True Love Ch. 06



The rest of the night with Sam was spent planning out our business adventure. We spent an hour or so researching how to go about even starting a porn website. We both knew from our limited experience that when you signed up for a site you would go through a billing service. So we figured that the service would take a percentage for their part and offer us security of mind that we weren't being ripped off, hopefully. We also looked at a few amateur sites to get ideas for what sells and stuff. I'll admit that we did spend a little too long watching the videos together, but we snapped out of it eventually. It was becoming clear that the whole idea may be a little too much for us to handle. I started to doubt the idea in the fist place.

We agreed that, like our relationship, we would take it slow and try and not rush into things. We knew that the first step was finding a nice high definition camera to film with. Then we would film and edit every now and then and get a good collection of content going. We also knew that we would need to get Eric to work with us somehow. If we managed to get him interested enough to design our website that maybe he could handle the business side as well. We both knew that Eric was a critical part of the entire thing and if we couldn't convince him then we would scrap the entire idea. The most important thing we agreed on was that no matter what happened, whether the idea worked and we took off or if it failed, we would stop long before we left college.


I woke up the next morning after falling asleep with Sam in my arms to find that she was gone. The sound of music was echoing through the house. I could hear the distinct piano start of Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock And Roll" play downstairs. As I stepped outside my door I could smell breakfast being cooked. My family's home was built with large ceilings and sound carried like the rafters in a church. My parents used to play music for hours loud enough to be heard through the whole house. To this day, the sound of echoing music brings back a childhood peace to my heart.

To my surprise, what I found in the kitchen was not my mother making food, but my semi-naked girlfriend dancing and singing with a spatula in her hand. She had her back turned to me and was in the middle of the chorus when I reached her and was giving the singing her all. I was always captivated by the delicate tan on her sun kissed skin. Her ass was a thing of beauty, perfectly sculpted from years of kettlebell swings. She kept a healthy amount of fat under her skin, but just enough to give her body shape and softness. I could see the flopping dangle of her privates from between the gap her toned thighs. She was completely lost in the moment as she turned over an omlette in the skillet. I decided it would be best to make my presence known and help out if I could.

"I always figured you for a bluegrass in the morning kind of gal." I spoke in her ear as I walked up behind her and kissed her neck while caressing her stomach and hips.

"Classic rock all the way." She turned her head to give me a kiss before turning back to cook. "I didn't wake you did I?" She hummed along to the song while waiting for my response.

"Not at all sweetie, I love waking up to music in the house. Are my parents out?" I sat down at the table which was only a few feet from the kitchen and still in the line of sight of her apple bottom.

""Yeah, they left out to work about 20 minutes ago. They told me to tell you that they wouldn't be back for dinner and that we would have the house to ourselves."

"Where they heading to?" I kept peaking up from a newspaper I found on the table to look at her butt wiggling to the beat. The music switched to some other hair band song.

"They are going to an early Thanksgiving Day party at your dad's office, said they wouldn't be back until after midnight." She finished one omlette and started working on a second one.

"What about your parents? Will they be joining my parents at the party as well?" I grunted at seeing the Cowboys lose another Monday night game.

"You guessed it sweetie. So that means we have the whole day and this whole house to ourselves." She turned to show me her smile. "I've already got everything planned out, so don't worry about a thing." She turned back, closing the entrance to any further conversation.

I got up to grab some water from the fridge and waited for breakfast to be finished. Turns out that the second omlette was the last thing and my wait only lasted a matter of seconds. Seeing Sam deliver the food in nothing but a "Kiss the Cook" apron had me feeling overdressed once again in a pair of simple black tie-string pajama bottoms. The food smelled delicious. The plate was covered with delicious homemade food. A green pepper and onion omlette, four strips of bacon, two sausage links, and a side of red beans, a mix up of our usual breakfast.

"I wanted to make you something special since I have an oven to cook with now." She smile brightly before sitting down bare assed on the wooden chair. "Ooh, that's cold."

