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Trucker Gets Show


Introduction: After more than 20 years of marriage, hubby and I have looked for new ways to keep our sex life interesting and exciting. One of the things we have discovered about ourselves is that Nature (husband) finds that exposing Spread (wife) in public is quite stimulating. On the other hand, Spread finds it equally stimulating and exciting to be exposed to strangers, especially when it means agreeing to one of her hubby's lunatic ideas or challenges. Our stories are all true, and we have provided both of our personal observations, feelings, and thoughts for each adventure. The following is one of our stories.

Spread: Highway 5, between Redding and Sacramento, in California, can be one long boring drive as the four-lane divided highway seems to stretch on endlessly as it traverses the flat Sacramento Valley agricultural lands. Hubby and I had left the San Francisco Bay area early that morning in order to meet with a business client in Redding. With our business taken care of, we were making our way back down that same boring highway, late in the afternoon of an otherwise uneventful Sunday.

Nature: As we motored onto the highway in our Toyota mini-van, I glanced over at my wife, Spread, as she flipped off her shoes, and unfastened the lower buttons of her breezy summer dress, exposing her pretty legs to the sun shining through the passenger window. It appeared that she was settling in for the long drive, and preparing to doze off for a bit. Hoping to keep her awake, and feeling a bit horny, I let my hand come to a rest on her bared thigh to see what kind of reaction I would get.

Spread: Feeling Nature's hand on my leg caused me to shiver slightly. I felt a knowing little tingle between my legs, as though a tiny charge of electricity had just been touched off on my pussy. I let my leg fall open a little bit, hoping to send him a signal to let his hand do some exploring.

Nature: When I felt Spread relax her leg, I knew that she was welcoming me to have a little fun. I slowly let my finger tips slide up and down the inside of her thigh, at first just a few inches, and then farther and farther up her leg. At last, I let my fingers dance across her little white cotton panties, causing her to draw a breath through her slightly pursed lips.

Spread: As hubby's fingers slid across the front of my panties, I instinctively drew my feet up a bit to allow my legs to fall farther apart. Reaching down, I released the lever allowing my seat back to recline. I could feel Nature's fingers gently massaging the area around my pussy, which was already causing me to juice my panties.

Nature: I could feel a bulge beginning to develop as I watched Spread undue the remaining buttons on her dress. Careful not to take my eyes off the road for too long, I reached over and pulled her dress open, exposing her bra and panty clad body to the open air. Slipping my hand inside one of her bra cups, my fingers were greeted with a fully stiffened nipple.

Spread: We were moving down the highway at about 75mph as hubby gave my nipple a little pinch. Feeling way too restrained, I leaned forward and unfastened my bra strap, allowing the bra to slide down my arms and onto the floor in front of me. As I lay back in my seat, I could see hubby was already sporting what looked like a fairly full erection.

Nature: I looked at Spread, sitting next to me with her dress pulled to the sides, and only a pair of panties providing any coverage at all. I continued to massage her pink little C-cup titties, squeezing and pulling intermittently at her very stiff nipples. I noticed that we were quickly approaching one of those enormous RV's that seem to perpetually ply the nation's highways. Gliding up to the RV at what I realized was a little too quick a speed, I backed off the accelerator to match the other driver's speed.

Spread: My eyes had been closed as I enjoyed the feel of hubby playing with my titties. When I felt him back off the accelerator, I opened my eyes to see that we were almost alongside a monster RV. "Ready to give someone a thrill?" I heard Nature say to me, as my passenger-side window suddenly slid down. Hubby knew that our tinted windows would not permit much of a look inside our van from the RV driver's vantage point. I did not bat an eye, or respond to hubby's comment. I just continued to sit there, exposed to the world.

Nature: I thought Nature might object when I hit the button opening her window. The warm summer air seemed to whirl through our van, causing her nipples to harden even more. I continued to massage Nature's breasts as we slowly crept past the RV. I tried to see the face of the RV driver as we came alongside, but all I could see was the driver's body twist a bit as he obviously strained to see my naked wife slide past him. He must have sped up a bit too, as for a moment; we were at almost perfectly matched speeds.

Spread: I rolled my head to the right in time to see an older man almost smack his head on the inside of his driver's side window as he realized what was sitting in the car next to him. As the driver's eyes met mine for a moment, he smiled and mouthed the words "thank you", before hubby increased speed and moved us on down the highway. I told hubby that we had just made an old man very very happy.

Nature: I had a full-blown hard-on going after watching Spread flash her pretty titties to that RV. Re-positioning my hand, I began letting my fingers probe her pussy through her juice-stained panties. I was hoping Spread would get the idea, and take the panties off.

