True Blue


This friend of mine named Rocky was always first in line to look at my private photo album. My wife is a knockout and on occasions I have managed to gather some very hot pictures of her in surprising situations.

Rocky would sit there with a hard on bulging in his pants gawking at her pictures. He would shake his head and comment how he wished he could get his wife Leesa to get kinky or do some of these things, but he was certain she was just too true to him and would never allow herself to do anything wild.

I had long felt Leesa was one hot babe, although for the life of me I don't know what it was about her that prompted that feeling. She was tall, probably around 5'6 or 7. She had a great body with the exception of her tits. They were on the smallish side. She had long legs, maybe that was it. Or the way her perfect ass always looked fuckable in no matter what kind of pants she wore. When she wore a dress, well forget about it, she was hot. I often fantasized about how big her nipples would get. In my experience, girls with smaller tits usually had big protruding nipples. Since I am a nipple guy, that was all I needed. Anyway, Leesa had moderately long dark brown hair and a pretty smile with very white teeth.

I sensed a smugness in Rocky as he poured over my photo album. It was as if he would be first in line to sample anything he could get his cock into, but his wife was all his and he knew it.

I am not sure how long they had been married, but I was guessing at least 8 to 10 years. They were both in their mid 30's. Some time back, Leesa had decided she wanted to become a massage therapist. To all our amazement, she did just that. I can remember the first time she asked if I would let her practice on me. I got an immediate hard on and quickly agreed. She came to our home with her table and books and proceeded to set everything up.

"Do I get naked" I asked?

"You can do whatever feels right for you, Leesa answered, some people leave their shorts on, some dont. I will be using some oils, so if you don't want to wear anything, that is ok. I will keep you covered at all times anyway, so either way is fine."

"Well, I prefer to be naked," I answered. "That will be fine," she replied in a business like tone.

"What happens if I get excited, you know,,," I hemmed and hawed around, trying to be cute. "If that happens, the massage is over" she answered abruptly.

I sensed she was serious, even though she smiled. She gave me a sheet the size of Detroit to cover myself with and I was off to disrobe. When I returned, she instructed me how to get onto the table and began the massage. She read her books to make sure she was doing everything correctly. It felt great if I do say so. I was disappointed that she never once caught sight of my cock during the entire session. She managed to keep me wrapped like a baby even though she massaged nearly every part of my body. Every part except my cock that is. I had fantasized about her finishing me off with at least a hand job.

Prior to this, the only massages I had ever gotten all involved at least a hand job. And I was always allowed to grope and grab the chick doing the massage. Of course these were not therapeutic. Well to me they were, but not in the sense that Leesa's massages were supposed to be.

It was enough to fuel my fantasies anyway. Leesa did run her hands across my bare ass several times and that was something. I wondered how long she would last in this profession before someone nailed her.

Later I discussed this with Rocky. "What happens if she gets turned on rubbing some hot guy and she grabs his cock or something?" I asked. "I don't think I have to worry about my Leesa," he answered. Again with the holier than thou attitude I thought to myself. His Ms. perfect would never do anything like that.

"Well, what happens if she does?" I pressed the issue. Rocky went on to tell me he was finishing up Leesa's massage therapy room in one section of their home, and he was installing a two way mirror along one wall which would allow him a perfect view of all that went on in the room. This way, in case some dude got carried away he could step in and calm the situation down.

"Does Leesa know about the mirror?" I asked. "Not yet she does'nt, but I will tell her after I get it all finished." He went on to brag about how nice the whole set up would work. Their home was large enough to allow a separate entrance and the way he was buliding the room, it looked very professional. He had made Leesa promise not to look until he had it finished.

I began to hatch a plan in my mind as Rocky continued ranting and raving about how cool this was all going to be. I started to kid him about wanting to watch his hot wife get it on during a massage session with some hot stud. "You just want to watch her jack off some big cock while you watch," I joked. I thought I could sense an interest in Rocky's eyes as I continued kidding.

I had an idea Leesa may never know about the mirror after I had planted this thought in Rocky's head.

