tagGay MaleTrue Confessions of a Bisexual Man

True Confessions of a Bisexual Man


I'm an average guy... mostly. Regular job, wife, kids, mortgage, etc... So why the sudden obsession with cock? Why can't I stop thinking about it? Well, whatever the deeper meaning behind my sudden desire for debauchery may be, the resulting behavior was most assuredly going to have a great deal to do with a man's penis and my watering mouth!

Where does a married man go to find a discreet man that is willing to put his dick in my mouth? Why, the local internet board of course! Anonymous sex of all colors, tastes, and kinds! No fetish too bizarre or request too extreme! Come one! Come all! Rather than cruising all of the random and often moronic ads posted by sex hungry freaks, I wrote and posted my own request for a nearby man willing and able to provide the cock I was so eager to engage. Taking my cue from many of the similar ads posted by my fellow freaks; I sauntered to the bathroom in my office at work, locked the door, and immediately freed my own throbbing love stick. It's a pretty prick... well proportioned... cut and clean with a little upturn about halfway down. Right then it was in its full glory! Hard and glistening at the tip. As I began snapping pictures for my ad I started hoping for a cock that looked like mine; one that was as hard and beautiful and cut and yearning to cum... so... hard...

It was a good ad. I explained in relative detail what I wanted, how I intended to lick, suck, caress and throat any available set of cock and balls. I was also clear about it being my first experience with another man. I did not want any misunderstanding, and thought it best to seek someone that found my lack of previous cock-sucking to be erotic, or at least a plus. I know I got damn hard while writing it. Damn hard. Surprisingly, to me at least, the response was less than I had hoped for. I was quite determined, however, and settled on an older guy that was into younger dudes sucking him off, and had a "place" where we could get it done.

Once I committed to meeting him, I was wholly committed to sucking his dick. I wanted so badly to blow a man. I was not going to back out. Typically, I'm sure, we met at a local city park, shook hands, looked each other up and down, chit-chatted about this and that... I was supremely under-whelmed by my choice in men to pleasure. He was at least 60, short, pudgy, plain faced and balding; but the only way this was going to fail was if HE decided to back out. He did apparently approve of me, as he offered to take me to his little sin-shack. I smiled, looking as though there was nothing in the world I wanted more! The sad fact is that I was breaking out in an uncontrollable, nervous, flop-sweat. I was seriously reconsidering the recent choices I had made. Luckily for the short, pudgy, old dude, I was too committed to the enterprise to quit.

For the sake of simplicity, I think that I shall call him Earl. Yes, that's a good name for him. The fact is, I don't honestly have any idea what his damn name is/was. Now that I ponder it, I'm not sure I ever new his real name... Earl's little hide-a-way turned out to be a fifth-wheel trailer. So we climbed inside. I believe that my hands where actually shaking at this point. I know my stomach was knotted, my mouth was dry, and my dick was as limp as a drag queens wrist. Earl, to his credit, never hesitated; upon entering the trailer he pulled down his pants and stepped out of them. Imagine my surprise upon discovering his bright red thong underneath! Why do old men where thongs? He then plopped his hairy ass down on the built-in sofa, leaned back against the cushions, spread his boney knees and told me "let's go." My mind just sort of shut down. I stared straight at the small lump in his undies as I got down on my knees in front of him and moved in close. This was it. This was my chance to do it. Single-mindedly and never taking my eyes away from his crotch I pulled his thong off and placed my hand on his hairy balls and the shy little stub of cock peaking out just above them. As I began to explore him with my hand, rubbing and squeezing his package, he slowly began to enlarge. I had fantasized about feeling a penis engorge while it was in my mouth, so I just dropped my head and suckled on it. The smell was not good. End of the day old-guy crotch-sweat. Yum. This was not what I had envisioned, except for the fact that I was indeed giving a man a blow-job; and that was all that mattered!

I closed my eyes and thought only of the penis in my mouth. The feel of it on my tongue. The feel of it growing and getting closer to the back of my throat. It made me lose any hesitance or shyness I had felt, completely. It was intense, it was me surrendering utterly to my primal urge to fuck a man with my mouth, it was passionate. I wanted all of his cock to pass my lips, I wanted it all and more. I could not get enough of his cock in my mouth to be satisfied. I pushed my face deep into his pubis, gagging and slobbering as I tried to lick his balls at the same time. The saliva flowed out of my mouth and ran down onto his balls and between the cheeks of his ass. As I made love to Earl with my mouth, I held and firmly fondled his hairy scrotum. My hand spread the warm spittle around his balls, down to his taint and then gently back to his hard stiff shaft. Unable to swallow him completely without gagging and coughing, I began to pump the base of his shaft with my hand. Now I could bob and suck, slurp and tongue with all of the passion I was feeling. There was nothing else in the universe beyond the hairy temple I was now worshiping at. As I gave myself over to my carnal lust, I became more urgent, more excited and I began to think of release. I wanted this man to reach his climax, and I wanted it NOW! All previous notions of making long, slow, love to him were gone. I wanted only his orgasm, and I wanted to do it with my mouth. I had to have it. I was nearly in a frenzy as I stroked him with one hand and fucked him through my chafed lips. In between his grunts and encouragement, he suddenly asked if I swallowed. I wanted to say no! I don't want your warm, sticky semen in my mouth! I said nothing. I couldn't stop, I had to have him ejaculate! I only sucked harder and soon he was groaning with that unique sound only a man can make when he has just felt the glory and relief of releasing himself into another.

I didn't swallow. After spurting onto the back of my tongue, his sperm swirled around in my mouth as I gently nursed his cock in the post-orgasmic flood of contented sensitivity. I assume most of it got slobbered all over his quickly deflating prick. I was surprised at how un-remarkable his cum was. It seemed to be just an over abundance of saliva in my mouth... the texture, taste, temperature was all very subtle and not particularly distinguishable. I suppose that eventually I did swallow some of Earl's cum, and the slight aftertaste I experienced for a while was not something I would characterize as savory.

We parted quickly with nothing notable in our post-coital exchange that bears repeating; although he did express a willingness to have me service his cock again if I were so inclined. I was not, as it turned out. There was some feeling of guilt, a little disgust at how it would have looked to my wife, but I came away satisfied that I had sucked cock. I was not fully satisfied however, with regard to my future as a kneeling fuck orifice. I wanted to try again, but with a man that was more attractive, younger, less hairy, and more inclined to swallow my load as well...

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