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Tropical Island


"This is not what she planned," Thomas muttered to himself. He was sitting on a chaise on a patio, high on a hillside, on a Caribbean island, alone. The patio was beautiful, a huge tree draped in vines loomed over him washing every bit of the patio in deep shade. The hillside below was covered in trees and the tops of those trees combined with the underside of the shade tree above to frame a panoramic view of the bright blue ocean just a short distance away. The patio belonged to a cozy, romantic bungalow, one of just a few scattered along the hillside at the resort. They were well separated and, from the patio, Thomas could see only jungle and ocean and he could hear only birds, the breeze in the trees and distant waves on the beach. Everything about it was perfect - except for the fact that Thomas had it all to himself.

Lisa had planned this getaway and she should have been here when he arrived. When she initially sold him on this trip they were to travel together, but her employer had sent her on a last minute business trip and she'd been forced to change her plans and travel separately. She'd apologized profusely and promised to arrive before Thomas to 'have everything ready'. He couldn't imagine what she might need to get ready for a week of laying on the beach, eating, sleeping, and screwing and he had said as much - he was still a bit upset that he'd be traveling alone. "Let me demonstrate," she said and disappeared into the walk-in closet only to appear a minute later in a new, very sheer, exceptionally sexy nightie. His eyes scanned every inch of her lithe body as she sauntered up to him, quickly opened his pants, and dropped to her knees to deliver an absolutely brilliant blow job. She took her sweet time, used all of the tricks that she'd developed in eight years of marriage, finished him in her mouth, and stood up with a big smile. "I'm truly sorry we can't travel together, lover, but I promise, I'll be waiting for you when you arrive." He had to admit, it sounded like fair compensation.

But, she wasn't waiting for him when he arrived. As he was changing planes for the last leg of his trip, he received a text message, "flight delayed, I'll meet you at the resort in time for dinner. You might want to get some rest!"

The last bit was a cheeky reference to Lisa's big plans for the week. This vacation was all about sex -'baby making' - as Lisa had begun to call it. They had been married for eight years now and Lisa had gone off birth control nearly two years ago. They'd expected to be pregnant in no time but it hadn't happened so easy as they expected. It wasn't time for a full on panic, but they had talked to a doctor who had done some simple tests and told them that there was no reason they couldn't get pregnant, "sometimes it just takes time." Lisa had decided that a solid week of sex in a romantic setting might be just the thing and had carefully planned this trip to coincide with her most fertile time. Thomas wasn't sure it would have the desired result, but he was more than willing to spend a week in a secluded bungalow on a tropical island trying to get her pregnant - he was willing to try over and over if necessary.

Lisa had mentioned that there was a fertility clinic on the island and said she'd made an appointment to see if the doctors there could be more helpful. Thomas thought a fertility clinic on a tropical island sounded pretty odd and immediately began to tease Lisa about Voodoo dolls (sexy voodoo dolls) and witch doctors (also sexy), but she assured him that it was all very scientific and the place had a great track record. It didn't really matter to Thomas, he loved his wife and would happily take a little time out of their vacation to try and make her baby wishes come true.

So, here he sat, alone in a gorgeous setting, late afternoon heat slowly seeping into him - or maybe it was the drink. He was sipping some sort of exotic punch through a straw sticking out of a coconut complete with slices of fruit on little skewers and a little paper umbrella. It wasn't his style at all, but Maria had given it to him and he couldn't say no to those amazing brown eyes, that incredible voice, or that foxy smile. So he was drinking it and had to admit that it tasted pretty good.

Ah, Maria... damn! Thomas had taken a taxi from the island airport to the resort, slung his one bag over his shoulder and walked into the open air lobby to find an absolute beauty smiling at him from behind the front desk. "You must be Thomas," she said as he nearly melted at the melodious combination of her rich voice and her island accent. "I'm Maria, it's nice to meet you. Lisa called ahead and asked that we make you comfortable - I'm so sorry that her flight was delayed. She said you should get some rest." As she said the last bit, Thomas was sure he saw a twinkle in her eye and a little sly smile starting at the corners of her luscious lips.