"The food smells amazing love, and maybe you should have worn some panties then?" I paused to take a bite of each item. Sam only agreed with my sentiment while adjusting herself in the chair. "So what did you have in mind babe?"

"Well, after we're done eating we can wash last night off of us. Which was amazing by the way, we'll talk about that later. After our shower we can stretch and go for a run around the neighborhood and wash up again." Sam insisted on being clean at all times. She had probably already showered before waking up and cooking. "Then we're gonna get some shopping done, daddy left me his card last night. Then after our shopping trip is over we can hit the gym together. Then when it comes time for dinner, I'm taking you out on a date." She looked up with a grin before starting in on her food again.

"You always have everything planned out don't you?" I asked already knowing the answer to be true. Her planning was a life lesson from her parents and was a key factor in her excellent grades and physique. "I like the idea of a "sugar momma" taking care of me. Don't think that just cause you wine and dine me though that you're gonna get any. I'm not just some slut that you can use your charms on and have your way with." I almost couldn't get it out without laughing. I loved joking with her. Our relationship had formed a track in the past months. Sam was dominantly in charge and I followed along. Don't get me wrong, we both took care of each other with all the love we could, but she was the one keeping us on a positive path. She was the driver with me as the vessel.

"Alex, sweetie, I would never use my charms in that way. I'm hurt." She threw her hands up in mock hurt and we both let out a fit of deep laughter.

The rest of the morning seemed to fly by after that. The food was amazing and I couldn't stop complimenting her enough. We showered together and took our time ensuring that we were both thoroughly clean from head to toe. Sam lingered a little bit longer than usual on my hole and kept running her fingers along it as if mesmerizing the landscape of my ass with her hands. It always surprised me how feminine Sam was. Every movement and action was female down to a point. That was until she was aroused or in a sexual state of mind. When she touched me intimately I could feel just how masculine she was. I was nothing more than a being there to please her. She needed to control me and use me. Her hands were possessive, her eyes were predatory, and I liked it. I loved the feeling I got from being wanted so much. The way she desired me and my body sent shivers down my spine.

We changed, after the shower, into our workout clothes. Sam always wore her pink spandex yoga pants with a equally tight moisture defiant top. I would wear my gym shorts and underarmour shirt for jogs and usually went shirtless for the actual gym. I don't know how Sam got away with tight clothes. Her equipment just seemed too large to hide in spandex, but she managed. I could tell there was something there, but I think it's because I knew already. Then again, Sam could care less if people stared. Sam wasn't hiding in her skin, she embraced who she was. She was a woman with a little something extra and was proud of who she was. We jogged around our old neighborhood for about three miles, at least that's what it seemed like to me. Sam said it we ran for five and told me that it seemed like less because I was getting in better shape. She told that soon five miles wouldn't be enough of a run to fill my head with endorphins and that we would increase it to six or seven in a few weeks.

We stretched out afterwards with next to no flirting. She started to kindly scold me for getting frisky. Sam wanted to save all those feelings for tonight. It had become obvious that Sam was tired of waiting to lose her virginity. The lustful demon that lived inside of her had become more aggressive and wanting as of late. I have to admit that I was tired of waiting as well. The event has been built up so much that I was beginning to worry that when it did finally happen that we would both be let down at the end result. We both didn't know what to expect and had heard forever that the first time usually wasn't all that great. Your mind builds it up so much that you only last minutes and are left with a feeling of disappointment. Sam acknowledged that truth, but it was still her first time for both giving and receiving, mine as well. She wanted everything to be perfect and fit into this picture she had in her head. I just hoped I could fulfill her fantasy.

We showered a second time and changed into our casual clothes. It was the start of winter in south Texas, which meant that it was just reaching the middle of fall. Winter didn't exist in southern Texas and temperatures would hover around 50, give or take 15 degrees, for the next 4 months or so. Despite being moderately warm weather for most people around the world, for Sam, me, and most Texans it was the coldest we have had to deal with. So despite only being 50 degrees outside, we were wearing sweaters and sweatpants. When we pulled up to the mall Sam went over what the plan was.

