tagSci-Fi & FantasyTroll Slave Ch. 01

Troll Slave Ch. 01


Author's note: This is going to be a series although when I'd started writing it I'd intended it to be a stand-alone story... it seems to have taken on a life of it's own while I was writing though and I realized that it was going to need chapters. As a warning, there is no sex in this chapter, in fact there's nothing but hints and build-up... but I hope you enjoy anyway =)


Carrie quietly marched with the rest of the girls from her village, many of whom were crying - although quietly after the last girl had been made an example of. She was tossed over one of the few horses, unable to walk after the whipping the trolls had given her. None of them knew what had happened to the men and other woman and children, probably they were in another train to be sold as slaves... the ones with her were all aged 18 to 35 and all of them were the prettiest women from the village. Curvy, long hair, fair-faced... a stark contrast to the knobbly grey skin and thick features of the trolls.

Shuddering, she watched as one of them slapped the ass of a girl ahead of her, all of them were naked and she could see the red hand print left on the girl's cheek. Chances were they were being taken to the troll village where they'd be parceled out to be concubines for the warriors... some of whom were actually half-human anyway.


Trying to stifle tears of humiliation she stood on the selling block as a grotesque old troll with grey tufts of hair sticking from its pointed ears displayed her body. Mockingly it had her bend over and then pretended to be pushing its groin against the firm curves of her ass while the crowd of males whooped and cheered. Spreading her ass cheeks it pressed its finger into her pussy hole, making her wince as it dryly opened her up before it hit the barrier... fortunately that barrier was there otherwise he probably would have pressed his whole finger in like he had to the girl before her.

"This ones a virgin!" he screeched, "Prime takings! Plump thighs and a nice tight untouched hole!"

"But you just touched it!" bellowed on of the warriors and the crowd all laughed at his jest as the old troll turned her around, wagging his hand limply at the jeering crowd.

"Plump and tender!" he insisted, lifting her young breasts and pinching the nipples, "Just look at the way these little beauties respond!" It was true, her nipples hardened as he aassaulted them, but not because she was aroused... it hurt. The trolls didn't care though, they continued to call out lewd comments and their monetary offers - which had of course jumped considerably when she was announced to still be a virgin.

Tearfully Carrie looked out into the crowd of homely faces, large hands, pointed ears... thick lips and heavy jowls... her preciously guarded virginity would be lost to one of these.

Suddenly a booming voice called out, "500 frenicks!" and the crowd hushed with awe at the largess. Looking back through her tears, Carrie was shocked to see a handsome man, dressed only in a loin clothe and a golden collar around his neck. He was very well muscled and she wondered who on earth he was that he stood in a crowd of trolls without any fear at all. A whisper was going through the crowd and she heard, "King's", "slave" and "new concubine"... she wasn't quite sure but she got the impression that he'd been sent there by the King of the Trolls in order to purchase a new concubine. It made sense that the King would have human slaves to do his bidding... and that he would want a human concubine.

Over to the side she could see where the troll matrons were sniffing their disgust even as they watched eagerly... she'd heard that they pretended to be upset over the addition of female humans to their household, but the truth was far from. They made the slaves do all the work they normally did - and not only that, but the girls were sometimes forced to pleasure the troll women as well as the troll men. Shuddering in disgust, she prayed to be bought by the King - there was never a Troll Queen, only his concubines. She'd much rather be a concubine to a troll without a female attached, it was bad enough in the first place without making things even more degrading.

It appeared that none of the other trolls were going to gainsay a representative of their king - even if they did have the money (which most of them wouldn't.) And so the old troll handed her off to handsome man after collecting the hefty amount. Ignoring her shy smile the man took the leash to her collar and started leading her back to the carriage that he had come in.

She attempted to speak with him on the ride to the castle, and asked him to take the ropes off of her at least - promising she wouldn't run - but all he did was stare at the window. Even the trolls hadn't ignored her like this on the way to the auction. Grimly she shut her mouth and watched the landscape pass by, all the way to the forbidding stone keep on the top of the hill.


