tagFetishTropical Vacation Ch. 05

Tropical Vacation Ch. 05


Chloe could feel a warm hand gliding along her hip. It was a gentle touch moving down her silky hose covered leg. Jeff's fingers traced a line along the curve of her thigh, down to her knee and onto her calf. She could also feel his body contouring to hers as they lay spooned together in his large soft bed. Jeff's hard cock was nestled in the crack of her beautiful ass, trapped between them.

"Irresistible aren't they?" she asked; her eyes still closed.

His hand stopped moving, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you."

"That's ok, you stroking my hose with your hand or your penis poking me in the back side; something was bound to get my attention."

They both laughed.

"My cock seems to have a mind of its own, and since I can't resist the sight of a sexy woman in hose, he tends to react that way."

Chloe turned her head to look at him. Jeff was propped up on his elbow smiling at her. He kissed her softly on the mouth, enjoying her warm full lips. Their tongues met and lightly touched. The kiss lingered until they heard a knock at the door. Jeff moved to get up.

"Stay here," Chloe said longingly, "Maybe they'll go away."

"Not likely since I was the one who called them...it's breakfast," he said kissing her on the cheek then rolling out of bed.

Chloe watched him grab a robe and put it on as he disappeared from the room. She rolled onto her back and could hear Jeff speaking with another man briefly. He shut the door and rolled a cart by the open bedroom door.

"Breakfast will be served on the patio my lady," he said with a slight bow.

He continued to the patio with the cart and set out the tray and utensils on the small table. He poured some orange juice and set the small vase of orchids that accompanied the cart on the table as well.

"That looks delightful. What are we having?" Chloe asked standing on the patio in another robe.

Jeff looked at her in the fluffy cotton garment, thinking she looked like a child in her parents clothes. The same robe that fell to Jeff's mid calf was floor length for this tiny woman. He could barely see her stocking toes as she moved closer. He pulled her chair out to allow her to sit then pushed it in.

"Thank you," she said beaming him a big smile, "You're such a gentleman."

"Well...we are having orange juice, mixed fruit, Belgium waffles with maple syrup, scrambled eggs, bacon, and last but not least tea," he said as he placed each item onto the table.

"It all looks so good," she said as Jeff moved to the other side of the table.

He sat and joined her. The two ate and talked, enjoying each others company and the incredible view from his bungalow. Chloe rubbed her silky foot on Jeff's leg to keep him aroused.

"What would you like to do today?" he asked Chloe who was sipping her tea.

"Can we just stay here today?" she replied.

"We're here in paradise and you want to hang around the room?"

Chloe set down her cup and leaned forward, running her foot up Jeff's leg to his crotch.

"I can think of lots of things to keep us busy," she said with a sexy grin, letting her robe open to expose her lovely breasts.

"I bet you can!"

They were interrupted by another knock at the door.

"Now who could that be?" Chloe asked a bit annoyed.

Jeff shrugged and went to the door. When he opened it he was surprised to see Tina accompanied by a muscular young man with long blond hair and a concerned look on his face. She was wearing a tank top, shorts and sandals. Her long sandy brown hair was braided and fell to her round ass. She had a big smile and her jade green eyes sparkled with excitement.

"Tina! What are you doing here?"

"I hope we aren't bothering you?" she said in a voice that carried a hint of a southern accent.

"No, not at all. Come on in," Jeff replied offering his hand to the young man, "You must be Kelly."

Kelly shook his hand and his concerned look faded with Jeff's friendly gesture. Jeff closed the door and noticed Chloe had entered the living room to see who was at the door. She was standing with her hands in the pockets of her robe when Tina saw her and came to an abrupt halt.

"Chloe...This is Tina. Tina meet Chloe," Jeff said introducing the two women.

Tina rushed to her and hugged Chloe tightly. Caught off guard Chloe hugged her back. She gave Jeff a confused look which was met by his surprised one. It was then Jeff noticed just how similar these two women were in build and stature.

"Thank you," Tina said to Chloe then released her.

"You're...welcome...I guess," Chloe said even more confused by the young woman.

"You gave Jeff the pantyhose that he gave to me for our bet. Didn't he tell you about that?" Tina explained looking to Jeff.

"I hadn't got around to it yet. Have a seat and I'll try to explain what she's talking about," he said motioning to the love seat and chairs in the living room.

Chloe sat on the love seat and Jeff joined her. Kelly and Tina went to the twin arm chairs.

