tagGroup SexTruck Stop

Truck Stop


I woke up in the passenger's seat barely unsure of what state we were in now. "Hey you." Phil said cheerily.

"Where are we now?" I said as I stretched out as far as humanly possible in a Toyota Corrolla.

"Ohio, just past Toledo. Feeling refreshed, Tif?" Phil looked over at my body as most of my outstretched abdomen peeked out of my jeans and my tits heaved as I let out heavy yawns. I felt a little bad for Phil, traveling cross country with a guy I knew full well had been crushing on me for about a half his life. We grew up in the same small town in Iowa together and were even good friends in college. A good friend of ours was getting married, but not a good enough friend for us to fork out $800 each for plane tickets. So, Phil offered to pick me up in Pittsburgh and drive halfway across the country instead of accumulate the frequent flyer miles. I should have known that this trip was Phil's way of a making a Hail Mary pass at taking our relationship to the next level. I mean, he was willing to drive up from North Carolina to pick me up for the trip.

"You want me to take over for awhile?" I said as I yawned.

"You keep stretching like that and I'll be happy to drive the rest of the way." Phil looked away sheepishly.

"You perv." I joked.

"Only for you, Tif." Phil said sweetly.

"Phil." I said to get his attention as I leaned over. "It's not going to happen."

"I know." He responded.

"It's not that I have any problem fucking you." His head snapped in my direction. "But, it wouldn't just be fucking -- we know each other too well. We'd screw up a great friendship." I explained to him as he looked down my sweatshirt like he was in the desert and my cleavage was an oasis.

"Tif, if I've told you once I've told you a thousand times. I'm a dude, dudes can have sex without feeling anything at all." His puppy dog eyes didn't even believe what he was saying.

"That's only for girls you don't give a shit about -- we have history, Phil."

"Whatever, Tif. I just thought it would be fun if we pulled into a motel and banged each other's brains out - One night only. And then you went back to Pittsburgh and I went to Raleigh and we forgot all about it. It's not like you haven't done that before."

"See? That's what I mean by "history." A one night stand wouldn't know that. I'm just worried that I'd hurt you Phil. Maybe even me."

"You worry too much."

"Tell you what, how 'bout I give you a nice mental image to toss out in the shower later?" I smiled a devilish smile at him.

"I'm listening", he answered.

"This is a one time only event, okay?" I looked at him as he nodded in anticipation. I took a deep breath and pulled my sweatshirt over my head - exposing jsut my bra. I could tell by the way he was looking at me that there would be no way we could ever sleep together without him falling madly in love with me.

"Jesus, Tif. I knew you had big tits -- but wow, girl!"

I have a set of fabulous 36 C+'s. I'm very proud of them and more than happy to show them off. I hadn't done this in public since college -- but we were on a road trip. I bent my arms back and unclasped the strap and waited a second as Phil almost ran us off the road. "Hey, can you drive, Phil?"

"I just don't want to miss this. I've been jacking off to this since I was thirteen. Want to see if I got the image right."

I cracked up. "Listen, I'll give you a nice long look, so don't think you can't keep your eyes on the road, okay?"

"Great, let's do this." Phil looked as if he were about to explode.

I unclasped my bra strap and whipped off my bra. My jugs popped out and bounced twice as they were unleashed. I have to admit that my nips were about as hard as they could possibly be. Maybe it was the direct sunlight and the air conditioning mixed with my arousal at knowing I had such a great audience -- but I'd have to say I was having a "great tit day."

"Oh man." Phil let out a sigh.

"Living up to your expectations?"

"Aw Tif, I think you're right. It's not that I'm in love with you or anything, but yeah it's hard not to crush on you right now."


"That's not to say I wouldn't be happy to titty fuck you right now. I mean, those knockers are perfect. Look how huge and round they are -- nice brown nipples too." Even Phil knew it wasn't going to happen, though.

I giggled. "Listen, if yo behave I'll give you a peek in the shower at the motel tonight."

"Right on."

I was just about to pull my bra back on when I heard...


On the right side of us was a truck. Phil and I cracked up.

"Looks like it's time for the second show, Tif."

I hid my head in my hands for a second and then turned to the truck and shook my tits as hard as I could and got the intended response.

Honk! Hooonnnnk!

"I guess he likes what he sees." Said Phil.