Spread: I could feel the juices flowing in my pussy, caused both by hubby's probing fingers, and the excitement of flashing a stranger. That said, I arched my hips and slid my panties over my hips, then pulled them down my legs until I could step out of them. I let them join my bra on the floor in front of me. I had hardly sat back in my seat before Nature slid a finger inside my soaking wet pussy.

Nature: Probably paying more attention to Spread than the road, I watched my finger glide inside her wet pussy, observing that her nicely manicured red pubic hairs were a bit matted from all the juice that had been trapped inside her panties. I knew my fingers were having the intended affect, as I watched her lift her right leg and rest her foot on the sill of the still open window. She then placed her left foot on the dashboard, and allowed her leg to fall farther to the side, giving me maximum access to her juiced up pussy.

Spread: I could hear myself moaning as I approached and achieved an orgasm to hubby's probing fingers. The hot valley air rushed in through the open window, and blew against my swollen pussy lips, causing me to want Nature to keep up the pace as he massaged my clitoris between his two fingers. Recovering from that first orgasm, my eyes opened to see that we were quickly approaching an 18-wheeler in the slow lane. As we gained on the truck, I dismissed any thought about lowering my legs and/or covering up my naked body. The thought of exposing myself to another stranger, especially with my legs spread wide apart as they were, was as stimulating as hubby's fingers sliding in and out of my pussy.

Nature: I was surprised that Spread was not covering herself up, as we gained on a semi-truck in the slow lane. I just kept playing with her sweet pussy. The excitement of the approaching truck caused my cock to throb with every new pulse from my heart.

Spread: Hubby began pacing the trucker right about the time we passed his rear trailer. I could see the driver peering into his side mirror looking at us as we approached. I suspect that he could already see my bare titties even at that distance. Even though I was quickly approaching a second orgasm, I kept my eyes open so I could watch the driver's reaction.

Nature: I intentionally paced the truck before creeping forward until we were adjacent to the cab. I wanted to make sure the driver knew what was coming along side. As I eased forward, I could see the trucker already adjusting himself in his seat to get a good look.

Spread: As we pulled alongside the cab of the truck, I could see the driver was smiling and waving at me. He was a rather gruesome looking older fellow, unshaven, rotund, and not wearing a shirt. What little hair he had on his head, he made up for on his shoulders. For some reason, displaying myself to such a man was actually even more exciting to me than had it been a handsome younger man. This was a man who could appreciate looking at a 40-year-old naked woman, with her pussy completely exposed for his visual pleasure.

Nature: Keeping pace with the truck, I could see the driver almost completely focused on Spread. His window was down and he was half hanging out of his truck to get a better look. I watched as he rocked back into his seat as though to look for something in the cab. In a moment, he produced what looked like a digital camera, and began snapping off shots of my naked wife. I could tell he was struggling to focus on taking pictures, and not drive his rig off into the ditch.

Spread: When the driver produced his camera and began taking pictures, the excitement of the moment became overwhelming, and I shuddered my way into yet another orgasm. Hubby kept pace with the guy until he was forced to move ahead as there were four or five cars lined up behind us. I think it must have been only a few minutes that I laid their exposed to this stranger – hubby's fingers flicking about my pussy as I unconsciously pinched at my own nipples.

Nature: After passing the truck, hubby told me to take the very next exit. I assumed that she wanted to put her clothes back on and bring this series of adventures to a close. Little did I know what she really wanted to do.

Spread: Watching this stranger take pictures of me, and not having any idea what he planned to do with the finished product, caused me to be more aroused than I could imagine. I could also tell that the whole scene was totally amping up Nature, as his cock continued to bulge inside his trousers, and the look in his face was one of unchecked lust.

Nature: I left the highway as Spread had requested. I was a little concerned that our new trucker friend would take the exit as well, and I wasn't sure what I would do if that happened. To my relief, he continued on down the highway. As soon as I pulled onto the shoulder and stopped, Spread hopped out of her seat and into the back of our van. We always left the middle passenger seats in storage, retaining the rear seats in place. This left the center of the van empty.

Spread: As soon as I got in the back of the van, I pulled off my dress and opened the passenger-side sliding door, locking it in place. I told hubby that I wanted to give that trucker a real show. He looked at me with an eye of disbelief, but began kneading the bulge in his pants all the same.

Nature: I couldn't belief Spread was doing what she was doing. I mean, it was incredibly sexy and erotic, I just never imagined she would want to "perform" for a stranger like she was proposing. Being the dutiful husband that I am, I granted her request, and headed back out on the highway. I knew I would have to put my foot into it if I was going to catch up with that same truck.