The king at least was the most attractive of the trolls that she'd seen... not that he could actually be called attractive, not by her standards at least. But he didn't have any warts, his skin was almost a normal color with just a greyish hue, and he didn't have the bulging belly that seemed to hang on most trolls... in fact his body shape wasn't bad at all. His face was still definitely trollish though, beady dark eyes, heavy cheeks and a thatch of straw-like hair on the top of his head. She stood before him in a great hall, in fact it was once probably a very beautiful hall. There were many decorations that adorned it, carved into the columns and walls; the ceiling was tall, rising high above their heads and making noises echo loudly.

Along the sides of the hall were lined more troll warriors, the richer stronger ones that had gold and jewels in their armor and on their weapons. They were the advisors to the King rather than really fighting anymore; they would be the generals in battle. Their prowess was why her village was now lost. She felt tears sparking at her eyes and immediately swallowed them, bringing up her chin and holding it high, defiance in every line of her naked body. Even though the trolls along the side were pretending not to notice their King's newest concubine, she could feel their eyes trailing down her body and she felt dirty from it. Of course, she was some what dirty, her dirty blonde hair looked almost brown and it hung lankly about her face and down her back, there were smudges on her body and dust covering her legs.

As the handsome human slave whispered in his King's ear, she kept her eyes averted. The King was staring at her, no expression on his heavy face, and it unnerved her a lot. The other trolls at least, she could tell what they were thinking, but not him. Also, she didn't want to look at him and think about what it would be like to have to bed him, to lose her preciously guarded maiden-head to him. More tears. Furiously she blinked them back, angry at herself for losing control.

The King turned and said something to the handsome man, who then picked up small golden bell. It tinkled merrily, the sound echoing sweetly throughout the hall; immediately a group of three beautiful girls about her age came in from the right. They were completely naked except for a large golden collar around their necks... they didn't even get the protection of a loincloth like the man did. Carrie wondered if that was because they were concubines or just because they were women. She fervently hoped not to have to go around naked all of the time, she supposed she would get used to it if she had to, but she felt uncomfortable enough just from today. Every particle of her being longed to be able to cover herself away from prying eyes, knowing that there would be a least a small barrier between her body and groping hands.

"Hello," the first one said, she was short and her hair and eyes dark, "My name is Ariel, we're going to be your servants," she shushed Carrie as she opened her mouth, "Not here, we're going to take you to bath now and you can ask all your questions then. But we must go now or the King will become angry."

Quietly Carrie nodded and allowed the girls to introduce themselves as they went. The blonde was Kylia and the redhead was Nadine. Tsking, they untied Carrie's ropes in the bathroom, helping her into the large marble tub and then climbing in themselves to help bathe her. It was more than big enough for all of them.

"What's going on?" asked Carrie plaintively, "Are you concubines as well?"

"Oh no," laughed Ariel, "The troll King has no use for us... we weren't virgins when we came here. But we are all out of noble families and we're beautiful so he keeps us as adornments to the court."

"Like Luke," snorted Nadine as she washed Carrie's hair, scrubbing its dank strands with a sweet smelling soap, "He used to be a Prince, sure it was a small kingdom and impoverished, but that doesn't stop him from thinking he's superior to us."

"We do have to service guests from time to time," said Kylia, shuddering delicately, "But it's not very often. And sometimes when there's a great battle won we'll be given out to some of the trolls who distinguished themselves on the battlefield."

"It's not too bad though," Nadine assured her, rinsing the suds from her hair, "They may not look like much but they are good in bed."

"Just make sure the lights are out!" chorused all three girls, laughing.

Carrie was unsure what to make of them... on one hand here she was, a peasant girl being served by girls out of the nobility just on the basis that she was a virgin, on the other they were talking like some of the serving wenches with the worst reputations at the inn. Smiling timidly, she just sunk a little into the water, enjoying the warmth and the feeling of being clean.

