Trust Comes Easy Ch. 01

byRogue Writer©

Kaye sat between us on the couch, placing her hands on our legs. The screen flickered and came to life, a shot of the very couch we were sitting on. Kaye sat there dressed in a blue sweater and dark skirt, the outfit she'd worn to work earlier that day. Amanda walked into the shot and sat down. They stared at each other for a few moments, but the eager anticipation in their eyes was obvious. Kaye looked hesitant, like she wanted to move towards Amanda, her upper body slightly rocking back and forth, but something kept her from following through. Amanda simply sat there, half a smile on her face, and that thing about her that I couldn't put my finger on came back into my mind. I still couldn't figure out what it was, and my hand balled into a fist at the frustration.

Then almost simultaneously they moved toward each other and started kissing. There were no light pecks and it was neither soft nor tender, just an open mouthed sloppy wet kiss full of passion. I could just imagine Kaye sitting through dinner in some restaurant with Amanda, trying to contain all her bottled up excitement at finally getting into a threesome, and with the beautiful creature sitting in front of her no less.

As on-screen Kaye enjoyed the kiss, the Kaye sitting next to me started to rub my leg suggestively. I turned and noticed she was staring at me intently. I put my arm around her shoulders and started to lean in for a kiss, but her finger came to my lips and stopped me. "Un uh. Not yet."

I pouted and she smiled. There was a moan and I turned back to the screen and saw Amanda was licking Kaye's neck, which was one of her big turn-on points, and had a hand up under her sweater, presumably playing with her breast. Then Amanda pulled back and took off Kaye's top. The kissing and fondling continued, and I felt a tingle between my legs. Kaye moved her hand to the inside of my leg and I let out an audible sigh.

On the screen, Kaye's upper body was sprawled out on the couch and Amanda was sucking on a nipple while her hand toyed with the other one. Kaye's eyes were closed and her mouth was open, her jaw moving up and down slightly with each mini wave of excitement. Amanda moved her mouth to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment, then started to lick her way down Kaye's stomach. She stopped at Kaye's belly button and gave it a little rim job, and then Kaye pushed Amanda away and sat up. She unbuttoned Amanda's shirt, and just as she got to the last button she leaned in and they started kissing again. Kaye slid the shirt off of Amanda's shoulders, made quick work of her bra and exposed a pair of breasts I hadn't seen in a while. They were large, probably bigger than Kaye's and mine put together. Kaye worked her way down and spent some time licking and sucking them, her tongue snaking over and around the large nipples.

I felt very hot and downed my drink. Kaye jumped up and said, "I'll get you another one." She grabbed the glass and ran into the kitchen. There was a moan from the television, where Kaye continued to work on Amanda's nipples. Her eyes fixed on the screen, Amanda said, "She has an amazing tongue." Then she looked at me and winked.

Kaye came back in and handed me my drink. I took a taste and nearly gagged because she had made it very strong. Then I realized a little numbness was exactly what I needed and took a big gulp. My girlfriend sat back down and resumed her caressing of our legs. I looked up at the screen, which had turned blue.

"That's all you guys did?" I asked.

Kaye turned and with a sultry look on her face said, "Hardly."

I looked back at the screen and two seconds later an image of our bedroom popped up. The shot was of the side of our bed, and Kaye was sitting on the edge, naked. I realized the camera was sitting on the low dresser across from that side of the bed. Amanda walked into the frame, also naked, and as she approached, Kaye started to lie back onto the mattress. Amanda leaned down and they started kissing, and when they broke apart Kaye crawled back further onto the mattress, where Amanda worked again on Kaye's breasts. After a while she started licking her way down Kaye's belly, and when she reached her muff Amanda gave a few licks around the strip of hair. Kaye spread her legs and Amanda brought her index finger up to the folds, playing with and caressing them. Kaye pursed her lips and let out an audible sigh. Then Amanda positioned to slide her finger in Kaye's hole.

"Wait," Kaye said. She brought her legs up, grabbed behind her knees and then brought them back until her feet were behind her head, essentially folding herself in half. Kaye was on the gymnastics team in high school and college, and she had once dreamed of joining the Cirque Du Soleil.

On screen Amanda said, "Wow."

Amanda on the couch said, "Yeah, still wow."

