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Trusting Heart


Watching from over the top of her paper Dina sighs, even as the little one drops to the floor for the millionth time. "Thank the lords for diapers providing padding," she thought.

Adina watched as Leslie started to take her first steps, tears threatened to spill as she was so proud of her little one. Though in the back of her mind she wished that her wife could be there with her watching this moment with her. Then again she also knew that she was always with them, no matter what.

It had nearly been two years since her wife had passed, a day would not pass without Dina thinking of her. Since her daughters birth though, Dina had thrown herself into raising the child. To the point she took up working at home, this way she didn't need to hire anyone to watch Leslie. Though she knew she would have to get out some time soon. Even though Melissa would stop in often to check on them, it wasn't the same. She was in need of adult conversation and attention, before she started to go crazy. Perhaps even it was time to start dating again. Dina knew that her wife would not want her to be alone for the rest of her life.

The thought of entering the dating scene again however, freaked the hell out of her. Not like the last time, Leslie had taught her that no matter what love still lives on even when one doesn't wish it too. Leslie had opened her mind to a lot of things and Dina knew that things happened for a reason. That there was someone out there in the world that would love her and her child for who they were. The question was more, who and how to find them. One thing was for sure, sitting at home and working was not the answer.

Dina didn't want to jump right back into the D/s lifestyle right away. Still everything was so fresh, perhaps going out to a few local bars. Eventually she would work her way up to going out to clubs then enter the lifestyle again. In the time since her wife's passing she had not been so social and felt uneasy about meeting people again. The safe bet was to take it slow, going back to work would help in those matters. Tomorrow was a new day for sure, taking everything in stride, Dina tried to convince herself as she laid Leslie down for the night and curled in her own bed.

Indeed tomorrow was a new day as Dina packed what she may need for the day. Going back to the office after so much time off, it left a frightful feeling deep within her stomach. Though as she placed a picture of baby Leslie in her brief case and took a breath it calmed some. Leaning down she places a kiss upon the child's forehead and spoke briefly to the nanny that was hired before heading out the door and to work for the first time in over two years.

As the sunshine inches its way into Dina's bedroom window, she was already finished dressing and had everything ready for the sitter for Leslie. Taking a slow breath she looked at herself in the mirror again, admiring the image. She had forgotten how she looked in dress slacks and a blouse. Still there was a little 'baby fat' that she had gained from giving birth to Leslie, still in all she didn't look to bad she thought. The door bell rang breaking her out of her daze as she moved to answer the door. Opening the door a smile grew as she leans over and hugs her mother, who else to baby-sit then grandma. With little chat about where everything was Dina kissed Leslie then was out the door for her first day back to work. This routine continued along with every other weekend Dina's mom would take Leslie for the weekend, leaving on Friday and coming back on Monday afternoon when Dina got home from work.

Most weekends without Leslie was spent cleaning the cottage, catching up on the work she seemed to always pile up. Though this weekend she decided to go out, she had earned it for closing a big business deal at work that week. Dressing in a pair of tight blue jeans and a black silk like tank top she set out for the city to meet up with Melissa and some friends from work at a local club.

The club ended up being great, though it was a bit on the fetish side. Dina had figured that much would happen when Melissa had asked her to come. There was a couple within the group though that Dina just couldn't keep her eyes of them. Though she kept it low keyed as much as possible, there was just something about them. Specially the woman, she had looked so much like Leslie but was also so different as well. Shaking her head she tried to keep her attention back on Melissa for the night.

As the night died down Melissa walked Dina back her car, helping her into the passenger side before moving to the drivers side. Right away Dina noticed they where not heading back to the cottage, but rather Melissa's place. She decided not to say anything for she felt safe with Melissa. Though it was Melissa that broke the silence as they pulled up to her townhouse.

Stepping inside the house Melissa turned on Dina, pressing her back against the door and leaning down slowly. Lips just a breath apart as green eyes met dark brown ones. Dina could feel her heart racing, the two hadn't been together since Leslie was alive. Melissa whispered softly against her lips.

"I know this is hard for you, but you need to let go some. Find your safety net, being locked away for a little over two years is not healthy pet. You know my rules and will follow them for this weekend. Not because I will not take no for an answer, but because you want too, because you need too."

Dina just looked at her, her breath, her words all caught in the base of her throat. She wondered how Melissa knew what she needed or not, but she couldn't bring herself to say anything. Even before she could have Melissa's lips where pressing harshly against her own. Her eyes slowly close as a moan slips past the bruising lips, nothing she could have done could stop her body as she pressed more into Melissa.

