tagFetishTropical Vacation Ch. 04

Tropical Vacation Ch. 04


Chloe woke with a start, feeling Kelly's hand moving over her right breast. She relaxed as she looked at the handsome young man lying next to her. He was as gorgeous as a Greek God and he definitely rocked her world. 'I could just eat him up,' she thought, 'EAT...Dinner!'

"Oh my GOD!" she shouted sitting up straight and looking at the clock on the night stand, "It's ten after six...I've gotta get ready!"

"What's the matter?" Kelly asked sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

"I've got to get cleaned up and so do you," she said pulling him up by his arm, "Go turn on the shower and I'll be in there in a minute."

Chloe grabbed another towel for Kelly and the new skin lotion she got at the spa and joined Kelly in the bathroom. He was already in the large shower stall letting the water flow over his naked body. Chloe hung the towel on the rack outside the shower but stopped before opening the glass door. She was captivated by the erotic view before her. Kelly had his hands on the wall in front of him with his head down. The water was spraying on his long blonde hair and running down over his rippling muscles like small rapids in a river. His beautiful penis hung flaccid between his legs. Chloe felt a warm familiar feeling starting in her pussy. 'Stop it! I don't have time for that now,' shouting at herself in her head. She opened the door and stepped in. Kelly moved over to allow her to get under the flow of water.

"You didn't take off your body stocking," he said questioningly.

"I can kill two birds with one stone...wash it and myself at one time. I'll hang it to dry when I'm done in here."

"It looks HOT with the water on it," he said running his hands up her body from her waist to her breasts.

Chloe pushed him back and handed him the shampoo.

"Wash your hair and I'll do your back."

She maneuvered behind him and soaped up a wash cloth while Kelly attended to his hair. As Chloe washed his back she could feel the warmth between her legs growing. The texture of his skin and muscular build were helping to fuel that feeling. She put it out of her mind or so she thought until she reached his firm buttocks. Again the heat seemed to increase in intensity. She squatted down to wash his legs and then without thinking told him to turn around so she could do the front. When he did she was nearly slapped in the face by his semi hard cock. It was pointing straight at her and getting harder as she watched. Her mouth watered as the urge to swallow it whole invaded her thoughts. 'Get control of yourself,' part of her screamed while the other part whispered, 'just think how good it would be to suck on that nice young growing cock.'

"Are you alright?" Kelly asked looking down at Chloe.

"I'm fine," she said standing back up, "You finish the rest."

She handed him the soap and wash cloth and picked up another bar to wash herself. She scrubbed her arms, shoulders, neck and face. When she lathered up her breasts through her body stocking she shuddered as her hands passed over her erect nipples. She looked down at them. They were pink and plump and threatening to poke holes in the second skin of nylon covering her body. She ignored the sudden rush of pleasure she felt and continued working her way down. Kelly pressed his body against hers; his now fully erect cock nestled itself in the crack of her ass.

"Can I help?" he whispered in her ear.

She wanted to say, 'slide your big dick in my pussy and fuck me' but instead she answered, "You can do my back."

She heard him softly sigh then felt his soapy hands working their way across her shoulder blades and down her back, toward her beautiful butt. His cock stayed right where it was however and it was making it difficult for her to concentrate on what she was doing. She shifted to her right, away from the door so she could put her foot up on one of the built in benches to wash the lower part of her leg. This dislodged Kelly's hard on for the moment but it was replaced by his hands kneading into her round bum. This wasn't much better for her state of arousal. When Chloe had finished with her right leg she stood up and prepared to repeat the process on the left one. Kelly's hands quickly left her back side and slid up and around her body to fondle her breasts. She paused for a moment, enjoying what his hands were doing. His cock returned to its vacated place between her lovely ass cheeks.

"I've already washed those," she said referring to her boobs.

"You don't like what I'm doing?"

"No, the problem is that I love what you are doing but I don't have time to enjoy it like I would like to right now," Chloe replied moving to her left to wash her other leg.

She put her leg up and bent over. Kelly's hands traveled back down to her hips. He bent his knees and his cock moved down Chloe's ass crack until it could slide under her. It came to rest pressing against the hot lips of her pussy. She stood up again, her foot still on the bench.

"Kelly, I'm going to be late for my date as it is," she said, "and if you keep distracting me I'll never get there."