We both laughed. I loved what Kaye could do with herself. I could lick her from asshole to clit in one swipe. And that was exactly what Amanda did on screen. Kaye gave a loud, "Oh!" on the first lick and then began to breathe quickly and audibly as Amanda repeated that same lick back and forth several times. Then her tongue started licking the folds of Kaye's pussy, while her index finger started to play around Kaye's slit, teasing, testing, and occasionally going in for a shallow dip just to antagonize. I remembered her doing that to me a million times in the two years we dated.

Amanda's finger slid into Kaye, and she slowly pumped in and out. Suddenly there was a moan that didn't come from the screen, and I looked next to me. Amanda had put her hand on Kaye's bare leg and was caressing it. Kaye's eyes were closed and suddenly I was very jealous. Why hadn't I thought of that? But then I remembered my rule -- never get jealous in a threesome because it's not all about you. That's been an easy rule to follow, at least until now, when the woman I hated more than anyone else is turning on the woman I love the most.

I leaned in and started kissing Kaye's neck, which made her let out a breath, and when I started licking she moaned loudly. Amanda brought her hand to Kaye's bush and let her fingers dance lightly over the patch of hair. I kissed and licked my way down her shoulder and finally to her breast, running my tongue around the small globe and licking and sucking her nipple.

"Oh God," Kaye sighed, "you're both turning me on so much." She gasped and said, "Somebody kiss me." Amanda was closer, and she engaged Kaye's mouth with the same passionate kiss they had shared on the screen. Kaye cupped my chin with her hand, pulled my head up and brought me into the kiss. Our tongues danced in a three-way until I finally ended up kissing just Kaye. Our lips and tongues joined with the mixture of romance and lust I'd come to expect from her, the moistness of her tongue and the softness of her skin mixed with the ferocity of her passion and instantly turned me on. Kaye could bring me to an aroused state within seconds of a kiss, because I could tell which ones were the lovey-dovey kisses and which were the I'm-about-to-tear-off-your-clothes ones.

We broke off and suddenly Amanda's face was there. I didn't even hesitate. Caught up in the moment I tossed my worry and fear about her aside and we kissed like lovers again. Her lips and tongue dominated the kiss just as she had once dominated my life, thoughts, and wet dreams. I felt her hands start to caress me, and even through my clothes she managed to touch me in ways that made my heart flutter.

When we parted, Kaye started assisting Amanda in taking off her top. A loud cry brought my attention back to the TV, where Amanda had narrowed her tongue's attention to Kaye's clit while her fingers worked rapidly in and out of Kaye's pussy. I'd been in many threesomes and seen many of my girlfriends having sex with another girl, but something about watching Kaye being pleasured by another turned me on in a way I'd never felt before. I had always worried that loving someone would mean jealousy in this kind of situation, but somehow it was just the opposite.

Next to me, Kaye started fondling Amanda's breasts while sharing a few kisses. On screen, Kaye shook and cried out and then went slack and started whimpering, which was what she commonly did after a good orgasm. Amanda got up from the bed, walked over to the camera and stuck her face into the lens.

"Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, Mags."

She kissed the screen and then it went back to blue. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. Kaye and Amanda were looking at me and smiling.

"End of movie," Kaye said. "Start of orgy."

We made our way into the bedroom. There sat the king size bed Kaye had insisted on having. It's not that she needed space for when we slept, usually we fell asleep with one of us holding the other. No, Kaye wanted it so that when we have sex there's plenty of room to have fun. On the bed sat the real Pookie, or Mr. Pookie as I called him. He was a small stuffed bear I've had since I was six, with his frayed fur and a few obvious patch jobs showing his years.

"I can't believe you still have him," Amanda said.

"Of course." I carefully moved him from the bed to a chair across the room. Facing him away from the action, of course.

The three of us got onto the bed and the fun began. We got Amanda undressed the rest of the way and Kaye and I each took a breast. As I sucked on a nipple I looked over and saw the love of my life doing the same thing to the same girl, and I got that feeling again. It was like a wave of ecstasy that mixed the highs of love and lust.

At some point the two of them undressed me and after that we got lost in each other. I ate out Amanda while she ate out Kaye. Amanda fingered my ass while Kaye's tongue toyed with my clit. I sucked on Kaye's toes while Amanda gave her rosebud a rim job. We played in so many combinations that after a while I couldn't remember whom I'd done what to. Finally we were lying there in bed, unable to move after so many orgasms. The heavy breathing had ended and we started cuddling up against each other, the feeling of bare skin comforting after such an intense high.