'Girls," thought Thomas, "they haven't met yet and they're already sharing intimate secrets." Of course, he and Lisa might not be the first couple to come to this resort to screw their brains out. Maria had probably seen and heard a lot while working here. Hopefully, she'd had some fun of her own, it would be a shame to waste such a perfect beauty, deeply tanned, perfect skin, big brown eyes, pert nose, and thick shiny black hair halfway down her back. Not that any of that mattered to Thomas, Lisa was not only his soul mate, she was every bit as hot as Maria. Lisa was long and lean from hours of swimming and running and she had that cute southern girl look with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Beautiful, smart, sexy - Thomas wasn't about to screw up after eight years of that.

"Let me show you to your bungalow and you can relax while you wait for her to arrive," Maria offered, snapping Thomas' out of his reverie. "It's a bit of a walk, drop your bag there and I'll have it delivered later," she commanded, stepping from behind the desk and pointing to a cart by the wall. Thomas was momentarily struck dumb as he got to see the rest of the package - bare feet, long shapely legs and a very short skirt. 'Damn, Lisa needs to get here soon,' he thought, or did he say it out loud, he was starting to get little flustered.

"Follow me," Maria said as she headed out the side door and up a path into the jungle. Thomas tried to force himself to look at the beautiful surroundings and not just stare at Maria's little round ass, but he was losing the battle. He couldn't help but wonder if she was adding a little extra sway to her hips for his benefit. They soon came to a branch in the trail with small signs with numbers. Of course, Maria caught Thomas admiring her butt as she came to a stop and turned to explain, "you are in number four, the paths are pretty carefully laid out to guarantee absolute privacy at each of the bungalows, please don't take a wrong turn and wander into someone else's private vacation." He couldn't be sure if the knowing look and sly smile were because she caught him admiring her legs and ass or because she knew why he and Lisa were here. Either way, her flirty nature was a lot of fun and a bit of a turn on.

After a few more branches in the path, always following the signs for number four, they came to a small house in the jungle. It had a stone foundation and a rustic wooden exterior, there was no window glass, only screens, the door was half wood, half screen as well and the building was capped by a galvanized steel roof. From the outside, it looked a bit like a glorified shed.

Maria held the door for Thomas then followed him inside. In spite of its rustic exterior, the building was absolutely luxurious inside. It had a high open ceiling with a big skylight right over the huge four poster bed, a fan swirled slowly over the center of the room, there was art everywhere, there were chairs and a small table complete with a vase full of exotic flowers, there was an entire wall of shelves with knick-knacks and books, and one whole side of the room was open to the patio and the magnificent view of the ocean beyond. Maria led Thomas across the room to another door and showed him into a bathroom with all of the modern touches. There was a huge walk-in shower with thick glass all around and multiple fancy looking shower heads including a hand shower that Thomas was sure would please Lisa later in the week. As Thomas finished surveying the luxurious bath, he turned to find Maria in the doorway holding the coconut with the straw, fruit, and umbrella. "Come out onto the patio, sit in the big chair and relax. You can drink this while you wait for Lisa, I'm sure it will feel good after your long trip." How could he say no? He very briefly thought of suggesting that Maria take the chair next to his, but he knew better and so, now, here he was melting into the chair as he slowly sipped the sweet, very strong punch.


When Thomas awoke he could tell that some time had passed, the sun was a bit lower in the sky, the warm breeze had died off a bit, and the birds and insects weren't quite as raucous as they had been. It was all very peaceful and pleasant Thomas thought, but either that punch was really strong or he really had been more tired than he thought. Realizing that he was thirsty, he decided to grab a glass of water but, as he tried to rise he discovered that he was unable to move his arms or his legs - he also realized that he was stark naked. Lifting his head as high as he could to check out the situation, he could see that four of the vines from the big tree had dropped down to the patio and then wrapped themselves around his ankles and wrists, effectively trapping him in the reclined chair. It seemed pretty odd, but he didn't feel alarmed. He figured Lisa would be there soon and free him from the vines. He laid his head back and began to wonder when he had taken his clothes off and how he would explain his predicament to Lisa.