"When I got back to the bungalow yesterday," Jeff began, "I found a house keeping cart sitting in here but I didn't see or hear anyone. I got here about the time you two were fucking each others brains out, if I'm not mistaken."

Jeff motioned to Chloe and Kelly. Chloe was smiling but Kelly looked a bit embarrassed.

"I went into the bed room expecting to find someone going through my stuff like you hear about happening all the time at places like this. But there wasn't anyone. I went to the bathroom and I saw Tina standing in front of the shower stall with fresh towels feeling your pantyhose I had washed and left to dry over the door."

"I've heard guys sometimes wear pantyhose and so I thought he was one of those guys," Tina interjected.

Chloe looked to Kelly with a smile; he shook his head at the unspoken question. Chloe sat back and snuggled into Jeff. She crossed her legs and the robe fell away, revealing their glossy covering. Kelly's eyes popped open when he noticed her hose.

"You're wearing pantyhose now. Do you ever take them off?" he asked interrupting Tina.

"Only when I have to," she replied flexing her toes and bouncing her foot.

"Those are really sheer," Tina commented looking at Chloe's legs.

"Yes they are. You were explaining how you had my pantyhose."

"Oh...Ya...Anyway Jeff told me you gave them to him to remember you by. I thought that was strange but then I don't...didn't like pantyhose."

"Tina thought hose were scratchy and uncomfortable so I asked her where she has bought them in the past and she said," Jeff looked to Tina.

"The grocery store," Tina said in an embarrassed tone.

"No wonder she hated pantyhose," Chloe said, "Those are the cheapest, lowest quality ones you can buy. They fit awful too."

"I know...Jeff said the same thing."

"So why did he give mine to you?" Chloe asked.

"Well I found out she works as a waitress at The Inferno, you know the night club across from The Steak House," Jeff said taking up the story, "We got on the subject of tips and she said that the uniform they wore didn't require hose, but two of the girls wore fishnets ever night. So I said 'I bet they are the ones who make the most in tips.'"

"He was right," Tina jumped in, "They also wear very high heels too. All we are required to wear is the bikini top and mini skirt the resort provides. We can wear any kind of shoe we want. I usually wear these," she held up her foot with its open toed sandal.

"So I told her to try on the hose," Jeff said.

"You had her put them on right in front of you?" Chloe said with a surprised tone to her voice.

"No, he was a gentleman and left the room," Tina said, "So I put on the pantyhose and came out to show him. They felt really soft and sexy. He liked them too. The bulge in his pants gave it away."

Both women giggled at Jeff's expense.

"So anyway, I told her to wear them last night with the highest heels she felt comfortable working in and she would make the highest tips in the place," Jeff continued trying to cover his embarrassment, "I said if I was right, she owed me $20 for the hose and a photo shoot in the outfit she wore that night."

"What would she get if you were wrong?" Chloe asked him.

"I told her I would give her the difference in cash between what she made in tips and the highest girl."

Tina pulled a twenty dollar bill from her pocket and handed it to Jeff.

"I still owe you that photo shoot and that is why we're here. We know the perfect place for the shoot...The Grotto."

"What's The Grotto?" Jeff asked.

"It's a really cool place with a water fall in the jungle. It's about a two mile hike but it's an easy hike. So...do you wanna go?" Tina asked.

Jeff and Chloe looked at each other then agreed to join them. They discussed the details and decided Tina, Chloe and Kelly would go to Chloe's room to allow her to get some appropriate cloths, and Jeff would meet them their after he showered and changed.

"Kelly told me you had an incredible outfit on last night," Tina said to Chloe out of the blue.

"Yes I did. Jeff got it for me. Do you want to see it?" she asked standing and holding her hand out to Tina, "Come on, I'll show you."

Tina jumped up excitedly, took her hand and the two women pranced off to the bed room. Jeff and Kelly watched them leave then looked at one another.

"Want a beer?" Jeff asked.


The two men headed for the kitchen.

Chloe led Tina into the bedroom and showed her the black Wolford dress. Tina held the nylon tube up and stretched it a bit. She rubbed the soft material against her cheek.

"Mmmmmm...that is so soft. Can I see you in it?"

"Sure, I love the feel of this dress on."

Chloe walked to the foot of the bed and removed her robe. She sat on the bed and pulled the soft dress over her legs. She left the bottom hem at her ankles the stood up, pulling the tube up her body and well over her breasts.

"Wow...That is really stretchy!" Tina exclaimed, "It looks like you could squeeze two people in there."