Time passed. Leesa started her business. I kept kidding Rocky. I eventually got over to their house and Rocky showed me into his little office he had built next to Leesa's massage room. He told me to keep it quite as we headed toward this section of the house. He told me Leesa had made him promise to never ever come in to the actual massage room during one of her sessions because her clients would not like it and it could hurt her business.

As we entered the office section I quickly realized Rocky had not told Leesa about his 2 way mirror. "We have to leave the lights off, he whispered, and you have to be very quiet." He moved over to a wall and lifted a large framed picture down off the wall. I have to admit, I felt strange looking through the mirror at his hot wife as she was rubbing some guys legs. The guy had the huge sheet over him and seemed almost unconscious. I knew how good Leesa was at massages, and I was not surprised.

I found myself getting a hard on as I could see Leesa doing that bit with this guys ass that she had done with me. She reached under the sheet and rubbed his ass cheeks. I was assuming he was naked, but the way she kept the sheet covering him, it was hard to tell. After a while, her session was done. The guy headed toward the dressing room and Rocky replaced the picture and we both beat a retreat to another section of the house.

"So, I asked as I took a chug of the beer Rocky had given me, have you seen Leesa wank some guy off yet?" Rocky laughed, "no not yet. Like I said, I am afraid my Leesa is just too true blue to the old Rockster to ever do anything like that." he chuckled. "Ya, maybe, I replied, but you would like to see it would'nt ya?" I was jiggling the bait and about to set the hook. "Oh I suppose it would be hot as long as nothing serious ever happened. You know, just watch her get a little bit kinky I suppose." he chuckled as he took a pull off his beer.

"Well, I bet under the right circumstances, she would do it." I said. "Well, I don't know, Rocky said leaning back clasping his hands behind his head. I guess if the guy was a real hot looking stud and acted just right and all." I found myself amazed at how Rocky was in his own way telling me it would take a real hunk to ever lure his precious Leesa away from him, if only for a quick hand job. "I don't think it would have to be a hunk," I proceeded to part 2 of my plan. "Oh ya, Rocky continued, the guy would have to look real good to get Leesa's attention. Even then, I doubt she would ever do anything that kinky. She may accidently touch his cock or something, but that would be it."

"I am willing to make a bet with ya" I said setting the hook. "What kind of bet?" Rocky asked as he raised one eyebrow in my direction. "OK, I continued, who is the least likely sort of guy, in your mind, that Leesa would ever think about doing anything with?" I knew in the back of my mind who Rocky was going to say because we had often talked about Leesa's aversion to black guys. Rocky had told me numerous times how Leesa did not trust blacks and that although she was not a racist, she just simply never ever wanted to have anything to do with them.

"How much do you want to bet" Rocky asked. I knew he thought he had the upper hand and he wanted to move in for the kill. I found myself hoping in the back of my mind that I was not overstepping my own common sense here. I was certain that under the right circumstances I could pull this off. I began to have some doubts as I continued. I decided it would be worth the cash I put up just to see if someone could get to Leesa. I had a perfect "someone" in mind.

We settled on $500.00 for the bet. Rocky could see me cringe as I agreed to the amount. He was getting cockier all the time and I was crossing my fingers and anything else that would cross that I could pull this off, or at least get 500 bucks worth of entertainment out of it. With the bet set, I pressed Rocky about who he was suggesting as the kind of guy we should use.

"OK, Rocky said, lets see you get a guy that is older, say at least 10 years older than Leesa, and fatter, (cause he knew how much Leesa was into trim bodies.) and last but not least, he has to be black, and the blacker the better." he chortled as he took another pull on his beer. I could see Rocky was already counting my money.

"OK, you're on" I finally responded. Rocky's eyes grew bigger. "Are you sure about this, he asked. You know how Leesa feels about blacks." "Ya, I know, I said. I just have a feeling I can win this bet." I could see some concern creep into Rocky's previously smug expression. "Well, who do you have in mind to pull this off for ya?" he asked.