His left arm encircled her body beneath her breasts; squeezing and fondling the soft flesh through the nylon. His right hand moved up to massage her scalp as he began thrusting his hips slightly. Kelly's cock was gliding back and forth along Chloe's inflamed pussy lips and stiff clit.

"You are such a naughty boy but I have...," she was cut off when his hand tightened in her hair.

He pulled her head back so her ear was next to his lips then he whispered, "what was it you said to me earlier... 'Shut up and fuck me!'?"

He bent his knees again. This time as his cock slid back along her dripping valley, he felt the head touch the opening of her pussy, and then stabbed it in.

"Aaaaahhhhh," she cried in frustrated pleasure.

Chloe dropped the soap and her hands pressed against the wall in front of her. She didn't want to get her nose broken in the heat of passionate love making. He held her tight and thrust into her like a jack hammer. Her frigid resistance melted away as the fire in her loins raged out of control. Soon she was meeting his violent thrusts with equal force.

"Aaahhhh yes...that's it...do it...yes...fuck me!" she screamed as she neared the crest of yet another orgasm.

Kelly was about to cum again himself. His thrusts shortened and he held her tight to his body as he tensed. He unleashed his thick hot load deep in Chloe's tight pussy. His orgasm unleashed hers and they both trembled in ecstasy for several moments. As the two of them regained their composure, Kelly relaxed his hold on her and leaned back against the wall behind him. His cock still throbbed inside Chloe's cum filled hole. She reluctantly pulled off his gradually shrinking manhood and turned to face him. He met her gaze with a sheepish grin.

"I couldn't help myself, you're so fucking sexy," he said as she stepped closer.

Chloe pressed her lips hard to his and stabbed her tongue between them. She abruptly pulled back from him and shook her head.

"Get outta here so I can get finished," she said with a firm slap on his muscular ass.

"Ok...Ok...," he replied as he quickly exited the shower stall.


Chloe was now dried off and applying her makeup when Kelly poked his head in the bathroom.

"I'm sorry again for making you late for your date tonight."

"It's ok," she said looking at the clock again, "I'm not going to be that late. I just hope Jeff will understand."

"You're seeing that older guy in B23 right?"

"Yes...How did you know?" she asked looking away from the application of her eye shadow.

"Well everyone here knows that you and he are the oldest guests this season and that you were out last night together. So I'd expect that he was the one you were seeing tonight."

"Is that so? Is there a problem with that?" she replied in mock anger.

"No...not at all...I'll get outta here so you can get dressed...I still owe you a massage. Let me know when I can do it for you."

"Sure...When I need you I'll call," she said watching Kelly gather his things and head for the door, "Thanks for the great time. Maybe you should buy a body stocking for Tina, and then you could fuck her brains out all afternoon."

"No chance...She hates pantyhose so there is no way she would wear one of those. Bye"

"What a shame...Bye now."


In the early evening twilight, Chloe walked across the plaza as quickly as she could in her 5" platform heels. The velvety finish of the black open toed pumps was a perfect match to the clinging matte black Wolford dress she had on. Together they set off the high shine of her sheer glossy hose. The way the double layer of silky nylon hugged her waist, hips and thighs was intoxicating. Chloe was so turned on just getting dressed that she thought she must have left a trail of her juices from her room, all the way to the plaza. She wore the dress at knee length for the moment but decided to raise it once she got to the restaurant. She was getting plenty of whistles and looks from other guests both male and female. She stood before the Steak Houses' front door. Chloe looked at her watch; 7:20, time for one last quick check of her makeup and outfit. Everything looked great. She shimmied the hem of her dress to just above her mid thigh, smoothed things out then opened the door.

"Welcome to The Steak House," a tall slender woman said, "How many in your party?"

"I'm supposed to be meeting someone here but I'm a bit late. Can I look around and see if he's here?"

"Absolutely, the bar is right there and the dining room is to the left," the woman pointed.

"Thank you," Chloe said as she walked to the bar first hoping Jeff hadn't left.

She scanned the room but none of the men she saw was the one she was looking for. She decided to try the dining room. She passed by the small booths and tables looking for those with just one occupant, however everyone she saw was filled with two or four people. She started to worry. Across the room a man stood up from a corner booth. Even in the low light of the restaurant she knew it was Jeff. She hurried to him.

"I'm sorry I'm late," she apologized feeling relieved he hadn't left with someone else.