"See? Now I don't have any history with this guy. It's so much easier to tease a stranger."

"Oh, you're teasing more than just a stranger." I could see the outline of Phil's raging hard on – not too shabby.

I grabbed my titties seductively and caressed them tenderly. Then I looked to Phil and said "watch this" as I licked my nipple like a lollipop.

Hooonnnnkkkk! Hooooooonnnnnnkkkkkk!

The truck lost speed and faded behind us.

"I think somebody has his hands full." I giggled.

"I think trucker-boy just blew his payload. Jesus, that guy's going to need windshield wipers on the inside of his cab." Phil joked.

We laughed for about twenty minutes.

About a hall hour later, Phil said he needed to hit the can. We pulled into a truck stop and got out. As we approached the Ohio truck stop's entrance, Phil took note of the "Pecan Logs: $3.99" sign. I wandered around the truck stop, noting the pinball machine, sad little gift shop and cheesy little bar/cafe. A few worn out, overweight and underweight road warriors sat slumped at their respective counters and booths. I noticed most of them perk up as I wandered around the lobby. I guess they don't see a 26 year old blonde in tight jeans and tank top without a bra every day. I looked down at my breasts and took note that not only were my nips rock hard, they were also extremely transparent. "What the hell?" I thought to myself, "give the boys a show."

"Fancy meeting you again", I heard from behind me. I turned to find a big, ex football player type with unruly hair unfurling out of your standard trucker hat. He wore a black AC DC tee shirt that probably should have been upgraded to an extra large. He wasn't fat, just a decent beer belly going on. I looked at his steely blue eyes and three day shadow and had no idea who he was.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" I asked him.

"Not as well as I know you." He said in about the sexiest voice I've heard all year.

Just then Phil walked up. I could tell he was trying hard not to lose it.

"I think he's right, Tif. You're the trucker, right?"

He just smiled. "Guilty as charged."

I turned a thousand shades of red as the two of them smiled at me. I could see Trucker sizing up my body. I could almost feel his eyes checking out my ass and belly and up to my tits. I felt a flush of heat shoot through me as I realized this situation was getting hot real fast.

"Ma'am, name's Randy. I just want to thank you for making my day. Hell, you made my month. I hope I didn't creep you out."

"Hey, it's a free road, Randy."

"Well, I'll let you two get on your way." He even tipped his hat.

"Wait, can I ask you something?" I chirped.

"Need directions?"

"No, I need erections." I burst out. About everyone in the bar turned around. Phil and Randy were in shock. "Listen, poor Phil here wants to fuck me something awful. And, I've been resisting because we're just too tight as friends."

"O-kay..." Said Randy, still wondering what the hell was going on.

"But, if I banged Phil and a stranger at the same time -- it wouldn't be nearly as... ...personal. Is that too fucked up?" I looked to Phil.

"Dude, that's weird." Phil said.

"I'm with him." Randy responded.

I leaned up to both of them, rubbing my ripe tits on their arms. "I need your cocks in me now. Are you two pussies into it or should I ask the rest of these guys?"

It all happened so fast, but I kind of remember the three of us walking to the cab. The trucker, Randy, his greasy hands on my lower back. And Phil, rubbing his hand down the front of my jeans. Both of them putting a hand on each of my ass cheeks and launching me into the cab. I pulled off my jeans and leaned back with my legs spread wide open in the back of that musky cab wearing only a G-string. The two of them climbed over the seat like hungry wolves. Phil looking lean and muscular and all the jock as he pulled off his shirt. I smiled at the image of the trucker looking like a big sweaty bear, his belly hanging over a pair of leopard print bikini briefs - why would i expect anything less?

I remember catching a glimpse in the rear view mirror. My 26 year old body tight and tan, my big tits even lying back, still erect and firm -- like two small mountains. My light brown hair tossed amply down my shoulders, and me licking my lips in eager anticipation. I wanted this so bad that my panties were soaked. That wasn't a problem; Trucker took four fingers around them and snapped them down ad off -- jamming his index finger into my twat. I ran a hand down Trucker's massive, hairy belly and stuck my hand inside his fly, pulling out the fattest fire hydrant of a cock I've ever seen. It was only five and a half inches long -- but it was easily that wide, fine with me. I worked my right hand around it as Trucker arched back on his knees and groaned loudly. "Oh yeah, Tiffany, you little..."

