Steam rose from nearby hot springs but a group of boisterous people shared a room in a hot spring inn dinning the evening away. As group quieted down for the night everyone separated into their own worlds, Fuu and Yukimaru were in a corner, cheeks all flushed as they spoke in whispers holding each others hands. Jin and Shino one of the newly weds in their group cuddled and looked out the huge windows and into the starry night's sky. Mugen sat with his back against the wall absent mindedly and also absent of his mate, grimly looking towards the door and thought about his new wife as he drank heavily from the sake jug.

Yatsuha on the other hand sat in the hot spring alone completely naked and away from Mugen, sighing to herself she rested her head back on the rocks behind her and too looked up at the starry night sky. "Why does he have to be such a jerk?" she questioned herself, since their meeting he told her that he loved her, and not too long after they were married, and not too long after that ensued a rash of quarrels and deadly glares at each other from across the room. "Does this mean we weren't meant to be?"

A very sarcastic voice rose in the back of her head, "Yatsuha, the creep tried to make you jealous by trying the get two girls to have sex with him in the bushes! Of course you're not meant to be!" the shrilling voice quarreled.

"Yeah but... I love him... And it's my fault," she answered back in her head, the other voiced sighed irritably, "Look I only egg him on, he's not the type of man who enjoys his leg being pulled!"

The voice increased her tone, "So you're just going to excuse him for doing whatever he does, so what next time if you refuse him sex? Then what are you going to forgive him if he tells you, in retaliation he slept with a hot woman to get back at you for refusing him?"

Yatsuha eyes widened, "Mugen will never do that!" her voice seemed a little unsure.

"Humph... That's what I thought, you are unsure yourself, so don't give me he'll never do that! He's from the Ryukyu Islands for crying out loud! Do you even know how much people he killed or for a matter of fact how many women he slept with? You don't know anything about this man and you handed your heart over to him with no complaints!" her own mind taunted her.

Yatsuha sniffled, "I... I... I guess your right..." she said softly as she stood up in the water and looked up at the sky, her long wet hair trailed down her back leaving her body exposed to everything, while tears streamed down her face.

"Who's right?" she heard a voice behind her and she knew it was Mugen apparently he got tried of waiting for her in the room. "I don't want to see you right now Mugen," she stifled back her tears and the emotions in her voice.

Mugen walked up behind her and placed his big hands on her shoulders and turned her around to face him. He too had stripped off his clothes and everything was exposed to Yatsuha, "I don't care if you want to see me now, I want to know who's right!" he demanded from her.

Wiping her eyes she looked up at him and noticed the "I don't give a shit" expression on his face and sighed, "I was talking to myself Mugen, I want to be left alone," she said softly but Mugen wasn't budging, "Are you deaf Mugen?"

"You really think I'm stupid don't you, you little bitch?" he questioned her but enough was enough for Yatsuha, she couldn't deal with that kind of abuse from him, with all her strength she pulled back her hand and punched Mugen in the gut. "Son of a b..."

"I tired Mugen!" Yatsuha cried out to him as he doubled over and held onto the rocks, "I'm tired, we haven't even been married for three weeks and we're always fighting, you're always cursing me and I'm always cursing you and you... And you trying to sleep with other women I can't take it anymore!"

Dejectedly she sat in the hot springs and cried, "I want a divorce Mugen, this isn't working," she cried, tears spilled down her face immediately she covered her face to hide her shame, sorrow, heartbreak and troubles.

Mugen patted his stomach lightly and sat behind her and tenderly pulled her in his arms but she merely pulled away, "I'm sorry Yatsuha, didn't mean to upset you like this," he said lovingly, "It's just that I love you so much that I forget myself sometimes,"

Yatsuha looked up at him, "Mugen I don't know anything about you, what you like what you don't like, I mean I know you don't like anyone telling you what to do it puts a bug up your ass... The point is that I don't know anything really about you."

Mugen sat at the edge of the hot spring and sighed, "What you want to now about me Yatsuha?" he asked seriously.

Hesitant a bit Yatsuha sat next to him and looked down at the water as she moved her legs gently in the warm waters, "What was it like when you were a kid?" her question was a simple one.

"What was it like...?" Mugen felt like he was transported back to a time where all he remembered was blood shed. "Don't remember my parents, be killing since I was thirteen, I hated everything and everyone on that damn island," he said coolly before looking at Yatsuha.

She felt lost looking into his eyes, firmly she pulled away from his gaze, "How many women did you have before me?" she knew these questions are just prying into his past but she needed to know for herself.

Mugen sighed and rested his forearms on his thighs and exhaled noisily, "I had women before you Yatsuha, I'm not going to lie to you about that but I can't remember how many," he told her but he knew none of this was going well over her, "Yatsuha do you still want to leave me?" he asked suddenly.

