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The following story is 100% true and comes from the bottom of my heart. It involves what I perceive to be ‘true love’. This is something I have been living with for nearly 4 years now and it has been a difficult struggle. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

True Story

First of all, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Joe and I live in Michigan. I am 18 years old. My story is very tragic.

It involves love.

Now you might be thinking,

"What could a 18 year old guy possibly know about love, if anything?"

Well, I have one simple answer to that question. I know A LOT more about love then some couples that have been together or been married for years.

I met a girl online that lives in Virginia on June 16 1998 named Jenova Hendrix.

I asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend, as a joke kind of, when I met her, and she said yes. So at that point I was just thinking to myself,

"Ok cool" and never thought much about it.

But the two of us got talking and we started getting fairly close.

Then my computer broke and I couldn’t get online for a month or so to get on ICQ and talk to her. When I finally got my computer back and talked to her she told me something about being engaged to a guy named "Kiowa".

I was really heartbroken because I loved her a lot!

When I got talking with her again and told her how much I love her and how much I had missed her, and I said something like,

"What do you think of that?" and she replied, "I think I'm fallin' for you again..."

So she informed me later on that week that she told Kiowa about us getting together and he slapped her.

I was infuriated! It made me unbelievably mad that someone could hurt her. I wanted to kill the guy, seriously, but I never would. Dying for love is one thing, but going to jail because of it is just stupid.

Anyway things were moving along smoothly in our relationship, and around January or so of 2000, I made my first phone call to her.

I remember how nervous I was... I was at my workplace that is not far from where I live.

Here's some background information. I met this guy named George in Canada about 9 years ago and it may sound odd, but he was 60 years old and I was 9 years old. We have slowly become friends over the last 8-9 years and I began working for him about 3 years ago in the publishing business.

He hired me as an office assistant. Well this worked into the equation because George let me use his cell phone to call Jenova.

I was so nervous the first time that he had to make the call for me. He handed me the phone.

I will never forget what happened.

Her mother picked up the phone and said,


I introduced myself and I recall her saying something like,

"Jenooooova, you have a call from Michigan!"

Jenova came on the phone and I was just thinking ‘whoa’. As you might be able to imagine!

Anyhow... for the last 1 1/2 years of our relationship, I called her every single night, either from my bosses cell phone or from my own personal line I have at home.

Over the course of talking to her, Jenova and I planned to meet on July 10 2000.

I was going to go to Disney World with my boss and on the way he agreed to stop in VA so I could meet with Jenova. George has talked to Jenova before, and he understands how much I love her, he may be the only one.

About a month before I went to see her, while I was attending a workshop in Chicago with my boss, she just stopped answering my phone calls.

No explanation. No goodbye. Nothing.

It seemed like she just DISAPPEARED into thin air.

I was so scared and worried. I had NO IDEA what to think!

But I suffered through the month and eventually went down there to see her as planned.

I will always remember the way I went up to her door, shaking, EXTREMELY nervous!

I knocked and a lady with blonde hair answered and said,

"Yes?" with a smile on her face.

I introduced myself and told her that I was Jon from Michigan who came to meet Jenova.

She told me she was her mother and that Jenova was not there. I said,

"Do you know when she will be back?"

She went on to tell me that Jenova was at her dads and would be back the next morning. According to Jenova, her father was dead.

So we left, (my boss and I) and went back to the nearby hotel we were staying at. By the time morning rolled around, we headed back to her house.

I saw her mom’s car in the driveway and figured that she would be there. So I went up to her front door and began knocking.

A few minutes later, a white mustang pulled up into her driveway, I looked and noticed the driver was glaring at me.

The two ladies in the car pulled out of the driveway and the lady in the passenger seat rolled down the window and said, quote,

"Are you through bangin'?" with a rude tone.

I explained to her what I was doing and why I was there and she said something like,

"Leave, go home"

So I replied, "I know these people."