"Wow," Amanda said weakly. "We had to have set a record for something tonight."

I smiled. "Maybe it was The Longest Threesome Ever. How long have we been at it?"

"I don't know." Kaye said. "Didn't look at the clock when we started. How many orgasms you have?"

"Lost count," Amanda said.

"Lost the ability to count," I added.

"Well," Kaye said, "I'll just buy a copy of the Guinness Book Of World Records and write something in the bottom of a page for us."

We giggled. I put up my hand like I was writing. "Maggie, Kaye and Amanda. They did something, and they did it plenty."

We broke out into laughter. Then suddenly Kaye stopped and bolted upright. "That reminds me! I have to go call Lucy! I always told her I'd let her know after my first threesome."

Kaye jumped out of bed, grabbed her cell phone and dashed out to the living room. Once again Amanda and I were alone together. I felt the tension grow as Kaye left the room, but Amanda turned on her side and gave me a warm smile.

"Seems like old times," she said.

I couldn't help but smile back. "Yeah."

"You haven't lost your edge in bed."

"You neither."

Amanda leaned forward and brought her lips to mine, engaging me with the kind of soft, tender kiss she knew I loved. Once again I let my anger and fear of her subside. She took me in her arms and the kiss intensified, her tongue deftly moving into my mouth as our breasts pressed up against each other, our bodies turning so she was on top, her leg moving between mine and pressing down. I moaned and she broke the kiss, pulling back so she could look down at me, her intense eyes burrowing into mine and making me feel weak.

"Come away with me."

She had spoken in a breathless whisper, and in my aroused state I barely managed to say, "What?"

"What do you think I came back for? I've got everything I need where I am, except you. I want you to come with me." Her fingers came to my lips and lightly started to trace them. I felt like I was sitting on a cloud and falling at the same time. Four years ago Amanda was everything I wanted. A sexy, powerful, confident woman who pursued her desires with vigor. I wanted her as much as I wanted to be her. All those things came rushing back to me in that moment.

"But Kaye..."

Amanda's fingers moved to trace the side of my face, while hers moved closer to mine.

"Isn't worthy of you on her best day."

And suddenly the spell was broken. I pushed Amanda away and gave her the best angry look I could muster at the moment.

Kaye walked back in with a towel over her hand. "Want to see a magic trick?"

As Amanda and I turned towards her we erased the harsh looks on our faces.

Kaye waved her hand over the towel and then pulled it up with a "Ta da!" In her hand sat a packed bowl and a lighter.

Amanda and I both smiled at her, the picture of civility.

Fifteen minutes later the three of us were good and high. It's always a great feeling getting high after sex, like when Kaye and I went and had a fun day at an amusement park and then enjoyed really good food at a restaurant later.

"This is the greatest," Kaye said, and then fell back onto the bed and stretched out her naked body. "I love to Shake 'n Bake."

"Shake n' Bake? Amanda asked.

"Having sex and then getting stoned," I said.

Amanda smiled. Then she turned to me and out of the blue said, "Have you ever gotten back in contact with your family?"

I froze. Amanda's first attack, and definitely not what I'd have guessed.

A confused look crossed Kaye's face. "What are you talking about?" She sat up and looked at Amanda. "Maggie never had contact with her family. Figured since she was left an orphan that they didn't want to ever know her."

"Orphan? Maggie was never an orphan. She...oh shit." Amanda looked at me with fake surprise. Or maybe not so fake. She went fishing and happened to hit pay dirt on the first shot. "I'm sorry baby, I just assumed you'd have told her."

Kaye looked confused. "What? Told me what?"

I swallowed hard, and tried to control my fear. "I wasn't an orphan that grew up in a foster home, like I told you. Actually it was the opposite, I grew up with a family, parents and a brother, but then they threw me out of the house."

I could almost feel the temperature in the room drop. Or maybe it was my skin growing cold. Kaye stared at me. "Wait, so, you lied to me?"

"I just...I'm sorry."

I could see the surprise in her face, touched with a hint of anger, and the effort she was making to keep it under control. Finally she said, "I can't..." then got up and walked out.

