Trisha's Transformation


Grant's cockhead poked into her throat making her gag a little, which surprised her. She had all the skills, but her body seemed inexperienced. She relaxed her throat and swallowed him whole. "Christ, the bitch swallowed it all," said a surprised Grant to his brother. Getting deep throated put the young black man over the edge and he exploded down Trisha's throat. He smirked at getting away with not pulling out, but the white woman surprised him by continuing to slurp on his cock, stroking her hand along the shaft as if milking it for more sperm.

"Theres more for ya over here," said Lee and soon Trisha was deep throating him. "This slut is amazing," said Lee watching his shaft disappear between white lips.

Grant watched her suck off his brother for a while, walking around behind her where her plump ass rose above her sneakered feet. The sight soon had his eighteen year old cock hard again and he kneeled behind her.

Trisha felt her thong being pulled out and over, but was too intent on Lee's thick cock to complain. She trembled from an orgam as Grant's bulbous head pushed into her pussy, then deeper. "No, you can't fuck me, my pussy's off limits," she said out of loyalty towards George.

"I ain't gonna fuck you," he said pushing his cock all the way in, then pulling it out before pushing it in again. "Then what do you call that?" she asked pushing her ass back into his thrusts.

Grant didn't want to pull out and the white bitch was into it, but she seemed a little screwed up in the head and he didn't want her to scream rape. "I'm just juicing it up."


"If your pussy's off limits, I'm gonna fuck your ass."

"Oh, that's ok then," said Trisha resuming sucking on Lee.

Grant stared at her in surprise, but didn't want to give her a chance to have second thoughts. He pulled his cock out and pushed the head against her tight little brown sphincter.

Trisha winced in surprise at the pain. She felt like her ass should be used to it, even though she'd only taken George up there the once. Grant's thickness stretched her out more, luckily Lee came in her mouth distracting her from any discomfort she felt. When she was sure she had swallowed every last drop of Lee's cum, she was surprised to see that Grant had buried his cock in her ass and was begining to slowly move it. "This is so fucking tight bro," he moaned.

"Fuck my tight ass," Trisha whispered softly, words out of character rising to the surface of her mind. "Fuck my ass with your big black cock," she cried louder this time.

"Take that black cock slut," growled Grant getting into the dirty talk, pumping his hips wildly.

"Gimme that cock, cum in my ass," she cried diddling her clit to a small orgasm as Grant held his pumping cock deep in her ass. She felt his cum shoot deep into her bowels.

Trisha missed his cock the second he pulled the spent shaft out of her ass. Worse, she really wanted one buried in her pussy. She looked at her watch, "Jesus, I gotta get going."

"What about me?' asked Lee. "I wanna fuck your ass too."

Trisha looked at him as she was pulling on her sweats. "Next time stud."

Trisha felt guilty kissing her husband that night with her belly full of two black teenager's cum, but the feeling didn't last for long, after all she hadn't cheated. She put her headband on and went to sleep.


Trisha wished she had cheated. The short time it was in her pussy, Grant's cock had felt incredible. Not to mention her ass could use a good fucking. She looked over at George sleeping beside her, maybe she should take him up the ass again? Scratch that, she needed a good fucking, not a quick trip on the short bus.

Trisha took her headband off and carressed it lovingly. She owed that simple piece of metal a lot. Today, her month was up and she had to go turn it in to Dr Conger after school.

Trisha stood and tied her long brown hair back in a ponytail as she walked over to the new full-length mirror she had bought. The woman looking back at her was a walking wet dream, huge, firm breasts on a thin frame, hard, puffy nipples piercing the sky, a hard, flat stomach whose navel was still a little red from where she'd had it pierced, and broad, well-rounded hips completed her new, hot bod. Trisha was even five pounds lighter then when she had been in high school.

Trisha threw on a tight sports bra that left her stomach bare and low, hip hugging shorts. She set out jogging. The young woman needed something to celebrate her new body. If Grant and Lee were playing today, she'd fuck both of them. She hadn't run into either of them since the first time and her whole body was craving some black cock. Hell, let one black man, any black man be on the basketball court right now and she'd fuck the crap out of them. Unfortunately, the court was empty, it was too early. Disappointed, Trisha returned home, showered, and changed for school. She wore a short, white, skirt over bare legs, sandals, and a tight, spaghettit strap black top. The skirt hung low over her hips and her top ended several inches above her pierced navel.

