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I've been a reader here for a few years now, but this is my first attempt at a story of my own. The girl in the story is based loosely on a girl I admired a long time ago but never had the courage to approach. Names and places have been changed, of course, and the night itself is my own creation. I urge you all to practice safe sex even though the characters we read about here rarely do. Comments and suggestions are more than welcomed by this first time contributor.


It all started like a typical Friday night for me. Another week at the grind was over and I had stopped at my favorite bar for a few drinks to unwind. It was around six when I got there and my plan was to head home after a few drinks to watch the game. The playoffs were just around the corner now and my team was in the thick of the pennant race. After an hour or so I noticed that there were a lot of attractive women here tonight and baseball was soon forgotten.

I'd been coming to this place at least once a week now for a few years so I knew most of the regulars by sight. There were a lot of women here tonight that I hadn't seen before. It was early September and the fall semester had just started last week. The bar wasn't far off campus so I figured that a lot of them must have been students.

I graduated two years ago myself and been working as a junior account at a downtown firm ever since. The pay was decent and it was a nice place to work but most evenings I left in a daze after crunching numbers all day. This place was a godsend with its friendly atmosphere and decent music. They stayed away from the rave and dance crap, playing mostly hard rock. About once a month they would bring in a local band for a live show.

Lately I'd been stuck in a real dry spell. It had been nearly three months since I had gotten lucky and about a year since I'd had a steady girlfriend. It didn't take long for the beer and steady stream of women to change my mind about leaving early. I'd left my suit jacket at the office before catching a cab to the bar. When I made up my mind to stay for the evening I took off my tie and put it in my briefcase. I unbuttoned my top shirt button as well to help take on a more casual appearance as I walked up to the bar and asked Ted, the bartender working at the time, if he could stick it in back for me before I ordered some more drinks.

Now I at least partially blended in with crowd, looking more like someone there to have fun and less like a guy who was ready to head back to the office at any moment. I'm 5' 9" with an average build and short dark brown hair, the guy next door if you will. I wasn't in phenomenal shape or anything but I worked out a few times a week to maintain my body. If I had to choose my best feature I'd have say my gray eyes, which one ex-girlfriend used to describe as piercing. I also get dimples when I smile and some women seem to find them attractive.

It had been a warm and sunny day so a lot of the women were dressed in short skirts and dresses. Others wore tight jeans and skimpy tops that showed off their assets quite well to my approving eye. I made my way back to my corner table with my drinks intent on studying the crowd for a woman to approach. To be honest they all looked good to me.

I ended up monitoring the crowd for another hour or so before I did a double take when my eyes found a girl who made my heart skip a beat. She was an inch or two shorter than me, with shoulder length curly blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. She wore tight jeans and a tiny sleeveless top that tied behind her neck leaving her upper back and lower midriff bare. Her outfit showed off her figure exquisitely. She has small perky breasts and womanly hips that flared perfectly. I was stunned by her beauty and knew instantly that she was the girl for me.

I watched her talking with her friend at their table for a while and couldn't help but appreciate her incredible smile and the sound of her laughter as they shared a joke. Her friend was a blonde too, with longer straight hair and large breasts that looked to be a solid D cup. I figured the friend was more apt to draw the attention of another guy because of her big tits. I decided to wait for now, hoping someone would approach the friend leaving the girl I had noticed alone.

Sure enough within half an hour a guy started talking to the friend and convinced her to join him for a dance. Having spent the last 30 minutes planning on how to approach this girl, I wasted no time making my move once she was alone. I was never all that comfortable around women and was pretty shy about making a move in front of others, but the beer and months without a woman lent me courage tonight. Something about this girl called to me and there was no way I was going to leave without at least giving it a shot. I was just a few steps from her table when she looked up and our eyes locked.

"I said hi there," she said as she waved her hand in front of my face to get my attention.

I had no idea how long I'd been staring with my mouth agape, but guessed it couldn't have been too long if she was still smiling at me. I managed to say hi before taking a deep breath and going for broke.