To which she crassly yelled, "No you don’t know those people!"

She proceeded to tell me she called the cops and that we better leave. I got into the van with my boss and explained to him the situation.

We were pulled over in a nearby parking lot by the ‘sheriff’ or whatever you want to call him.

The police questioned us and my boss explained to them what was going on. After the police left I started balling my eyes out and we headed back to the hotel.

We left the next morning and headed to Disney World.

When we would stop on the way at rest stops and such I would try calling Jenova, repeatedly from a payphone, but to no avail.

No one would answer.

After Disney World, when I had returned home, I was a wreck.

I tried and tried again to call her, hoping she would just pick up and tell me everything was okay.

A few times, someone DID pick up. I would say,

"Hello? Hello?" repeatedly and get NO response.

One time when I called and someone picked up and I would not talk, I got VERY upset and emotional, after saying "Hello? Is anyone there?" several times I said, quote,

"Why won't you fuckin talk to me!!!!!" and I THREW the cell phone which hit the window of my bosses van.

He was there with me and didn’t say a word. After I had calmed down, I reached for the cell phone and called once more.

This time, someone answered and actually responded. It was a girl who sounded EXACTLY like Jenova and the first thing she said to me was,

"Who is this?"

I told her, "I'm Jon. I'm looking for Jenova, who are you?"

She went on to tell me that her name was Zeldah and that she was Jenova's cousin. She said that Jenova moved to Ohio or something like that.

I asked her if she could possibly get an address or something for me from Jenova's mom so that I could write to her.

She laughed and told me that would be impossible. So I started talking with Zeldah, questioning her CONSTANTLY about Jenova and her whereabouts.

One day Zeldah told me that she had some bad news for me while I was talking to her online.

She said that Jenova wasn't real.

She said Jenova’s real name was Candace or something like that and that she used me. I was frustrated. I was mad, and angry and upset.

I was crying and pounding the keyboard with my fist. The more I talked to Zeldah, and the more I began to call her, I made accusations of her being Jenova.

She would get really pissed off at me and tell me that it wasn't true, fuckoff and leave her alone.

Eventually, I would contact her and start talking to her and it would just start all over again with me accusing her.

In the past seven or eight months, I have learned to just talk to Zeldah, and be her friend. To stop accusing her of being Jenova and be friendly with her. It has been working.

I've been calling Zeldah more and more now, as a friend.

I know for a fact, in my mind and in my heart, that she IS Jenova. There is more then just ONE thing that makes me believe this too.

Not just her voice, it was that her whole attitude, her personality and her little quirks; the very same ones I came to love and adore about Jenova.

What I believe is that Jenova (or Zeldah) realized that she could not face me because she had lied to me and sent me false pictures.

So she decided to just stop talking to me. Jenova had sent me 9 pictures of herself and said they were all of her.

I put them on my website and people kept telling me it wasn't the same girl, but I just said whatever because I wanted to believe so bad that she was being honest with me. I didn't want to think she would lie to me.

I believe that she could not face me because those pictures were fake and she lied to me about everything.

Her friends. Her family members. Situations that she had explained to me and so on.

I also believe, that maybe, she was scared. That she didn’t want to admit to me that she lied, and that she would get so upset when I accused her of being Jenova because she didn't want to be proven wrong.

Zeldah agreed to meet me, sometime this summer. I asked her about it and she said she would.

I am afraid that she will stand me up again and/or disappear FOREVER after that.

But I really need to confront her. I deeply believe that she is Jenova; I need to meet her and face her.

I want to look into her eyes and say, "

Zeldah, I need you to be 100% honest with me. Look into my eyes and tell me that you are NOT Jenova.”

I want to say things like that to her and explain exactly how I feel inside to her. I believe that the truth will come out if I do that and that she will be able to admit everything.

I also believe that she still has feelings for me and maybe she is still in love with me.