"Alright sweetie, I want you to take daddy's card and go to the electronics store and get us the best digital camera you can get." Her gloved hand passed me her father's black card. "Get some film or memory sticks or whatever it takes as well. Any cool equipment you can find like tripods or lights would be nice as well. Don't worry about price, it's covered, just get whatever we need to get started and put it in the trunk. I'll be walking around getting stuff for tonight. When you finish up wait for me in the food court, and I'll find you there."

"Alright Sammie, I love you."



It felt alien to do anything without Sam by my side. Walking along inside the mall that I spent my teenage years wondering felt familiar. My muscles knew the steps and my mind knew the layout. I had a deep memory of the walls around me, but felt like everything I did was wrong. I was wrong by not having her with me.

"Get a hold of yourself Alex." I spoke to myself under my breath.

The popular electronics outlet was one of the centerpieces of the circular mall's structure. I had spent several days simply walking around and browsing through the store because I was unable to afford many of the things that caught my eye. The feeling of responsibility filled me and I knew that I had to get this right for Sam. While browsing the big selection of cameras, I felt the presence of a salesperson.

"May I help you find what you're looking for?" I heard the voice of a female.

"Just looking for a real..." I turned to see the face of my ex-girlfriend. "Jessica? Holy shit, how have you been?"

"Hey Alex, wow, I'm shocked. I didn't even recognize you. You're getting pretty big." I felt her eyes lingering on my body longer than they should have. "I'm doing good. I'm taking a year off to save for college, not that you have to worry about that. It's been forever, you still don't have a facebook huh?" I shook my head in a no. "You look great Alex, do you wanna grab lunch later? I get a break in a few minutes." She was tripping over her own words, speaking very fast.

"Jessica, I'm...." I didn't know what to say. I didn't know how to say what I knew I felt. "Jessica, I'm seeing someone now." I didn't know if I could tell her or not.

"Oh, did you meet someone in college?" She hid her hurt poorly with a smile.

"No, someone from high school. You know her." I saw her eyes search mine for the answer. I felt my eyes shake in indecision. "It's Sam, I'm dating Sam."

"Isn't she...." She withdrew her lustful body language and stood firm now. "Well, good luck with that Alex. Can I help you find something?" I already knew she wanted nothing to do with me anymore, including helping me.

"No thanks Jess. If you can find someone who knows a lot about video cameras that would help and I would appreciate it." I stood up straighter, more proud and in defense of my relationship choice.

"I'll find Josh and send him over. It was good seeing you Alex." It wasn't.

I knew I should feel sad about what happened, but I didn't. I felt more comfortable with who I was. I felt a weight lift from me. A sense of closure filled me. It wasn't a bad thing to be with Sam, but the best thing that could ever happen. Jessica only cared for herself and treated me like shit, and she made me feel even worse for feeling bad about it. Sam was everything a girlfriend should be, Jessica was the opposite.

"Hello sir. Jessica said you needed help with cameras and I'm the guy to help you."

"Cool, Josh is it? Alright Josh, I need the works. I need the best video camera you got for home movies. It needs to handle motion well because I also might use it for baseball." I needed an excuse for the motion blur. "With that I also need the biggest memory stick you got for it and I'll need a few of them. If you got any tripods or mounts for it, I'll need one of those too. That's all I got off the top of my head, but if there are any other cool accessories like lights or filters or something that'll be cool too." I felt dumb listing off the list Sam had given me, but it covered it all. Maybe I just wasn't used to speaking so much.

"You just made my day dude. You're sure price isn't an issue?" I nodded that it wasn't. "You're the best!" He was visibly ecstatic and I could see Jess give me a dirty look from across the store. "I'm gonna hook you up then dude, follow me."

We spent the next few minutes gathering assorted boxes. Josh ended up selecting a Sony Handycam, a shotgun microphone, LED video light, and even a tripod and portable handle. Josh rang it up and I couldn't be more thankful, thankful for Josh helping me and Sam for loving me.