"I noticed you from my table over there," I said point towards my table, "And wondered if you'd care to come join me for a drink?"

She smiled again extending her hand and said, "Sure my name is Valerie."

I thought my legs would melt when I shook her hand. As she stood up I noticed a fruity smell from her perfume or maybe the shampoo she used. It wasn't over powering, but I was able to enjoy the sweet smell as I stood next to her. My heart was racing at this point. I'd gone for it and she had at least agreed to come to my table for a drink. "My name is Brent. What can I get you?" I stammered.

She asked for a white Russian and I indicated she should go to my table and I'd bring the drinks back from the bar.

When I got back to the table she smiled again and thanked me before accepting the drink. I can remember thinking right there and then that if this girl smiles like this all the time I could be with her forever. I took the seat opposite her not wanting to be too forward at this point and risk scaring her off.

"So?" she said turning the simple word into question.

"Like I said I noticed you from here and saw your friend leave with that other guy, so I thought maybe you'd be willing to join me for a drink. Are you a student at Michigan State?" I asked to get her talking again.

"Yes I am," she replied with yet another beautiful smile. She looked over my shirt and dress pants and said, "Are you a professor there or something?"

"No, no..." I said with a laugh. "I graduated from there two years ago and I knew the fall semester was just starting. I haven't seen you here before so I took a guess. What are you studying?"

"I'm an English major, just starting my senior year," she said sipping her drink. "How about you, what did you take?"

"I studied accounting and got a job here in the city once I graduated," I said motioning to the clothes as a way of explaining them.

"That must be exciting," she said.

I was ready to panic until I looked up and realized she was making a joke. "You better believe it," I said smiling like a fool. At this point all I could think about was how lucky I was to be talking to this girl.

We chatted for a while and talked mostly about going to school at MSU. I talked about my job and she told me of her writing plans once she finished school. She'd already had a few of her short stories and poems published in collaborative works. We talked for maybe 15 or 20 minutes when I noticed her friend had returned to their table and was looking around for her. "Your friend is back," I said hoping she wouldn't leave.

She turned around waving and half shouted, "Jen over here!" Her friend saw us and came on over. "Jen this is Brent, Brent this is my roommate Jennifer. We've been close friends since high school."

We said hello as we shook hands and I offered to go get us another round. When I got back the girls were laughing and I became self-conscious as I sat down. Valerie had switched to the chair next to mine and when I sat down she shifted closer. "What's so funny?" I asked.

"Jen was just telling me the cheesy pick up lines that guy was trying on her. I don't think I could get drunk enough for them to work on me," she said trying not to laugh, "I think I'd pass out from the booze long before he wooed me to bed." With that they both burst out laughing again.

She might not be drunk enough for cheesy pick up lines to work on her, but things were starting to look up for me. At the start of the night I'd been looking forward to watching baseball. Now I was sitting with this beautiful woman and was convinced there was something special about her. I was still hoping I might get lucky tonight but I was also thinking it would be great if it developed into more than that. The three of us chatted for a while before Jen left to go dance with another guy. I think she did it more to give us some privacy than any interest in him.

We talked for another hour or so and went through few more rounds of drinks. Jennifer would stop by periodically, though she did seem to be getting on well with this new guy after all. I learned Valerie had an older sister and younger brother and that her family lived on the West Coast like mine. She was laughing at my jokes, our hands were touching as we talked, and we were both getting a comfortable buzz from the drinking. Things were going great and then while describing the plot for the novel she'd been developing over the summer she stopped mid sentence.

"Oh this is one of my favorite songs! Come on Brent let's dance," she said with excitement, already standing and trying to drag me up by the hand.

Tom Petty's Free Fallin' has just come on and that's exactly what was about to happen to my chances with her. I was a horrible dancer and never got out on the floor unless I was at a family wedding or completely hammered. If I happened to be hammered at a wedding, then I could dance quite well.