Very quickly Dina's arms were pinned above her head as Melissa's other hand trailed along the slender frame. Her brown eyes looking deep into Dina's eyes as she broke the kiss. Melissa's fingers found the slightly pert nipples, tugging on them through the fabric and twisting slightly. Soon as Dina let a moan part her lips Melissa moved away. Crooking a finger to motion for Dina to follow before she turned and headed toward the bathroom.

Silently Dina followed behind Melissa into the bathroom and stopped where Melissa had snapped at. Watching as woman light some candles, lowered the lights and started the bath water. As the water filled Melissa turned her her dark brown eyes upon Dina watching her in the candle light a moment before motioning her over.

Taking a breath Dina looked straight into the other woman's eyes. So many things running through her head of just spinning on her heel and running like hell. Slowly though she moved toward Melissa until the woman's hand wrapped around her wrist pulling her even closer. Those dark brown eyes never leaving Dina's green ones. Not a word was spoken as Melissa spun her around then ran hands along Dina's slender arms then up the sides of her waist, lifting arms straight out to the side. Dina watched in the mirror as Melissa ripped open her silk top, then pulled her jeans off having her step out of each leg. Melissa moved away for a moment before coming back with a pair of scissors and cutting off Dina's bra and thong. With a toss of the scissors the woman gave her a hard smack on the ass. Her voice dropped to a commanding seductive tone, "Get in the tub and wait standing up."

With that Melissa had left the room for just enough time for Dina to get into the tub. Without speaking another word the woman shut off the water and grabbed both of Dina's wrists. Turning her as she cuffed one wrist, slips the other into a loop which made Dina bend down from the waist slightly. Locking the other cuff into place before she started washing ever part imaginable with a slightly rough bath pad. Slapping legs apart when she needed to wash between her legs. Then slapping hips in which ever direction that she wanted Dina to turn. When the chest was washed and slightly red from the wash Melissa used her bare hand smacking each breast twenty times before moving to smack each nipple another twenty.

Dina's body moved and squirmed slightly to the rough handling. Moaning low as she thought the washing between her legs would lead up to her pussy, but it stopped with just a brushing of the lips. Just enough that Melissa had reached the creases of where pelvic met leg. With each slap and smack her skin had turned a darker shade of red. Moaning more as Melissa's hand soon slipped within her hair. Pulling back her head before her other hand came up to wrap around Dina's throat squeezing slightly to hold her still in that position.

Melissa continued by using a basin to wet the woman's hair. Then applying shampoo her fingers worked each spot into a good lather until hair and scalp was clean. Just as the water level was dropping from the plug being pulled Melissa took down the shower head, turning it on and rinsing the shampoo from her hair. The shower head was then set to the side as the hold from Dina's neck turned back to the hair. Putting enough pressure down until Dina had no choice but to sit in the tub. To be sure the legs where spread Melissa slapped each thigh hard until she was seated. Then another twenty once settled with her hands raised slightly from being cuffed to the bathroom wall.

Watching carefully as soon the shower head sprayed water onto her already soaked pussy. Melissa's hand followed to rub the rough pad between lips and over the pelvic area, frowning slightly at the dark red hair that grew there. Though without a word she went on cleaning the area, pulling lips folding and unfolding folds until each part was cleaned with no question. Then Melissa took the soap and lathers up the spot that held the pubic hair.

Dark green eyes grew wide as Melissa soon produced a razor, becoming very still as it moved delicately over skin. Cleaning off the hair and leaving bare skin with each stroke. To add to the torment Melissa's two fingers slide just barely inside the dripping pussy, teasing the folds and walls. Her breathing becoming heavier with each matching stroke of finger and razor. The fingers sliding in a bit more each time the razor moved.

With the pelvic clean of all hair the razor was put aside and the shower head came up once more to rinse off the area. The two fingers still deep within Dina's slick folds. Once the area was clean the shower head was changed from a gentle feeling to one stream jetting out and being aimed at the enlarged clit. Dina's body bucking even if she wanted to stop it she could. Her moans echo the bathroom and most likely the house. Melissa must have had another hook to place the shower head and point it. As Melissa's other hand came around to slap breasts, nipples and just above the spot that was being jetted with water.

Gasping and moaning Dina squirmed as best she could until she couldn't help it any longer her voice echo's out, begging. "Please.. please.. oooh let me cum."

Melissa's voice, "cum" was barely audible as Dina came hard down into the woman's hand. Causing her to pass out only barely with it as she was placed into Melissa's bed. Feeling the warmth of a body curling close and holding her awhile a blanket covered them.

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