Spread: As hubby zipped back onto the highway, I laid down on the floor of the van. Grabbing a throw pillow, I tucked it under my head, and positioned my body so I was clearly visible inside the open slider door. Putting the soles of my feet together, I drew them in and allowed my knees to fall to either side of me. In this position, with my legs spread wide apart, I could feel my pussy was as exposed as possible. The breeze wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, although the road noise was terrible. My mind was quickly able to block out the noise though, as my fingers began dancing a dance on my engorged clitoris.

Nature: I kept glancing back at Spread as she began fingering herself. My cock was ready to explode as I saw the truck a mile or so ahead. Watching my wife sliding her fingers in and out of that red mound of hers was enough, in and of itself, to cause me to blow off a load in my pants. Knowing that in a few moments, she'd be performing in front of some total stranger took me to new levels of excitement.

Spread: Hearing the tires of our van cross over the lane dividers, I knew we were getting close to the 18-wheeler. A combination of fear and excitement gripped me as I saw the back of the truck trailer easing by the open door. I continued to use my finger to manipulate my little clit, as the combination of emotional and physical stimulation brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

Nature: As we reached the back of the truck, I eased off the accelerator, allowing the van to come off the 80mph speed, and glide slowly up to the cab of the truck. Looking at his side view mirror, I could see the trucker squirming in his seat so he could better see what was coming up alongside. As the van edged forward so that the side door was directly adjacent to the truck's driver, I adjusted my speed to match his.

Spread: As I recall, I brought myself to a shrieking orgasm as we came along the inside trailer. By the time hubby pulled us alongside the trucker, my body was still reeling from the overwhelming satisfaction of cumming. My fingers were slowly gliding in and out of my soaking wet pussy, as I opened my eyes to see our trucker friend's smiling face again. I smiled back and continued to push my ring and middle finger deep inside my pussy. Almost unconsciously, I began pulling and twisting my nipples with my other hand, marveling at this additional sensation.

Nature: The sound of Spread cumming behind me was nearly enough to cause me to loose control of the van. I wanted so much to dive back there with her and plunge my cock deep inside her, but I knew the moment could only get that much more erotic as we came alongside the trucker. He was smiling and waving, and shouting words that were completely lost in the wind and highway sounds, as he first glanced down upon Spread. I could see that he had full view of everything she was doing.

Spread: As I continued fingering myself, I could see the trucker pull his camera back out again. Pacing him as long as we did, I imagine he must have taken a hundred shots. The excitement of this scene was beyond description. Here I was, completely exposed to this stranger who was capturing every moment with his camera, for who knows what purpose. I had no idea what he might do with those pictures, but I had a pretty good idea....and it made the entire event all the more exciting for me. I pulled my left hand down to my pussy and inserted my middle finger into the wetness. Properly lubricated, I eased that finger into my asshole, all the while continuing to finger myself with the other hand.

Nature: Glancing back at Spread, I could see she now had both hands working. As her back arched a little, and she lifted her hips off the floor, I could tell she was fucking herself in her little brown hole. All of this was apparently too much for me as I felt myself explode into my shorts. I knew I'd be a mess, but I just didn't give a shit at that moment, as I continued to knead out any cum that might still remain inside me.

Spread: I felt myself right on the very edge of cumming again when I opened up my eyes once more to see the lust in that truckers face. That was all it took, and for a third time, I felt my body convulse in pleasure as I came – plunging a finger deep into my asshole at that very moment, and letting loose a blood-curdling scream that was quickly enveloped into the howling wind. When my moment of pleasure finally subsided, I drew one hand back to my titties, and allowed the other to massage the top of my swollen pussy lips. I yelled to hubby that the show was over, as I looked up at the trucker, smiled, and blew him a kiss.

Nature: As soon as Spread gave the word, I pushed down on the pedal, and quickly left one very happy trucker in my wake. He didn't try to speed up or follow us, which I appreciated. After closing the slider door, Spread slipped her dress back on, and climbed back into her seat. We both looked at each other with that, "I can't believe what we just did" look.

Spread: I was exhausted as I climbed back into my seat. As we motored on down the highway, still having a few more hours drive ahead of us, I closed my eyes and fantasized about what that stranger might do with those pictures. For the next few weeks, I surfed every website I could find that might post pictures of that nature, but so far, neither hubby or I have ever seen them posted. Knowing they are still out there, continues to cause me both anxiety and excitement.

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