I had to laugh inwardly to myself as we talked on and on about who I was thinking about getting to come in and try to get Rocky's hot assed wife to give him a hand job or if I had my way, get a lot more than just a hand job. To me, I found this rather ironic. I mean here was a guy who was convinced his wife would never ever mess around on him. As far as I knew, she never had. And he and I had made a 500 dollar bet that not only could I get someone to get kinky with her, at least a hand job's worth, but that certain person had to be an older fat black guy. This was a strange situation I had going here.

As I laughed to myself, the realization that I may have bitten off way too much this time crossed my mind. I knew who I was going to get to do this. He fit the description to a tee. My ace in the hole was that Willy had a cock and a half on him. I hoped that if Willy could get Leesa to see his cock, she would go for it. If not, then I could kiss my 500 bucks goodbye. If so, then this could open the door for all kinds of other fun stuff. Either way, I was looking forward to the challenge.

My other angle involved my writing this bet up and getting Rocky to sign it. This document, if I could get him to sign it just may open some doors too.

The next day I stopped by Rocky's place and sold him the idea of having this in writing and kept in a very very safe place just so there would be no hard feelings. I breathed a sigh of relief as he reluctantly signed and made me promise to keep this hidden very well. We each had copies of the agreement and I made him promise to do the same.

I thought he would fall off his chair laughing when I told him I had decided on Willy to have come in for a massage from Leesa. Both he and I used to work with Willy, but I knew Willy much better than Rocky did. Willy had lost his job a few months back and I knew he would be up for this little project. Plus Willy and I both agreed that Rocky was a general pain in the ass the way he always bragged about his woman and how she was always so sexually satisfied with him and on and on. Willy used to mutter to me under his breath that he could show Rocky's wife a cock if she ever wanted to see one. We laughed together and continued to listen to Rocky. It was our private joke between the two of us. And Rocky had never caught on.

Willy was certainly no prize in the looks department. But I was banking on his huge cock. I used to kid him after I had seen him once in the showers about that thing taking all his blood just to fire it up. Not only was it a good 10 to 12 inches soft, but I would swear it was as big around as my wrist. I also knew that good old Rocky was no prize in the cock department, since he was only sporting a 5 to 6 incher at best. I was willing to bet 500 bucks Leesa would go for the big black cock if for no other reason than the awesome size of it. I was not too sure how far she would go. That part was up to Willy.

We laid the final ground rules and it was agreed that Willy would have to set an appointment over the phone. If Leesa saw him before he had an appointment set Rocky was certain she would have a logical excuse to never have Willy in. "Even I could not take your money that quickly, he laughed. I have to at least give you a fighting chance" he bellowed more as he was still laughing at my choice of Willy.

That afternoon I stopped by Willy's place and over a beer I told him what I had planned and what was going on. He was in a constant state of disbelief. "You'all have got ta be shitten me" he kept saying. "No I am on the level. And Rocky is as cocky as ever, so here is our chance. I am banking on that horse cock of yours to pull this off." After I agreed to give Willy half the winnings he finally agreed to give it a shot.

The following day Willy called and was given an appointment by Leesa. He had told her he had heard of her services and he wanted to see if she could help him relax, since he had been having trouble sleeping lately. I had written out what I wanted Willy to say. I did not want to take any chances that Leesa would suspect Willy was black. If it had been up to Willy to call on his own I figured he would have talked the way he normally does and she would have suspected he was black just by the way he talks, and had an excuse to not give him an appointment.

Rocky and I were silently in the adjoining office with the picture off the other side of the 2 way mirror and all set in time for Willy's first appointment. I had not bothered telling Willy about the 2 way mirror just yet. I did not want to give him stage fright. I simply told him, on the first visit, to do what he could to see to it Leesa saw his horse cock and to make as much progress toward getting her to at least give him a hand job as possible. I told him it may take a few visits and I would see what the response was and make adjustments as we went along. "Well how're ya gonna know" he asked? I explained that Rocky and I would be in the next room and could hear just about everything that went on. Although this bothered him at first, he realized we had to have some way of knowing what happened. I fully was prepared to tell Willy about the mirror after this first visit, just not yet.

I had gotten Rocky to agree to let me set up my tripod and video camera to record the activity in the next room just in case there was any question about who won or would win the bet. You never know, it may have come down to a photo finish. I planned on enjoying the video either way.