What in the world am I thinking entertaining this porno idea? I love Alex so much, but there has to be a better way to make the money, for the life of me though I can't think of one right now. If he works in-between classes he won't have time to study and we'll never see each other. He'll fall behind on his workouts and his diet and his baseball play will suffer. He's been playing better in practice than he ever has. Yeah, the idea of being a pornstar sounds awesome, but what if someone important sees us? What if, ugh, here I go over analyzing everything. What if they see, it doesn't mean anything, if they mention it that just means they are as perverted as me for watching it and getting off on it, right?

"Stop thinking about it Sam."

I love that man and he actually came up with something bold and creative. It's a bit of an extreme and there's no way we can do this. What if we aren't good at having sex? What if he can't take my size, or what if we can't last long enough to even make a video? We're still virgins and talking about making porn, what kind of sick fantasy is that? We'll find someway to scrape by.


Just get everything you need for tonight and stop thinking about it. You don't even know if this Eric kid will do it for us. Hopefully he just says no and we won't even have to consider it. Just breathe, in and out, good Sam, now off to the pharmacy. You're going to need condoms, lube, and some enemas. God wouldn't that be an awful thing to see?

"Great, what kind to get?"

"Magnums." A familiar voice from the past softly said.

"Bobby Turner? Is that you?" I turned to see the short, average built body of my old boyfriend. "I can't believe I'm running into you like this. This is so embarrassing." He was wearing a red vest and a nametag, meaning he worked here.

"I saw you come in, you must have missed me mopping up the front. It's been a while. You look great. I guess you found a willing boyfriend?" He wasn't at all jealous or upset. His words were filled with the same calm and confident charm that attracted me to him.

"Yeah, but we've never...It's actually gonna be our first time. I have no clue what to get." I had no clue why I was being so nervous.

"Nervousness doesn't suit you. it makes you look like those nerdy science girls on TV. All I imagine is you in those big circular glasses with braces and a bad haircut, please stop." He was joking with me and gave me a small pat on the shoulder. "Well listen, if you're as big as I remember you'll definitely need some magnums. They're in the black and gold box. If it's the first time, and still a guy, you'll need some lube too." He was even more charming than I remembered.

"Thanks Bobby, ummm, is there a certain type you suggest?

"Well, being your first time it should be a nice slippery one, and unless you want mixed feeling about the whole experience you should grab one of the plain ones. The heating and cooling ones are for when you wanna mix things up and try something new. The Astro stuff works great, it's right over there. Anyway, I gotta get back to work, it was nice seeing you Sam."

"Wait, Bobby, I'm guessing from the advice that you've had sex now, how is it?" I felt compelled to know, to keep him talking.

"You'd be correct. I ended up losing it soon after we broke up. It was, what's the word I'm looking for, unique. Anyway, for the dude you're doing it to it's gonna hurt, a lot. He's gonna need a lot of preparation, you might wanna use a small dildo on him or all your fingers or something." I visibly winced at his words even though I already knew it would. "Don't worry, he'll love it after he's used to your size. For you it'll feel great, a lot warmer than a mouth, and probably tighter too since he's a virgin."

"How'd you..."

"Please Sam, if I'm not mistaken, the guy you're having sex with should be Alex Winters right?"


"You said you two were gonna be roommates in college. I can connect the dots. Anything else Sammie?" He seemed worldly and mature now.


"Aisle 3, next to the toiletries. If you need to talk, just look me up online. I'll be leaving for the military soon though. It was good seeing you sweetie. Just relax and take it slow with Alex, you'll do fine."

He just walked away. The feeling of closure filled me. Bobby was always more than an escape from my feelings from Alex. He was charming and a gentleman. He gave me my first kiss and truly taught me to be comfortable with my body. He was scared back then and admittedly he wasn't perfect. He tried his hardest to ignore the part of me that was male. As much as I tried to ignore it as well I simply couldn't and can't. Those feelings are a part of me and Alex accepts that. He knew me when I was just a little boy and watched me transition to the woman I am and understands me. Bobby is Prince Charming, but I didn't need the prince. I need Alex, the silent and watching knight. I didn't need to be changed by true love's kiss. I just need my sweet Alex, faithful by my side.

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