"No problem," he replied with a huge smile on his face, "You're a woman, you're supposed to be late."

They hugged and Chloe put her arm around his neck and pulled him down for a passionate kiss. She then whispered in his ear, "I'm going to fuck your brains out tonight!"

"I'm all yours. You look gorgeous in that outfit by the way."

"Thank you for getting it for me," she replied turning side to side, giving him a better look.

Jeff was in awe of the sexy woman before him. The dress clung to her every curve and even in the low light her luscious legs took on a shimmering aura, thanks to the sheer hose she was wearing. The bulge in his pants was uncomfortably noticeable by now so he motioned Chloe to sit. They both sat and Chloe scooted around until she was hip to hip with Jeff.

"I could tell when you arrived," he said with a big smile.

"Oh? How's that?"

"See that table over there?" he said motioning towards a group of four across the room near the door.

"Yes," she said recognizing the two women sitting with their dates.

"Both those guys stopped in mid sentence chatting with those girls and watched your every move. I thought the blonde was going to punch the guy she's with," Jeff said with a chuckle.

"I saw those two girls on the plane...they both were giggling and pointing at me when I got on."

"They aren't laughing now!"

Jeff leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, placing his hand on her silky thigh then said, "I'm honored to be with the hottest lady in the place. You could probably walk up to any guy in here and take them home with you. Every guy in here was undressing you with their eyes as you walked up to me. Some of the women were looking you over too and not all of them had hate in their eyes!"

"You're very sweet but I think you're exaggerating a bit," she said, blushing from his compliment.

"Not at all...there's not one guy in here that wouldn't jump your bones given the chance...even those two with the bitches that made fun of you!"

Before she could say anything else a waitress appeared with a bottle of champaign. She showed the bottle to Jeff and with his nod she popped the cork and poured two glasses. She set the bottle in an ice bucket and excused herself for a moment.

"To the sexiest lady here," he said raising his glass to Chloe.

"And to the sexiest and most generous man here," she replied.

He nodded and they touched glasses then took a sip. The waitress returned and they both ordered the specialty of the house; the filet mignon.

When the waitress left Chloe asked, "How did you get this dress and all those hose?"

"It's a secret... I can tell you it was tricky but with a little help I pulled it off."

"Well thank you so much...It was very nice of you."

"It was my pleasure and worth all the headaches and cost to see you in that outfit. You look absolutely amazing. I'm glad you liked my surprise."

Jeff's hand was slowly gliding up and down her thigh feeling the different textures of nylon between her dress and hose.

"I did and I have one for you too."

"What's that?" he inquired.

"You'll find out later," she said with a sly grin.

"Ok...Well how was your spa treatment?"

"It was wonderful...," she went on to describe her whole day. When she got to the part about her in room massage, Chloe was hesitant to go into detail as she thought Jeff might not want to hear about her sexual escapades with another man. He surprised her with his interest and his total lack of jealousy. He seemed truly interested in the fact that she had a pleasurable time. When she mentioned Tina, Jeff got a funny grin on his face.

"What's that grin for?" she asked.

"I met Tina, but I'll tell you about that later. Continue with your story, it's very erotic."

She did and their conversation carried on through dinner and up until they left around 10 pm. Their sexual discussion had them both in a high state of arousal. Jeff was painfully hard with a large wet spot on his pants and Chloe's pantyhose were soaked to the knees. She wanted to get back to his place so she could fulfill her promise of 'fucking his brains out.' Jeff suggested they walk along the beach path back to the bungalow as it would be beautiful with the full moon out. She had her arm around his waist and his hand rested on her beautiful ass.

The beach path was lit by tiki torches spaced about fifty feet apart with some ground lighting on the foliage. Benches were scattered randomly along the walkway. Jeff's hand was roaming over Chloe's backside as they walked making her even hornier, if that was possible. They reached a secluded area adjacent to a small horse shoe shaped cove with palm trees on each side. They stood in the deep shadow of a large Banyan tree that over hung the path. The torches in front and behind them were blocked by the dense growth.

Jeff pulled Chloe close and kissed her deeply. Their tongues tangled as their passionate kissing intensified. They found a stone bench and sat down to continue their make out session. Jeff was fondling Chloe's breasts as she groped his crotch. They were interrupted by voices on the path in the direction they had just come. It sounded like another couple had the same idea as they did. They then saw two young people playfully running out onto the white sand beach with a blanket and some bottles. Jeff and Chloe watched the couple as they kissed and fondled each other then laid out the blanket less than fifty feet away. Jeff kissed Chloe again but she seemed nervous.