Before long, he realized that he really was quite thirsty - that punch must have dried him out, he really needed a drink. It was then that he noticed another vine, with a long fat pod at the end of it, directly above his head and slowly lowering toward him. As he watched it approach, he saw a drop of water form on the tip of the pod and then drip off right onto his chin. It was cool and it smelled sweet and a bit musky. He wished he'd caught it to moisten his dry mouth. Soon another drop formed and Thomas opened wide, determined to catch this one. When it fell, it tasted wonderful, like nothing he had ever tasted before. The pod continued to slowly descend and it continued to drip the delicious liquid into Thomas' mouth. He felt a little light headed after ten or fifteen drops, but he felt comfortable and it didn't really occur to him to wonder if the pod's nectar might not be good for him.

When the pod got close enough, he rose up as high as he could and licked at the tip of it. It was smooth and hard and its nectar was cool and delicious. Most importantly, his mouth wasn't uncomfortably dry anymore. The pod gave up more liquid as he licked the tip of it and he could feel it's relaxing drug coursing through his body. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling it was causing - only then realizing that he had become aroused. His cock was harder than it had ever been, it felt like it might burst from the pressure - and it felt damn good.

Thomas was still marveling at how good he felt and how delicious the nectar was when his tongue felt the pod changing. He opened his eyes to see that the side facing him had split open and was curling back. As it opened wider he leaned back as best he could to try to see better, Inside it looked exactly like a woman's vulva, pink and ruffled and very slick. There was an opening right where he would expect one and the amazing juices slowly flowed from it onto his face. At the top of the thick pink lips there was clearly a hood which must surely cover the swollen nub of a clitoris - a vine clitoris. This tree had girl parts and it seemed to want to be eaten! This should all have felt very weird, but Thomas was so turned on that it didn't bother him at all. Thomas glanced down to see that his cock was far larger than it had ever been before, the head was deep purple and it throbbed with each beat of his heart. There was nothing to do but lean back up and lap at the pod's shiny wet opening, drinking down the delicious liquid that was oozing out of it.

As Thomas continued to enjoy the pod's offering, he felt the vines that were holding his hands move. He stole a glance and saw that they had unwrapped from the chair arms and now were around just his wrists. They lifted his arms out and up above his head and he saw another vine descending toward his hands. The new vine had a pair of big round pods hanging from it and, as they reached his hands, he first held them and then began to run his hands over them, feeling their bulk and their round smoothness. They were much softer than the pod at his mouth, and, though his mind was swimming in the drug coming from the first pod, he understood that they were there to give him the feeling of a nice firm pair of tits to hold while he ate. As he continued to explore, he found that the tips of them had rubbery protrusions, wet with liquid. He wanted to taste the tree's milk but he was held firm, one pod on his mouth, two more in his hands. He had to settle for gently tweaking the nipples until he realized that when he played with them the pod at his mouth flowed a bit more freely. He gently pinched the nub on one and the pod at his mouth instantly opened wider and sank down onto his face, allowing him to rest his head back on the chair.

After a bit, yet another vine descended from the tree. It wrapped around behind his shoulders and then across his chest and around again behind his head. He felt the new vine retract a bit as did the vines holding his wrists and then he was suspended above the recliner. At some point the vines holding his ankles to the chair had switched to ankles only, just as the ones at his wrists had done earlier. He was completely suspended, no part of him in contact with the chair. It was very comfortable, almost like lying in a hammock and having a good stretch at the same time. Through his mental haze, Thomas wished only that he could free one hand to tend to his cock which was still rock hard and now ached to be touched.

Before long, he felt a few drops of liquid land on the tip of his cock and run down the side and, though he could not see, he knew that this tree had more than enough pods to take care of his every desire. Slowly, something slick and tight began to envelop his prick. He tried desperately to thrust up into it but, suspended as he was, it was not possible. He was completely focused on the feeling at his cock when the thing stopped descending, leaving him halfway in. The vine behind his head pressed up a bit harder and the pods in his hands hung a bit more heavily as those vines also pulled up on his wrists. He realized that he'd stopped tending to the pods at his mouth and hands and thought perhaps the tree was insisting that he resume. It wasn't too much to ask, his face and hands were completely covered in viscous goo that smelled and tasted wonderful, he loved to eat pussy and the pods at his hands felt as good as any breasts he'd ever caressed. Thomas was pretty sure that the drink Maria had given him had some special ingredient and this was all just a very weird dream. But it was a very pleasurable dream and he was determined to go with it.