I do not know. I just have to find out! Finding out that she lied to me would not be the worst feeling. The worst feeling is the feeling I have right now.

Not knowing the truth for certain.

There is no worse feeling. If, that last time I talked to "Jenova", she would have said something like,

"I lied to you about everything, I have no feelings for you, don't call me, don't come see me," and hung up, I would have been CRUSHED, but I would have, over time, been able to accept it and slowly recover from it.

But right now, I have no definite solutions. I simply don’t know.

If she told me the truth and said I really don't love you and don't want to talk to you anymore, I would have been hurt, but I would have closure for the situation.

One day, I was in a flower shop ordering some flowers to be sent to Jenova from a local florist, and in the corner of the shop I saw this little panda looking at me innocently. I melted! I HAD to buy it! So I did. My plan was to send it to Jenova, but I fell in love with, which was at that time, an "it". I told Jenova about "it" and said that I named her JEN-GIRL after her, and that I cuddled with "it" thinking of her. Well, from then on, the panda became a "her" instead of an "it". I like to think of my panda as Jenova (Zeldah) and I still have her, and cuddle with her and cry, because I miss being with Jenova SO much.

I hold my panda cuddle with her, imagining, wishing, it was Zeldah. I originally named my panda ‘Jen Girl’, after Jenova, but ever since the break up, I renamed her to something else.

The reason I have it is because Jenova and I had this special little thing between us. She was my panda girl and I was HER panda stud muffin.

After that I started to get VERY much into pandas and bought a bunch of stuff having to do with pandas.

I have only had ‘one’ girlfriend since Jenova, which was also an online relationship. The girls name is Kassie, who lives in California.

Well it just so happened that my boss had to attend a business meeting in San Francisco, California which enabled me to go along and meet Kassie sine she lived very close to San Francisco.

So I went. Kassie and her parents drove an hour or so to the hotel George and I were staying at to meet us.

We made a day out of it and went into town and did things together. I had lots of fun.

I must admit however, I nearly as strongly about Kassie as I did with Jenova and Kassie and I were together in person! With Jenova, all I had to love her by was her voice.

I have told my story to many people, and I believe that some maybe understand where I am coming from to a certain extent.

If not completely, I think they have some raw idea. Others just act as if though it were "puppy love" and assume I have no clue what love is.

But I know for a fact that it was real love. If it weren’t, why would I be hurting 23 months later?

Why would I want, so badly, to get back with her?

There is no other explanation OTHER then love; no one can tell me that it this was your average, bullshit, teenage puppy love relationship that means nothing.

You might be wondering, "

Why would you want to get back with her if she lied to you about everything and hurt you so deeply?"

Well, I do not think she lied to me about everything ENTIRELY on purpose. I think that when we first met, and I asked her to go out that she began lying to me from day one, not realizing that it would last so long and turn into what it did.

I think she just kept saying more and more things so that I would not suspect anything. You might think,

Well if she did fall in love with you, why wouldn’t she just confront you and tell you that she lied?"

Well, maybe it is not that easy for her.

Maybe she could not emotionally bring herself to do it; so she chose to kill off Jenova and come back as Zeldah.

That is what I honestly believe.

This summer I a planning to go down to Virginia again, to meet Zeldah for the first time in over 4 years.

From the way things have been going lately when I have talked to her, I think I have a very, very good chance of being able to talk to her and confront her about this and finally be with my baby for good.

If things work out the way I want them to, I am going to move down to Virginia and stay with her for an eternity. I need a chance to prove my love to her, no matter what it takes.

Epilogue There is much, much more to be told with this story, if you are interested in knowing more, please get back to me.

If you can relate to this story, or you just want to know more, e-mail me and I will explain to you EVERY single detail. It is tough to understand something like this if you have not experienced it, but I would appreciate any positive feedback anybody can give me.

If you plan on writing me to tell me I am full of shit, you do not believe me, or you think this is bogus and has no chance of happening, do not bother.


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