I shot Amanda a nasty look as she smiled and blew me a kiss. I got up and went to the living room. Kaye was sitting on the couch, her legs crossed underneath her, staring at the black screen of the television. I thought about asking her if I could sit, but the look on her face said I shouldn't bother. I sat on the love seat.

In a low, throaty voice, she said, "You know how I feel about lying."

That scared me. Kaye had some bad experiences with an ex-girlfriend named Trish who turned out to be drug addict. I didn't want Kaye associating me with someone who put her through the ringer emotionally as well as financially.

"Yes, I know" I said. "I was going to tell you the truth, but I just hadn't worked up the courage yet."

Her intense gaze came to me. "So what, you're scared of me?"

I shook my head. "Once I graduated college and got on my feet, I didn't want to be anyone's sympathy case. I'd spent too many years asking people for help, telling my story so they'd feel sorry for me, and I never wanted that to happen again. I didn't want people to treat me different, including girlfriends. Like I said, I was working up the courage to tell you, but I was scared because you'd had that experience with Trish and I was afraid you wouldn't understand why I didn't want to tell you the truth from the start."

Kaye sat there quietly, hopefully considering what I'd just told her. I sat there scared out of my wits, trying hard not to shed a tear and determined not to let Amanda screw up my relationship.

Finally Kaye said, "So the pictures you showed me of the foster family?"

"The Yangs. They kind of did foster me, for a year and a half. It's a long, complicated story."

She looked at me. The anger in her face was gone, replaced by sadness. "Well why don't you tell it to me."

I nodded. "Okay. I told you I'm from Utah. My parents, like ninety percent of the rest of the state, are Mormon, and when I was fifteen they threw me out."

"Because they found out you were a lesbian."

I nodded. "Big no-no in the Mormon faith. I knew they were going to take it hard, but I didn't expect to come home from school one day and find all my stuff sitting on the sidewalk." Kaye's face softened. She reached over and put her hand on mine. I smiled at her. "I sat on the curb and cried for a while, but then I made a promise to myself. I swore that I would succeed, become whatever I would have if they had never thrown me out. It was rough at first. I started out sleeping in parks, rummaging in dumpsters for food."

Kaye made a face.

"Yeah, but I learned quickly to choose where I did it. Restaurants toss out stuff and it's usually in pretty good shape. But the important thing was that I stayed in school, worked my ass off to get good grades."

A small smile crossed Kaye's face. "Scholarships."

I nodded. "It was the only way I was going to afford college. But going back to school wasn't easy either. You of all people know how kids can be. Everyone called me 'Faggy Maggie', and people wouldn't even talk to me because the next day there'd be a rumor that maybe they were gay too. The few of my friends tried to stand by me were given so much shit by everyone, their parents included, that eventually they gave up too."

Kaye winced. "My God."

Thinking about those days had me on the verge of tears. I held them back, looked up at Kaye and brought up a good memory. "But I stuck with it. I was even the class Valedictorian. At graduation, when I went up to the podium to give my speech, all I said was, "Fuck you all." Then I walked away."

Kaye smiled. "Now I know where you get all your charm from."

I smiled back and squeezed her hand. "Yeah. That and Mr. Yang. Guy had the sharpest tongue I've ever heard. His family adopted me for a while after he found me dumpster diving behind his restaurant. Gave me a job, let me sleep in a room in their attic..."

"Taught you how to make great dumplings."

"Oh yeah."

We sat silently for a few moments, looking at each other. Finally I said, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner."

She took a deep breath and said, "No, I understand. It's was hard finding out this way."

That brought my mind back to Amanda. "Trust me, it's not how I planned it either."

We went back into the bedroom. Amanda looked at us, guilt written all over her face. "Are you guys okay? I'm sorry, really sorry."

"That's okay," Kaye said. "I think we just all need some sleep."


The clock read four a.m., and light snoring had been coming from Amanda for almost an hour. I decided that was good enough and carefully dislodged myself from under her leg, slipped out from under the covers and managed to tip-toe to the door without hitting any of the really creaky floorboards. I shut the bedroom door behind me and crept to the bathroom, where I turned on the light and then shut the door without going in. Slowly I moved past the bedroom door to the living room, where Amanda had left her bag. It was a large leather duffel that was cracked and weathered with age. I opened it and started sifting through the contents.

There were very few clothes. Either she wasn't staying long or being a fugitive had taught her to travel light. I was hoping for the former.

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