Troubled Times


It was a hot summer day in Nashville, Ariana just arrived she is there for the CMA music fest but little did she know how much her life would change. She climbs out of the van she is drenched in sweat since the AC took out in the van, she walks over helping her band unload the back which had everything from guitars to their bags.

"I swear I have had it with this damn van, it is nothing but a piece of trash." Ariana Yells.

"Ariana Baby doll look at me" Trent says.

"Let's just get the shit set up for our set then we move the hell out that is if our Van didn't quit" Ariana says.

"Umm Ari I hate to say this but the Van won't start." Travis says.

Ariana is beyond pissed she grabs her guitar making her way to the hotel.

"Mother fucking bitch, Son of a biscuit eating dick licking piece of shit van" Ariana grumbles.

Gary can't help but laugh hearing the new singer he knows what it's like to be in her spot. He walks over to her putting his hand on her lower back. Ariana looks at him giving him a small smile.

"Van took out?" Gary asks.

"Yeah it did so until I can get the van fixed we are stuck here." Ariana says.

Gary smiles getting his room key Ariana gets her she walks to the elevator she punches the up button she is tired and wants to get a bath. Gary stands by her he walks in after her pushing the button for his floor Ariana reaches for the same button her hand brushing against his.

"What room?" Gary Asks.

"Room 235"Ariana says.

"Wait 235 that's the room I am staying in." Gary says.

"Looks like they double booked" Ariana says.

Gary smiles holding his hand out to Ariana she smiles taking Gary's hand following him down the hall she has a good feeling about today she walks in behind Gary she sets her bags down. Gary smiles putting his bags down by his bed he pulls his shirt off walking towards the bathroom Ariana smiles she puts her bags down by the other bed, she gets a change of clothes out she pulls her boots off rubbing her feet Gary smiles getting his stuff for his shower. Ariana watches him knowing she can get herself in a whole world of trouble, Gary smiles starting the water in the shower he puts his shampoo and body wash down climbing in the shower. Ariana can't help herself she peeks around the door seeing that the shower is see through she sees Gary leaning back against the wall his eyes closed, Ariana leans against the towel holder listing to Gary, Gary groans rubbing harder.

"Oh... that's... it... Ariana" Gary moans.

Ariana jaw drops she is going to take a chance she pulls her clothes off she opens the door climbing in she gets down on her knees moving Gary's hands she smiles taking him in her mouth she takes in as much as she can, Gary moans running his fingers through her hair Ariana bobs her head making a humming sound.

"Oh... Fuck... Baby... That Feels good" Gary moans louder.

Ariana groans taking her free hand rubbing his balls Felling Gary pumping into her mouth she tries not to gag. Ariana sucks harder forming a tight seal with her mouth sucking faster.

"Oh... God... so... Close..." Gary moans.

Ariana smiles felling him tighten up she sucks as fast as she can knowing he will blow at any second. Gary groans leaning back against the wall again breathing hard.

"Oh... God... Baby... I... Am... Cuming..."Gary moans.

Ariana smiles felling him spill his warm sticky seed down her throat. Gary pants sitting on the floor catching his breath he can't recall ever having a Blowjob that good. Ariana smiles wiping her mouth watching him.

"You're... Next... My... Princess..."Gary Pants.

Ariana smiles sitting down next to him she puts her feet across his lap waiting for Gary to catch his breath. Gary smiles pulling Ariana close kissing her hard Ariana moans kissing back.

"Stand up Baby" Gary says.

Ariana smiles standing up felling Gary pushing her against the wall lifting one of her legs over his shoulder. Ariana moans felling him running his tongue over her wet waiting hole, Gary smiles thrusting his tongue deep into her Ariana moans louder running her fingers through his hair. Gary smirks pulling his tongue out thrusting it Deeper.

"Ohhhh.... My... God..."Ariana squeals.

Gary smiles thrusting two fingers inside he flicks his tongue against her clit. He moves his fingers in and out hearing her moan louder he knows she can't last much longer. Ariana pants pushing her hair out of her face she feels her legs turning to jelly Gary smiles laying her on the floor keeping up his assault on her clit Ariana arches her back letting out a little scream.

"That's it baby let it go." Gary says.

Ariana moans really loud clamping down around his fingers Exploding. Gary smiles licking his fingers clean he pulls Ariana against his chest he runs his fingers through her hair kissing her head, Ariana lays her head against his chest she fells sadness coming over her she buries her head in his chest sobbing, Gary knows why she is crying and he hates that she is it brakes his heart.

"Ari baby look at me" Gary says.

Ariana looks at Gary tears running down her cheeks, Gary takes his thumb wiping away the tears he kisses her softly.

"Don't cry baby this isn't a onetime thing." Gary says.

"Gar after this you're going back on tour and I won't see you again" Ariana whispers.

"I will come to where ever you are just to be with you, I don't care if I have to travel five hundred miles." Gary says.

Ariana cuddles closer felling Gary picking her up she never dreamed she would be with Gary Levox from Rascal Flatts. Gary smiles laying her on the bed Ariana smiles watching him.

"What you say we go get a bite to eat."Gary says.

"Sounds good, I am starving after our little shower fun." Ariana says.

Gary chuckles kissing her softly before he walks over getting his cloths he slips on his boxers and cargo shorts and a shirt. Ariana smiles pulling on her boy shorts track pants and shirt Gary smiles putting his wallet, cell and keys in his pocket he takes Ariana hand walking over to the door.

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