Lifting her legs out of the water and pulling them up to her chin and wrapping her hands around her legs to keep them in place, "The more I listen to you the less I realize that we have in common, Mugen...The only thing that we have going for us is love, nothing more, and the more I think about it, love can't cushion everything that goes wrong in our relationship," slowly she slipped back into the water and dipped her head under water for a bit. When she came up Mugen was gone, Yatsuha sighed and thought maybe it was better that he left rather than watching her walk away, her heart pained to leave him. "What choice do I have?" she questioned herself.

Hoisting herself out of the water she was confronted by Mugen, "I thought you left?" she was shocked when he appeared in front of her.

"You're wrong about us not having anything in common, we do have things in common!" he spoke with emotions filling up in his chest. "I love you and only you Yatsuha, and yes it's enough to keep us together!" he merely grabbed her, gasping at his bold attempt, Mugen crushed her nude body against his naked frame and kissed her. Yatsuha felt her body respond to him almost immediately, she felt Mugen slipping his tongue past her lips and deepening their kiss into a hot pleasurable one, "That's what we have Yatsuha... We have this, we have a special something between us that makes my blood run hot and I know you feel the same way too,"

Mugen lifted her up effortlessly and felt her encircle her slim legs around his waist, Yatsuha kissed Mugen demandingly and passionately needing more from him she dug her nails into his back. Mugen held Yatsuha by her firm small buttocks, surprised, she felt his fingers curiously opening her secret folds to already hot and leaking womanhood, moaning around his lips, Yatsuha felt him slipping his strong fingers into her sleek velvety flesh. With his free fingers he massaged her wet nub, Yatsuha shut her eyes closed as she felt pleasure washed through her body, Mugen knew exactly what she wanted and he planed to give it to her and more.

Yatsuha broke away and moaned in Mugen's ear as she enjoyed him slipping his fingers in and out of her, while he playfully pinched her nub before he rubbed his thumb on it in a smooth back and forth motion. Yatsuha mouth was parted due to her moaning but Mugen looked up at her and smiled and she finally understood that what they have is indeed special.

Yatsuha encircled her left hand around Mugen's neck but with her free hand she cupped her breast and pulled herself closer to his face. Smiling Mugen bent his head and licked her excited nipple, before taking the soft weight of her breast into his mouth, sucking on her gently, Yatsuha felt the world was spinning as orgasms rushed through her body.

Mugen felt her womanly muscles gripping onto his fingers and he knew that she wanted more from him but he need something at that point in time. After he paid special attention to both her breasts he smiled wickedly to her, "Hold on princess..."

Confused at his statement Yatsuha spoke, "What are you... Oh!!!!" she cried out as Mugen removed his hands from her womanhood and placed his big hands on her hips. He gently lifted her up and hoisted her to sit on his shoulders, though the first time she knew that she was aroused by him she was sitting behind his head when they first met, now her womanhood was glistening right in front of his face.

Making these lecherous noises Mugen looked up at her and smiled, "Hold on baby, I'm gonna give you a ride that you'll never forget!" Yatsuha couldn't complain, she wanted Mugen to take her womanhood into his mouth, she wanted him to thrust his powerful shaft past her secret womanly folds that led to eternal bliss.

Mugen licked her folds that were coated with her musky and sweet smell and taste, Yatsuha sighed at his actions but she carefully held unto his head. Mugen held her tightly so that she was secure against his hungry mouth, slowly and deliberately he parted her soft and plump folds aside with the tip of his nose, her scent engulfed his senses. Deftly he licked her precious nub that rested above her entrance that gave them may hours of pleasure, Yatsuha moaned as she felt him swirled her sensitive nub with is tongue.

"Mugen..." she strangled to speak as she felt him sucking on her gently yet demanding that he needed more reaction from her and her body. Sucking on her harder and longer Yatsuha found herself fighting an inevitable battle with her emotions, panting Yatsuha threw her head back and cried out. Soon enough Mugen found her womanly entrance, roughly he slipped his tongue into her, he tasted everything that was sweet about her and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Mugen received very painful stabs of pain coming from his groin, thinking in his mind his beautiful wife will have to pay for the tormenting pain he was enduring. Suddenly Yatsuha pulled his head away from her mound and made him look up at her, "I need you Mugen!" she commanded, smiling he smoothly rested her on the ground so that she stood on her own two feet.

She smiled at him wickedly, immediately Yatsuha turned her back towards him and tossing her hair over her shoulders, she eased her buttocks on his penis, gently she rubbed her smooth and soft flesh against his rock hard member. Mugen groaned and growled as he felt his manhood leaked with need, Yatsuha then turned and knelt in front of him.