Thomas returned to pleasuring the tree with his tongue, his lips and his fingers and it descended further onto his cock until he felt it press up against his pubis at the same time that he felt his incredibly swollen and sensitive cock head snug firmly into the end of the pod's passage. It began to slowly stroke up and down his shaft, nearly overwhelming him with sensation. He couldn't imagine why he didn't cum instantly from the intense stimulation, perhaps the pods secretions had some special properties that delayed his orgasm.

The pod at his mouth sunk down a little lower and the vine behind his head pulled up a bit until he took the hint and moved his mouth up the pod's opening. As he had come to suspect, there was a nub there that had been exposed as the pod's lips swelled and opened. He pursed his lips around the nub, sucked it gently into his mouth and felt the pod around his cock throb in response.

He briefly lost track of time as he flicked and sucked the pod's little hard nub with his tongue, rolled the round pods' slippery nipples between his fingers and felt the fourth pod firmly stroking up and down his shaft, sending shivers up his spine each time it bottomed out. Something tickled the insides of his thighs and he briefly wondered what might be next before he felt another vine wrap two or three times around the base of his cock and begin to gently constrict. He felt his cock grow even harder and, amazingly, longer as the vine squeezed him. He was now bottoming out quite solidly at the end of each stroke and he could feel the flesh at his mouth grow firmer and the vine behind his head press him up harder into it. It began to move up and down, dropping the wet, delicious opening onto his mouth and then sliding down until his tongue bumped across the hard button at the top.

The thing fucked both his face and his dick for a long time. Thomas was very comfortable hanging from the vines, the sensations at his hands, mouth and cock were delicious and yet he didn't feel that he was yet close to having an orgasm. He didn't really know how long it had been when he felt something nudge his asshole. He might have realized this would happen if he'd stopped to think, but there really hadn't been time, or reason, to try to predict what the vines would do next. The tip at his ass felt like it might be no bigger than a finger and, like everything else hanging from this tree, it was already very slippery. It eased into him slowly and he could feel that it got wider as it went. A bump slid past his tight but very slippery sphincter and then, as the thing began to stroke in and out, he could feel that bump rubbing against his prostate. This was a trick that Lisa sometimes did with her finger while sucking his cock and it always made him cum explosively.

The thing slowly increased the tempo, mashing itself against his mouth, stroking his cock full length, hitting just the right depth every time, and sliding in and out of his ass, stimulating both his prostate and his anus at the same time. It pressed itself harder against his mouth and he responded by sucking the nub between his lips and flicking his tongue as fast as he could. It didn't take long before the globes in his hands shook violently, the pod at his mouth gushed fluid over his face and down his chest while the one around his cock spasmed repeatedly.

'I made it cum' was all Thomas could think, surely now it would let him cum too. He was more than ready. But, the vines had other plans. The pod at his mouth disappeared up into its branches as did those wonderful 'tits'. As soon as this happened, he felt a blindfold slipped over his eyes from somewhere above and behind him. The pods on his cock and his ass settled into a slow rhythmic motion, one sliding down onto his cock as the other plunged into his ass. His hands were pulled directly above his face, his weight supported more by the vines around his torso and behind his head than by the ones holding his wrists, and his legs were pulled even farther apart as the thing continued to work his cock and butt. He felt something descend into his hands and he naturally closed them around it to see what it felt like. It was another pod, probably a couple of inches wide and tapered to a small rounded tip. Of course, it was already slick and it slipped through his hands and continued to descend. He knew what it wanted and he knew this would be a new experience but, again, he didn't mind. If it tasted anything like the previous pod, it would be his pleasure to lick and suck it.

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