Trisha walked into class a little late, loving the way all her fellow students turned to stare at her body, but especially the way Reggie Jones' eyes followed her to her seat beside him.

"So, you new here?" said the quaterback with a very deep masculine voice.

"No Reggie, I've been sitting here all semester," replied Trish leaning towards him to show off her very impressive cleavage.

"Naw, I would of noticed such a hot babe sittin right beside me. Are you free tonight?"

"Aren't you dating a cheerleader?"

"Aren't you married?"

Trisha looked at the wedding ring on her finger. "It doesn't matter. Yeah, I'm free tonight."

"It doesn't matter to me neither, you're prettier then any of the cheerleaders. "What would you like to do?"

"Anything you want me to do."

"Then why wait till tonight. You free after class?"

"I can rearrange my schedule." Trisha called in sick at the diner.


"You look fucking hot!"

Trisha stood alone in the shower of the football team's lockeroom, twenty shower heads spraying hot water, embracing her nude, wet body with steam. Her hair was wet and clinging to her neck and shoulders. "You look pretty hot yourself. So are you getting in here with me or not?"

Reggie grinned and dropped his towel. Trisha wasn't the first girl he had fucked in this shower, nor would she be the last, having the key to the lockeroom came in handy. He had started working out when he was nine and his body was a hard, muscular sculpted torso as good as any proffesional weightlifter's. He had even taken steroids before college made it too risky and the drugs had made him even bigger, especially in the cock department. He always liked to unveil his prize bull cock to new conquests and loved watching the expressions on their faces. Trisha's ran the gauntlet from wow to awe to shock to fear. Most stopped on fear having never seen something so big, knowing they couldn't take it, but they all screamed in orgasm by the time it was halfway in. Trisha's face never showed fear. Instead, she licked her lips and stared at it lustily, her hand slid between her wet legs, a finger circling her clit.

"Oh god, it's just what I dreamed about."

"You're not scared?"

"Hell no, you can stick that black monster anywhere you want."

Reggie wasn't about to let this one get away. He walked over to her, cock rising until it stuck straight out, the doorknob sized cockhead bobbing a foot from his body. He reached down and grabbed her buttocks with his huge fist pulling her into him, his cock pressing into her belly as he kissed her. "You ever been with a black man?" he said after their tongues quit playin tag.

"No, I've only been with my husband, but he doesn't satisfy me," she replied, Reggie was pushing her to her knees on the hard floor of the shower. "You sure this isn't the baseball team's lockeroom? It sure looks like you got one of their bats, and two of their balls," she said hefting his mighty cock and looking at his huge swollen testicals.

"Quit talking and start sucking." Trisha did just that. She began by licking every square inch of Reggie's huge shaft, paying special attention to the head, her tongue teasing his pee-slit till his legs shook and he groaned. Then she took the tip in her mouth, bobbing her head, taking more and more until his huge cock entered her throat. Trisha gagged a little, which only pissed her off, spurring her to try harder. "My gawd, you're one good cock sucker," groaned Reggie watching impressed that half his dick was visible past her lips and she was taking a little more with each bob of her head. This married white slut- he didn't even know her name-actually enjoyed sucking his cock. Most women did it to please him or hoping he'd eat their pussys or because he made them, but none enjoyed it. Loud sounds of contentment were coming out of the woman's throat.

Trisha pulled back, kissing the head as it left her mouth, then stood. "Hey why'd ya stop? That was the best fuckin blow job of my life."

"I'll finish you off later, right now my throat needs to rest and my pussy has an itch that needs scratching." Reggie was so big, Trisha's eyes lined with his nipples. She ran her hands along his chest, feeling every hard muscular ridge. So unlike George, she thought. Her husband was gettting a little pudgy too and could stand to lose some weight. Maybe, he should try wearing the headband for a month? "Teach me what a real man's cock feels like Reggie, fuck me with your big black cock."

Reggie pushed her over to the wall directly under one of the shower heads. Trisha felt her back sliding up the wall as he lifted her by the ass cheeks. "Put it in," he ordered.