"No I'm a terrible dancer," I started to say trying to pull my hand away.

"It's easy Brent, all you need to do is hold me and move a little," she replied still tugging my arm with determination.

There was no way I could resist the pleading look she gave me so I stood up and let her lead me to the middle of the dance floor. I kept my eyes glued to her hips, which swayed seductively as she walked. She stopped turning towards me and the last thing that went though my mind before she slipped into my arms was don't screw this up.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close. I savored her smell as her body pressed into mine. I could feel her breasts against my chest as I circled my arms around her lower back just above her ass. When she started moving it felt like we were the only two people in the bar. I just followed her lead and relaxed while trying to imagine how I had ever considered refusing her earlier. She was clinging to me and grinding a little here and there. By the time the song was nearing its end I was sporting a raging hard on. I barely noticed it had ended until she thanked me for the dance. Then she slid her hands up to the back of my head and pulled my mouth to hers for a kiss that that nearly floored me.

When she broke the kiss and started leading me back to our table I still had a big bulge in my pants that would be rather obvious to anyone who looked our way. "Wait!" I said quickly which caused her to stop and turn around to look at me. "Let's dance some more," was all I could come up with on the spot. I certainly wasn't about to say, "Hold on I have a hard on."

She stared right at my crotch and I knew she must have felt my excited state while we danced a few moments ago. Looking up into my eyes again and smiling she said, "I though you didn't like to dance?"

"I didn't until I danced with you," I replied hoping she would go for it. Her eyes widened a little at that but she quickly agreed to stay on the dance floor with me. She pushed me towards the back wall where fewer people would be able to see my predicament. I soon lost track music and couldn't say how long we danced with our bodies pressing together or how many kisses we shared. I recalled that earlier she said she would never fall for a cheesy pickup line. The last thing that went through my mind before letting go to enjoy the moment was that it wasn't just a line and I meant what I had said about dancing with her.

By the time we called it quits on the dance floor my feet were sore from all the moving in my dress shoes and we both really needed a drink to cool down. We stopped at the bar to order another round before heading back to our table. Jennifer was there and told Valerie she was leaving with the other guy for the night. "Lucky us Brent, we get the place to ourselves tonight," was Valerie's response, but I couldn't tell if she was making a joke or not.

We each took a turn visiting the rest room while the other watched the drinks and spent the rest of the night talking. At times I felt the urge to pinch myself to see if this was real. Before we knew it last call for the bar went out and it was time to leave. I stopped to pick up my briefcase before we headed outside holding hands.

"Well?" I asked letting her decide how our night was to end.

"Our apartment is just a few blocks away if you want to come over for a coffee or something. I've had a wonderful time with you tonight and I don't want it to end yet," was her response. I answered by pulling her close and kissing her again.

We chatted as we walked to her place and by the time we got there I was thinking with a clear head. Neither of us had drank that much alcohol. I had 6 or 7 beer and a couple of drinks spread over the night and she had maybe half a dozen drinks by my count. It was enough for a comfortable buzz and helped us to enjoy the night but we were far from wasted. I was glad that was the case, since I had decided this girl could be something special and didn't want to feel like I was taking advantage of her.

We arrived at her building and took the elevator up to her apartment on the fifth floor. She opened the door and let us in closing the door and locking up. She turned on the lights and told me to make myself at home before going into her room. I looked around her living room almost turned on the TV to see if she had ESPN. Luckily I caught myself and forced baseball from my mind for the final time tonight. The last thing I needed was the sight of me watching sports highlights turning her off.

When she came back to the living room she had changed into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. This gave me my first look at her sexy legs, which were nicely tanned with just enough flesh around the thighs to be enticingly plump. I could see that she had removed her makeup as well but she still looked fantastic. As she entered I was looking at a family picture she had in a frame. She took the picture from me saying, "Don't look at that, I'm embarrassed by how I look in it."

I shook my head saying, "You look beautiful to me."