Mugen looked at her through half open eyes, commandingly she grasped his shaft in her hand and in a strong grip she held him just for a fleeting second before proceeding with her ministrations. Moans from her husband were like music to her ears, as she gently stroked his member. Yatsuha's tongue and mouth added extra pleasure to Mugen as he felt her taking his sacks into her mouth and hungrily sucking on them.

Smiling to herself, Yatsuha went to work to make her husband feel as good as how he makes her feel. Slowly she licked his shaft from base to tip enjoying his seed that he releases for her and only her, Mugen moans grew even louder when she began to actually put the tip of his manhood into her mouth. Yatsuha took great care into pleasuring her man, she sucked on him happily, but managed to keep a careful eye on to make sure he was enjoying himself.

Yatsuha hand one of her hands holding Mugen's powerful shaft to her mouth while the other slipped around his tight behind and held him in place, she tortured him by digging her finger nails into his taut buttocks. Mugen enjoyed the sucking noises along with muffled moaning from his wife really did make his blood boil, but he enjoyed what she was doing to him more than what he was hearing.

"Yatsuha..." Mugen moaned aggressively, "You keep this shit up I don't know how I'm gonna prevent myself from coming!" he growled with pleasure. "Oh Fuck woman!"

Smilingly she pulled his dripping wet manhood from her mouth, "Darling then come, it's that simple," she said in a lust filled voice. With that said Mugen released his seed all over her face as punishment, Yatsuha opened her mouth to receive his warm gift but most of it landed on her face. Yatsuha managed to lick as much of Mugen's seed off of her face, slowly she got her feet and walked over to the hot springs, Yatsuha got on her knees and rinsed the rest of the gift off of her face.

Mugen watched her move like a dream but everything went to shatter when she bent on her knees to was her face, Yatsuha gave him the most glorious shot of her pussy that made him go weak in the knees and made his cock stood at attention. "Yatsuha don't move..."

Not surprised at his reaction as she felt his breath on her neck, Mugen had gotten down on his own knees and bent over her, "Mugen..." Yatsuha managed to whisper out, the strong Ryukyu man slipped his purple headed thick cock past her folds and into the fiery depths of her cunt. Yatsuha moaned at their union but not as much as her husband, Mugen began sliding his rock hard shaft in and out of his wife causing a delicious friction between them. "Oh fuck!" she cried reaching down she flicked her own fingers over her clit.

Yatsuha felt complete and fulfilled with Mugen inside of her, moaning and gasping loudly, his thrusts were slow and rhythmic, enjoying each other Mugen promised himself he wouldn't take her too fast but knew that to keep that sweet pace Yatsuha had to behave herself.

Mugen thrust his cock into his wife's scalding depths, their union was magnificent, her velvety flesh encased his member and gripped him in the most mind blowing way. Both were now panting and moaning from their exertions didn't seem to give any indication that they were ready to tire, Mugen gripped unto Yatsuha's waist and realized that his concentration was breaking, "Yatsuha your so fucking tight, I feel like I'm losing my mind!" he groaned feeling his balls tightening on him.

He knew that he couldn't continue his loving slow pace with her, "Mugen..." Yatsuha groaned in pleasure for him, "please you don't have to hold on," with that said Mugen kicked up the pace of his thrusting. "Oh fuck, yes harder, fuck my pussy harder! Mugen! Oh god, FUCK!!! HARDER!!" she screamed for him.

Yatsuha was gripping him so tightly Mugen thought he was going to lose his mind, they both were panting and moaning according to his thrusts, with one powerful thrust of his shaft right to the hilt he released his seed within her. Mugen detached himself from his lovely tight wife, "Did you enjoy yourself?"

Mugen tenderly picked her up and made his way into the hot springs with her held tightly in his arms, Mugen sat in the water and rested her down on his lap. Yatsuha curled up in his arms and took in his masculine scent that she loved, "Mugen you are an excellent lover so I can't complain, although..."

"Although what?" he asked worriedly.

She looked at him seriously, "If you ever attempt to make me jealous again by trying to another woman to have sex with you, I swear by God I'll chop your dick off," she said but to add to the threat she took hold of his manhood roughly and twisted it until he was whimpering in pain.

"Alright baby I promise!" he howled.

Yatsuha released his member and cuddled up even closer to the man she loved and then she realized, it doesn't matter what he did in the past all that matters is that he loved her and she loved him, "Good..." she murmured by his chest as she planted a sweet and encouraging kiss by his neck, "Now... You have some making up to do to me," she said as she looked into his untamed eyes and saw a change, this brought a smile to her face.

"Gladly," he said happily as he rained hot and very much needy kisses on her.

"I've tamed him, this puppy has a leash now and I love him... With all my heart!" Yatsuha thought to herself but then she turned her attention to her husband that she loved more than life itself.

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