Reggie pulled back so that Trisha could reach under her leg to position his shaft right on the entrance to her pussy. He thrust his hips forward until the head wedged in and then braced her back against the wall again. Just the head had her pussy lips spread wider then ever and she groaned as he pushed more in. Reggie did all the work, hunching over and thrusting h hips as his cock plowed deeper. Trisha wrapped her legs around his back and her arms around his neck as his cock pushed in deeper then Goerge's pathetic worm and soon deeper then Grant's had been. Soon she screamed in orgasm. "I'm cumming Tyrone!"

"Lying slut, you have been with a black man," growled Reggie deciding to show her no mercy. He stated lifting her rapidly on three quarters of his shaft.

"No Reggie, sorry. Tyrone's just a dream man with a cock like yours. It's your cock that just gave me the best orgasm of my life."

"Freaky bitch," he said lifting her up until just the head was in. She was telling the truth, her pussy was too tight to have taken another cock like his. Reggie let go.

Trisha's back was still braced against the wall when he released his grip on her buttocks. She started slowly sliding down the wall, picking up speed as his cock impaled her. Trisha's eyes flew open as she screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure. It hurt, stretching her out, pushing past her cervix, but she came again, this one bigger then the last. "Jeesus that's good, fuck me baby. Fuck me hard."

"You're the biggest fuckin cock hound I ever seen. I aint letting you get away." Reggie knew how to fuck and he started pounding her. "What's your name bitch?" he asked as she bounced up and down his shaft.

"Ugh, ugh, oh, Trisha, oh, I love your cock, oh, cumming."

Reggie thrust deep as he came, flooding her womb with semen, wondering if she was on birth control and knowing he should of asked first just like he hadn't dozens of other times before.

Later, Reggie let the water spray his face as he soaped around his cock and balls. He rinced off and turned around, eyes widening in shock. Trisha was on all fours on the floor, her face laying in an inch of water while her hands spread her ass cheeks open, clearly inviting him to fuck her ass. Reggie's cock rose up again. Reggie soaped up his cock again to lubricate it and walked over to her. Her body wasn't flawless, her thighs had stretch marks indicating she had lost weight, but it was a minor detail. Her hole wasn't tight and puckered, meaning she wasn't an ass virgin, but she sure had never felt anything like this before. Trisha shuddered as he pushed it in. "Oww, so flugering bigle," she gurgled as water rushed in her mouth.

"So fucking tight," Reggie groaned pushing it in to the halfway mark. He could tell this was hurting her, but she made no move to get away and soon he was fucking her with two thirds of his cock. Once, she even shuddered in orgasm just from geting her as fucked. Then her hand found it's way to her clit and she came more as she diddled herself. Soon, Reggie added a load of sperm deep in her bowels to the one deep in her pussy.

Reggie left her lying in the shower, cleaned himself off again, then cut the water off. He dried himself walked out to the locker and was starting to get dressed when Trisha crawled over to him. "Have to taste you," she said, kneeling before him and taking his cock in her mouth. Reggie turned hard again and let her suck him off.


"Let me just say, you look incredible."

"Thanks Dr Conger, I should be paying you for this." Trisha glanced over at George. He was unhappy and they were fighting because she had blown the money from this experiment on all new clothes to show off her body, including skimpy bikinis and workout outfits. He had wanted the money to by them a car, plus didn't like the way men were looking at her, nor the way she liked showing off for them. Maybe, she had a way to make it up to George? "Dr, would you be willing to pay more to try this thing out on my husband?"

"Yes, of course. I would be curious to see how it works on a man. I'll pay another grand, but we're going to start selling them now on your word that you've experienced no problems with it.

"None, at all Doc," said Trisha. She wondered if she should mention her recent sexual behaviour, but couldn't with George sitting there, plus she didn't consider it a problem.

"Fine then, keep the headband another month and let me know how George does with it."

That night, Trisha laid on the bed without moving while George humped her like crazy. She barely felt him and was working on ways to break it to him that soon she'd be fucking black men exclusively.

He fell asleep with the headband on and soon she joined him. Even without the headband, she continued to have dreams.


"Remember telling me you could never get enough black cock?"

Michelle looked at Tyrone and at the seven black muscle men he had assembled for her, all former boxing buddies of his. "These are for me?"