She gave me a short kiss before saying, "I really need a coffee or I'm going to fall asleep Brent. Do you want one and some dessert maybe?" I was wondering what exactly she meant by dessert when she continued saying, "We have some ice cream and a freshly baked pie if you like."

"I don't drink coffee," I said. "But some ice cream sounds great."

She led the way to the kitchen and offered me a diet soda while fixing herself a cup of coffee. Once her coffee was ready we each took a bowl of ice cream back to the living room. She sat on one end of the couch and patted the middle cushion for me to sit next to her. We sat in silence as we ate our ice cream. The way she slowly licked each spoon full was mesmerizing. I didn't realize I was staring again until she laughed at me having gotten her desired response. Neither of us seemed to know what to say and I was more than happy to eat my ice cream, while watching her do the same.

"Brent I have to ask you something," she said just as we were putting down our empty bowls and I nodded to indicate she should go ahead. "Why did you make your move on me tonight and not Jen? Whenever we go out together men are usually lining up to talk to her and ignoring me."

This was it, make or break time. The right words and this amazing woman was mine, say the wrong thing and I was going home. Reflecting back on our dancing earlier in the night, I remembered thinking a line isn't just a line if it's true. So I took her hand and while looking into her eyes said, "I not sure how well I can put it into words Valerie, but I was scanning the bar when my eyes found you and my heart skipped a beat. It was then that I knew I had found what I was looking for."

With that she threw herself at me suddenly, kissing me fiercely and knocking me backwards onto the open cushion. I slid my hand through her hair and down her back to her ass. I didn't hesitate grabbing hold and pulling her groin into mine. She started to gyrate against me as our tongues dueled back and forth. We were both breathing hard and I was starting to lift her shirt when a sudden movement from her caused me to bump my head with a loud crack against the wooden part of the arm rest.

"Oh I'm so sorry are you alright?" she asked with concern as she stopped kissing me.

"I'm fine. It's just a little bump," I said trying to resume.

"No," she said and I thought we were done for the night but she continued saying, "Not here let's move to my bedroom."

She took me by the hand as we rushed to the bedroom nearly tripping over each other in our haste. When we got to her bed I decided it was time to take control for now. I pushed her onto her back and ripped open my shirt before peeling off my undershirt and positioning myself on top of her. I kissed her with wanton desire as she ran her hands over my back and chest. I broke off our kiss and slid down to her waist.

I began to slowly lift her shirt licking and kissing her body on the way up. When I pulled it up over her breasts I could see her bra had a front clasp. By now she was breathing rapidly and running her fingers through my hair wildly. With minimal fumbling I manage to open her bra and push it aside. Her breasts were small, perky, and absolutely perfect. Her nipples were rosy pink and stood proudly on the tips of her breasts with a slight up turn. As I kneaded her breasts, one in each hand, I could feel how hard her nipples were. I gently tweaked them and alternated sucking on them. She was squirming beneath me now as I ran one hand up to her mouth where she sucked on my fingers greedily.

I stopped playing with her breasts and went back to raising her shirt. She lifted her arms so I could pull it off but at the last moment I had a better idea and instead of removing it completely I stopped just as the neck of the shirt cleared her nose and pushed back hard. This forced her arms onto the pillow behind her and left her eyes covered. She wore a wicked looking smile after this move and I went back to kissing her all over while keeping her arms pinned using the shirt I held with my right hand. I went back to teasing her nipples again, rubbing and kissing them harder now. I would drift up and kiss her on the lips and pull away whenever she started to respond. Finally when I had worked her into a frenzy, I released her slipping the shirt off completely and let her attack me. She wrapped her quivering arms around my neck and kissed me with passion.

She finally broke off the kiss saying, "Your turn."

I rolled off her and lay back as she hopped off the bed and went to her closet returning with the belt from a bathrobe. Straddling my waist she began grinding her hips into mine. She lifted my arms above my head and began tying them to her headboard, allowing me to suck on her nipples some more as she restrained me. Jerking the robe belt tight she sat back and admired her work.

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