The door buzzer sounded and Leesa went to the door. She was wearing kind of a light weight summer work out suit. Her hot ass looked great as she sauntered to let her next client in. We could see her from the back as she froze when she first laid eyes on Willy standing in the door. "I am her for a 2:00 appointment" he announced. Leesa stood motionless for what seemed like an eternity. "What do ah have ta do miss, Willy asked politely. Where am ah supposed ta go ta get ma massage lady?"

Leesa finally found her voice. "Oh, ahhh, well ahhh, please step this way." She was obviously in a state of shock. I looked over at Rocky and he had his face practically touching the 2 way mirror stareing intently at his hot assed wife in her predicament.

"Ah sure hope this helps me get ma sleep lady" Willy went on as he moved further into the room. Willy is no small boy, he stands about 6'3" tall and since he is in his late 40's or early 50's he has kind of let himself go as far as his weight. I figured he must weigh a good 270 to 280 or more.

Leesa told him to go into the dressing room and disrobe to his shorts and that he would find a sheet in there. Willy ambled over to the small dressing room and entered. As soon as the door closed, Leesa threw her arms up in the air and began shaking her head. She was obviously in a quandry and had no idea what she was going to do to get out of this. She began pacing back and forth and sighing heavily. Finally she shrugged her shoulders and dropped her arms to her side and sat down, still shaking her head. The look on her face was priceless. I figured I damn near had my 500 bucks worth with what I had seen so far.

I found it funny that Leesa had told Willy to leave his shorts on. I knew he was not going to do this, but still I chuckled at the thought of what was going to be happening. Here was Leesa, not a racist, according to Rocky, even though she preferred not to associate with black people, and she was going to have to rub her hands all over a black guy. I was having a ball. Rocky was transfixed on what was going on through the mirror. Leesa was wringing her hands together at the thought of what she was going to have to do. ( she had no idea what Willy was going to try to get her to do. )

"Are you gonna use any oils on me lady" Willy sang out fromt he dressing room? "Ahhh, yes I will be using oils" Leesa responded. Leesa was sitting in a chair not more than 5 feet from the dressing room door when Willy came out. "Do I just get on dat table lady" Willy asked? Leesa stood and turned to tell him yes, when she froze.

Willy had walked out bare assed naked and had the sheet draped over his arm like a waiter would carry a hand towel. Rocky nearly went through the mirror when he saw Willy's thick cock hanging nearly to his knees. "I did not want ta get any oil on ma shorts, so I hope ya don't mind I took them off. Now do ah have ta lay on dis sheet here or what," he asked as if he was confused? (I recalled Leesa had not told him to cover himself with the sheet, she had merely told him it was in the room. Willy was playing the part perfectly.

"NO, you have to stay covered with the sheet. I ahhh, well I am not supposed to see you completely naked sir" Leesa was half yelling and obviously not in control at the moment. "Aw sheeit lady it don't bother me none that y'all see's me naked, Ah ain't got nuthin ta hide," Willy laughed as he ambled toward the table. His thick cock was swinging from side to side as he passed by Leesa.

I was beside myself because I was paying close attention to where Leesa was looking. And she had her eyes glued to Willy's horse cock practically all the way. In the meantime, Willy was paying little or no attention to her what so ever. He was acting perfectly. He was simply there to get a massage and nothing more, at least for now.

"Just lay on the table and I will cover you with the sheet" Leesa nervously said. Willy hefted his considerable size up to the table. His thick black cock hung well over the edge as he sat there with his legs apart. "Do you want me on ma back first," he asked? "NO, Leesa practically screamed as she stared as his horse cock. Please I need you on your belly."

She cautiously stepped to the table and tossed the sheet over Willy after he had finally rolled over and stretched out. He still had his legs spread and his balls matched the size of his cock. They looked like two coconuts between his huge thighs. I noticed Leesa looking intently at the size of them as well before she covered Willy with the sheet.

Rocky had not said a word and for the first time I sensed he might be a little concerned about his precious wifes fidelity.

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