The seven men started stripping. Tyrone had done good, picking them for cock size, not a one was under nine inches. She decided then and there to give up white men entirely, even Hans and Steve.

"Come suck my cock," ordered one hung black after Michelle had stripped. Michelle kneeled and greedily took his cock in her mouth. "Yeah bitch, you suck a mean cock," he said running his hands through her hair. "What's this?" He moved her hair asside revealing the recorder headband.

Tyrone walked over and Michele immediately grabbed his cock lovingly stroking it, then another cock was in her left hand. "It's an experimental device designed to record her workout ethic," explained Tyrone.

"Well she's sure gonna get a workout today," said the blackman covering it with her hair.

Michelle got the best workout of her life. At one pont, she had a cock in her ass, pussy, mouth, and one in each hand. Plus, there were still two men waiting their turn. It was the best day of her life.


"Sex after dinner?"

"Can't," said Trish to George putting down her fork."I gotta study at the library. I'll be late."

"Oh, I guess I'll call it an early night then."

"Don't forget to wear the headband."

Trisha left home, but instead of the library she drove to Reggie's frat house. The black quarterback was waiting on the steps. "You sure you want to do this, I'll date and fuck you exclusive."

Trisha slipped her wedding ring into her pocket. "My pussy, ass, and mouth are yours whenever you ask stud, but I need to try this."

Trisha walked into the livingroom followed by Tyrone. Four big, muscular black men were sitting around in shorts, smoking dope, all were on the football team, but since the season was over, they weren't worried about drug tests. Trisha started stripping for her new lovers anxious to show off her new lingerie.


"We're cleared for the general populous. "Trisha is going to do a commercial in a bikini and let us show her before picture," said Doctor Conger to the suit.

"Excellent, our factory in Mexico can turn out 100000 headbands a week. We're going to be fucking rich. I never met a woman who didn't think she could lose at least five pounds no matter how good she looks, even some men might buy them. Not to mention the cheap cost, everyone could afford one."

Dr Conger thought of the nationwide obesity problem in the United States. "This country sure is going to change in the next few months."


One year later...

White women had started showing up outside the baskeball court many months ago. At first there were just a few, young, old, skinny, fat, now there were dozens. These women would do anything for black cocks. Lee and Grant, not to mention their friends were getting laid every day.

Sissy had volunteered for night duty at the office. She had been eyeing the old, black janitor for weeks now. He was in his sixties, missing a tooth, but the only black man she knew. Her husband was a big Italian with a pathetic ten inch dick that didn't do anything for her. The old black man just about had a heartattack when Sissy stepped out naked from her cubicle. She came the second he pulled his six inch black cock out.

"I need you three to stay after detention." The three black delinquints groaned until they saw their teacher lock the door after the others had left. Mrs Sharpe was a walking wet dream, every teen boys fantasy. Their jaws dropped open as she started undoing her blouse.

"Fuck me with that big black cock," screamed Tawana as she came. The black woman had married a white man and now wondered what the hell she had been thinking giving up black cock. She was riding her husband's black best friend. "Fill my white pussy with your black meat," she screamed. He looked at her oddly.

Reggie ran out on the football field blowing kisses at the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders. The new draft pick had fucked half of them already and they couldn't get enough of his twelve inch cock. The entire squad had promised an orgy for the black team members if they won. Reggie new the orgy would happen even if they lost, every one of them was a complete slut when it came to the black team members.

Missy had lost a lot of weight to fit in her wedding gown as she married the man of her dreams. He was rich, handsome, and great in bed. Something snapped in her the moment the preacher said, "I now pronounce you man and wife." She couldn't put her finger on it, but something was different. That night at the airport hotel for the first time, she failed to cum as she rode her husband's hard cock. She knew what was missing the minute she got off the plane in Jamaica. "What are you doing. I only bought that as a joke?" asked her husband, knowing how his wife didn't like showing off much skin. Missy had stripped and put on the tiny, indecent string bikini and was heading for the door. "There's a beach out there filled with black natives. I'm gonna go get me some real men."

"You too huh," said the one girl coming up to the woman standing outside the prison. The woman nodded. This was prime fishing grounds. Late in the afternoon, the prison released a black inmate. The girls whistled at him. "Need a place to stay hunk?"

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