Both women giggled at the prospect of that. Chloe wasn't sure if it was Tina or putting the sexy dress back on or not getting laid yet today or if it was a combination of the three, but she was incredibly turned on at the moment. Her nipples were rock hard poking out from her breasts and her pussy was getting very hot. Chloe put on her heels, adjusted the top of the dress over her breasts then ran her hands down her body. 'Mmmmm...this feels wonderful,' she thought.

"You didn't wear it clear down there at your ankles did you?" Tina asked.

"No, I walked to the restaurant with it about here," she said moving the hem to above her knee.

"That's sexy," Tina commented.

"But before I went in I moved it to here," Chloe pulled the hem to just above her mid thigh.

She struck a pose with one leg bent and her hands on her hips giving Tina a three quarter view of her sexy nylon incased curves.

"You look so fucking hot!"

"Thank you, you're very sweet to say that."

Tina moved in front of Chloe; their nipples nearly touching. Chloe notice Tina's nipples were standing erect on her large D cup breasts and that she didn't have a bra on under her tank top. Tina placed her hands on Chloe's hips and Chloe jumped as if she was hit by a static shock. Tina followed Chloe's curves up her body and when she got to her tits; her hands caressed the soft flesh through the velvety covering. Chloe shuddered as Tina's thumbs brushed over her nipples. She wasn't sure what to do. Tina looked her in the eye then leaned in slow. Their nipples touched and sparks seemed to fly, then their breasts mashed together and that set Chloe's juices flowing down her thighs. But when their lips touched, Chloe felt like she was floating; she was enjoying their intimacy. Tina pulled back suddenly.

"I...I'm sorry...I didn't mean to...," Tina stuttered feeling embarrassed at her forwardness.

"It's ok...I liked it," Chloe assured her, "I'm not mad or offended...just horny."

They both laughed and it relieved the tension.

"Tina...can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"You don't seem to mind that I was fucking Kelly yesterday, why is that?"

"We have an open relationship. He fucks who he wants and I fuck who I want, then we compare stories and...then...we fuck like bunnies," she said with a laugh. "I fucked two guys last night during work. One in the men's room the other out back where we have our breaks."

"Really! Sounds hot."

"It was and when I got home, Kelly fucked me senseless when he saw me in the pantyhose. He told me later about you two. I brought the hose with me today, just in case you thought I should return them to Jeff."

"No need for that...you keep them. Hey...I have an idea."

Jeff and Kelly were standing on the patio looking out at the ocean. Kelly was pointing out the best places to go snorkeling when they heard the distinct sound of high heels on hard wood and the subtle swishing of nylon. They turned and saw Tina standing at the door way in Chloe's black dress, heels and wearing the hose Jeff had given her. Although not as shiny or as sheer as the ones Chloe had on, they gave her legs a shimmering luster that made both men's cocks stir to life. Her hair was no longer braided either. It was flowing down her back in long silky waves.

"HOLY...," Kelly began.

"SHIT!" Jeff finished.

Both Jeff and Kelly were stunned by the image of beauty in front of them. Neither man noticed Chloe watching from the kitchen wearing nothing but her nylons but she could see the effect Tina was having on them. Kelly had a growing tent in his shorts and Jeff's cock was beginning to poke out of his robe.

"Maybe we should do some 'SHOOTING' here," Tina said as she turned and headed for the bedroom, walking in a very sexy way.

When she got to the kitchen, where Chloe was watching, the two women ran to the bedroom giggling. Jeff and Kelly looked at each other for a moment then followed them to the bedroom. Kelly rushed through the door and saw Tina lying on the bed propped up on her elbows with her right knee bent as he continued to her. She had dropped the heels at the side of the bed and her right foot was flat on the sheets next to her left knee.

"You need to get me a dress like this. It feels so good and it's very silky," Tina said in a sultry voice.

Kelly got to the side of the bed when Jeff walked in. Chloe met him at the door where she had been standing when Kelly came in. Kelly didn't notice her but Jeff did because she grabbed his cock which was protruding through his robe.

"I see you like her in my dress," Chloe said in a soft voice while stroking his pre cum slick penis, "Does she look better than me in it?"

"She looks great but you're my favorite."

He bent to kiss her as she opened his robe. She continued stroking his cock while they watched what was happening on the bed. Kelly was rubbing Tina's silky legs with his hands as she spread them wide. Jeff could see her bald pussy showing through the opened crotch. Chloe led Jeff to the bed by his throbbing dick.