"You can call me a slut. But, I'm not -- you two boys are the exception. I haven't been fucked in almost two years -- doesn't that make you feel special?"

"Excluding the fact that you're in the back of a strange man's truck - yeah."

Phil and I shared a deep gaze and a laugh as I pulled down his jockey shorts and cranked up his long, slender but gorgeous eight inch firepole. I rubbed it around my tits as he moaned, "Oh Tif, you are so fucking beautiful. Now suck my cock."

"You know I want it. Jam that bad boy down my throat." Phil didn't need to be asked twice, he flipped a leg over my face and jammed his cock between my eager lips and down my wet, slutty throat. My head banged against the cab of the truck lightly as he pumped that prick into my face. I made slurping sounds and gagged at least once. It was hard and uncomfortable, but is tasted so good. With each thrust, Phil's balls slapped against my chin as I worked them with both hands.

"Alright, it's show time", said trucker over Phil's shoulder. Trucker didn't have the greatest view -- but, he didn't seem to mind. His meaty hands took my hips firmly as he eased his baguette sized cock into my pussy. It sank right in and pulsed like a beating heart. He worked it back and forth as I started moaning with Phil's cock in my mouth. The juices rolling over my lips. My lower half squirmed as I pushed up on my heels and offered my twat five inches above the seat -- hovering and grinding and thrusting like a sweaty little truck stop whore. I pulled Phil's angry cock out of my mouth and said, "Fuck my little whore pussy. Shove that fat, oily cock into my tight pussy!"

"You like this dirty fat cock in your tight, pretty pussy?" Trucker asked.

"Yes!" I responded as I ground my pussy deeper under his fat jiggly belly and wrapped my legs in a scissor lock around his waist.

" I gotta' see this!" Phil said as he got off my chest and knelt alongside my hot, writhing body. His dick perched over my lips as I dragged my tongue up and down the base. Moaning like a whore and sucking up his angry balls into my mouth. Still cranking Phil's dick like I was a factory worker.

"Look at that hot little body taking that fat stranger into her neat little pussy." Phil commented. "You look so young and tan and untarnished. And this fat fuck hasn't showered since when, Randy?"

Randy grunted as sweat poured out his forehead and down his unruly locks. "Three days."

"Look at that sweat pouring down his bear chest -- streaming down and over his fat, round belly, through his hairy crotch and into your sweet little pussy. Look at your big perfect cheerleader tits, glowing with greasy trucker sweat. How does that feel?"

"It's fucking hot!" I screamed as I worked Phil's cock and balls like I had taken a case of ecstasy.

And then the truth came out.

"You could have been my wife. But now you're a little truck stop whore now." I was almost taken out of the real fantast by those words. Phil smiled innocently and said. "Come on, say it."

"I used to be a good little girl with a tight pussy. But now, I'm a sweaty soiled, truck stop whore who loves stranger's cock!" I laughed and giggled as Trucker pounded me for the final strokes. He burst out a giant whale moan and pulled his cock out of my pussy. I sprang up and took his fat cock into my mouth. I turned to Phil and grabbed his prick as well. He looked reluctant, but he was so close he had no fight in him. I stuffed both cocks into my mouth and jacked them off, slurping them up like a five dollar hooker. They both groaned aloud and arched back.

Trucker's cocked swelled up even more in my mouth and sputtered out an unbelievable stream of salty jizz into my mouth until the two cocks and jizz load were just too much. I pulled them out and kept stroking the boys, hard. The second burst from Trucker shot like a jet stream over my face and into my hair and onto Phil's stomach.

"You little bitch!" He teased. "You did that on purpose..." He tensed up as he shot fifteen years of grade school crush down my willing throat. The salty load kept pouring down as we heaved and sighed and laughed and hugged. Phil's dick was limp for two minutes before I was done sucking him dry.

I looked up at Phil and could tell we were still "friends." "Do you think I'm a whore now, Phil?"

"No" said Philas I pumped the last few drops from his limp cock.

"I'm glad." I responded as I licked his balls greedily.

"But, those three dudes outside the truck do."

I raised myself up to see three truckers smiling at my glistening jugs pressed against the window. I looked to Phil and said. "Well, we could use the gas money."

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