"I think we should go before they see us," she whispered.

"They can't see us," he assured her.

"How can you be so sure?"

"We're in the shadows and they are in what amounts to be bright light. Their night vision is shot, besides they have other things on their minds."

Chloe looked back toward the young couple. The woman was pulling off her top as the guy removed his shirt. The young man started sucking the woman's exposed breasts making her moan out loud. She laid down on the blanket with him on top licking and sucking her huge boobs. Jeff reached down and cupped Chloe's right breast and squeezed it in his hand. He rolled her nipple between his fingers through the velvety material of her dress.

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned softly, not wanting the other couple to hear her.

She threw her right leg over his left and reached for his hard throbbing cock. She rubbed it through his pants feeling the heat from his rigid member. Jeff's hand moved to her leg and traveled up her silky hose coved thigh. The nylon was drenched in her juices and when he reached her pussy, he found the wet hairless lips exposed to his touch.

"Surprise," Chloe said as Jeff discovered the cotton panel missing and her waxed clean pussy.

"Now that's sexy," he whispered running his fingers over her clit and into her moist cleft.

Chloe bit her lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. Their attention turned back to the people on the sand. As they watched the young couple on the beach, the woman rolled on top of the man and kissed her way down his body to his shorts. She quickly removed them freeing his erect cock. She stroked him slowly at first then took him in her mouth and began bobbing up and down on his hard cock.

"That looks like a good idea," Chloe said shifting to her knees on the bench and removing Jeff's cock from his pants.

She pounced on his dripping penis like a hungry cat and was sucking and stroking in time with the girl on the beach. Jeff was moaning quietly but it was taking some concentration not to make more noise. The hem of Chloe's dress was now at her waist but she was caught up in the heat of the moment and didn't seem to care. The thrill of being seen by someone else while watching another couple having sex was so naughty, so sexually erotic that her pussy was dripping onto the bench. Jeff was stoking her silky brown hair as her head went up and down on his cock.

The woman on the blanket released her partners cock, knelt between his legs and removed her skirt. She moved over his hips and guided his long cock into her waiting pussy. The sounds of their love making carried across the sand to Jeff and Chloe who were being very quiet and were as yet undiscovered. Chloe stood up, being conscious of her heels scrapping or clicking on the ground. She pulled down Jeff's pants to his knees and prepared to mount him. He put his hands on her hips and spun her around.

"So you can still watch," he whispered.

She nodded then backed up to him. His knees were together and she straddled them, reaching between her thighs for his pulsating cock. She gave it a few quick strokes then pointed it at her wet drooling pussy. He slid in with ease and she gasped at the sudden penetration. Jeff pulled down Chloe's top to play with her breasts. Her dress was now bunched up between the bottom of her tits and her waist. He was squeezing her breasts while she bounced on his cock with wild abandon. If someone came down the path now they would be walking into a foursome of bodies fucking in the open. The shear excitement of it was fueling a powerful orgasm building deep inside Chloe's core. She began to grind her pussy hard against Jeff's cock as her orgasm enveloped her. She was bucking wildly trying not to scream in raw ecstasy like her counter part on the beach was. Chloe's breathing was coming fast, hissing through her clenched teeth. Jeff held her close as she rode out her orgasm. He let one of his hands drop to her spasming pussy to tickle her sensitive clit.

"Mmmmmmm...yes...yes...," she groaned.

The other couple didn't even notice the sounds of pleasure coming from the darkness. They were making a lot more noise themselves. The woman collapsed on her partner who quickly rolled her on her back and stabbed his cock back in her. He had her legs on his shoulders and thrusting hard and fast into her. Her cries of pleasure increased as she had another orgasm. Chloe's hosed thighs were clamped to Jeff's as his fingers and cock brought her to another shuddering orgasm. The energetic couple they were watching changed positions again. This time the guy was pounding her from behind; doggy style. She dropped to her elbows so her enormous breasts wouldn't give her a black eye as they swayed out of control under her. Chloe's rhythmic contractions of her vaginal muscles were about to send Jeff over the edge to his own explosive orgasm.

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