"Now don't move while I help Tina out of my dress," Chloe said climbing on the bed by Tina's head.

Kelly was kissing and licking Tina's right foot while his hands slid up and down her leg. She had hiked the dress above her waist but was struggling to get it off. Chloe helped Tina into a sitting position as she knelt behind her. She pulled the dress over Tina's head and set it aside. Tina leaned back into Chloe, feeling Chloe's hard nipples poking into her back. Chloe's hands came to Tina's large breasts and squeezed her cantaloupe sized boobs. She tweaked her sensitive nipples, rolling them between her fingers.

"Mmmmmmmm," Tina moaned as Chloe continued to torment the young woman's massive tits.

She looked up at Jeff, standing next to her at the side of the bed; his cock fully erect and pointing at the ceiling. Pre cum was oozing from the tip and a bead of it dangling at the end of a long clear string heading for the floor right before Tina's eyes.

"Wow, he does have a beautiful cock. Its shape is so different from Kelly's," she said looking at his rigid member with desire and need.

"Yes it is," Chloe responded, slipping off the bed and took Jeff's drooling cock in her hand and began stroking it, "and it feels wonderful too."

Tina pulled her foot from Kelly's loving attentions and moved to the far side of the bed.

"I have an idea," she said to Kelly, "Lay down here."

She directed him to lie on his back with his feet at the pillows. She then had Jeff lie down in the opposite direction next to him. Tina had them both maneuver so that they were about a foot apart and there hips lined up with each other.

"What are you doing Tina?" Kelly asked, anxious to get back to fondling her silky legs.

"Ssshhhhh...This'll be fun."

Tina straddled Kelly facing his feet in a 69 position and told Chloe to do the same to Jeff.

"We need to get these boys off so they will have some staying power when we fuck them," Tina said as she adjusted her position.

Once Chloe was in position, Tina turned to her and said, "I learned this from a swinging couple I met here last season but I've not had a chance to repeat it. I love it for three reasons; one...we can tease them with our pussies as we suck them off."

She demonstrated by lowering her wet mound toward Kelly's face but didn't allow him to touch it while she sucked and stroked his throbbing pole.

"Second is this," she said leaning toward Chloe and kissed her passionately.

They maintained their lip lock for several moments as their tongues dueled.

"And what's the third?" Chloe asked.

"We can share," Tina replied and took Jeff's cock into her mouth for a few quick slurps.

"I like that," Chloe said with a big smile and attacked Kelly's cock.

The two women traded back and forth between their captive partners, teasing and tantalizing before switching back. Both Jeff and Kelly were at the mercy of the two tormenting women. Chloe would only give Jeff a brief taste of her nectar then pull her pussy out of reach of his talented tongue. She loved how each man tasted different too. Jeff was very sweet while Kelly had a bit of a tang to him. Chloe and Tina were giggling and kissing and having fun with their game of frustrating torture of these two men.

After a prolonged kiss Tina whispered in Chloe's ear, "Let me know when Jeff's about to cum, I want to taste it."

Chloe nodded and gave her a wink and they both went back to the job at hand. Chloe intensified her oral technique, spurred on by her own excitement and that of Tina's desire to swallow Jeff's load. Her pussy was on fire from all the teasing. She desperately wanted to plant her dripping sex on Jeff's mouth and have him send her to an orgasmic paradise, but she refrained. She could feel his body tensing and she released him from her mouth; softly kissing his pulsing cock. He was ready and Chloe new it. She took him back in her mouth and circled the crown with her tongue. At the same time she touched Tina's arm to get her attention. When Tina looked over Chloe gave a wink then sucked hard on Jeff's cock while bobbing up and down rapidly. Tina released Kelly's cock and prepared to take Jeff's as soon as Chloe moved. She didn't have to wait long. Chloe's head came up and she immediately moved to Kelly's throbbing member and attacked it aggressively. Taking a deep breath, Tina swallowed Jeff's cock to the balls and felt him swelling in her throat.

"OH GOD!" he yelled digging his fingers into the globes of Chloe's hosed ass.

Jeff bucked violently as the first glob of cum shot from his cock. She took it without flinching. Tina expertly swallowed each spurt of his cum as he continued to ejaculate in her throat. She was moving her head slightly to give him even more pleasure as he came. When Jeff had finished, she sat up and exhaled then took another deep breath to replenish her oxygen supply and went back to licking him clean.

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