"But, if you're nobility, why weren't you virgins?" She asked, a little confused. The boys of the village had always accused herself of thinking she was too good because she was keeping herself pure.

"I'd had a childhood friend that I was betrothed to," explained Kylia, "He escaped during the fighting - who knows, one day he may even come rescue me!" She laughed merrily, "Anyway, we figured that since we were betrothed we might as well fool around."

"I was supposed to marry this horrid old man," sniffed Ariel, "I would have been his third wife and he was almost forty years older than me! So I went and lost my virginity to the stable boy... I probably would have been in a lot of trouble, but before they could test me for my pureness we were invaded by the trolls." She sighed, "I'm glad that I did that though... Much better than losing it to a troll." Immediately Kylia and Nadine shushed her, and all three of them looked apprehensively at Carrie who wasn't sure how to feel.

"Don't worry," said Nadine, "It won't be that bad. You'll be prepared at least... and as long as the King is happy with you then you'll stay in your position."

"What if he becomes unhappy?" asked Carrie, trembling a little. The three girls made soothing noises, drawing her out of the tub and gathering big fluffy towels. The amount of wealth and fine things here was amazing considering the dirtiness and inherent ugliness of the trolls... they did seem to appreciate beautiful things though.

"If he becomes unhappy with you he'll either give you as a gift to one of the nobles out in a different keep, or you'll be come one of us." Nadine reassured her as they toweled her off, she felt odd as they helped her with things that she normally did for herself, "That's what happened to me. I did come here as a virgin and I was the King's concubine for a year, now I'm with Kylia and Ariel." The fact that Nadine seemed completely happy and didn't have any bitterness in her voice did a lot to reassure Carrie.

"Why me though?" she persisted, she was a peasant girl after all.

Ariel smiled at her, "The trolls don't care about human nobility... the King mostly keeps Kylia and me because he was amused by our protests that we were important people. Of course, eventually we realized that we weren't important to them, but by then he'd already decided to keep us as part of the household. And we're beautiful, that's what's important to them. So he gives out on occasion." She shrugged, fatalistic and Carrie wasn't sure if she admired her or was frightened of her.

"Does anyone ever escape?" Immediately all three girls hushed her.

"Once," whispered Kylia, "Once... but she was one of us."

"She ran away with a human slave, one of the men who served with Prince Luke." Ariel's eyes were wide with awe at the audacity.

"And some have been rescued... small raids and things like that, usually by accident although Kylia hopes that one day Branth will return for her." Nadine smiled at her friend before turning back to Carrie, "None of the concubines as ever escaped while they were concubines."

Taking the girl from her the bathing room, Ariel began her instruction again, "You will have one of us with you at all times during the day, right now it's going to be my turn..." and she waved, Carrie belatedly following suit, as Kylia and Nadine trotted off down a different hall, "I'll show you to your rooms and we can talk more there. Plus we have to get you ready."

"Ready for what?" asked Carrie nervously, clutching the towel around her freshly cleaned body... some of the passing trolls were giving her bare legs speculative looks.

"You're going to be presented tonight to the entire court." Ariel's offhand tone kept Carrie from realizing what she was saying for a moment, "So there's a lot to be done..." Seeing Carrie's apprehensive look, "Don't worry, you're going to keep your virginity for another week at least. This is just the presentation, showing off what he has and warning all the other trolls not to touch you for now. After today you'll be training, learning how to please men and preparing you for your defloration."

Her words sounded awfully dire to Carrie, "My defloration?" she asked faintly and Ariel grimaced.

"That will be done in front of everyone too... but don't worry," she patted Carrie's back, tugging at her hand to keep her moving, "Don't think about that now... the presentation tonight should actually be pretty enjoyable. Kylia, Nadine and I will all be there, and there will be lots of food and entertainment! Now come on, we have to start getting you ready." And she pulled Carried towards one of the doors along the hall.

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