reattached the strap and started to blow me, just enough to het me hard.

"Ready to go again? I have a treat for you. One day soon I will want to ream you but tonight I am offering myself to you."

"What an unexpected thing. Thank you."

With that Trisha planted her legs on the floor and bent over the bed. I eased the butt plug out, and after adding lube and a condom, I teased my cock into her anus. This was my first time, and I wasn't really sure of her experience other than with butt plugs, so I took it slow, feeling the way. Trisha started to moan and writhe, which I took as a sign to push a little faster. We moved together, gently accelerating, until I could hold it no longer. I came again, unusually for me, but then this night wasn't what I would have considered normal.

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